It is increasingly difficult to watch Joe Biden try, and fail, to even read a TelePrompter. His 20-minute speech regarding COVID was absolutely insane. His eyes were black and the words he was reading were absurd. First, he lied and said Trump ignored COVID, then took full credit for the vaccine program that was in place before the election. But incredibly, after saying millions of people have been vaccinated, he insisted we all socially distance and wear masks and maybe, just maybe, we can celebrate the 4th of July, at a backyard BBQ with a handful of friends.

In the meantime, Republican Governors in Red States had said enough already and fully reopened. In Texas, you can now go to a baseball stadium with about 40,000 other people. In California, you maybe can go to a game, if you wear a mask, and there will be about 8,000 people in a stadium designed for 40,000 fans. Unless those red states suddenly start losing a lot of people because of new COVID cases, freedom will quickly spread throughout the land.

Governor Newsom is on his way to a recall election, unless the Secretary of State decides that more than 25% of signed recall petitions are invalid. This is remarkable, because the same Secretary of State made zero attempt to see if all those absentee ballots were valid. But they now have well over 2,000,000 signatures and the recall is now inevitable.

Governor Cuomo is hanging on by the scum on his teeth. This is now so bad that impeachment efforts are being led by Democrats. Cuomo remains his arrogant self, and fellow Democrats are desperate to distance themselves.

The problem for Democrats is that while they succeeded in destroying our economy and our freedom and getting rid of Donald Trump, the American people are not actually blind. The Biden administration is a complete disaster. Today Kamala Harris spoke about the COVID relief bill, that had zero Republican support and had little to do with COVID, while Joe stood behind her staring into space. Soon and very soon even hard-core liberal Democrats will have to recognize that Joe simply is not up to the job. This isn’t funny anymore. That is why the White House is already shoving Kamala Harris out front, so she becomes the face of this administration. The problem is that this is an unlikeable face.  She is even more prone to gaffs than Biden, she has this horrible cackle, and she can’t blame this on senility. A lot of people were tricked into thinking Joe Biden is a nice guy. No one even pretends that Kamala Harris is likeable. There is a reason she was the first candidate to drop out of the 2020 Primary. The more you know her the less you like her.

Today we also saw the City of Minneapolis give the George Floyd family $27 million. This means that every black person, harmed during a police encounter has George Floyd’s attorney on speed dial. Some may even try to get shot because the money is worth the pain. In the meantime, crime rates will soar and the people most impacted will be minorities already victimized by black-on-black crime.

But although this is admittedly bad, very soon the American people are going to give an Aye for an Eye. Democrats aren’t fooling anyone anymore. The 2022 election is already underway, and the results will be felt sooner rather than later. Democrats in congress know that they barely held on during the rigged 2020 election. There is zero chance these insane rules will be in play in 2022. That means at least some Democrats, in a desperate ploy to stay in office, will start to distance themselves from disaster. That is already happening with Democrats in New York. There are reports that 34% of the signatures voting to recall Gavin Newsom are from Democrats. This means it is happening in California too. Soon it will be happening everywhere. Oh, the Democrats in solid blue districts will still carry the unlit torch, but other Democrats who actually have to earn re-election will have a very different opinion.

Republicans are already gearing up for 2022. They are going to ask people to give an Aye for an Eye, and vote to end the nonsense. The election won’t be until November 2022, but the campaigning for 2022 is already underway and things will change faster than you can imagine. Certainly, faster than Joe Biden’s predictions for the 4th of July.


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