In a bizarre twist, the Trump lawyers tried to distance themselves from Sidney Powell. Some are reporting that this because she does not actually have any evidence. If that is true, then it makes the Trump lawyers look even worse. They had her stand on the platform next to them and present her case. Trump has tweeted about her. They own her either way, so why do this?

One thing is sure, regardless of what specific evidence Powell does or does not have, the evidence of fraud in this election is overwhelming. Whether or not the evidence is sufficient to win in court is debatable, but one would have to be blind to not recognize the numerous signs of wide-spread corruption.

If she had no evidence at all and was bluffing, her career is toast. Since Lin Wood was signing in the chorus that would hurt him too. It is hard to believe either of these people being that dumb, but 2020 has already set a new standard for weirdness.

One thing is sure, it is time for her to put up or shut up. My hunch is that will happen as early as this week. If she has been spinning some bizarre hoax, it is a work of art. According to, hardly a liberal rag, no one in the campaign or the White House has seen any of the evidence talked about by Powell.  Perhaps Tucker Carlson was closer to the target than anyone realized. Now it is easy to understand why Powell may not have wanted to give evidence to Carlson. But it is harder to understand why she wouldn’t give it to the White House, with one caveat. Powell said that the first state she is going to destroy is Georgia and that includes Governor Kemp. Hmmm. She implies that he was part of the decision to use Dominion software machines and part of the cover-up. Perhaps Ms. Powell believes there are still people in the White House that cannot be trusted.

Sadly, I am inclined to believe she has no solid evidence. The only thing that gives me pause is that Dominion software executives were scheduled to testify before the Pennsylvania legislature, under oath, and they declined to show. Today, they sent a spokesman, not under oath, to be interviewed by FOX News. He clearly lied. He said there was no way Dominion machines could switch votes. But he didn’t say the software used by the machines could not do that and there are reports dating back years proving the opposite. That smells of cover-up.

She also could be a victim of people who promised documents they didn’t have. There are plenty of them to go around. In addition, no one has heard from William Barr. He seems strangely silent as does John Durham. It is increasingly difficult to believe either of them are going to come through on this. But if not, what exactly have they been doing?

Once again, everyone is focused on the smoke and ignoring the fire. Joe Biden is declining daily. They called a lid today and then sped away without the press pool. But, regardless of any decision by Trump, Biden must appear in public, even under controlled circumstances and look at least somewhat capable of the job. Remember, there is a reason congress and not the electoral college votes for the President. It protects us against something weird, like a President Elect who is shows signs of serious dementia. Ask yourself this, if it becomes obvious to everyone that Joe is simply not capable of being President, do you really think this congress will elect Kamala Harris? Like I said, 2020 is beyond weird.

In the meantime, Michael Flynn, Jr. says that the decision by the Trump lawyers to distance themselves from Sidney Powell is primarily about the money coming in for the legal defense fund.  There have been a lot of complaints about how where those dollars are going. Of course, no one ever asks these questions about Democrats.

I do not know. I just know that my prediction about someone ending up with egg on their face remains accurate. Right now, it is Trump that looks to be in serious trouble.

But, in a greater sense, getting rid of Trump strips Democrats of their major argument for existence. If Trump is gone, so is the opportunity to blame him for everything. Unless we are wrong and their plans really are brilliant, they are the ones in serious trouble. Sometimes, winning is merely a short cut to losing.

On final thought. Sidney Powell said she is pursuing criminal charges. As a civilian, she cannot file a lawsuit alleging crimes. She would need the help of someone who can do that. Someone like William Barr. Hmm. May be more here that meets the eye.

In the meantime, someone is up Bluff’s Creek. Who is bluffing and who is not?



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