The video showing the police shooting a 16 year old black girl instantly went viral, for all the wrong reasons. Predictably Lebron James wanted this Cop prosecuted. Joe Biden said it was another example of systemic racism. But now people are seeing the actual video and they are seeing other videos from a different angle.. Unlike the Derek Chauvin video, this one provides pretty good insight into a lot of things. Some of them were noticed by the MSM, finally, and some were not.

One thing that is obvious is that police were called to deal with a situation that was beyond chaotic. Another is that the usual suspects automatically blamed the police, with zero regard to the facts. A black girl was shot, nothing else could possibly matter.

Here is a picture of the crowd that gathered in Columbus, shortly after this shooting:

Ma’Khia Bryant: Ohio police release body camera footage in shooting of 16-year-old (yahoo.com)

Here is the video of the actual shooting. CBS, unlike NBC, showed the full video and did not edit out the knife.

Police in Columbus, Ohio shoot, kill teenager Ma’Khia Bryant and release bodycam video – CBS News

Anyone watching this video soon realizes that the police officer shot that girl because she was about to stab another young girl. What is astonishing is how fast things moved, how little time he had to react and the skill he used to shoot her and not the girl who was the intended victim. If you watch video shot later, you will see that police tried to save her life, after shooting her.

This is so obvious that even Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo on CNN noticed it.


They didn’t rush to judgement on the police officer.

“Tasers don’t work the way guns work,” Lemon said. “Not at that distance,” added Cuomo. “And not with that amount of time.”

Lemon added: “If the woman in the pink was my sister, niece, wife, whatever … you have to make a decision. Is one life on that scene more valuable than another?

“And if someone is trying to take a life on that scene, do you protect the life of the person trying to take the life or do you protect the life of the person whose life is an imminent danger at that moment?”

People where shocked that Lemon and Cuomo reported objectively, for a change. Talk about a miracle.

But they didn’t notice something else. Look at the homes. They are well maintained. This does not exactly look like the hood. Look at the cars. They are all nice cars, in good condition. This isn’t Beverly Hills, but it also isn’t exactly the projects. But the White House couldn’t resist making this racist anyway.

“She was a child,” press secretary Jen Psaki said Wednesday. “We’re thinking of her friends and family in the communities that are hurting and grieving her loss. We know that police violence disproportionately impacts Black and Latino people in communities and that Black women and girls, like Black men and boys, experience higher rates of police violence. We also know that there are particular vulnerabilities that children in foster care, like Ma’Khia, face.”

I don’t where Jen Psaki gets the evidence that police violence disproportionately impacts Black and Latino women. The facts, from all available sources, present a very different picture. The following statistics come from an interview of Heather McDonald on Newsmax TV. She may be wrong, but this is a lot more realistic that what we are getting from the White House.

She reports that 10% of white homicide victims were killed by cops, but only 3% of black homicide victims were killed by cops. Yet the homicide rate for blacks victims is 13 times higher than whites. So, who is killing all those black victims? It obviously is not the police. There is systemic violence, but it is not done by cops, it is the result of black on black crime. The problem, ironically, may be the lack of cops. The dumbest and most irresponsible response to this would be to defund the police and make it harder for them to do their job.

There were reportedly 18 unarmed black men killed by policy last year. Now perhaps this is low, perhaps this undercounted some people, but it is no where near what people have been led to believe. If you watched CNN, you probably were expecting something like 18,000 deaths.

I hope a lot of people watch this video. If the police had not arrived and taken swift action, someone else probably would have died. In fact, several people might have died.  Perhaps this will help people have a real conversation, an honest conversation. Yes, there are bad cops, just like there are bad preachers and salesclerks and even insurance agents. But we need cops. We desperate need effective policing.

One good thing that happened is that Lebron James shot his mouth off, again, and stepped in it big time. He posted a picture of the hero officer, with the caption: “You’re Next.” The National Fraternal Order of Police responded with the following:

National Fraternal Order of Police (FOP)

@GLFOP @KingJames , with his vast resources & influence, should educate himself and, frankly, has a responsibility to do so, on the facts before weighing in. This is disgraceful & extremely reckless. The officer saved a young girl’s life. No amount of gaslighting will change that fact.

One thing is certain, most of the people on the scene thought the officer was a hero. BLM and people like Lebron James and Joe Biden quickly labeled him a zero, before they knew any of the facts. Now that the facts are coming out, more people are realizing that he really was a hero. It is about time. We all would benefit from more facts and far less hyperbole.



Governor Gavin Newsom, who is wrong about nearly everything, nailed it yesterday. He said that if George Floyd looked like him, the results would have been different. He is right about that. If someone who looked like Gavin Newsom got tanked up on methamphetamines, alcohol, and fentanyl, tried to pass counterfeit currency and then fell asleep sitting behind the wheel of their car, they would be treated very differently. Police would have shown little or no restraint at all. That is because there would have been no group of onlookers shooting video with their cell phones and screaming insults at the police.  And if a white guy did this, and died, his death would be chalked up, appropriately, as a drug overdose not police brutality. George Floyd was treated differently because he was black, but in the exact opposite way the fawning idiots in the MSM are screaming at us in their self-righteous rants.

I make no excuses for what Chauvin did. I do question whether this even resembled due process, but at minimum police botched this. But the point is there is no evidence they botched this because Floyd was black, they botched it because they didn’t handle a man who was obviously high on drugs to the point of a death by overdose, very well. They should have noticed when he stopped breathing. Coulda , woulda, shoulda, all day long. Murder, not so much.

Unfortunately, all the wrong people will learn all the wrong lessons from this. Black suspects will be encouraged to resist arrest. They have several incentives to do this. One is that they know police will be terrified of confronting them, even with non-lethal force. Another is that they know this will draw a crowd, which will automatically be on their side, regardless of circumstances. If they are lucky, they may hit the lottery and get a huge claim settlement. If not, then their family will certainly enjoy the benefits. In some cases, they may even become heroes. Do not underestimate this. There are a lot of people out there who live lonely and unproductive lives. Some of them go out and shoot people, so someone will remember their name. There is a reason the term “suicide by cop” was invented. Some people really do that. Some may argue that no one would do something like this, but desperate people commit suicide every day, for a lot of reasons.

Ultimately the why does not matter. There was nothing about the George Floyd incident that was racist, until the surrounding crowd and the MSM made it racist. Before that it was just police responding to a difficult and potentially dangerous call. Then it was police dealing with a highly intoxicated suspect who was resisting arrest. They tried to handle him with non-lethal force. First, they talked to him, then they handcuffed him and pushed him to the ground. What else could they have done. Should they have shot him, or used pepper spray, or a taser. Any of the above would have almost certainly killed George Floyd or anyone else in his condition.

People die in police custody all the time. We hear about them on the news. If they are white, we seldom hear anything else. Even if they are black, we don’t often learn much else. What made this case different was the police being surround by people with cell phones, filming everything, between anti-cop chants.

We should learn from this, and we will learn from this, but right now we are learning all the wrong lessons. Millions of people are now convinced that this is a country of systemic racism, that we are all bad, that our founding fathers brought forth a new racist nation and that policing has become increasingly racist nationwide. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris made that point yesterday in what they apparently thought was an attempt to calm things down. Instead, they did the opposite. They just poured gas on an increasingly out of control fire. It was beyond pathetic.

Perhaps Nancy Pelosi accidently said the truth when she thanked George Floyd for dying. His death, while not necessarily racist, played right into the hands of people like Nancy Pelosi and she is probably truly grateful.

There is systemic racism in this country. It takes place every day inside of a planned parenthood clinic. If you are a young black woman, with limited means, they will be glad to help you kill your baby. They will explain to you all the reasons why this life is not worth saving. They do that to white women too, but the statistics are brutal. Black women get their babies aborted, free, by Planned Parenthood at an inexcusable rate. There are some reports that more black babies are aborted than are born alive. What could possibly be more racist than that. Easy, to the liberal left, the death of a George Floyd.

Unfortunately, the inevitable result of this will be more racism and division. White people, who previously would have given a black person considerable slack, view them differently today. They view them as a threat.  Police absolutely will make decisions regarding use of force based primarily on race. It is simple. If you are a police officer and you shoot a black man or woman, without regard to circumstances, there will be some people screaming for your head. If there is any potential for a mistake, you are probably going to jail. Every police officer is the country knows that this morning. This means if you live in a minority neighborhood, and you call the police for help, expect to wait a while. When the police show up, it will be in force, with body armor and body cameras. They will do everything possible to avoid using any force, until the circumstances prove it is absolutely necessary. In many cases that will include after some innocent person has been killed or wounded. Just recently police shot a black girl because she was stabbing another girl. The protests are already gearing up and the family of this girl has probably already received a call from that black attorney in Minneapolis who got the George Floyd family $27 million.

In the meantime, Derek Chauvin is in jail, but he is certain to appeal his case. While most criminal cases on appeal are upheld, thanks to Maxime Waters and Joe Biden, he actually has one of the strongest cases for appeal in American history. My prediction is that his case will be overturned. He may or may not be tried again, but if so, it will be a very different trial. Most people know that after the Lincoln assassination Mary Surratt was famously hanged. What they don’t know is that John Surratt, who just may have planned the whole thing, escaped. He went to Canada and then Europe. He was eventually arrested in Egypt and extradited. He was put on trial 18 months after his mother’s death, but this wasn’t a military trial, it was a civil trial in Maryland. His attorney even admitted that Surratt was involved in the plot to kidnap Lincoln. After a two-month trial, the result was a hung jury, and he was never put on trial again. These is easy to understand, all the real witnesses were dead because they had been hanged. Those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it.

In the meantime, policing in this country has become racist. Some police, will wisely, seek other employment. People choosing to become police, for the right reasons, will hesitate. Those who want to become police officers, for all the wrong reasons, will celebrate. This is going to get ugly. It is already ugly. And no one, other than Democratic politicians, will even think they benefit from this.



It is now official. The trial of officer Derek Chauvin is a classic example of what is seriously wrong in this country. This all started with a false narrative. Millions of Americans are convinced that Derek Chauvin murdered George Floyd, solely because he was black. They are equally convinced that there is a serious problem in this country with angry racist white cops shooting unarmed black men for walking while black. There is, of course, no evidence of this rather than the rush to judgement by the out-of-control liberal left-wing media. They want people to believe this. They need people to believe this. Facts be damned. To the liberal left the constitution and the bill of rights have been abandoned on the alter of anti-Trumpism and anti-Christianity. Some of this is actually deserved. Trump is and was famous for insulting people. Christians far too often ignored the doctrine of grace and embraced the arrogance of legalism. Whether deserved or not, Christians were known primarily for what they were against. Too many Christian leaders were famous for arrogantly putting down the evil they saw in others, seldom considering self-reflection. This is not true, of course, for the vast majority of preachers and is absolutely not what Christians were hearing in church. But it is exactly the image that the world saw because super-star ministers drowned out any other message.

I frankly do not know if Derek Chauvin is guilty of a crime or not. I just know that there is zero chance of him getting due process. He has already convicted by the MSM and while the decision of the jury may or may not affect his ability to live freely or in prison, he is doomed either way. If he is acquitted his only chance of survival is to go into witness protection. But nothing like that is remotely possible.

The truth about this case, ignored by the MSM, is quite simple. Police were called to deal with a huge black man, high on drugs and acting out of control. They tried, and failed, to get him to go peacefully to the station. He resisted, so they handcuffed him and pinned him down. Somewhere in the course of events, George Floyd died. At best, police failed to realize that he had stopped breathing. Perhaps part of the reason for that is that police were surrounded by an angry crowd, screaming insults, and holding up cell phones. Sadly, one of the side effects of the smart phone is that almost everyone has a video camera available. Just recently, during the shooting in a supermarket, there was one idiot literally trying to film the scene while shots were still being fired.

We have dissolved into this. Where cell phone video, taken in the midst of chaos, is considered to the be one and only true record of events. Never truer than regarding George Floyd and Derek Chauvin. Many people watched the only video shown, seeming to prove that Chauvin had his knee on Floyd’s neck slowly choking him to death. But, if you wanted the video, a couple of things should have been obvious. One is that Chauvin knee wasn’t actually on Floyd’s neck. The other is that Chauvin never appeared to be looking at Floyd. He was looking around, probably at the angry mob. Look at that video, did this look like a man in a rage to you? If anything, he looked distracted.

But facts don’t matter. If they did, odds are that he would never have been charged with a crime at all. What happened here was the media outcry was so loud and so sustained that authorities in Minneapolis began a desperate search for tomorrow. Or rather, I should say, a search for some reason to charge Chauvin with murder. The autopsy reports showed so much toxicity that Floyd may have died even if police had not been called. Well, maybe not exactly, because Floyd swallowed a bunch of pills when police arrived. But in any event, he was in serious jeopardy of dying regardless of what police did because of the actions he did himself. But there was tremendous pressure on the coroner to find this a homicide. Otherwise, those angry people rioting in Minneapolis would become angry. Then they kept looking for the most serious charge possible against Chauvin, again without regard to the facts. But soon prosecutors realized that if they tried to charge Chauvin with the more serious crime, he was likely to be acquitted. So, they begged the judge to allow consideration of a much lower level of crime. That is why in addition to Second Degree Unintentional Murder, they added, Third degree murder and Second-Degree Manslaughter. Note that this third charge says that Chauvin should have known to put Floyd in a side recovery position. He should go to prison for ten years because of that?

See the contrast here. While the mob is screaming murder, the prosecutor is primarily arguing that he could have done things better. Big difference. I wonder if the jury will notice? Just a couple of days ago, Brooklyn, MN., police shot and killed another suspect. BLM immediately organized a protest. Then they discovered two things that changed their mind. One was that the guy police shot was not black, he was white. Second, he was shooting at police. This didn’t fit their narrative, so the protest was cancelled mid-stride.

Now self-righteous arrogant left-wing journalists are screaming NEVER AGAIN! This assumes that what happened in the George Floyd case was purely the result of systemic racism and police abuse of power. But they miss something. When police arrived, Floyd was sitting behind the wheel of his car, ready to drive somewhere. He many not have actually been up to driving, but that was apparently his plan. Can you imagine being on the road with another driver coming at you, in Floyd’s condition? You should, because if we truly say never again, that is exactly what will happen. Even the man shot accidentally by the female police officer who mistook her service revolver for a taser, was trying to escape arrest by driving away. That is what our future looks like, if we don’t wake up. Police are already retiring in droves and there are few recruits. Those who stay in the job will soon develop a not my problem approach to policing. Any police officer who confronts an angry black man under these circumstances is at high risk of facing criminal charges, regardless of the outcome. On the other hand, if they don’t subdue some of these people, they put other innocent people at risk. Most of those people, by the way, will be minorities leaving in poverty-stricken areas. In other words, fixing alleged systemic racism by police is guaranteed to hurt the very people they claim to represent.

Today, doubling down on stupid, President Joe Biden said that Derek Chauvin is obviously guilty. Joe, who can’t remember where he is at times, is an expert on a trial he didn’t even watch. If Chauvin is convicted, it will be appealed. Maxine Waters had already made this a certainty. Now Joe Biden not only guaranteed an appeal, but he also guaranteed a new trial. This, of course, will only happen years from now, after Chauvin had paying enormous legal bills while hiding in this basement.

The question is: “Who possibly benefits from this?” Certainly not people already terrified by black-on-black crime. Certainly not the police and not the people who benefit from the security the police provide. Even the “unarmed black men” being shot by racist white cops won’t benefit, except for the few lucky enough to get millions is a settlement from places like Minneapolis.

I have many black friends. I recognize the reality that sometimes police do profile people because of the color of their skin. I wish it were not true. But this reminds me of another friend, who is a Muslim man. He talked about always being profiled at airports. He said at first, I was upset, but then I realized that the terrorists they were trying to stop were trying to kill me too. Exactly.



At some point, even the MSM will realize that the Biden Administration is a complete disaster. They may never admit it, but they will recognize it. This past week was an unmitigated disaster.  Biden started by telling such outrageous lies about the Georgia Voter Registration law that even the Washington Post noticed and gave him four Pinocchio’s. But perhaps the biggest mistake was in the way the U.S. handled the visit by the Japanese Prime Minister. If there is one alliance that is very strong and vital to U.S. interests it is with Japan.

Yet, when the Prime Minister arrived at the White House no one was there to greet him, other than the guard at the door. The only reason this didn’t immediately blow up into an international incident is that it was assumed that the Biden Administration was only stupid and not deliberately insulting. The Prime Minister was greeted, eventually, by Kamala Harris, who choose the occasion to trash her own country. She raged about the shooting in Indianapolis and didn’t bother to welcome Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga until she was done ranting. It was disgraceful and whether the Biden Administration realized it or not, it caused the Prime Minister to lose face. Then, after spending over an hour with Kamala Harris, Prime Minister Suga was finally brought to the White House, Biden said the following:

“And Yosi, I know how proud you are of people of Japan are.”

Brilliant, absolutely brilliant and such powerful English prose. In addition, Biden botched his name. His name is Yoshihide Suga.

It would have been the equivalent of Mr. Suga responding: “Thanks Joey.”  Then Biden doubled down on the insults with the following:

You gotta a Japanese boy coming over here and guess what he won the Masters. He won the Master. He won the green jacket,”

The only good news is that Prime Minister Suga does not understand English, so hopefully the translators softened the blow while translating. But the rest of the world understood and that became obvious with the way China treated John Kerry.  Now John Kerry is, in my opinion, the lowest level of pond scum. So, seeing him humiliated, by anyone, any time, under any circumstances is normally viewed as a good thing by me. But in this case, insulted John Kerry is insulting the United States of America.

John Kerry was in China to sign another climate change deal that China will quickly ignore. They didn’t even wait for Kerry to clear the Chinese border before Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Le Yucheng announced that China was unlikely to make any new pledges at the upcoming Climate change summit. Then, instead on giving Kerry a ride in an official vehicle, they literally put him on a bus.  Here is a picture of him, sitting in the back of the bus, clutching his worthless facemask.

It is also reported that the Communist Party no longer arranges for officials at the state councilor level to meet Kerry. Kerry may be too arrogant and stupid to realize he has been humiliated but everyone in China understood.

Ironically, the non-African American, black female Vice President of the United States, recently converted to Asian because her mother immigrated to the U.S. from India, apparently knows nothing about face despite her strong Asian heritage.

This would be funny if it were not so serious and potentially deadly. Mr. Suga may not have understood the totality of the insult while in the White House, but he almost certainly was enlightened when he returned home. Fortunately, the relationship with Japan is probably strong enough to endure this, but I doubt they will pay much attention to anything coming from either Joe Biden or Kamala Harris.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the next state visitor from Japan is a Chef bringing Sushi to the White House. Expired Sushi.

Sometimes Hollywood does a good job of explaining real life. If you want to see an example of this, watch “Rising Sun,” a movie produced in 1993 starring Sean Connery. This does an excellent job of explaining face regarding Japanese Executives. Ignore this to your peril.

The Trump White House was routinely accused of being naïve and rude regarding foreign affairs. But the opposite is true. Even “Chairman” Xi Jinping, met with President Trump and despite their difference, the meeting was polite and productive. One would think that with all the Obama holdovers in the Biden Administration they would at least have people around who understand the rules of diplomacy. But if that is true, it is certainly not very evident.

The good news is that Biden is so weak that no foreign leader is likely to bother attacking him. What they will do is ignore him. In some ways, remarkably, this may be better than if they took him seriously. His proposed solutions to every challenge are so ridiculous that we may benefit if they are just ignored.  A sad situation for sure. The only thing certain is that sound of this face plant was heard round the world.



There are people who fly incredibly important and dangerous missions every day. You just don’t know about them. That is a good thing. These are highly classified aircraft as are the missions they fly. Secrecy is the name of the game. Recently there have been published reports about two of these planes being “intercepted” by Russian jets as they flew along the coast of Russia. Following is one such article:

Russian fighter intercepts U.S. reconnaissance plane over Pacific – China.org.cn

Think of the longest flight you have ever taken on an airliner. The longest non-stop airline flights today last up to 17.5 hours. For most people, a flight more than 10 hours is considered a real ordeal. Now imagine staying on that plane while it is refueled and then flying back. You still would have a shorter day that the crews on these missions. I flew on similar planes on combat missions over the Gulf of Tonkin. We flew out of Okinawa and the flights lasted 24 hours. In addition, we weren’t exactly sitting on cushy coach seats being fed by enthusiastic stewardesses. We often were sitting on our parachutes, wearing helmets and got no breaks at all. There were toilets on the plane, but that was about it. In addition, we typically spent at least two hours in briefings before the flight and two hours debriefing after the flight. If that sounds exhausting to you, that would be more than accurate. By the way, our plane was always escorted by four U.S. fighter jets when we were over the Gulf.

These planes flying along the coast of Russia have far longer missions. I personally know of missions that are in the air for more than 36 hours. The thought of a Russia fighter “intercepting” these planes is not exactly new. This used to happen on almost every trip. The crew members actually enjoyed seeing the Russian fighters, although it was truly tense. The fighter pilots would fly next our the RC135 and flip the bird. The USAF crew members would respond in kind.  It just never made the news. Fortunately, it is extremely rare for these planes to be shot down. I also a crewmember on these planes.

I also flew on much smaller planes that flew over South Vietnam and the Ho Chi Minh trail. These planes were EC47s, they were very slow and flew at low altitudes because the planes were not pressurized. Our squadron motto was: “Alone, Unarmed, Unafraid.” The first two parts were true, the last part was absurd. We were terrified. So, we did what every real combat veteran does, we focused on the job. Unfortunately, some of these planes were shot down.

So, when you read the kind of reports, keep a couple things in mind. Although you know little or nothing about these missions, they happen every day. The USAF is only flying these missions because they are necessary. These are not training flights. The technology on the plane we flew over the Gulf of Tonkin was mind blowing. Even after all the training, the first time I got on a plane I was blown away. These flights were flown over 50 years ago, but some of the technology didn’t start showing up in the consumer market until very recently. Some of the technology will never show up.

There are many brave men and now women who fly on these planes. These crewmembers are incredibly talented often doing things most people can’t even imagine. They are the silent warriors, always on duty, seldom recognized. There are other men and women, serving on submarines and other navy ships also operating in harms way. If anything, these missions are even more dangerous. We should all be grateful for all of them. We should be proud of them. And we should all pray that we never hear much


The good news is that Joe Biden did not blunder his way into an unnecessary war, yet. The bad news is that he managed to lose, without firing a shot. Donald Trump handled the Ukraine perfectly. He sent the Ukraine weapons, warned Putin to back off, but did not push a confrontation. However, the Ukraine probably thought they had a real friend in Biden, after all he was well-financed by the Ukraine. So, the President of the Ukraine started tweaking the Russian Bear. Apparently, he thought the U.S. and NATO would have his back. He was wrong. Earlier this week Washington announced that they were going to send two warships into the Black Sea. Russia warned them to stay away “for their own good.” Turkey cancelled permission for those ships to pass through the straits that lead into the Black Sea. Today the United States announced that it had changed its mind. In the meantime, Putin ordered invasion stripes painted on his tanks poised at the border with Ukraine. Unlike Biden, Putin is ready, willing, and able to order military action.

This is a humiliating international defeat. So much for Trump being Putin’s puppet, it is Biden who is dancing merrily on Putin’s strings. It is hugely embarrassing for the U.S. to back down in a situation like this. Frankly, this encourages our enemies to slap us around because they have zero fear of the U.S. under the leadership of Joe Biden.

Other countries have already figured this out. None of the NATO countries jumped in to support Ukraine. Ukraine learned, the hard way, that the U.S. under Democratic leadership is famous for abandoning people stupid enough to trust us as allies. If you think this is harsh, research the way we started the Vietnam War and the way we ended it. Then check out how Obama handled Iraq. Remember the invasion of Iraq had strong bi-partisan support.

Biden is leaving Afghanistan and the Taliban is likely to shoot at our troops on the way out. They signed a peace treaty with Trump. Less than three months later they just announced  victory over the U.S. in response to the action taken by Biden.  They missed the CNN broadcasts praising Biden for his brilliant diplomacy. For them this is perfect, they can just ignore us. In the meantime, our NATO allies also have troops in Afghanistan and the countries who are there basically at our request are now being abandoned. This is unlikely to end well and smart NATO allies in Afghanistan will be trying to beat us to the exit.

This is an incredible amount of damage to our foreign relations in a record amount of time.  The good news is that we are unlikely to get involved in a shooting war. The bad news is our enemies will get what they want without one. Every country on earth has figured this out. They flat out don’t respect the United States under Joe Biden. They absolutely do not fear us. Israel obviously gave up on Biden dealing with Iran so one of Iran’s nuclear facilities was miraculously destroyed, again, by an incredibly convenient accident. Israel admits nothing but is having difficulty restraining the smiles.

Now look at a map, check out the locations of Israel and Iran. In between are those Arab countries who signed peace deals with Israel, under Trump. The good news is that thanks to this huge diplomatic achievement by Trump, Israel has support from Arab states in the area for the first time. They do not like Israel, buy they fear Iran. The also love all that oil income. The bad news is that Biden is trying to undermine Israel, again.

In the meantime, Joe Biden had a photo op of himself, walking alone, on the graves of soldiers who died in Afghanistan, while bravely wearing a mask. He was also carrying an umbrella, although it was not raining.

As combat veteran I can guarantee that few people who are wearing or who ever wore our nation’s uniform were impressed. In addition, we are reminded that when Obama got a chance to kill Bin Laden, Joe was the only one stupid enough to think this was a bad idea.

We are headed toward a long and very hot summer. Expect violent protests all over the country and expect them to be handled poorly. We are already seeing higher food prices, higher gas prices and wood prices increased by about 85%. The cost of everything is going up. The ability to use anything is going down. But something else will start happening this summer. The 2022 election campaigning has already started and by mid-summer it will be a full-throated political campaign. The bad news is that Joe did an incredible amount of damage during his first 100 days. The good news is that the “honeymoon” is already over. Nadler proposed stacking the Supreme Court by adding four new justices. Nancy Pelosi responded by announcing there was zero chance she would allow the House to vote on this act of insanity. Perhaps she noticed that her margin in the house is down to 3 seats. If only 2 Democrats cross over on any issue, she loses.

This will be the summer of abandonment. Abandonment of idiot lockdowns, masks, and social distancing. Abandoning our allies in places like Afghanistan. And abandonment of support for the rapidly sinking Biden Administration ship of state.  It was obvious before. Now everyone is singing the same song: “Crimea River.” It is not a love song.


NOTE: Yesterday I got the name and the facts wrong regarding the Capitol Police officer killed. The one who died, perhaps, because of the Capital riot, was Brian Sicknick. The officer who was recently honored by Biden was William Evans. He was struck by a vehicle driven by a Louis Farrakhan reporter. They should be honored for their service. I apologize for the error.


Joe Biden spoke with great emotion honoring the Capitol Police officer killed during the Trump inspired insurrection. CNN literally swooned over his performance. How wonderful. They just missed a couple of minor details. Like the fact that Trump did not incite an insurrection, at worse he harped about an obviously fraudulent election and people believed him. They believed him because contrary to what you hear on CNN or from RINO Republicans like Liz Cheney, Mitt Romney, and Mitch McConnell, there actually is a lot of evidence of voter fraud. There is even more evidence of a total unwillingness by those in a position to do something to even consider investigating this. That is why people were angry. Granted, Trump gave voice to their anger, but this is what the MSM never understands. Trump is really good at listening to what people really say and giving voice to those ignored by everyone else.  They don’t get it, because, frankly, they don’t get it.

Today, Joe Biden honored Officer Billy Evans. Officer Billy Evans did die in the line of duty. He was run down by a follower of Louis Farrakhan. But, since that did not fit the narrative, you heard virtually nothing about who killed him. If you were watching this on CNN you probably thought he was killed by a Proud Boy disappointed that Donald Trump is no longer President.

Biden’s performance was hardly the modern equivalent of the Gettysburg address.  He said some nice things:  “Your son, your husband, your brother, your dad was a hero. And he’s part of you. It’s in your blood.” He just conveniently left out the part about who, if anyone, was to blame for this tragic death. That would be Nancy Pelosi who vetoed stationing the National Guard because of possibly bad optics.  Please! The Capitol was breached solely because no one bothered to actually protect the Capitol from the potential for a friendly protest getting out of hand. Now the Capitol looks like Fort Knox to protect against all those violent Trump supporters. The National Guard is sleeping on the floor of a parking garage getting left overs from the congressional kitchen. In the meantime, if you want to see what a real violent protest looks like, turn on your TV set this weekend. This will not only happen in Brooklyn, MN, it will happen everywhere. The least likely place to be attacked is the Capitol, because the protestors know where there friends are located.

The white female police officer who stupidly shot this guy because she confused her firearm with a taser has already been charged with 2nd degree manslaughter. However, the Capitol police officer, who shot and killed an unarmed white woman, who was not potentially a threat, will not face any charges and we don’t even know his name. As for that white female police officer who accidentally shot an unarmed black man, her name is Kim Potter, the liberal left deliberately leaked her home address, so she now has armed security and a security fence around her house.  If convicted she could face up to 10 years in prison and a $20,000 fine.  By the way, while the BLM protestors in Washington D.C., Portland and Seattle were all released with no charges, Ms. Potter is being held without bail. Does anyone seriously consider her to be a flight risk? Regardless of how this turns out, her life and her family’s life has been permanently devastated. Meanwhile, because that Capitol Police officer was smart enough to kill an unarmed white female Trump supporter, he remains anonymous and probably got a raise.

Right now, black people are rejoicing at being the victim of choice. I sometimes wonder if some of these guys don’t deliberately resist arrest because they need the money. Obviously, getting shot and killed is not ideal, but being roughed up a bit by police, conveniently on camera can fund a lavish lifestyle.

I guarantee that I am not the only one who noticed this. Every police officer in the country knows this. Soon, every white person will be forced to confront the reality of this. The Jim Crow era, once again led by Democrats, is back in full fury. Once again we have institutionalized racism. The only difference is this time they are targeting white people for white privilege. Most people, like me, will be patient and act responsibly in the certainty that this too shall pass. But there are others, who will not respond this way. Soon and very soon the liberal left just may get their coveted white right-wing terrorists. They are certainly doing everything possible to make this reality.

It is quite simple. If the government starts targeting people solely because of their race or gender, a lot of people are going to look at their race and gender and realize: “they are targeting me.”  The only thing more certain is that the coming violence will be blamed solely by the irresponsible rhetoric of Donald Trump. Otherwise, people would have to look into a mirror and that would be unthinkable. And one more thing. No one benefits from watching Joe Biden, pretending to be competent, putting on the great white wail.



Although the MSM would have you believe that 2020 was the safest and most secure election in our nation’s history, they are not fooling anyone. I should rephrase that; they are not fooling anyone but the traditional KoolAid drinking leftists. I should rephrase again; they are not fooling anyone but the people who believe hard core leftists. I suspect that even the DNC establishment knows it is obvious they stole this election. That is why they fight so hard against any audits. That is why they passed HR1. It is also why they are boycotting Georgia for putting in election controls. They are terrified at the possible results if we run a truly safe and secure election.

According to Rasmussen, who is more accurate than most polling firms, more than half of all voters believe it is likely that cheating affected the outcome of the 2020 election. An astonishing 61% of voters support voter ID laws. Democrats are swimming against the current on this. That begs the question: why do it then? The obvious answer is the same as above, they are terrified about the prospects for 2022.

Election Integrity: 62% Don’t Think Voter ID Laws Discriminate – Rasmussen Reports®

This reminds me of the Hershel Walker trade. Easily the worst trade in the history of the NFL. Perhaps the worst trade in the history of professional sports. On October 12, 1989, the Dallas Cowboys traded Hershel Walker, one of the best running backs in the history of the NFL to Minnesota. Dallas was horrible, with and without Walker. The Minnesota Vikings thought they were one player away from a SuperBowl.  The Cowboys got LB Jesse Solomon, LB David Howard, CB Isaac Holt, DE Alex Steward, Minnesota’s 1st, 2nd, and 6th round pick in 1990. Minnesota’s 1st, 2nd, round pick in 1991. Minnesota’s 1st, 2nd, and 3rd round pick in 1992. Minnesota got Hershel Walker, and Dallas’s 3d round pick in 1990. They also got San Diego’s 5th round pick in 1990, Dalla’s 10th round pick in1990 and Dallas’s 3rd round pick in 1991.

So, what did Dallas get with those picks:  RB Emmitt Smith, DB Stan Smagala, DT Russell Maryland, RB Alonzo Highsmith, CB Kevin Smith, CB Clayton Homes.

The Vikings lost in the 1989 Division Playoffs to San Francisco. The Dallas Cowboys won three SuperBowls. This was so bad and so obvious that ESPN produced a film called “The Great Trade Robbery.”

Walker started GREAT for Minnesota, running for 148 yards against the Packers. But the rest of the season was only so-so. Walker only played two more years. He was a great player, but one player does not make a team.

Minnesota Vikings fans are still furious about this trade. The point being that the Vikings though they were stealing the one player they needed to win a SuperBowl. Instead, they got years of disappointment while watching Dallas run the table. The fans, who were not responsible for this decision, had a serious case of non-buyer’s remorse. They never forgave Mike Lynn for making this decision. He resigned as General Manager of the Viking in 1990 and became President of the World Football League. Anyone remember the World Football League? Exactly.  In December 1991 he was part of a group that bought the Minnesota Vikings, two months later his new partners bought him out. As far as I can tell, his career as an NFL General Manager never recovered. Although Mike Lynn is dead he is arguably less popular in Minnesota than Devin Chauvin the police officer on trial for allegedly killing George Floyd.

Today, the American people are looking at the disaster known as the Biden-Harris Administration. This is so bad that even Harris has stopped calling it the Biden-Harris Administration in a failed attempt to avoid blame.  Joe appointed her Border Czar and she promptly had her staff saying she wasn’t actually in charge. When your own VP is running for cover, that is not a good sign.  I doubt that very many people either in the MSM or the DNC are fooled by this. They know Joe Biden is an unmitigated disaster and he is seeking and taking advice from the few people on this planet more incompetent than him. There is zero chance this will work out. We already know about the problems on the border. But there is more, much more. China is threatening to invade Taiwan, something they would never have considered previously, even when someone as weak as Obama was in the White House. They didn’t even hint at this when Trump was President and he ignored China and sent Taiwan some very serious weapons.  Russia is threatening Ukraine. They invaded Crimea under Obama’s watch, and he did nothing. They didn’t even attempt something like this with Trump. Trump also sent important weapons to Ukraine. Now, with Biden in charge, both China and Russia are gearing up for action.

No one, and I do mean no one, with an ounce of credibility can take Joe Biden seriously about anything. That might be ok if he had a competent Shadow Government, but he doesn’t. He is doing and saying things that are brilliant at offending almost everyone. Have you noticed how much the cost of groceries have increased since January? Have you checked out gas prices? When you do get to go to the restaurant, be prepared for serious stick shock. Everything and I do mean everything is increasing in price. That is why the Biden Administration is so desperate to send out more stimulus checks. But they are very close to running out of money if that has not already happened. Soon and very soon every person in the country will feel the financial effects of the disaster that is the Biden administration. Just in time for Joe to propose new Taxes. There is zero chance this will work. There is less chance that the American people will be pleased.

The problem is compounded by the knowledge that not only is Joe Biden unbelievably bad, but Democrats also gamed the system to inflict this disaster on us. Don’t be surprised if we start seeing more and more Democrats start to distance themselves from both the 2020 election and Joe Biden. Even rats know when to get off board a sinking ship. Although Joe Biden has been in office for less than three months, the stench of failure is permeating the atmosphere. If you accidentally watched the MSM recently, you probably have noticed something. At least some reporters are turning on Biden, and few are even pretending that he is doing a great job. Some report, using real skill and restraint, with a straight face, but the effusive and undeserved praise is already a thing of the past.  Non-Buyers Remorse is already here and even people who actually did vote for Joe Biden have to be very disappointed. Celebrating the departure of Donald Trump is not that satisfying when his replacement is stinking up the field. It is even less amusing when you, like the majority of other Americans, didn’t actually vote for this.



One of the reasons we live in peace and freedom is that our founding fathers avoided the disaster that was the French revolution. There was equal yearning for freedom in both France and America. But the path moving forward was very different. France became dominated by violent mobs. Ultimately, when mob rule failed, they ended up with dictatorship. The people leading angry mobs are the worst possible choice to lead the way forward.

Our founding fathers chose to develop a form of government that was not the result of  mob rule. That is why we have a House and a Senate. Why we have an Executive and a Supreme Court. Congress, the President and the Supreme Court are co-equal branches of government. There are a set of checks and balances that prevent any one part of government gaining total control. In the same way the House, which is elected every two years, is constrained by the Senate, which has six year terms. In addition, while the House is determined by population, the Senate gets two Senators per state, regardless of size. This was an extremely important compromise. It prevented tyranny. It also prevented mob rule.

Once again, we see angry mobs trying to take over. If we allow that to continue, the inevitable result will be widespread lawlessness and more violence. When we allow the mob to rule, we throw away checks and balances. We also throw away justice. When I see an angry mob screaming no justice, no peace, I realize that justice is the farthest things from their mind. Instead, the leaders of the mob want to seize the day to seize power. Justice has nothing to do with it. Today, far too many Democratic leaders are either embracing the mob or failing to recognize the danger. This is made worse when much of the outrage is based on a false narrative. Far too many people have been convinced, because of irresponsible reporting, that there is a surge in racist white cops shooting innocent black men for no reason. Police shootings of an unarmed person are fortunately rare. Many of the unarmed suspects are not exactly innocent. For example, the man shot by Brooklyn, Mn police posted a picture of himself holding a gun. According to reports, a female officer shot him accidentally, when she thought she was pointing her taser. It should be noted that he was resisting arrest and trying to flee the scene.

The only real solution is to demand an end to mob violence. Mobs should be controlled, and people told the simple truth. When you are screaming at me, threatening violence, you make it impossible for me to hear you.

In Fresno, CA, a white teenager was shot in the back while running away from police. The police officers were not charged. There were no major protests. Should his life matter less because he was white?


A young white woman was shot and killed by a Capitol Police officer during the protests on January 6, 2021. She was unarmed and was not a threat. Yet, we don’t even know the name of the police officer who shot her. If her life less valuable because she was white?

Minneapolis is about to burn again. The situation is being inflamed by a Governor who criticized the police but did not criticize the rioters. Instead, he said: “We must protect peaceful protest,” while ignoring the reality that these protests are far from peaceful. More importantly, if we accept the demands by the protestors, it will only make things worse. Police are already increasingly afraid to confront violent criminals. The inevitable result of that will be more violence. It is easy to understand. Wise police will wait until after a violent crime has been committed, before acting. Other police will decide it is time to move on to another occupation. Police academies are already sitting empty because no one wants the job. Who can blame them? You are tasked with confronting some of the most violent criminals and if something goes wrong the criminal will be portrayed as a candidate for sainthood accompanied by loud demands that the police be convicted and sentenced to prison. This happens every time, with little or regard for the facts and with even less regard for the consequences.

I do not know if Chauvin will be convicted or not. I do know that violent protests will happen regardless of the results. I also know that much of what has been reported about this situation is extremely misleading and prejudicial to the police. Sadly this reminds me of a time, when Democrats were in control in the South, when a black man was assumed to be guilty because he was black. It will take incredible courage for that jury to make the right decision for the right reasons based solely on the facts and evidence. That is the ultimate tragedy.

When I hear someone screaming “no justice no peace” the only thing certain is that they are not really interested in either justice or peace. But I fear the real danger is that this will increase the racism these protests are allegedly trying to prevent. It serves to only reinforce stereotypes rather than treating everyone as an individual. This unites no one and instead pits brother against brother. The best we can hope for is that our great Democratic experiment will work and remove the people from power who are letting this happen on their watch. The only alternative is seeing a return to the French way, which results in brutal irrational violence followed by dictatorship.



As a combat crew member flying missions in Vietnam, I was sent to Jungle Survival school in the Philippines. It was an amazing experience. They dropped us off in the middle of nowhere five miles from the border with beyond. I always thought of the jungle as flat with lots of monkeys and people like Tarzan swinging from vines. At least this part of the jungle was extremely hilly. The only animals we saw were birds, rats, and snakes. But we also encountered something else, the Negrito. This is a Spanish diminutive of negro, used to mean “little black people.” They are now thought to be one of the earliest inhabitants of the Philippines. They are indeed black, and they are small. They seldom grow more than 4’8” tall. The USAF, in its wisdom, decided to drop us off in their backyard. Then they bribed them, with rice, to hunt us down. If they captured one of us, they got a reward. But they were nice and friendly people. I still have a Bolo knife that I bought from a friendly Negrito. He had made it by grinding down a spring from an abandoned army vehicle. They were also very smart and deadly.

So, I set off, in this very dangerous and unrecognizable world, to find a hiding spot safe from the most skilled hunters on this planet. For example, the Negitos used to sneak into Japanese barracks and cut the throat of every other man. The USAF hired them to guard B52s. Then some genius General decided these planes should only be guarded by USAF personnel, so they fired the Negritos. For the next week, every morning, the guards woke up to find the word BOMB written on the B52s landing gear tires. They rehired the Negritos and the world returned to normal.

So, I opted for comfort instead. I picked the first open place I found. Strung up my jungle hammock between two trees and settled down for the night. The next morning, to my surprise, I had not been captured. I suspect that the spot I chose was so obvious that all the Negritos assumed someone else had already got me. If captured, we were to give up a chit, so the Negrito could get their reward. Everyone else in my group was captured. I was the only one who still had my chit. Some of them were captured after a long night of misery. One guy decided to camp out under a large bush, which turned out to be a rat’s nest.  Nice! Another one camped on top of a very steep ridge. He was terrified of falling off the edge, so he tied himself to a tree with a rope. But, in the middle of the night, he felt the urge, so got up, untied the rope, and promptly fell off a cliff. The rest of us heard the search and rescue helicopters trying to find him in the dark. He did live but was seriously injured. Another “friend” found a snake that looked interesting. He killed the snake and put it in a paper bag to bring back to base camp. He ran into some Negritos so decided to show them the snake. When he dropped the snake out of the bag, he found out it was still alive. The Negritos took one look at the snake and ran away. That should have been a clue. But nope, this genius “killed” the snake again, put it back in the paper sack and carried it back to base camp. When he arrived, two days later, he wanted to show his instructor the snake, so he dropped it out of the paper sack. The snack came to life once more. This time the instructor immediate shot it, ending all nine of the snakes lives. It turned out to be a Bamboo Pit Viper. They are not very big, but very venomous.

The point being that having a lot of people hunting for you is not all that fun, although it can result in some amusing stories. No one is being more hunted today than Hunter Biden. His problem is that rather than staying out of the limelight and hoping no one notices, he is writing books and agreeing to interviews. The results have been catastrophic, and this has the serious potential of making Joe Biden look even worse, if that is remotely possible. While the MSM in the U.S. continues to shy away from this, the Daily Mail, UK shows no such restraint. The following article shows just how bad this is and how everyone else in the world is laughing at us:

What Hunter Biden left OUT of his ‘tell-all’ memoir revealed | Daily Mail Online

I know everyone is beyond disgusted at the enormous damage already done by the Biden Administration. The good news is that this is so bad and so obvious that even the MSM is starting, slowly, to notice. If you were worried about Biden and his liberal left wacko supporters taking complete control and changing American forever, stop worrying. They simply lack the competence to pull this off. They are mucking things up so far that the disastrous results are increasingly impossible to ignore. Some of those people who support liberal left-wing ideas are not actually stupid, they just don’t realize they are digging their own grave. They don’t want the government to micromanage their lives either. Gee, you mean I have to wear a mask too?  Particularly when that government is as incompetent as the Biden Administration.

Some may wonder how to fight back. Fortunately, that also became obvious this week. Stop drinking Coke. Do not book a flight on Delta. Ignore the MLB. Boycott all those businesses that are already boycotting anyone who disagrees with them. They will soon learn something important. They need us, we don’t need them. If enough people stop buying, they will change, just like the NFL backed away from kneeling during the national anthem after they lost half their fans. This will be a challenge because I one for really like Coke. To me it is an American icon. But an American Icon out to destroy this country based on a blatantly false narrative is a bitter pill to swallow. As for me, things go better without Coke. My hunt is now for other products I can choose to not buy.