Following the Titanic, many of the lifeboats had room for more survivors. There were people in the water, screaming for help but most of the lifeboats refused to go back, because they didn’t want to get sucked down with the Titanic. That is exactly what is happening to the Biden administration and the Democratic Party. The Biden ship of state is sinking, everyone knows it, the end is near, and smart Democrats are starting to distance themselves.

Some members of the Democratic establishment are already announcing plans for retirement. There are rumors that Joe Manchin is considering switching parties. Who could blame him, when Democrats, the MSM, the Squad, Hollywood Celebrities and even the White House viciously attacked him for refusing to vote for disaster? There are rumors, unconfirmed, that other members of congress are also eyeing the Republican Party the same way those people clinging to debris from the Titanic eyed those lifeboats.

California got an early Christmas present when God drenched the global warming alarmists with freezing weather and atmospheric rivers. The entire country got a Christmas present when the usual suspects decided it would be great sport to trash Joe Manchin. He is not amused. Neither were the people in West Virginia. Ironically when the Democratic Party is in desperate need of new leadership, they stupidly trashed the only senior Democrat showing evidence of a spine. They need Joe Manchin; he does not need them.

I think we may be witnessing the worst political meltdown in the history of the United States. I certainly cannot remember anything like this during my lifetime and don’t know of anything remotely similar recorded in history, at least not in this country. It does appear remarkably similar to when Neville Chamberlain was literally booed out of office.

This a reminder that the old saying, what goes around, comes around, is actually true a lot of the time. Democrats embraced COVID, because they saw it as a chance to get rid of the hated Trump. Sacrificing lives and ruining our economy was a small price to pay for achieving that. They may not have wanted the pandemic, but they sure seized the day to take advantage. But what they failed to realize is that by replacing Trump, they now own COVID, lock stock and barrel. The monster they may not have created but which they openly embraced has now turned on them and they don’t have a clue how to fight this anymore. Since Democrats control the House, the Senate, and the Presidency, they will absorb the full brunt of anger from a public that is sick and tired of being sick and tired.

I always thought that things would change dramatically in 2022 because of the election. But this is so bad, things may change long before November 2022. The Democratic margin in the Senate is exactly one vote. One death, or one independent or Democrat choosing to caucus with Republicans and Democrats lose control. Currently there are 222 Democrats in the House and 213 Republicans. The real margin is only five votes, because if five Democrats vote with Republicans, the vote would be 217 to 218 and Republican’s win. Remember that at least some Democrats share the same opinion of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, AOC, and the rest of the squad, as the rest of us. They just suck it up and stay the course because they fear the Democratic establishment and self-preservation is a strong motivator. But, if they stop fearing the Democratic establishment, things may change in a heartbeat. Just ask the Cuomo brothers about that.

So, while you are celebrating the Holidays, you have something else to celebrate. The Holiday End of the Biden Administration and the left-wing progressive nonsense along for the ride.



Last summer we visited the ark experience. It is an interesting place. The attempt was to build this to the same dimensions described in the Bible. According to Genesis 6:15 the ark was to be 300 cubits long, fifty cubits wide and thirty cubits tall. Many people believe that a cubit was about 18 inches or the length between a man’s elbow and his extended middle finger. I wonder if that meant that God was instructing Noah to give mankind the finger, but that is for another time. The point is that the ark was really huge, much bigger than I expected.

The real lesson is that God told Noah to prepare for rain, a lot of rain. Noah listened. The wise educated cultured elite of the day probably drowned. One imagines it was similar to living in Northern California, where the usual suspect talking heads were warning us that, because of climate change (global warming) we could prepare for permanent drought. Even after we got an October storm that delivered a record amount of rain, the same people gave the same lectures. But God is not mocked, and he just let us know, again, who is really in charge.

The following article is from MSN, which means that this is now so obvious that even the left wing liberal media is starting to notice:

California’s snow drought ends thanks to two weeks of bad weather (

Prior to December, the Northern Sierra had about 9% of normal snowfall, the Central Sierra had 22% of normal and the Southern Sierra had 27% of normal. Yet two weeks later, everything has changed. The Northern Sierra has 92% of normal, Central Sierra has 102% of normal and Southern Sierra has 105% of normal. And guess what, there are more storms coming in. If the forecasts are close to accurate, the drought may be largely over by Christmas. The Daily Mail UK, which often reports things ignored by the U.S. MSN, has already said the drought is over.

As recently as Thanksgiving, all the local meteorologists were cheering for more rain. They all said we needed more, much more. My prediction is by New Year’s Day, they will be sick of this and instead of looking for hopeful signs of rain, they will be looking for hopeful signs of drier weather.

It is an important reminder, during the Christmas season, that God is still in charge and those who foolishly pretended they are in control would be wise to check out retirement options. There is nothing more certain than that those who arrogantly predict things over which they actually have zero real control are extremely likely to be wrong. Embarrassingly wrong. As soon as I heard Al Gore predict that the arctic would be completely free of ice within five years, I went out and bought a new winter coat.

Those predicting global warming are searching for evidence to explain why record rain and cold in California, and eventually the rest of the country, is caused by gas powered engines. People spending half their paycheck to buy gas to go to a supermarket with empty shelves are unlikely to line up for an electric vehicle. Those shivering in the dark during power outages will be less enthusiastic about living an all-electric world.

Like Noah, we’ve been warned.  Without a drought, those who fail to listen risk paying an extremely high price.



The January 6th, 2021, committee was allegedly designed to expose the truth about what happened on January 6, 2021. Ironically, it is doing exactly that, but the results are likely to be the polar opposite of what they expect. One of the first things we learned from this committee is that Democrats no longer even pretend to be fair and balanced. That is why Republicans, who were ready to ask tough questions, were blocked by Nancy Pelosi. Instead, she appointed only Democrats and two RINOs, known primarily for their opposition to Donald Trump. No matter what the committee discovers, with this panel, it will be highly suspect.

The committee has made some enormous mistakes. They charged Mark Meadows for contempt, for not releasing documents, which they already had in their possession and which Liz Cheney read aloud for everyone to hear. Then Adam Schiff deliberately doctored a document to make it look vastly different than the original document. Schiff, of course, was famous for doing this during the Russian Collusion hoax and the Trump impeachment fiascos.

But most importantly, the committee is exposing the truth about the 2020 election, and they may be shocked at the results. Yes, there were people in the Trump administration and in congress who were deeply concerned about an election that appears to be riddled with fraud. The proposed solutions to this problem included filing lawsuits and exploring options within the guidelines of the constitution. They didn’t issue personal threats to Democratic law makers. The did organize a large rally that was clearly intended to be a loud, but peaceful protest. So far, there has been zero evidence that the White House had anything to do with organizing the chaos that resulted and instead they were surprised by it.

President Trump did make two public announcements that day, the first was to ask people to respect the police and reminding them that they support police. Later he told them that while he understood why they were upset, he wanted them to go home.

This is a lot of things, but planning an insurrection is not on the list. More importantly it demands investigation as to why so many people were deeply concerned about the 2020 election. They were not all delusional people angry because Trump lost. Many of them were deeply concerned about congress rubber stamping an election without regard to the consequences if evidence later developed showing that the election was riddle with fraud. This is not the first time that happened in this country. If you want to learn about this, check out how Rutherford B. Hayes became President. There was a dispute regarding the credentials of nineteen or twenty of the electors. Congress established a commission to rule on the matter. The Commission awarded all disputed votes to Hayes.

The reason for that commission was allegations of wide-spread voter fraud.

The following article in the Seattle Times explains this:

Ugly 1876 presidential election included fraud, voter intimidation and maybe a backroom deal | The Seattle Times

But the most important part of this article is the following statement:

Thus began the longest fought and closest presidential election in U.S. history. Much as President Donald Trump is doing now, backers of Hayes, the governor of Ohio, said the election was being stolen. The difference was that, unlike now, there was clear evidence of fraud and voter intimidation.

Actually, there is clear evidence of voter fraud and intimidation of poll watchers. Although this has been the official position of the Democratic Party and their supporters in the MSM, it is, was, and always will be absurd. One may argue that the allegations of wide-spread voter fraud have not been proven, to extent it would change the results. But it is not  true that there was no evidence of voter fraud. There are videos of ballots being delivered in the dead of night. There are confirmed cases where Republican poll watchers were blocked from observing the count. And the election was conducted with massive amounts of mail in ballots. A process both parties said, before the 2020 election, was a recipe for fraud. The real difference between 1876 and 2020 was the unwillingness of congress to recognize the problem and to at least try to investigate.

The results are now obvious, and they are catastrophic. The damage done by putting someone like Joe Biden in office as President of the United States is enormous. The only thing worse than his mismanagement of the COVID pandemic is his mismanagement of the economy and the world-wide embarrassment resulting from the inept feeble attempts at diplomacy by the weakest President in the history of the United States. What make this worse is that so many people, who have a responsibility to report the truth, continue to cover this up and pretend everything is ok. It is not ok. Joe Biden is not ok. Kamala Harris is not ok. And the next in line, Nancy Pelosi is not ok.

Democrats are acting like congress taking action when confronted with evidence of systemic fraud is a violation of the constitution. It is not, it is following the constitution. Congress in 1876 acted because the alternative, having a President who won the office through systemic fraud, was unacceptable. Sound familiar?

We now have Democrats arguing that even questioning the results, using the process in the constitution, and used previously somehow amounts to an insurrection. One would note that Democrats tried, and failed, to object to the election of both George W. Bush and Donald J. Trump using the same tactics, just with zero evidence.

The real problem is that both Democrats and the MSM are stuck in a “full mental jacket” which prevents them from looking at the 2020 election with an ounce of objectivity. The more people become aware of what actually happened and the more they realize the extent to which Trump and his supporters tried to get this done through the constitution the more backlash for the “full mental jacket society.”



Here in Northern California, after months of lectures from people following the science about permanent drought caused by gas powered cars, lawnmowers, and standby generators, we are getting drenched with rain. That rain is dumping multiple of feet of snow in the mountains. While I did not predict this, it was no surprise. Anyone who has done five minutes research on our weather knows that we get periods of drought, and we get periods of wet. This has gone on for centuries. Since the Arctic has much more ice than last year, the Pacific Ocean is colder, the Atlantic Ocean is colder, and Antarctica had record LOW temperatures it just seemed “possible” we would get cold wet weather.

One would think they would show SOME caution when we got record rainfall in October. But these people are seldom deterred or even slowed down by inconvenient facts. They want, they need, to believe in global warming otherwise no one will buy the nonsense they are trying to sell. Even if there was global warming, which is open to dispute, nothing they are proposing is remotely capable of changing anything. I still don’t understand why no one in the MSM has pointed this out. It is the equivalent to trying to stop a hurricane by handing out cheap umbrellas. It may look like you are doing something, but in the end, it is ridiculously inadequate.

There are still some people, the usual suspects, predicting endless drought. These are the same people telling Governor Newsom that having people wear masks, again, will somehow produce different results. But it is raining today, and it will rain again next Monday. Yesterday, Los Angeles got 2.16 inches of rain, breaking a record set in 1888. But note the following note from the true believers:

DTLA breaks rainfall record after seeing no rain at all for entire month of November (

“While the recent storm brought much needed rain, Southern California is expected to see a drier than normal winter as La Niña conditions continue into winter, a seasonal outlook from the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration showed.”

Who do you believe? The people on TV or what you see looking out your window.

My person guide to the weather is listening to the usual suspects who are wrong about everything and expect the opposite. If someone like Al Gore predicts all the Arctic Ice will be gone in five years, buy a better winter coat and cancel that cruise to the North Pole. If these clowns predict drought, buy an umbrella, consider a boat, and research flood insurance. If they tell you wearing masks prevents the spread of covid, avoiding going near people wearing masks. This is the same approach that didn’t work last time. If they think vaccines work, look up hydroxychloroquine and natural immunity. And if you are planning on driving in the high Sierra, anytime soon, bring chains or a vehicle with four wheel drive and snow tires, and if you are smart, bring both.

Let it snow! I am prepared. The two best players on the SF Giants are Brandon Belt and Brandon Crawford. So, I bought my “Let’s Go Brandon” hat keep me warm and also cheer them on. Some people have interpreted this display of support differently, for reasons I fail to understand, but that is their problem, not mine.



If you listen to the MSM, including some people on FOX, the big lie is that the 2020 election was rigged. But, while there has yet to be enough solid evidence regarding the extent of the fraud to overturn the election, the really big lie is that there was no reason to question the results. The real problem here is that under the current system this country put a pathetic incompetent person in the White House, as President of the United States, and there is no option available to fix things if it turns out the election was fraudulent. The really, really, really big lie is that this is not a fundamental problem.

Currently an incredibly high percentage of Americans question the integrity of the 2020 election. They are not all hysterical and delusional Trump supporters. They are just people who question an election conducted with massive mail-in ballots that both parties agreed, before the election, was a recipe for fraud. Recently Vladimir Putin ridiculed Joe Biden when he said America is a democracy. While Putin is not exactly a great guy, he has a point. If we cannot conduct elections, such that people can have confidence in the results, are we really a democracy? What could be more divisive than conducting a national election in a manner that is impossible to trust?

What should have happened is that both parties should have demanded a prompt and quick investigation of the 2020 election, long before January 6th. The real problem on January 6, 2021, was not the rhetoric of Donald Trump, but rather the fact that congress was ready, willing, and able to just approve the results of the election with zero attempt to verify the results and with little regard to the consequences. I am reminded that those who criticize Trump and others for questioning the results of the election are missing something important. Putting someone like Joe Biden in the White House is an irreversible error and if evidence is produced that shows the 2020 election was indeed fraudulent, we have no current means of fixing this. When you combine this with the pathetic results both nationally and internationally and watch Joe Biden deteriorate mentally every time he appears in public, it is becoming a perfect storm. A storm made even worse by the fact that according to the constitution, if something happens to Joe, which seems inevitable, Kamala Harris becomes President. Whether fair or not, she has almost zero support from the American people and extraordinarily little support even from the Democratic Party.

I must admit that, so far, the attempts to audit the election seem to be missing the mark. It seems like the real problem is that this election was run so poorly with such ineffective controls that we may never know the full extent of the fraud. In addition, the MSM, including FOX, is refusing to investigate this at all. It is often said that absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. Anyone who watched the results slide in during November 2020, saw things happen that create a lot of room for doubt. On election night Trump was leading by a comfortable amount, yet by the next day “miraculous new votes” were found, all for Joe Biden. That was not an illusion invented by Donald Trump. We saw this with our own eyes. And it happened in places absolutely famous for election fraud. One would have to be hopelessly naïve or a reporter for CNN to miss this.

Now combine this with an inept administration, increasing threats internationally, and soaring inflation. Add in an insane campaign to forcibly vaccinate every American, with the vaccines developed solely because of Donald Trump. Then lock them down, again, and require masks, again, in a failed effort to eradicate COVID 19. Even if it were irradicated, it would quickly be replaced by something else. Federal, State and Local Governments have the bit in their mouth and they will never willingly give up this level of control.

American is becoming united on one thought. This sucks! Many people desperately want to prevent Donald Trump from becoming President again, but few want President Joe Biden.

Just today California reintroduced a statewide indoor mask mandate because of surging COVID. The surge is 14 new cases per 100,000 people. How terrifying! While insane, it is clear that mask mandates are likely to be with us for a long time. Even the doctor announcing the mask mandate admitted he was sick of them. So far, here in Sacramento County, a lot of people willing wear masks. But just five miles away, in El Dorado County, few people wear masks. I think we are potentially on the verge of a mask revolt.

It is important to remember that when people revolt over anything they are likely to revolt over almost everything. Hopefully, this will be through the election process, but if people lose faith in the honesty of our election, we will be headed toward a very scary future.



The following article describes something so outrageous and stupid that it almost certainly is true:

REPORT: Biden Admin Plans On Advising Ukraine To Hand Over Territory To Russia | The Daily Caller

Anyone paying attention knows that Russia invaded Crimea and annexed it while Obama was President. There are recent reports of Russian troops massing on the border with Ukraine. The United States decided to handle this by having the magnificently strong and forceful personality of Joe Biden negotiate directly with Vladimir Putin. What could possibly go wrong?

Biden apparently threatened Putin with sanctions, but Putin has played that game before and knows that hand is a loser. So apparently Biden went back in history to the great accomplishment of Nevil Chamberlain who stupidly negotiated with Hitler thinking that would bring “peace in our time.” It actually brought World War II.

So, what is the big plan? Easy, pressure Ukraine to give Putin what he wants, which is those eastern regions of Ukraine, without having to fight for it. In 2014 Russia sponsored a revolt against the Ukrainian government and as a result there were people demanding separation and return to Mother Russia. If this sounds familiar to you, look up the Sudetenland. This is the northern, southern, and western areas of Czechoslovakia where there was a heavy German speaking population. Hitler threated Czechoslovakia and Chamberlain solved the problem by just giving Hitler what he wanted. Chamberlain bragged about peace in our time. Winston Churchill was not impressed.

Churchill pointed out that the Czechoslovak government, left to themselves and knowing it would get no help from Western Powers, would have made better terms. Churchill warned that this kind of appeasement does not delay military conflict, it makes it inevitable:

“And do not suppose that this is the end. This is only the beginning of the reckoning. This is only the first sip, the first foretaste of a bitter cup which will be proffered to us year by year unless by a supreme recovery of moral health and martial vigour, we arise again and take our stand for freedom as in the olden time.”

Then he made the following statement about the inept British Government:

“Thou art weighed in the balance and found wanting”.

This is beyond dangerous. If this is true, the Biden administration is sending a strong message to the world. If you threaten us, we will glad give you whatever you want. The government of Taiwan would be wise to pay attention. So should anyone living in Israel. Someone in the MSM noticed this and asked the following question of Jake Sullivan:

“Some observers have described a nightmare scenario where President Putin invades Ukraine and also simultaneously President Xi uses force to reunify Taiwan with China. Is the U.S. prepared to deal with such a scenario?” a reporter asked national security adviser Jake Sullivan.

Jake Sullivan, who was so brilliant in handling Afghanistan, gave the following response:

“The United States is going to take every action that we can take, from the point of view of both deterrence and diplomacy, to make sure that the Taiwan scenario you just described never happens, and to try to avert the invasion into Ukraine,” Sullivan said. “That is the object of our policy right now. Those are the steps we’re taking.”

Putin is extremely unlikely to be shaking in his boots. He is probably shaking, from uncontrollable laughter. I wish I were wrong. I pray I am wrong. But history tells us that weakness leads to war and this is the weakest President in U.S. History.

The following famous quote by Admiral Yamamoto in Tora, Tora, Tora, is not actually well documented. There is no proof he actually said this:

“I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve”

But it accurately described the impact of Pearl Harbor on the American people. Don McNeill did say the following on December 8, 1941, during his Breakfast Club show:

and also don’t forget, sometimes you can strike a giant who is dozing momentarily, when the giant is awakened, look out.

For me personally, the only thing more terrifying that being represented by President Joe Biden would be the prospect of turning this over to Kamala Harris. The good news is that long before our enemies notice, the American people, which represents the true sleeping giant, is likely to awake and be filled with a terrible resolve. Sadly, the people who put Joe Biden in power, by any means necessary, left us with very few options for fixing this anytime soon. One can only hope that November 2022 gets here as soon as possible, because nothing good is likely with Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. It is difficult if not impossible to predict the end of this story, but unprecedented change is now inevitable.

In case you were wondering, the Western leaders have “woke” to the dangerous incompetence of Joe Biden. This keeps getting better and better. You can’t even make this stuff up.

Biden Infuriates Eastern NATO Allies With Outreach to Russia (

One notes that this is from, which is hardly a right wing Trump supporter.



Hillary Clinton decided it would be a great idea to read the victory speech, she expected to give in 2016, before the evil Trump kicked her to the curb. Why she did this 5 years later is beyond explanation. I mean, seriously, does ANYONE really want or need to hear this? It is clear that Hillary has never gotten over getting defeated and she is desperately trying to grasp at the last tiny glimmer of the national spotlight. This is pathetic. If it were possible for someone like me to feel an ounce of sympathy for someone as nauseating and disgusting as Hillary Clinton, this would be as close as it gets. Close, I say, but no cigar.

Hillary Clinton cries as she reads would-be victory speech from 2016 | Washington Examiner

What this is, more than anything else, is evidence that Hillary Clinton realizes her political career is dead and buried. It is also evidence that she is not optimistic about the future of the Democratic Party. She said she hopes the lessons contained in it “will help you chart your own path with passion and purpose.” Actually, it is a reminder that no matter how despicable a person may be they can come remarkable close to being President of the United States if enough stupid and/or corrupt people are willing to spend enormous sums of money. It is also a stark reminder that name recognition is different from actually accomplishing something.

This reminds me of Frank J. Sprague. Who? Frank who? Sprague? Who was Frank Sprague? What movie did he star in? Well, it turns out Sprague invented the electric motor that made electric subways possible. It just may have been one of the most important inventions ever. But Sprague worked for Thomas Edison, and he knew that Edison would take all the credit and would be unlikely to even mention Sprague. So, he quit and formed his own company. But he lacked two things, name recognition and money. Eventually he had to sell his patents to, gasp, Thomas Edison. Edison, who had both name recognition and money, took all the credit, and was even awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. As for Frank J. Sprague, you nailed if it you said: “Frank who?”

Let me be blunt, the only thing Hillary Clinton accomplished was to marry Bill Clinton and then dedicate her life to covering up his salacious behavior. She was elected to a New York Senate seat because Rudy Giuliani was diagnosed with prostate cancer, and she ended up running against nobody. In New York, somebody always beats nobody. She accomplished extraordinarily little in the Senate, unless you consider opening U.S. markets to good produced in China to be an accomplishment. Never in the history of the Secretary of State did someone managed to travel so much and accomplish so little.

Her funding of the Russian Collusion hoax was perhaps the most dishonest thing ever attempted by a candidate for President of the United States. Fortunately for all of us, it did not work.

So, when Hillary weeps, the rest of us can rejoice. For, crying out loud can be a very good thing if it means the St. Hillary era is finally over.




I originally wrote about Biden and Putin back in June. Sadly, there has been another meeting and the results are even worse. Perhaps I am wrong, but I suspect even die hard Democrats realize the danger of having someone like Biden confront someone like Putin. Combine the fact that Putin almost certainly has a ton of blackmail material available because of the things Hunter Biden has done and it is impossible to expect a positive result. The things we already know Hunter Biden did are bad enough, it is hard to imagine what “additional” ammunition Putin has available.

For years, because of the fake Russian Collusion Hoax, the MSM constantly beat a drumbeat about how Trump was Putin’s puppet. They failed to recognize or just failed to report that Trump clearly had the upper hand with Putin. It was Trump who made us energy independent, which is a fundamental problem for Putin. It was also Trump who slowed down the pipeline being built by Russia. When Obama was President, Putin invaded Crimea. He never considered invading Ukraine with Trump in office. In fact, the most remarkable thing about the Trump administration is that we didn’t get into any new wars, and he successfully cleaned up Obama’s mess by destroying ISIS.

Biden, on the other hand, stopped the Keystone pipeline we desperately need, and gave the green light on Putin’s pipeline. Biden has left Afghanistan in a mess, and literally had to beg Putin for “permission” to use Russian bases in Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and elsewhere so that we can at least pretend to do “something” about the coming terrorist threat.

U.S. intensifies talks to use Russian bases for Afghan counterterrorism ops – POLITICO

The revelations come as officials are publicly sounding the alarm about Afghanistan once again becoming a haven for terror groups seeking to attack the U.S. During a hearing before the House Armed Services Committee on Wednesday, Milley said al Qaeda could reconstitute there in six to 36 months.

No one in the MSM even considered questioning whether Biden was perhaps Putin’s puppet. But even if you agree with all of Biden’s policies, which would be grounds for questioning one’s sanity, it is impossible to see Biden “confronting” Putin and expecting any good result.

This reminds me of an incident that happened to me while living in Steven’s Point, Wisconsin. Our new Ford Pinto was parked on the street in front of our church. This kid road by on his bike and literally dragged a match across the side of our car, lighting the match and scratching the car. Unfortunately for him, several other kids immediately told me who he was and where he lived. So, I followed the kid home to discuss this wonderful and fun idea with his parents. When I got there this enormous man got out of the house, clearly furious. He was about 6’ 5” and probably 300 pounds of muscle. I immediately feared for my life and started desperately looking for an exit since there was zero chance, I would confront this monster. Fortunately, he was not mad at me, he was mad at his kid, who I estimated to be about 14 years old. I made an agreement that if his son would wash and wax my car and buff out the scratch, I would be satisfied. He said deal, shook my puny little hand with his huge claw about the size of a catcher’s mitt, and thanked me for letting him know about this. Then he turned to his son, who was actually pretty large for his size, reached out and grabbed this kid with one hand, by his shoulder, lifted him up to face level, and said: “I want to talk to you, boy!” I was stunned that he could even do this and must admit that I wondered if I had made the right decision telling him about this.

At the time I thought the worse possible matchup would have been between me and this monster posing as a human being. Then I saw President Joe Biden try, and fail, to confront Vladimir Putin and realized that this is far, far worse, and sadly, about far more critical issues.



I was going to high school in Bergland, Michigan. If you try looking for that on a map, bring a magnifying glass. It is not actually the end of the earth, but you can see it from there. Bergland currently has population of about 440 people. The population of the entire county, Ontonagon, is about 7,818. Some people would consider this to be a remote area. Needless to say, the people who live there have learned how to entertain themselves. My brother read a Popular Science magazine and found this wonderful article about boomerangs, including detailed plans on how to build one. So, he did. It was a thing of absolute beauty. He just missed one very minor detail. The boomerangs described were from Australia and were made out of Balsa wood. We had never heard about Balsa wood. So, my brother built his out of solid oak. What could possibly go wrong?

Finally, the day arrived, the boomerang was finished and since it was early June, it was almost warm enough to go outside again. We went to the local based ball field. My brother parked his car in the rear of the backstop screen behind home plate. That turned out to be the best decision of the day. We went out to stand on home plate, where he gave the boomerang a spectacular throw toward second base. At first the boomerang flew straight and level, then it started to rise, then it started to circle, rapidly, and headed straight toward us. We both realized he had unleashed a deadly weapon. We ducked for cover and watched in horror as this beautiful boomerang crashed into that backstop screen. It, along with our dreams, was shattered.

I later visited Australia on R & R from Vietnam and learned that a boomerang was also an instrument of war, if made out of hardwood. It could literally kill things if thrown properly. The toy boomerangs were made out of balsa wood, so they were exceptionally light and unlikely to hurt anyone or anything.

Today, we are seeing the Democratic version of the solid oak boomerang. When Democrats accuse Republicans of doing something, it is often because that is exactly what they are doing themselves. That is why they are so sure Republicans are doing it. This includes a full range of topics, including abuse of power, manipulating elections, and various forms of corruption. When Democrats proposing attacking any of the above, they always target only Republicans with the naïve assumption that no one will notice what they are doing themselves.

One example playing out in real time is the Russian Collusion Hoax. The hoax has already been discredited to the point that only a few people like Chris Cuomo (oops…gone), Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper even pretend anymore. But now, thanks to the Durham investigation, we now know that people pushed this story, deliberately, to influence a President election, with no regard to the actual facts or evidence. Some of them may celebrate from behind bars.

One would think that Democrats would learn from this, but the opposite is true. They are doubling down on absurdity. The Biden DOJ is challenging congressional districts in Texas, because they think they were designed to help Republicans. Duh? The term gerrymandering was named after Elbridge Gerry, who as Governor of Massachusetts created a partisan district in Boston that was compared to the mythological salamander. Since this dates back to 1812, it is hardly unique to Texas. The sad reality is that when either party gains power, they try to reshape congressional districts to keep themselves in power. Democrats do appear to be more skilled at this than Republicans.

Recently the Biden administration has decided to publicly clamp down on corruption involving real estate and of all things, phony art used for money laundering purposes. I wonder if anyone has considered the fact that Hunter Biden just may have a few skeletons that are likely to surface as a result of this effort?

The January 6th commission is designed to trash Trump and accuse the band of deplorables of mounting the worse insurrection since the Civil War. Many Democrats and their shrieking supporters in the MSM make these accusations with a straight face. Hence the problem. If there is really an investigation and real facts are presented to the American public there is an enormous risk of exposing the truth. A truth that just may reveal the true level of corruption by the Biden family and others. A truth that may show that yes there are legitimate reasons to question the 2020 election. A truth that the events on January 6th were more of a comedy show than an insurrection.

If you ask too many questions, you just may get unexpected and very unpleasant answers. Just ask Jusse Smollett about that. Or the prosecutors who tried to railroad Kyle Rittenhouse.

Truth is deadly when combined with the reality of super inflation accompanied by vaccine mandates that do nothing to end worthless mask mandates. This reality is uniting Americans on one subject. “This is so not working well. “Change is coming, it is coming fast, and it will leave a lot of destruction in its wake. In other words, the boomerang is on the way and a lot of people better be prepared.




We recently started watching “COPS” on Fox Nation. Some of the shows are absolutely hysterical. They obviously do not show the truly violent interactions. In most cases, these are just incredibly dumb people who are frequent offenders. The first question is usually: “who are you?” Another routine question is “when was the last time you were arrested?” It is quite common for the suspects to lie, usually with a story that is absurdly impossible. For example, when drugs are found, they ALWAYS belong to someone else. If found in a pants pocket, then “these aren’t my pants.” It is also not unusual for a suspect to lie about everything, including their name. It is always interesting when someone tries, and fails to hide, and a canine officer is used. The suspects are always warned that the dog will bite them. If they don’t respond, that is exactly what happens. Those dogs are amazing, and it is easy to see why police departments depend on them.

While these shows are mostly humorous, because they choose cases where no one is seriously hurt, the real life equivalent of “who are you?” is far more serious. In addition, the harm these people can cause is incredible. The latest stars are Andrew and Chris Cuomo. These are the same guys who a little over a year ago had a nightly giggle fest on CNN, where they lovingly teased each other on national TV. What great guys! But they weren’t great guys at all. Now, the truth has come out about who these guys really were and what they were like in real life and the giggles are long gone. So has the illusion of popularity. A lot of people Andrew Cuomo thought were friends turned on him once he lost power. The same thing happened to Chris Cuomo and that included some people on CNN who pretended to be his friends.

Alec Baldwin is learning that the more people see him, the less they like him. His celebrity friends are still supporting him, but most people have moved on. In his interview by George Stephanopoulos, he may have incriminated himself while trying to explain why it wasn’t his fault. That is something he has in common with the suspects on COPS. In his case, he said he “pulled back the hammer” but didn’t pull the trigger. Anyone truly familiar with a single action gun knows that pulling back the hammer is what makes that weapon capable of firing. These guns are designed to operate with an exceptionally light trigger pull. If you drop a single action gun, with the hammer pulled back, that alone may cause it to fire. But in addition, if you pull the hammer back, and it does not cock, it may snap back and that may cause a gun to fire. I suspect that the video interview of Alex Baldwin may be played as crucial evidence in his trial.

Kamala Harris is shredding the last elements of her personal support. Not only are people deserting her, at the speed of light, they are kicking her on the way out. This is beyond bad. But this won’t stop with these people. There are other people who are about to be exposed and this is guaranteed to be ugly.

The bigger the lie, the more severe the backlash. The biggest lie, for over four years, was the Russian Collusion Hoax. Not only has that been discredited, but people are at risk of custodial sentences regarding their role in propagating that nonsense. It turns out that a lot more lies were told about Donald Trump than told by Donald Trump.

But the really big lie was that Joe Biden was elected President in the most secure election in American history. Few who actually watched the election returns and were not celebrating the defeat of the evil Trump, missed that. The evidence of fraud was overwhelming, and it was visible to anyone paying attention. The usual suspect places, all in critical swing states, miraculous delivered wonderful late-night votes during the dark of night, all for Joe Biden. This may be difficult to prove, in a court of law, but that does not mean it was not beyond obvious.

The real problem is that these people were responsible for putting someone as obviously incompetent as Joe Biden in the White House as President of the United States. Even worse, under our constitution, there is no easy method to reverse this error in judgment. Even Democrats who admit to actually voting for this clown are increasingly upset at the results. The people who didn’t vote for him are furious. Some are trying to delay the truth, by pretending the real criminal was Donald Trump who dared question the results. That the worse thing ever done by a President of the United States was Donald Trump trying to get congress to back off from this mistake from which recovery may be impossible. “Which is worse, trying to stop this from happening, or letting this happen without regard to the consequences.” If you doubt that, ask the parents of that high school student who shot all those people in Michigan. His parents are likely to be prosecuted but they were not exactly the only ones who should have seen this coming and who could and should have stopped this. Others may not have broken the law, but they certainly appear to deserve a share of the blame.

I believe over the next six months to a year the key question will not be what, but rather who. Who allowed this to happen? Who thought it was a good idea to put someone like Joe Biden in the White House and hand him the keys to the nuclear arsenal? And who bears the most responsibility? Those who willingly ignored the obvious to let this happen or those who at least tried to find some way to stop it.

Who Are You?