The story is told that all the animals left the Ark after Noah opened the doors. But later he found a tiny snake, hiding inside the Ark, afraid to venture out into the brave new world. “What is the matter” asked Noah. The snake replied: “You told us to be fruitful and multiply, but I’m an adder.”  Today we are seeing a lot of things that are not adding up, particularly regarding COVID. Consider the following “facts” widely reported:

Millions of people have already had COVID. I saw one estimate that half the population may have had COVID.

There have been 39,279,057 cases in the U.S. Everyone agrees the actual number is higher because this only counts people who tested positive. A lot of people have had COVID who did not get sick. There have been 638,689 deaths from COVID. There are numerous reports that this may be overstated because it did not differentiate from people who died “with” COVID from people who died “from” COVID.

But let’s assume both numbers are accurate. The same report states that 174,660,017 or 52.6% of the population has been fully vaccinated, or about 61.5% of people over age 12 and 81.8%of people over age 65.

Now if you add 39,279,057 to 174,660,017 you get 213,935,074 people which is 64% of the entire population. When you add in the obvious assumption that a lot of people had COVID and never got tested, you start rapidly running out of people capable of getting the disease. So one has to ask why all these new cases, especially among vaccinated people and school age children? Perhaps the answer is that COVID tests being used are not accurate. That while they do a fairly good job of finding COVID, they also do a good job of finding other diseases. There are numerous scientific journals documenting this. There is also good ole common sense. There are documented cases of people who tested positive for COVID, had what they considered to be COVID symptoms, and then found out that they never had COVID at all. There are also professional athletes who tested positive on Monday and took the field again on Wednesday after passing two COVID tests. These are either indicative of a miracle cure or a false positive.

Isn’t it convenient, for the vaccine and mask crowd, that there is this sudden surge in COVID cases? Why the sudden increase in people, including vaccinated people, testing “positive” for COVID. The only sure way to determine if they, or anyone else, really had COVID would be to test for antibodies. But the CDC does not encourage testing for antibodies, because then people who have antibodies can argue against getting vaccinated. This is true even though there are very credible peer reviewed studies proving that people with COVID antibodies are far less likely to get COVID than someone who is vaccinated.

The bottom line is there are a lot of people absolutely desperate to keep the pandemic going, especially in places like Florida and Texas. Keep in mind that people who would consider literally stealing a Federal Election for President would hardly hesitate to fudge a few numbers regarding COVID. I am close to the point where it is impossible to take the CDC reporting seriously.

We will soon know. The recall election for Gavin Newsom is on September 14th, 2021. I am sure Democrats are desperately trying to steal enough votes to carry the day, but that may not be enough. It is increasingly obvious that Newsom is terrified. He is looking and acting like someone who is in serious political jeopardy.  The DNC has doubled down on COVID and is saying we need to keep Newsom because we need mask mandates and vaccine mandates, particularly for our school age children. There are already a lot of anecdotal cases about school age children becoming seriously ill with COVID. The Delta Variant is always named. But they aren’t even testing for the Delta Variant in most cases because that is expensive and only a few labs can even do this kind of test.  We know what they are trying to tell us, the question is how many people are buying it. My hunch is a lot less than you think, because of the people showing up at school boards protesting mask and vaccine requirements.

Now before you assume that a majority of people are sheep willing to take the jab and still wear masks, there is increasing evidence of a nationwide backlash. A judge in Illinois removed custody from a mother because she refused to be vaccinated. The outcry was so severe that he reversed himself and then recused himself from the case:

Judge Shapiro recused himself from the case on Tuesday after public backlash.

“Although I believe I can be fair and impartial, the Canons of Judicial Ethics speak to the perception of fairness and impartiality as well as fairness and impartiality itself,” Cook County Judge James Shapiro said in a statement, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

“Public perception may be that I can’t be fair and impartial. Therefore, I am going to recuse myself from further proceedings in this case,” he continued.

One thing is certain, if Newsom gets recalled, it will go off like a nuclear bomb. If Larry Elder gets elected, he has promised to end vaccine and mask mandates immediately. The real question here is how many people want vaccine and mask mandates and how many people are sick of this. I never predict the results of any California election because of the obvious potential for systemic fraud, so it is a wait and see moment.

A lot of people are making decisions and forming opinions based on data that is either non-existent or highly misleading. If you are in Sacramento County, a lot of people are wearing masks again. But some people are not wearing masks and most businesses are not even trying to enforce this. If you go to El Dorado County, then almost no one is wearing a mask. Are people really buying this and anxiously wearing masks, or are they using those masks to hide the frowns?

By the way, two key member of the FDA just resigned in protest. We know there are a lot of doctors out there, from very credible organizations, who are not in tune with the CDC actions. These may not be the last resignations. When you combine that with the blatant lies told by the Biden administration and the gross incompetence regarding our exit from Afghanistan, a perfect political storm may be on the horizon.

If Newsom is not recalled this nonsense may go on for a while but we are nearer the end than we are the beginning. At best, Newsom will have to run to re-election next year. A whole lot of people are up for election in 2022 and unless something changes it is going to be a very rough ride for Democrats. So, when you consider the very real possibility of President Kamala Harris, imagine her dealing with a Republican controlled House and Senate. While Republicans have a knack for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, the math is simply not adding up. Democrats are hiding and not only are they unlikely to multiply, but they may not even qualify as an adder.



I just watched the speech by Joe Biden, and it was stunningly awful. I tried to put this in perspective but cannot think of a single event that even begins to compare with this. Biden is literally bragging about the results, ignoring the obvious fact that this was an unmitigated disaster. One problem is that, as usual, he is clearly reading from a TelePrompter. The only discernable emotion was when he became angry at the thought that people were criticizing him.

He desperately is trying to throw Trump under the bus. But he admitted that he made the decision, in April, to leave on August 31, 2021. He then went into great lengths to blame everyone else, including some of the people currently stranded in Afghanistan. At the same time, he is bragging that the Taliban is saying people who want to leave can have safe passage, he says he cannot trust the Taliban. He is actually admitting this is all his fault because he admitted that the Taliban had agreed to just let us leave, peacefully, on May 31st. Anyone remotely familiar with Afghanistan knows that the area controlled by the Taliban was very limited in May 2021. If we had left on May 31, 2021, odds are most people could have walked safely to the Kabul Airport. During the period from May to August the Taliban completely overran the government and took almost total control of Afghanistan, something Joe Biden kept telling us could never happen. In addition we now know that the Taliban offered to let us keep control of Kabul, but Biden said no, we only need control of the airport. Unbelievable!

I doubt that anyone is buying this feeble attempt to paint this as a success story. But what they will see if the face of the person who owns this disaster. It is often said that there is no bigger fool then someone who acts as his own lawyer. Joe Biden just gave a case study in why that is true. Even those still celebrating the defeat and humiliation of Donald Trump must be concerned about their own future with Joe Biden in charge. When Biden argues that this makes us stronger and safer, I doubt that many, if any, people will believe him.

This is a reminder of why the following expression is so accurate:  “me thinks thee doth protest too much.” The more Biden tries to fervently deny this unprecedented failure, the more obvious the opposite is true. Even the MSM, which has tried desperately to cover up for him is turning on him. No one is buying this.

When Biden was done speaking, he refused to answer any questions, but he did turn back, to get his mask, and put it on walking shuffling slowly out of the room, by himself. It was a poignant image of failure, obvious to everyone but the person most responsible.



Joe Biden continue to dazzle everyone with handling of both Kabul and Hurricane IDA. Joe already tried, and failed, to blame Kabul on Donald Trump, but virtually no one is buying that anymore. Now he has this zoom meeting designed to show he is in charge of the Hurricane IDA recovery. He looked ridiculous. If you listen carefully to the video, he appears to refer to Senior Advisor Cedric Richmond as “boy.” Some people will hear this differently because they always hear things differently when Biden speaks.

If Trump has used the word “boy” in a similar context, the MSM would have considered it to be a dog whistle reaching out to his white supremacist base. Joe Biden, who actually was personal friends with known white Supremacists, like Robert Byrd, is a Democrat, so he is incapable of being racist.

Then there is the video which shows Biden appearing to fall asleep during the meeting with the new Prime Minister of Israel. Of course, the fact checker said this was misleading because Biden actually spoke shortly after this. Things have deteriorated to the point where if Joe is able to speak, it is considered to be a triumph. Watch the video yourself. I have personally seen this many times, usually in church during a particularly dull sermon.

All of us have done this on occasion, but we are not the President of the United States meeting with another Head of State. It is what it is, unless it is Joe Biden, and then, as with Bill Clinton, it all depends on the definition of the word “is.” The problem is that the MSM no longer has enough spin available to hide the ugly reality. Very few people watching this can even pretend that Joe has his act together. It is actually getting worse. It is embarrassing. If Trump had done anything close to this there would have been loud demands for the cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment. Actually, there were demands for Trump’s cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment, with no need for anything resembling real evidence. Now part of the problem is that Kamala is too busy making herself look incompetent to lead the effort. No one, in either party, wants her in charge of anything.

What makes this worse is that if Biden resigned, is impeached, or dies, his replacement will be Kamala Harris. The first thing that happens is that the Senate becomes dead locked, and she will no longer be available to break a tie vote. Here is how the 25th Amendment works:

Section 1.

In case of the removal of the President from office or of his death or resignation, the Vice President shall become President.

Section 2.

Whenever there is a vacancy in the office of the Vice President, the President shall nominate a Vice President who shall take office upon confirmation by a majority vote of both Houses of Congress.

This means whoever Kamala chooses to be VP can only take office upon confirmation of a majority vote of both Houses of Congress. Since Kamala can no longer vote to break ties in the Senate, at least one Republican would have to approve her choice. Good luck with that. Even the usual RINO Republican Senators are going to hesitate to approve some as incompetent as either Biden or Harris to be the new VP. In addition, if they value their political future, they will not approve an absurd appointment like Hillary Clinton. If Kamala did appoint Hillary Clinton one has to wonder if there are close to enough Secret Service Agents available to let her sleep at night.

The easiest thing to predict is that Biden will be as stunningly effective in dealing with IDA as he has been with Kabul. The second easiest thing to predict is that the MSM will continue to spin this in the most positive way possible for the longest possible time. The third easiest thing to predict is that none of this can possibly work.

If you want a good life, in the midst of this nonsense consider the following. Six months ago, Kamala Harris could have chosen a Democratic Governor superstar, like Andrew Cuomo or Gavin Newsom to be her VP. All I can think to say is “IDA Boy.”



I do not like Joe Biden. I have never liked Joe Biden. He has been an arrogant, self-righteous, bigoted, lying loser from day one. I cannot recall a single event where Joe Biden even appeared to have done the right thing, for the right reason. When you combine that with his penchant for groping young females and being arrogant and rude to people, there is little to recommend. But even he deserves better than this. What we are witnessing is nothing short of elder abuse. Joe Biden is being propped up as a pretend President and it is clear he also is sick of this and wants it to end.

When Peter Doocy reminded him that he, not Donald Trump was President, Biden literally slumped over.  While Biden is clearly suffering from dementia and he never was that sharp, this can’t be any fun. I do think he was visibly shaken over the American deaths; he just knows he is powerless to change anything. The only time he stops lying is when he says he is doing what he has been told to do.

Any honest President will admit that one of the challenges of the job is that they really can’t just order people to do things. It doesn’t work that way. Eisenhower, who had been Commander-in-Chief of the Allied Invasion, admitted to being frustrated at his inability to issue commands as President. But Eisenhower, like most Presidents, learned how to use the power of his office and to get things done despite the obstacles. Joe Biden cannot do that. No one thinks Biden is in charge of anything. At a time when he just wants to slow down, to rest, to coast on the way out, he is thrust in front of microphones reading words he did not write regarding subjects he sometimes does not understand and probably can’t remember. When you combine this with results so horrible that even Biden cannot pretend things are going well, this has to be eating away at the small part of him that still exists on its own.

As I watched this yesterday it became obvious that the candle on Joe Biden is rapidly running out. Regardless of what Joe or anyone else wants, Joe is simply running on empty. I predict that sooner, rather than later, he will resign, possibly for an unexpected health condition. But the problem for the puppet masters is that the only alternative to Joe is Kamala and she is much worse. No one even pretends she is up to the job and unlike Joe she doesn’t listen. The press, even the so-called right wing conservative press, is actually kind to Joe and respectful to Joe. They will not be kind to Kamala Harris. And, if gasp, she was to resign too, that would result in President Pelosi. No one in either party is up to drinking enough to stomach that sad reality.

No one knows what will happen, but we do know it must happen sooner rather than later. Time waits for no one, and it certainly isn’t waiting much longer for Joe Biden. I would not be surprised if on any morning he just wakes up, says I’m not doing this any more and quits. He won’t ever quit for the right reason; he is still incapable of doing that. But he just may quit because he is totally out of gas. I wonder if his friends and family even realize what they have done. One thing is certain, no one shows even a hint of real compassion for this man. No one who truly cared about Joe Biden could tolerate watching him endure this. This is a case study in elder abuse. Without regard to him at all, they will keep propping him up as long as he is capable of even standing and reading a Teleprompter.

There were times yesterday when I really felt someone should have had the courage to run out there, gently push Joe toward the exit, and said “enough.” This must stop now! But no one even considered doing that. This is like a horrible fight where one boxer is literally pounding the crap out of the other boxer and the referee lacks the common sense or even the courage to stop the fight.

I still remember March 24, 1962. At that time, ABC used to put on the “Fight of the Week” and in 1962 a lot of people were watching. This time the fight was for the Welter Weight championship of the world, between Emil Griffith and Benny “Kid” Paret, held in Madison Square Garden. The fight was a back-and-forth affair. During the 12th round announcer Don Dunphy said this was the tamest round yet, then everything changed. Griffith started to pound Paret, and it became obvious that the fight needed to be stopped. But it wasn’t stopped. Referee Rudy Goldstein let the fight continue. Griffith hit Paret 29 straight times before he finally did stop the fight. It was way too late. Paret was carried from the ring on a stretcher. Ten days later, he died. We were horrified. Like a lot of people, it was no longer fun to watch boxing.

That was one of the saddest things I ever saw. A lot of people wondered why no one stopped that fight sooner. That is exactly the way I felt after watching the Joe Biden press conference yesterday. Only this time it is not just Joe Biden who is at risk, it is all of us.

In the name of God, somebody please stop this. Somebody?



We are now officially in another Pearl Harbor moment. The pictures from Kabul are too brutal to ignore. This is more than an assault on our forces, this is a humiliating defeat showcased to the world on live television. No one, other than the sacrificial lambs chosen by the Pentagon to respond to this insanity is even pretending this is acceptable. Joe Biden is, somewhere. Kamala Harris is somewhere. I remember when Ronald Reagan was shot. Alexander Haig gave a stupid speech where he implied, he was now in charge. He never recovered. Fortunately, George H.W. Bush showed up quickly, and he reassured the country that everything was under control. In addition, Reagan made a quick and miraculous recovery. We were lucky to have  President like Ronald Reagan and a Vice President like George H.W. Bush. This time the President is Joe Biden and no one in either party believes he is remotely capable of handling this. Then, to make things worse, the person next in line is Kamala Harris and she is one of the few people on this planet that makes Joe Biden look good by comparison.

In any other country we would have a military coup. But that is not possible here. In addition, none of our top military commanders are remotely capable of inspiring confidence in their leadership. I really do not know what will happen, but one thing is certain there has to be immediate change. This is now a full-blown crisis and that demands leadership. In Great Britain, the government would fail, and a new leader would be chosen. On May 10, 1940, under similar circumstances, the British Parliament reluctantly turned to Winston Churchill. But our congress is not remotely capable of doing something like this. Neither is the Supreme Court. We have already ruled out the military taking over. Sadly, Donald Trump has also botched this. I understand why he was furious after the 2020 election. But instead of handling this with dignity, he has been throwing hissy fits. If he had shown more class after the election, there would now be loud cries to restore him to power. But even though his arguments about the election are valid, he also is incapable of uniting the country. Neither is Mike Pence. It was Mike Pence who spiked any change for congress to do its job and answer serious questions about the 2020 election. He is proud of certifying the election. He should be begging for forgiveness and weeping in shame.

This is what happens when people fail to do their sworn duty. The problems with the 2020 election were obvious. Far too many people chose the easy out and let Joe Biden become President. Many of these people knew he was not up to the job. Many people in the DNC knew he was not up to the job when they gave him the nomination. The Supreme Court could have intervened and demanded that congress investigate this and do their job, but they punted too. Everyone punted and the result is that Joe Biden is President, with predictable results, and there is no known constitutional provision for fixing this. We threw that away when congress refused to even investigate the obvious problems with the 2020 election. Instead, they chose to accept the unacceptable as if this was the wise and honorable thing to do.

We now know the price of this mistake. When you add in the fact that Kamala Harris is guaranteed to be worse, this is a perfect storm. A perfect storm with nothing resembling a safe harbor.

Yet, although our constitution offers no solution to this mess, something must be done, and it must be done now. We are literally reaping the whirl wind because we forgot that the number one duty of a Commander in Chief is to be capable of being in command. Capable of making difficult decisions. Capable of gaining trust. Other countries going through things like this ended up with a dictator. But we don’t have anyone remotely capable of pulling that off. Democrats and Republicans are not capable of working together in a realistic manner to deal with this. I suspect that there are already some Democrats and Republicans secretly meeting in desperate search for tomorrow. They all know the problem; the question is what, if any, options are available. There are certainly no good options.

My suggestion would be appointment of an emergency cabinet and the immediate scheduling of another national election, one that does not include mail-in ballots. They would need to find someone capable of being Commander-in-Chief, but also willing to stop down after the election. Who could possibly do that? Certainly not Barack Obama. Certainly not Donald Trump. Perhaps George W. Bush would work. He has credibility, he has no interest in running again, and he has shown a capacity to unite the country. But the question is whether he would even do this and a bigger question is could he get enough support from both Democrats and Republicans? It doesn’t help that Donald Trump trashes Bush on a daily basis.

Hold on, pray, and prepare for almost anything. Sometimes in a time of real crisis, people finally stop playing games and work together. That happened after Pearl Harbor. We definitely need some Pearls of wisdom.



We just got back from Hawaii. We got back just in time, the Governor has just limited indoor events to 10 people and outdoor events to 25 people. He is openly encouraging people not to come to Hawaii. All of this is because of COVID 19 and specifically because of the Delta Variant. But what most people don’t know is that a large part of the problem is highly questionable testing. The traditional COVID 19 tests cannot determine if someone has the Delta Variant, a test of genome sequencing in required. That mean a COVID-19 PCR test has to be sent to a lab with the capability to perform genome sequencing. It appears as though only a small number of tests get sent to labs for genome sequencing. The following article, from Dr. John Sanders, Chief of Infectious disease at Atrium Health Wake Fore Baptist explains:

How do scientists test for the delta variant? (

To add to the confusion, the PCR test itself is not actually a test for any virus or disease. It was not even designed to do that; it was a laboratory analytical tool for research. It only identifies genetic material. There is one report that indicates that there is a potential that perhaps 97% of corona virus positives are false.

Delta Variants, PCR Tests and Cognitive Dissonance | New Eastern Outlook (

“The PCR amplifies genetic material by using cycles of amplification until it reaches what is called Cycle threshold (Ct), the number of amplifications to detect genetic material before the sample becomes worthless. Mullis once said if you amplify by enough cycles you can pretty much find anything in anybody as our bodies carry huge numbers of different viruses and bacteria, most harmless. Even Dr. Fauci in a 2020 interviews stated that a CT at 35 or above is worthless. Yet the CDC is believed to recommend testing labs to use a CT of 37 to 40! At that level perhaps 97% of COVID positives are likely false.”

Yet, every night we see news broadcasts where doctors warn of the extreme danger of COVID 19 and the Delta Variant. We are warned that if we do not take drastic action, more people will die. But recently we know of at least one specific case where a prominent person, who was vaccinated, became ill and was diagnosed with COVID. But she didn’t have COVID at all. When she recovered, she was tested for the COVID antibodies and discovered she doesn’t have any. Instead, she had the respiratory syncytial virus. It has symptom similar to COVID. That person was Reba McEntire:

Reba McEntire clarifies she didn’t have COVID-19 after all (

Earlier, when she thought both she and her boyfriend had Covid, she said the following:

“She added, “It’s not fun to get this. I did get it, Rex and I got it, and it’s not fun. You don’t feel good. We were both vaccinated and we still got it, so stay safe, stay home and be protected the best you can.”

But now, we know the rest of the story:

“ I did say that I had COVID, but when I got tested, my antibodies — it came up that I had not had COVID,” the country singer told Nancy O’Dell on Monday’s episode of “Talk Shop Live.”

McEntire, 66, explained that she seemingly got a false positive test result despite having symptoms similar to the virus.

“I had my antibodies from my vaccine. I had all the symptoms,” she said. “The test … said that I had it, but then the nurse that came and tested me for my antibodies said that I probably had the RSV virus.”

The respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is a common and contagious virus that causes infections of the respiratory tract. It has similar symptoms to the novel coronavirus, though it is not nearly as life-threatening.”

If this seems insane to you, it is because it is insane. The bottom line is that a lot of people have been making life changing decisions based on the science, without even attempting to verify the actual science. Then if anyone dares hint at disagreement, they are instantly silenced as spreading misinformation. Misinformation is anything that conflicts with the latest and greatest CDC guidelines. I frankly don’t know what to believe any more. Except one thing; a lot of people who claim they are following the science are flat out guessing. This is so bad that right now it is impossible to even determine how many people had COVID. One thing that is absolutely certain is that the COVID symptoms are not necessary an indication of COVID because these can and are caused by a variety of other disease.

We have literally locked down entire economies and now countries because of a disease for which we apparently have no real test. At a minimum, the most commonly used test apparently can be very inaccurate.  It appears as though the speed in detecting COVID was more important than making sure the test was accurate. Incredibly, either no one in the MSM noticed, no one cared, or they were too terrified to report on this. Regardless a lot of people firmly believe things that are far from certain.

In addition, the primary defense demanded is wearing masks. But true scientists realize it is impossible to enforce a real mask mandate with masks that actually work. So instead, they demand everyone wear a mask and then totally ignore whether the mask is even close to doing the job. In Hawaii I saw a man wearing a mask that was absolutely filthy and soaked with sweat. Yet no one even suggested he get a new mask. The bottom line is you must wear a mask, but any mask will do. This is just plain dumb. The following article from the BBC explains.

What are the rules and guidance for face masks and coverings? – BBC News

This article explains why doctors are recommending everyone wear masks, and then goes on to explain why the majority of masks being worn are worthless. When you combine that with diagnosis of  COVID by a test that doesn’t actually test for COVID and which can be triggered by numerous other diseases, including the common cold, this is mind blowing.

Even MSN knows this but ignored the obvious. The CDC is guessing:

Is there a specific COVID-19 test for the delta variant? What you need to know (

“Current COVID-19 tests can’t always (Actually NEVER) detect the delta variant. The delta variant “carries distinctive biological markers that some (Actually  NONE) among the dozens of commercially available COVID tests  from academic institutes and medical giants may not be able to sense,” according to Fortune.

If you’re really interested in knowing if you have the delta variant, you may want try out the polymerase chain reaction testing platforms, which looks at the genetic variations within the virus to determine its strains.

  • However, that test can take longer than a rapid test, which often takes about 30 minutes. PCR tests can take a few days to get the results and include some biological details about the virus you’re infected with.”

(“The CDC does not have a specific test that will tell you if you have the Delta Variant. Frankly, they don’t appear to have a test that even verifies COVID.)

However, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention can look at specific cases of the coronavirus through genetic sequencing. But there isn’t a specific test that will tell you if you have the delta variant.”

Yet this does not stop Dr. Rochelle Walensky, Director of the CDC from saying the following:

Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of the CDC, said Tuesday that the delta variant of the novel coronavirus now accounts for more than 83% of all sequenced COVID-19 cases — a sign that the variant is spreading far and wide throughout the country.

There clearly are people who are very sick, showing up in hospital rooms and sometimes dying. Doctors and nurses are convinced that this is all because of COVID. But, while the illness and the tragic deaths are all too real, it is time to ask some serious questions about exactly what is causing this.

A lot of people will take the time to lecture anyone not getting vaccinated or wearing a mask for being stupid, uninformed, and uncaring. This is because we all must rely on the guidance from the real science, which means guidance from the CDC. Yet it is increasingly easy to understand why CDC guidance has been all over the map. They are not using credible data when making decisions. The problem is compounded by a MSM, including FOX, too terrified to ask a couple of really obvious questions. “How accurate is the current PCR test in confirming COVID and not some other disease is causing the symptoms?” How you know how many case are from the Delta Variant when it appears very few COVID cases are even tested for the Delta Variant?”

The CDC, which should be the entity most anxious to verify the facts is instead either ignoring the facts and, in some cases, suppressing anyone who dares mention the problem as spreading misinformation. At some point, this will all become too obvious to ignore and the result will be, another, lack of respect for institutions that we used to trust. A sad situation. But at least we have a wonderful highly skilled President who is doing such a masterful job managing the crisis in Kabul.



I graduated from the Defense Language Institute after learning to speak, read and write Vietnamese. It was a poor career decision, because I ended up get shot at, a lot.  I flew on over 200 combat missions in Southeast Asia. This past week has been a difficult reminder of the cost incurred with incompetent leadership. One would think that it would be hard to handle things worse than Joe Biden, but that would be wrong. Kamala Harris has, once again, proven herself to be even worse. Someone convinced her it would be a great idea to place flowers at the memorial to John McCain in Hanoi.

Here is a picture of that “memorial.” VP Harris would have been wise to have someone who, say, reads Vietnamese to translate this before placing flowers.

Here is how some people have translated it:

Here on 26 October 1967 at Truc Bach Lake in the capital city of Hanoi John Sidney McCain was shot out of the sky in his A4 aircraft by local citizens militia defending Yen Phu. There were 10 other planes shot down on the same day.”

Obviously that honors the people who shot him down, not John McCain. But, in addition, this translation is only partially accurate.

It says that on October 25, 1967, at Truc Bach Lake John McCain was shot down and captured alive by a local heroes defending Hanoi. He was flying an American A4 which was shot down, along with ten other aircraft on the same day.

There is a carving of John McCain, on his knees, surrendering. Next to him is a USA logo with a Star in the middle. This is the equivalent of someone visiting the Arizona Memorial, assuming it was constructed in honor of the Japanese pilots who bombed Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, laying a wreath of flowers in the water in their honor.

I previously thought that the dumbest person was Jane Fonda who had a picture taken of her clowning around on a North Vietnamese Anti-Aircraft gun position.

Here is that picture.

This was just before she called people like me war criminals. This is the reason why Jane Fonda is so despised by Vietnam Veterans.

Kamala Harris also doesn’t pick up on the irony of her doing this while Joe Biden is drowning in his own sweat trying and failing to explain the mess in Kabul. She was obviously sent there to get her as far away from Washington as possible. It is really hard to imagine someone this stupid being next in line to become President of the United States, but that is the sad reality.

I suspect John McCain would not be very impressed by this. Meghan McCain tweeted the following:

“If you want to honor my dads legacy on this anniversary of his death – you would spend every second making sure every single American and Afghan ally is out of harms way,”

“He was nothing if not someone who understood sacrifice and loyalty to the people he served with,”

I wonder if Cindy McCain is still proud of her endorsement of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

In the meantime, Rachel Campost-Duffy touched the third rail of politics by pointing out something that should be obvious to everyone:

White House Asks Rachel Campos-Duffy, FOX News to Apologize for Comments About Jill Biden (

If you ask me, the most patriotic thing Jill Biden could have done was tell her husband ― to love her husband ― and not let him run in this mental state that he’s in,” Campos-Duffy continued. “I think she failed the country as well.”

The First Lady’s Press Secretary, Michael LaRosa, responded with the following:

“This is disgusting. @RCamposDuffy and @FoxNews know better. They can do better and their viewers deserve better. I hope they’ll apologize to the First Lady and leave this kind of talk in the [trash] where it belongs,”

What he didn’t say was that Joe Biden actually is mentally competent to be President. Almost anything is possible. Adam Schiff, yes that Adam Schiff, even acknowledged that Biden’s plan for Kabul is impossible to support. The mess is yet to come.

Just today the Washington Post said American troops went outside the perimeter to help Americans escape:

U.S. troops at Kabul airport went outside the gates to pull Americans to safety – Washington Times

But oh no, the arrogant New York Times explained, it was the Taliban who kindly allowed Americans to expand the zone around the airport in Kabul:

Taliban Move Checkpoints Farther From Kabul Airport Perimeter – The New York Times (

It is great to know that American troops are not acting independently and are taking directions from the Taliban. What could possibly go wrong?




We have never seen anything like this, at least not during my lifetime. One suspects that some people knew that President Woodrow Wilson was incapable of being President after he had a stroke, but World War I was over, and no one viewed this as a crisis. We do not have the luxury of that today. The world is much smaller and much more dangerous than it was in October of 1919. We are slow learners. The 25th Amendment was not passed until 1965. Many historians believe that FDR was incapable of being President in 1945, months before he died. He was definitely very ill. One of the people he took with him to the Yalta conference was Alger Hiss, who turned out to be a Soviet Spy.

Now we have a President who is clearly incapable of doing the job, with horrific consequences. But that brings up a whole new problem. Notice that while several people, in both parties, are clearly concerned about Biden’s ability to do the job no one, and I do mean no one, is suggesting Kamala Harris take over. There is bipartisan recognition that she is even more incapable of doing the job. During a time when we are dealing with the crisis in Afghanistan, Kamala Harris is literally traveling to Vietnam, of all places. No one has suggested she rush back to provide Joe Biden with badly needed guidance. No one wants her anywhere near this.

The fall of Kabul was sadly predictable to me. It is impossible to believe that a lot of other people, in a position to do something, did not realize this too. This was beyond obvious. I suspect the Taliban was afraid of Donald Trump. In some ways he was planning on ending the Afghan War the same way Eisenhower ended the Korean War. Eisenhower told China that they could have peace, or they could have war, but if they chose war, it would not be confined to the Korean Peninsula. They believed him, and wisely chose peace. Nixon made a similar offer to the North Vietnamese, and the North Vietnamese believed him too. But Democrats tossed him out of office, without regard to the consequences. We all know the consequences. Donald Trump was tossed out of office too, without regard to the consequences. Those consequences are becoming increasingly obvious.

In this case the crisis in Afghanistan is only one of the problems created by the incompetence of Joe Biden. While this is horrific, it may not even be close to the worst crisis we face, because Kabul is, after all, still on the other side of the globe. But it is the most visible crisis, and it has destroyed any illusion that Joe Biden is secretly competent. He isn’t.

The interview with Stephanopoulos was supposed to be the ultimate softball exchange by one of the most partisan people in the MSM. But even that was so bad that the White House is now trying to hide Joe, again, completely. But that is not going to work this time.

While the fall of Kabul was predictable it is impossible to predict what happens next. Everyone realizes that we need to move on from Biden, now, but move where? Certainly not to President Harris. The result is an unprecedented constitutional crisis. If tomorrow, as promised, Arizona audit results provide indisputable proof of systemic election fraud, we will move into a whole new world. As I mentioned before even some top Democrats must realize that overturning the 2020 election results is no longer the worst-case scenario. Joe Biden is the worst-case scenario, only even that is not true. The worst-case scenario is replacing Joe with Kamala.

In many ways the damage is already irreparable. What if the election was over-turned? Trump would have been cheated out of his full second four-year term. Could he run again, for a full term, in 2024. Talk about the ultimate nightmare for the Never Trumpers. Yet, who else is available? Who would be acceptable to both Democrats and Republicans?

Sometimes, mistakes cause more damage than can be repaired. Sometimes when the destruction is total the only option is to start completely over. Clearly no one anticipated this, so there is zero provision for dealing with this. We know it is bad, but like Biden and Afghanistan, no one knows how to fix it. The Democrats have done this to themselves. They shoved Joe Biden down our collective throats. Everyone is gagging. No one will even consider tolerating this much longer. Democrats own this and the only real question is whether they also cheated to get this done. To make it even worse, there is not a single Democrat available that anyone would trust to fix things. Andrew Cuomo? Gavin Newsom? Anyone? One serious problem is that every Democratic Senator voted to impeach Donald Trump, even though this was ridiculous. How can they possible justify keeping Joe?

One thing is certain, we must start with the truth. The 2020 election was either stolen or it was not. Even if it was not stolen, it was still a hot mess.  At best, Democrats with their fawning idiot supporters in the MSM united to defeat Donald Trump and inflict us with a sad joke. Actually, a team of jokers. We certainly cannot tolerate this happening again. The American people will not soon tolerate this again.

The good news is that not only have Democrats failed in seizing full power and dumping their socialize paradise on us with Democrats permanently in power, but they are also getting laughed out of power. There are already some Democrats deserting the socialist cause, expect more to follow. Some will become independents. Others may even become Republicans. All will seek to distance themselves from disaster.

Democrats seized power based on a series of lies, none more obvious than the myth that Joe Biden is remotely capable of being President. They are providing a case study on why you do not promote people solely because of race, gender or anything else other than pure competence. They are providing us all with a lesson on what happens with woke politics. You end up with a lot of people in charge who are totally incapable of providing leadership. Regardless of what happens now, 2022 is going to be a wipeout for Democrats and 2024 is likely to be worse. Ironically those who stupidly felt that they were on the path to permanent power only greased the skids on their way down to oblivion.

Truth or consequences. Truth is becoming more and more obvious. The consequences are already here with more to come.





When I got home from Vietnam after serving two combat tours I was not exactly greeted with a marching band and a hero’s welcome. Instead, after landing at LAX, a couple of hippies came up to me, spit on me and called me a war criminal. Welcome home!

Like most Vietnam Veterans I watched in horror and disbelief when South Vietnam was overrun by the North Vietnamese. They were able to do this because Democrats in congress who had successfully removed Richard Nixon, immediately cut off funding for the war when Gerald Ford was President. He warned them what was going to happen, but they did not care.

In case you wonder exactly what happened. Here is an interesting article from of all places, MSNBC. They knew the truth, but either failed to recognize or just choose to ignore the significance of what they were reporting.

Pics: The day the Senate told Ford no more war in Vietnam (

Ford met with the Senate Foreign relations committee and begged for $300 million to help South Vietnam defend itself. Joe Biden bragged about being part of the committee that ended the war. In many ways, Biden can now take significant credit for both the fall of Saigon and the fall of Kabul.

Here are the notes to that meeting:

Memoranda of Conversation: April 14, 1975 – Ford, Kissinger, Schlesinger, Senate Foreign Relations Committee (

Biden: What concerns us is that a week ago Habib told us we would be formulating a plan. A week has gone by, and nothing has happened. We should focus on getting them out. Getting the Vietnamese out and military aid for the GVN are totally different.

An ironic comment from someone who did little or no planning on how to protect the people in Afghanistan who foolishly thought we were their friends.

The South Vietnamese were actually fighting hard, but they were literally running out of ammunition. If the United States had just provided air support and given South Vietnam desperately needed military equipment, there is no way the North Vietnamese could have won that war.

The following exchange explains EXACTLY what happened.

Kissinger: The total list of the people endangered in Vietnam is over a million. The irreducible list is 174,000. This doesn’t mean we could get them out; it would be just those in overwhelming jeopardy. We would have to assemble them where we could get to them and have conditions where we could move them. There are two Acts of Congress: The War Powers Act and the Indochina proscription. We think under the War Powers Act the President has authority with respect to evacuating American citizens; with the Indochina Act we would appreciate clarification. We think there is no authority for evacuation of Vietnamese.

Sparkman: Do we have any obligations under the Paris Accords?

 President Ford: We signed with the understanding we could uphold it. The means were taken from us.

The Vietnam Humanitarian Assistance and Evacuation Act of 175 was designed to grant Ford the funds necessary to provide immediate foreign assistance to Vietnam. The Democratic congress voted against even funding freedom flights from the South French Indochina region.

On April 11th Ford begged for $1 billion in emergency military and economic aid to Vietnam. The response by congress was that military aid would never be approved. Ford also asked for congress to at least permit the use of U.S. forces to evacuate endangered South Vietnamese and American civilians. He was turned down.

Ford Asks Billion Dollars In Aid for Saigon Regime | News | The Harvard Crimson (

Here are some of the responses by Democrats:

Senator Jacob Javits: “I will give you large sums for evacuation but not one nickel for military aid. “

“The Congress will never vote for military aid,” House Democratic leader Thomas P. O’Neill (D-Mass.) said yesterday.

Sen. Jon McClellan (D-Ark.), Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, would further military assistance would only prolong human suffering in Indochina.

What a joke. Abandoning our “friends” in Southeast Asia resulted in unimaginable human suffering. This was not only morally wrong, but it was also absurdly stupid.

The results were catastrophic. Those of us alive at the time watched in horror on TV as South Vietnamese tried desperately to flee. Democrats in congress wouldn’t even allow Ford to evacuate those who had tried to help us. The result was an almost unimaginable human tragedy. We will never know exactly how many people were killed, but some estimate the number to be as high as 30 million, if one includes Cambodia. Since I speak Vietnamese, I have listened to many Vietnamese people talk about their desperation and their personal experiences in risking everything to escape. I recently talked to someone who was imprisoned by the North Vietnamese, in a re-education camp for over three years. He told me he was one of the fortunate ones, because so many others were just killed. The Vietnamese fleeing Vietnam endured long voyages on inadequate ships, pirate attacks, typhoons, and other horrific challenges. All of them describe heart wrenching personal stories of the challenges they faced after we deserted not only the war, but also those who had sacrificed so much in their desire for freedom.

Since I was in intelligence, I knew a lot about the real military situation when I ended my last tour in 1970. The U.S. had won that war. If Nixon had not been removed, I believe the peace treaty would have held.  But instead, Democrats in congress ignored the cost already incurred and decided, after careful reflection, that the war they helped start was not worth it after all. The President who sent me to war was LBJ, a Democrat. I joined the Air Force because I was about to be drafted. The President who brought me home, was Richard Nixon, a Republican. The President who achieved peace, with honor, was Richard Nixon, a Republican. The President who was in office during the fall of South Vietnam was Gerald Ford, a Republican, who had been blocked from providing military or even financial aid to Vietnam.

As I watched those horrific scenes unfold in Saigon, I was stunned into silence. The pain was so great that I just stopped talking about the war and stopped thinking about it for years. It was just too painful. I thought about my friends, who had flown on combat missions with me, who never made it home. I thought about the thousands who had died and the others who were injured. I thought of all the men and women who had fought honorably and bravely in Vietnam. Those who actually won a war only to see it thrown away by Democratic politicians, including a young Joe Biden. I was embarrassed for my country. The pain was too much to endure, so I just suppressed it and moved on. Sadly, many of my fellow Vietnam Veterans were never able to move on.

In the late 1990s my wife sewed a Vietnam Veteran patch on one of my jackets. I was wearing it while shopping when a woman came up to me and said: “thank you for your service.” That was over 20 years after I came home from Vietnam. It was the first time anyone ever said that. I was too shocked to respond. Today a lot of people say that. This is one thing that, fortunately, has changed.

To this day I still frequently speak to Vietnamese who miraculously found a way to escape and start over again here. I always apologize, to them, on behalf of my country for betraying them and abandoning them. They always thank me for recognizing what happened. Incredibly, although they have every right to be bitter about what happened and though they would be justified in hating this country, they are instead focused on living the American dream in a free country. I sometimes wonder why they don’t hate us; that would be understandable. But they are able to distinguish between the Democrats who lost that war, and the American people who still make this the greatest country on earth.

But unfortunately, we are also a country that is often betrayed by those we foolishly elect to high office. I still consider the election of Bill Clinton, a scumbag draft dodger who literally cheated his way out of the draft, as a slap in the face to every Vietnam Veteran. I still consider the choice of John Kerry, who I consider to be a traitor, to be the Democratic candidate for President to be another slap in the face. And yes, I consider the election of Joe Biden, who has now been an active participant in the two worst defeats in American history, to be another slap in the face.

When the Vietnam veterans returned home, we were greeted with scorn. We were despised, the stupid guys who fought and lost an unnecessary war. We were losers. But, in reality, those Vietnam veterans were not the losers, few military forces ever won so many decisive victories. It was the Democrats in congress who were the real losers. I have never gotten over this. I have a shirt that says:

“I am one of those guys you hated when I served my country. I forgive you, but I will never forget.”

I look at that shirt, but seldom wear it. When a Vietnam Veteran meets another Vietnam veteran, the first thing they usually say is: “Welcome Home.” The pain we all felt because of the way we were treated never completely goes away. Two Vietnam veterans I know met recently. One of them asked the other: “When were you last in Vietnam.” He answered: “yesterday.” Yup.



The entire world knows that the U.S. suffered a humiliating defeat in Afghanistan. Our influence there is completely gone. Russian and China have already moved into the vacuum. It is impossible to overstate the horror now faced by the people in Afghanistan who foolishly believed the U.S. was a trustworthy ally. We can be certain that thousands if not millions of people in Afghanistan are desperately trying to destroy any evidence that they even knew the U.S. existed. Unfortunately, the Taliban will hunt these people down and the results will be beyond horrible.

Most people are aware of the holocaust and the number of people murdered. But few realize that some estimate up to 30 million people were killed after we left Southeast Asia in a similar fashion. Recall that the last time the Taliban took over they even destroyed some Afghanistan’s ancient treasures including Buddhist statutes. They executed people, cut off limbs and stoned people to death. They will immediately enact Sharia law and enforce it relentlessly.

It will not end there. This is far and away the most humiliating defeat in American history. The damage has been magnified by the performance, or should I say, lack of performance by Joe Biden. He just now returned from Camp David. Over the weekend the White House released a picture of Joe Biden, sitting alone all by himself, at a huge conference table, with TV screens on the opposite wall. It was unclear he was even looking at the screens. Incredibly someone pointed out that the dates on the TV screens were wrong because they reflected Great Britain being on daylight savings time, which ended in March. Perhaps those screens were photoshopped, to prevent anyone from seeing what was actually shown, but they still show the faces of people who would not want to be exposed, such as the CIA station head in Kabul and DOHA station in Qatar. If this is the best the White House could do, then one has to wonder why? The only possible answer is that putting Joe Biden in front of a Television Camera, even for a recorded statement, would have been worse, much worse. This is unprecedented. At a minimum Joe Biden should have issued a statement saying something. Instead, he did nothing.

Today, Jen Psaki is taking the week off. Few people are even trying to pretend this is acceptable. At best, they are trying to pin some of the blame on Donald Trump. Trump did make the decision to withdraw, but if that was a mistake, Biden doubled down on stupid. Biden is taking serious heat from all sides. Yet even though this is unbelievably bad, no one is suggesting Joe step aside and let Kamala Harris take over. No one is discussing her at all. Perhaps I am wrong, but I suspect that the double secret probation committee of the establishment in both parties is coming to grips with the enormity of this problem. Some of them are almost certainly saying that “overturning the results of the 2020 election is not the worst case scenario.” The worst case scenario, ironically, is not even Joe Biden remaining President. It is replacing him with Kamala Harris.

We have never seen a constitutional crisis like this before. Democrats are deserting Biden in droves, but like the people in Afghanistan even if they make it to the airport, there is no room for them on the plane. People are rushing in panic toward the only exit. An exit that is increasingly incapable of letting anyone escape. Soon and very soon the people who somehow manage to survive this will be angrier at the United States and Joe Biden than they are at the Taliban. Ultimately everyone is going to ask the same question: “who let this happen on their watch.” No amount of spin is going to save Joe Biden from this self-inflicted crisis. In addition, this completely destroys his credibility as a leader regarding any subject, including COVID.

I cannot possibly predict what comes next. I sure would not want to be living on Taiwan. The entire world is already paying a huge price for the United States choosing Joe Biden to be President. If more evidence comes out that this was the result of systemic fraud, then we will soon learn that the fury of a woman scorned pales in comparison to a nation subjected to this level of incompetence because of a rigged election.

First people will look at this with shock and denial. They will find it hard to imagine that we could muck things up this bad. Then that will turn to anger. How could this happen. Then it will turn to depression, this loss is impossible to ignore. Finally, it will turn to a nationwide movement to fix this.

In early May 1940, Neville Chamberlain was Prime Minister of Great Britain, and few imagined that would ever change. Winston Churchill, reluctantly appointed by Chamberlain to be First Lord of the Admiralty was considered by the British establishment, to be the worst possible choice for Prime Minister. But things changed rapidly during the first week of May when the British were humiliated in Norway and Hitler ordered the invasion of France, Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands. On May 10th Winston Churchill went from being the worst possible choice for Prime Minister to being the only possible choice for Prime Minister.

We have never seen anything like this before. Anything is possible.