During the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, West Germany Black September, a Palestinian terrorist group took eleven Israel Olympic team members hostage and then later killed them.

Jim McKay, a sports broadcaster, was on the air fourteen hours. He reported on the situation, including the rescue attempt. When that rescue failed, completely, McKay said the following:

“When I was a kid my father used to say “Our greatest hopes and our worst fears are seldom realized.” Our worst fears have been realized tonight. They have now said there were 11 hostages; two were killed in their rooms yesterday morning, nine were killed at the airport tonight. They’re all gone.”

Today, the Mueller hearings resulted in a worst case scenario for Democrats. Mueller was a pathetic witness when it became apparent that he literally did not know what was in his own report. He looked frail and defensive. It became clear, to people on both sides of the aisle, that Mueller did not manage the investigation and he probably didn’t write the report. It really doesn’t get any worse than this. Much was promised, less than nothing was delivered.

The odds of impeachment just dropped from zero, to less than zero. On the other hand, there were times when Republicans absolutely hammered Mueller. John Ratcliffe was extremely strong in showing that Mueller’s statement that he could not exonerate Trump regarding obstruction is absurd and not supported by DOJ policies and procedures. John Ratcliffe is a former U.S. Attorney and the American public got a chance to see a real prosecutor in action.

But the strongest condemnation of Mueller came from Tom McClintock. This was so bad that even the Sacramento Bee noticed and published this in a Capital Alert. When McClintock gets positive press from the Sacramento Bee, it is a clear sign of end times.

“For example … you have left the clear impression throughout the country, through your report, that it was the Russian government behind the troll farms,” said McClintock, who represents California’s 4th congressional district. “And yet when you’re called upon to provide actual evidence in court, you fail to do so.”

The Sac Bee made a feeble attempt to spin down the damage, but the report is still devastating for Mueller and the entire Russian Collusion myth. If you get this kind of report from one of the most liberal newspapers in the country, this was an unmitigated disaster.

This is beyond bad. For over two years and Democrats have been screaming Mueller, Mueller, Mueller, Russia, Russia Russia. Just wait until Mueller finishes his report. The legal noose is closing in on Trump and Happy Days are just around the corner. Many people on the left and most of the news anchors on CNN, MSNBC, CBS, and ABC etc. bought this hook, line and sinker. So did a high percentage of supposedly objected newspaper editors. All of them have already paid a heavy price for this stupidity. Ratings are dropping like a stone and some newspapers are literally gone.

Now we learn that the Mueller Report, like the Kings wardrobe, was not manufactured out of thin cloth, it was manufactured out of no cloth at all. What we saw today was nothing less than an unprecedented and embarrassing display of public nudity. No one on either side of the aisle was impressed. At best, people were reduced to making excuses for Mueller. Wow!





Robert Mueller is going to testify before Congress this week. Democrats are hoping and praying that this will breathe some air back into the Russian Collusion theory. At a minimum, they want Mueller to say he thought Trump obstructed justice. There is almost no chance of that happening. Mueller already turned in his report and if he says anything different than what is in the report, he would put himself in legal jeopardy. He knows that, even if Democrats haven’t figured it out.

William Barr gave a subtle warning to Mueller when a few days ago when he said the Justice Department would back Mueller if he refused to testify. This was also a reminder to Mueller of the consequences for getting this wrong.

This is also not balanced between Democrats and Republicans. Democrats cannot ask Mueller any questions regarding Donald Trump or the Russian Collusion investigation that have not already been answered by the Mueller Report. It appears as though Nadler thinks the American people will be outraged if they hear what was reported by the Mueller Report. This, of course, assumes the American people are really stupid. There is almost nothing in the Mueller report that will be news to anyone who has been paying attention. In addition, Democrats totally misinterpreted what Mueller said in his press conference. He did not say that he found evidence of obstruction. He simply said that he could not have charged a President of the United States with obstruction. But William Barr has already said, on the record, that Mueller admitted he did not rely on this to reach his conclusion. He is extremely unlikely to say anything different. When Democrats ask questions, we are going to get hours of Mueller referring them to the Mueller report.

Republicans, on the other hand, have a lot of questions for Mueller that are not addressed in the Mueller Report. For example: the prosecutors on Mueller’s team are in serious trouble with regard to the trial of Bijan Fafiekian, the Michael Flynn associate. The problem is that they are trying to convict this guy for a crime they can’t actually define. They are so desperate they asked the judge to change the jury instructions:

This is incredible and it does not appear as though the judge is buying it.

The liberal female reporter who interviewed Julianne Assange said that the DNC emails were not obtained from Russian source and Assange was pissed that Russia was trying to take the credit. A video recently surfaced showing her admitting this. The MSM has tried to ignore this aspect of the story. But they actually helped document this. Among other things Anderson Cooper interviewed Assange and he said he had even more material on Clinton:

Mueller incredibly relied solely on CrowdStrike’s analysis of the DNC server which was never evaluated by the FBI or the NSA. While Democrats cannot ask Mueller to change what was in the report, Republicans can sure ask him why he didn’t investigate this.

That casts serious doubt on the entire basis for the Mueller investigation. Mueller never even bothered to interview her. Mueller cannot answer these questions by referring people to the Mueller report. In addition, the Republicans on that committee are far sharper than the Democrats who tend to rely on talking points.

The bottom line is this. If, and that is a big IF, there is any news at all out of this testimony, it is almost certainly going to be the result of questions asked by Republicans. If anything, the Mueller report is far more likely to be discredited than it is to be expanded.

One bombshell Democrats are ignoring is that Mueller is probably going to say that it is never the duty of prosecutors to exonerate someone, they either bring charges or they don’t. He will then repeat that he neither exonerated nor indicted Trump for obstruction. He actually has to say that. Democrats will try desperate to spin that, but they have been trying to do that for weeks with zero success.

This hearing is an act of desperation by Democrats who aren’t even close to impeaching this President. The left wing of the Democratic Party is furious about this, because much was promised but nothing delivered.  All the attacks on Trump have just made him stronger.

My prediction is that after this hearing Democrats will have no choice but to go cold turkey on the Mueller Report. It is always painful to break an addiction.



In the early 1800s Barbary Coast pirates were attacking shipping in the Mediterranean Sea. Some of those ships were U.S. ships and American sailors were often abducted and then sold back to the U.S for a ransom. President Thomas Jefferson ordered U.S. Navy vessels to the Mediterranean Sea to stop this nonsense. In 1803 the United States Marines were ordered to attack Tripoli. In 1805 the United States won a major victory when U.S. land forces in North Africa supported by the USS Argus and the USS Hornet along with U.S marines captured Derna and deposed Yusuf Karamanli. Marine Lieutenant Presley O’Bannon commanded the victorious Marines and was awarded a special sword. That sword now serves as the pattern for swords carried by Marine officers and most of us recognize “to the shores of Tripoli” from the official song of the Marine Corp.

The point is that the United States has always been more than a little prickly about people who attack our ships in international water. In 1798, at a dinner in honor of John Marshal, Robert Goodloe Harper made a toast: “Millions for defense, but not a cent for tribute.”

Iran would be wise to study this history. It is extremely unlikely that Great Britain will ignore the seizure of two tankers today. One was sailing under the flag of Great Britain; the other was under another flag but was staffed by British sailors. Many pundits are talking about a measured response and a bump in the road. I fear they are wrong about that. I doubt that Trump or anyone else will go to war over this, but they also won’t ignore it. My guess is that military action is already being planned and at a minimum any further stunts like this will result in an immediate and overwhelming response.

It wouldn’t be surprising to learn that the leaders in Iran neither approved of this action nor even knew it was happening. Some local militia commanders may have thought this a sterling plan. If that is true, there Iran may already be desperately negotiating a face-saving resolution behind the scenes. It would literally be suicidal for them to allow this to escalate any further. Just recently they offered strong hints that they wanted to negotiate their way out of this mess.

Rand Paul has been authorized by Donald Trump to meet with Iran Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif next week. Paul may be a brilliant choice, because he has been a long and frequent critic of foreign intervention by the U.S. This may be the ultimate good cop, bad cop routine. Paul is there to advise them there is a way out and to offer to negotiate with them. But he will also warn them that Donald Trump is more than willing to take them on, and if he is unable to reach a deal, they will be dealing with a highly unpredictable Donald Trump.

These are dangerous times, made more dangerous by the irresponsible rhetoric from the liberal left and the MSM. This is one time we should all unite behind our President so that Iran will have the strongest possible incentive to negotiate a solution to this.

In the meantime, things have crossed a line that cannot be ignored. No U.S. President will be willing to tolerate attacks on our ships in international waters. I take it back, Barack Obama did exactly that. But this President is not Barack Obama and he is unlikely to take this lying down. More importantly, it looks like Boris Johnson is poised to be the next Prime Minister of Great Britain. If that happens, he is extremely unlikely to start his term in office by letting Iran commandeer British vessels in international waters.

This is 2019, and not 1798, but some things never really change. This is one of them.



Donald Trump send out a couple of twitters over the weekend that made him look and act ridiculous. Or so we thought. Now, in retrospect, he may have been brilliantly luring the Democratic leadership and the MSM into a fatal error. If they had just laughed because he told people who were born here to go back where they came from, they could have hurt Trump. But they simply cannot help themselves, so instead they responded to this with an act of incredible stupidity. Democrats, led by Nancy Pelosi, literally called Trump a racist and voted to condemn him. They saw zero reason to consider condemning those who are spewing hatred about our country.

The MSM rejoiced. All of them missed something important. They merely helped Donald Trump get his story out in a way that cannot be ignored. All those headlines and news broadcasts will hurt the Democratic party more than it hurts Trump. Actually, according to the first polls, Trump actually increased in support after he published these tweets.

All of the experts predict this will hurt Trump because it united the Democrats against him. That is true, but they forgot the most important thing. They are united in supporting people who spew vile, bitter hatred toward their own country. The things these clowns have been saying is vile and repulsive to a many people, including a lot of Democrats. Uniting in support behind people who deserve none is the opposite of leadership.

The bottom-line is would you rather be on the side of the people who are bad mouthing the country, or the person who called them out about it. That answer is beyond obvious, unless you are Don Lemon or Anderson Cooper. What Trump wrote was insulting and he got some of his facts wrong, but his criticism is spot on.

The result is that AOC and her class of malcontents have officially become the face of a united Democratic party. The problem is that it is a really ugly face.  These people have almost zero support, other than from fellow millennials following their twitter accounts from the basement bedroom in their parent’s home. There is no chance that they will even consider moving toward the center and start viewing this rationally.

At some point, Nancy Pelosi will either stand up to them or she will watch the complete self-destruction of what was formerly known as the Democratic party. It is easy to predict that these four will do and say things so thoroughly disgusting that Pelosi will have to stand up to them or risk losing the rest of her caucus.

Democrats up for re-election in 2020 have to be terrified, if they have an ounce of common sense. I just recently visited the California State Fair. This is located at Cal Expo, in Sacramento, right in the heart of liberal land. Yet everywhere you looked there were American flags. They were there for a reason. The vast majority of people are proud of our country, our flag and our national anthem. When they are confronted with the vile hate speech by AOC and her band of sisters they are not impressed, they are disgusted.

I know. Impeach him. That will show him one and for all.  Like I said, a monumental mistake.



If verified, the following article will absolutely blow the lid off the Mueller Investigation and the entire Russian collusion narrative. This is absolutely unbelievable, except as incredible at it seems, there appear to be a lot of documented facts:

Ed Butowsky is a former Fox Business Network commentator. He was allegedly banned from the network after it had to retract the story regarding the Seth Rich murder.

Last year it was Butowsky who was sued for defamation. Those law suits were dismissed by U.S. District Judge George Daniels who said there was a “failure to prove statements were false or a basis for the defamation claims.” Hmm. So they could not provide proof that his statements were false? He was accused of working with the White House to create a false story about the death of Seth Rich.

At the time, Butowsky warned that he would fight back. Well that may have just happened.

He reported that Fox News Analyst Ellen Ratner is the one who advised him that Wiki-leaks founder Julian Assange told her it was Seth Rich who forwarded those DNC emails. He has e-mails to document this.

He also says that he discussed this with Joel and Mary Rich, the parents, and they said they knew their son(s) were involved in the DNC email leak. But they didn’t know who murdered their son. They said they were reluctant to go public because they didn’t want anyone to think their sons had a role in getting Trump elected. Perhaps they were also reluctant, understandably, to go public to protect their other son from a similar fate.

This is impossible to evaluate. The theory that Russia hacked the DNC email server was always more than a little too convenient for a lot of people. There are at least some experts who claim that the only way these emails could have been obtained is if they were downloaded to a flash drive. If it can be proven that it was Seth Rich that downloaded those e-mails, then the Mueller investigation is not only worthless, it is a deliberate fraud.

Just recently Yahoo reported that Russian Intel started the Seth Rich rumor to cover for DNC hack. That was from Michael Isikoff.

That story was quickly shredded by Real Clear Politics.–_again_140764.html

Remember that last year the theory was that Butowsky did this in cooperation with the White House. When I saw the Isikoff article, it smelled of desperation. Now we may know why.

The long hot summer just got hotter.



This is going to be a long hot summer, but not because of climate change. There are several stories that are winding up and they all have the potential to be explosive. Perhaps the most dangerous one for Democrats is the battle to prevent the Trump administration from asking if someone is a U.S. citizen on the census. Democrats are too full of hatred and rage to notice that EVERY opinion poll shows that at least 70% of Americans think this is an appropriate question. Most are shocked to learn that Obama deleted this question for the 2010 census. Even if Trump loses the legal battle, he will definitely win the political battle.

Jeffrey Epstein is going on trial and this is going to get very ugly. Just recently Alan Dershowitz admitted that he got a massage while at Jeffrey’s pad. Dershowitz claims he got this by an older Russian lady and he never removed his underwear. I doubt that anyone will buy that. Bill Clinton is desperately trying to distance himself from Epstein. That isn’t working either. One of the problems is that there are, well, documents and witnesses. Dershowitz was “exposed” by a butler who testified under oath. There obviously has been a serious investigation and a lot of people have been asked whether they want to go to jail with Jeffrey or wish him the best of lock (“luck J) from the outside. Since Jeffrey will soon be out of funds, odds are a lot of people will start singing like canaries.

In addition, if you’re someone like Epstein and you like to have special rooms where you can express yourself creatively chances are you installed hidden cameras so you can relive your “best of” moments. Anyone else who took advantage of the facilities was probably also filmed. This means in addition to the witnesses, of whom there may be many, there could be a lot of not for prime time video. That would sure explain why Epstein caught such a sweetheart deal last time. Some have even speculated that he made a lot of money from blackmailing people. There is no evidence of that, but there is seldom evidence of blackmail payments. There also is little evidence showing exactly how he made all that money.

Then there is the Mueller report. I doubt that he is even going to testify, because he has a huge problem.

It is really simple. If Mueller got this wrong, then his entire report loses credibility.

The Michael Flynn trial is also blowing up. While the New York Times, predictably, thinks this is terrible for Flynn, the facts do not necessarily sustain that opinion.

Here is what the Judge actually said, in writing:

MINUTE ORDER as to MICHAEL T. FLYNN. On June 24, 2019, defense counsel represented to the Court that Mr. Flynn was scheduled to testify at the trial in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia before the Honorable Anthony J. Trenga. See Hr’g Tr. (June 24, 2019), ECF No. 94 at 5:18-25; 6:1-11. On July 9, 2019, Judge Trenga issued an Order unsealing certain court records, see Order, United States v. Rafiekian, Criminal Action No. 18-457 (E.D. Va. July 9, 2019), ECF No. 279 at 1-2, including the following: (1) the government’s “Notice of Correction to the Record,” (2) Mr. Flynn’s “Memorandum Opposing Coconspirator Designation of Non-Party Witness Michael T. Flynn;” and (3) Mr. Bijan Rafiekian’s “Memorandum Regarding Notice of Correction to the Record.” See Attachment. The government is ORDERED to file a submission to this Court by no later than 5:00 PM on July 10, 2019, explaining how the unsealed records in United States v. Rafiekian will impact the proceedings before this Court. Mr. Flynn is ORDERED to file his response to the government’s submission by no later than 5:00 PM on July 11, 2019. The Court will not extend these filing deadlines. Signed by Judge Emmet G. Sullivan on 7/9/2019. (lcegs3) (Entered: 07/09/2019

One will note who is trying to suppress documents and who is not. In addition, this is far more legally complex legally than was initially reported. There is no doubt, at least to me, that Flynn knew he was working for the Turkish government. But, his contract was not with the Turkish government and one suspects that a whole lot of people in Washington use very similar arrangements to avoid reporting as Foreign Agents. That may even include people like Tony Podesta who has close connections with the Clintons. There is way more than a little blatant hypocrisy here.

Michael Flynn is hardly a choir boy here; I just don’t think he should be singing in the choir all by himself.

In any event, originally Flynn was a presented to the court as a cooperating witness and not a co-conspirator. Now he is not going to testify at all and the prosecutors are saying he is a co-conspirator. That would be the same prosecutors who are resisting turning over key documents. This is a lot of things, but consistent and transparent is not on the list.

I personally think Democrats would be wise to cancel Mueller’s testimony and move on. They were expecting a one-sided public fiasco that would allow them to continue beating the drum for collusion long after the rest of the band went home. Now Mueller may be hit with very tough questions and if he just reads from the report he still has a problem because at least one Judge said the report is WRONG.



Do not expect Jeffrey Epstein to go down without a fight. He frankly has nothing to lose. If convicted, he will almost certainly spend the rest of his life in jail. He apparently has no family to protect. The last time he was in trouble he hired Alan Dershowitz. We will never know what really happened in that prior plea deal, but there is no doubt that a full-fledged trial of Mr. Epstein would have been a world class fiasco. Part of the plea deal included immunity for “co-conspirators.” It seems very likely that the DOJ was getting a lot of pressure from some very powerful people to make this go away.

Epstein will hire the most expensive, creative and ruthless legal counsel on this planet. They will start by calling witnesses who definitely won’t want to participate. There is already one “leaked” list that includes Donald Trump. It is extremely unlikely that Trump will testify. Other “witnesses” may be equally reluctant but with fewer legitimate options for dismissal. The list of well known people allegedly involved is mind blowing. Top of the list will be Bill Clinton. He has already issued a statement, easily disproved, that he only flew on Epstein’s plane 4 times. Pilot logs appear to show about 27 trips. Since Mr. Clinton has already been disbarred for committing perjury, no competent counsel is going to want to see him testify under oath. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him plead the 5th.

The MSM will try to make this all about Trump, but that is not likely to work. For one thing it was the Obama DOJ that defended this plea deal for years and it was the Trump DOJ that reopened the investigation. William Barr recused himself, because he worked for one of the firms that defended Epstein, but he also said he would see that this was investigated. He appears to have kept his promise and assigned someone to take this on.

This is a real mess. It is going to be hard to make this go away with a plea deal this time. Yet, Epstein has a lot of interesting names in his Rolodex and it wouldn’t be a shock to learn he has interesting video recordings of people engaged in “not for prime time” activities. It boggles the mind.

Mr. Epstein is in jail and that just may be the safest place to be. Few people are expressing any concern for his well being and a whole lot of people would sleep easier if he just quietly departed this planet. This is impossible to predict. There are extremely powerful forces exerting pressure from all directions. The least likely outcome is that we will ever learn the full story. There is almost certainly a worldwide search for a sacrificial lamb. Bill Clinton would seem to be the ideal candidate, but he is probably not interested in volunteering. Bill might also consider how convenient it would be for a lot of people if he took an early exit from this earth. No one said a sacrificial lamb has to be alive.

This is certain to get very ugly. For one thing, Epstein doesn’t think he did anything wrong. Justice is supposed to be blind, but it is not color blind. That is why when O.J. Simpson was on trial I reminded one of my black friends that O.J. was not black, he was green. No one is greener than Jeffrey Epstein. I don’t need my Enchroma sunglasses to see that.



Jeffrey Epstein has been arrested and if the accusations are accurate it is about time. This seems to be a classic example of another rich and famous guy getting away with despicable behavior for years. The main stream media will immediately try to link Epstein with Trump. They will focus on one statement made by Trump years ago. During an interview with New York Magazine Trump said the following:

“He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.”

But, unless there is more, this is less than nothing. I think it is safe to assume that if the MSM had any information linking Epstein to Trump we would already know all about it. One problem is that the opposite may be true. There are reports that Epstein was banned from Mar-a-Lago for hitting on the underage daughter of a guest. It appears she was working as a massage therapist and Epstein demanded “special treatment.” Her father went nuts and Epstein was banned from the premises. This was probably done by a manager and Trump may not have been involved. However, it looks like the ban was real and Trump almost certainly knew about it.

Labor Secretary, Alex Acosta is accused of cutting Epstein a sweet heart deal when he was a U.S. Attorney. At the time Epstein was represented by Alan Dershowitz. This happened in 2008, during the last year of the Bush presidency. That does look very bad for Acosta. But there is zero evidence that Trump had any connection with that plea bargain. Democrats would be wise to be very careful about trying to connect Trump with Epstein, as that could easily backfire.

The person probably sweating bullets is Bill Clinton who allegedly flew on Epstein’s plane at least 26 times. So far, there is no evidence of Trump traveling with Epstein. At most he may have flown on his plane once. That makes sense, because Trump had his own plane. There was a lawsuit accusing Trump of an assault on Jeffrey’s island, but that was quickly dismissed. Even Snopes viewed this as a fraudulent claim with no basis in fact. Again, if there was any evidence linking Trump to Epstein you would already know all about it.

Nancy Pelosi’s daughter said a lot of “friends” are going to be embarrassed. I doubt she considers Trump to be a friend. This is a time to watch and see who is and is not commenting on this case. It is interesting to note that Alan Dershowitz has approved releasing documents. That probably means he is not involved. It definitely means he is distancing himself from Epstein. There were times when Dershowitz was on the same plane as Epstein, but since he was representing him as legal counsel that makes sense.

Rich people seldom do well when faced with the prospect of long prison terms. Jeffrey Epstein is looking at serious prison time and that has to rock his world. This is impossible to predict, but one would hardly confuse Epstein with someone who has an ounce of character. That means he just might be willing to do and say almost anything to spare his own hide. That makes him a very dangerous person.

The question of the day is: “how far up does Jeffrey’s ladder reach?” Based on the magnitude with which this was covered up in 2008, the sky’s the limit.



According to John Ratcliffe, the DOJ Inspector general probe of FISA abuse is complete. It is important to note that John Ratcliffe is a former US Attorney and he is one of the most serious people in Washington. Unlike people like Adam Schiff, when Ratcliffe talks, people in both parties listen. He reported that this investigation is complete and they are drafting the report.

These types of reports seldom to turn out as strong as one hopes or as weak as others fear. The final product seems to always end up somewhere in the middle. But in this case, there are some important differences. One is that if Horowitz had found that the FISA warrants were properly documented, he would have reported that. That would seem to indicate that the big question is not whether they are deficient but rather why this happened.

Even if Horowitz only finds that the FISA warrants were deficient but there was no evidence of bad faith that is a huge problem for the Mueller investigation. It would mean that there was inadequate support for the investigation from day one. But, if Horowitz determines that the FISA warrants were fraudulent or that they failed to include exculpatory evidence, the results would be monstrous. That could literally render invalid all of the Mueller investigation. There are numerous court cases on this subject. If there is an investigation without a basis in probable cause there is a potential none of the evidence can be used. If there was fraud or material misrepresentation in obtaining a warrant, nothing obtained by that warrant, directly or indirectly is admissible.

Yesterday, Mike Pence cancelled an out of town appearance at the last minute. The White House is very cryptic about this, but said we will all know in a few weeks. We do not know if these two events were related. However, we do know that William Barr already has seen the unredacted report and odds are so has President Trump. The delay is in getting redactions processed. That impacts what will be reported to the public.

This caused me to ask simple questions? What would be important enough to drag Pence back to the White House that did not involve health and did not involve national security? The only previous occasions I recall where this happened was when the President was going to have an operation and be under general anesthesia. The VP was called back to provide continuity of government.

That does not appear to be happening here. There is zero evidence of a health issue with Trump. Then I asked: “What if the DOJ was about to announce indictments of people like Brennan, Comey, Clapper and perhaps even Susan Rice, or even Loretta Lynch or Hillary Clinton.” If Trump was the one who announced these decisions it would immediately turn into a political circus. The MSM would immediately attack the messenger, Trump, in a desperate attempt to distract public attention. But what if Mike Pence was the one who handled this instead? That would make it much harder for the MSM to pull that stunt. In addition, Pence is more disciplined than Trump and would be certain to stick to the message.

I only know this. Horowitz is done, a report is coming and no one is talking about this. It is often quietest just before the really big storm.



Following is my open letter to Nike:

Today, as I get ready to celebrate our country on July 4, 2019, I am ashamed of what used to be an iconic American brand. I am a Vietnam Combat veteran and served several tours of duty in South East Asia. During that time I became used to people who protested those of us who were defending our country. I fully understood that among other things, I was fighting for the right for them to protest. Freedom of speech applies to everyone, even those with whom we disagree and those who are hopelessly misinformed.

I was appalled and disgusted when Nike chose Colin Kaepernick as a symbol of justice and freedom. I was amazed that you supported his anti-police antics, primarily based on a false narrative. Every credible statistics shows that the shooting of unarmed black men is rare, much rarer than it used to be. They also show that regardless of circumstances the liberal left will assume that the police are murderers.

We recently lost a young female police officer in Sacramento. Colin Kaepernick couldn’t be bothered to protest that. Instead people inspired by the Colin Kaepernick’s of this world were literally screaming insults at the police while she was lying there in a pool of blood, bleeding to death.

The sad reality is that Colin Kaepernick was not a superstar; he was a failing professional athlete who had been benched for poor performance. He didn’t sacrifice ANYTHING for sitting down during the national anthem. Instead, he was hugely rewarded for insulting behavior. Nike was thrilled to praise Kaepernick as some kind of heroic figure and throw money at him. Now, incredibly, you have decided to cancel production of a pair of shoes because, gasp, Colin Kaepernick is offended by the American flag on the heel. Well guess what geniuses.  I flew on over 200 combat missions wearing that flag on my flight suit. That was 20 years before Kaepernick was even born. He can’t even spell sacrifice.

I will never again buy another product with a Nike logo.  I have already ordered American flag patches so my wife can sew them over any existing items I have with a Nike Logo. I realize this will offend people like Colin Kaepernick, but the Nike Logo offends people like me.