Barnum’s American Museum operated from 1841 to 1865.  It was wildly popular.  So popular that one problem was with people staying too long.  So, Barnum put up a sign saying: “This Way to the Egris.” These signs were placed all over the Museum.  People who followed those signs ended up at a door.  When they went through the door they found themselves out on the street.

This appears to be a perfect allegory for the path to destruction glorified by the main stream media.  At first the main stream media pumped up Trump, because they stupidly thought he would be the easiest Republican to beat in a general election.  This was like the “vote for the worst” movement during American Idol.  Millions of Americans would vote for the worst performer because they were fun to watch and it was even more fun to watch the judges squirm.  Eventually, when there were only a few performers left, these poor performers were eliminated because there were never enough people willing to vote for someone clearly unqualified.

The main stream media gave Trump all that free publicity because they thought he was the worst possible candidate certain to be defeated by Hillary Clinton. The theory was that even Hillary Clinton looks good compared to a clown like Donald Trump.

When Donald Trump won the Republican nomination the main stream media launched a vicious campaign to destroy him.  They ran every negative story they could find, including the Vanity Fair tapes.

In the meantime, the Obama administration was horrified.They had already put in the fix to get Hillary “exonerated” for her obvious criminal negligence.  Democrats are not squeamish about electing crooks, if they are Democratic crooks.  As soon as Hillary was safely exonerated, the Obama administration launched a campaign to destroy Donald Trump.  The FBI used an informant to lure lower level Trump associates into situations that had the appearance of colluding with Russia.  They were sure Trump was colluding with Russia, because they knew Hillary was colluding with Russia.  They stupidly assumed Trump was doing that too.  The entire intelligence community was united in spying on the Trump campaign.  This was a coordinated campaign to protect the country from electing this: “vote for the worst” candidate.

Both Democrats and the Obama administration were shocked when Donald Trump was elected.  President Obama was horrified that the American people had just elected someone who promised to reverse his legacy. Whether he gave direct orders or just a discrete nod of the head, the fictional Russia collusion investigation morphed into a coordinated campaign to reverse the results of the election and remove the intruder, Donald Trump, from office.  What could possibly go wrong?

They never dreamed that this day would come.  A day when Donald Trump is standing tall, with the economy soaring, peace with North Korea a real possibility and all the deeply embedded Obama hold-overs being swept out to sea as Donald Trump kept his promise to drain the swamp.

In effect Democrats put up “This Way To the Egris” signs and then stupidly followed those signs themselves.  They may very well end up, out on the street, completely removed from power.  There is an old saying: “If you shoot at a king, don’t miss.” Democrats took a shot at Donald Trump and they didn’t even come close.

We are now only hours ways from this plot being exposed to the world.  The advantage for Trump is that, unlike Democrats, he doesn’t need to make things up.  Democrats did this to themselves.  They thought Hillary had the election in the bag and all of this would be covered-up and swept away.  They were sloppy and left a lot of evidence behind.  Even after they lost, they over estimated their ability to spin this away and cover it all up.  Granted, Trump won the election, but there were still all these soldiers for the cause deeply embedded in every federal institution.  In addition, the liberal courts could be counted on to keep the process moving with increasingly absurd legal decisions by judges more than willing to ignore the constitution and the law for the greater good. The main stream media went into full assault mode with every newscast focused on trashing Donald Trump.

Now, that entire plot is crumbling.  It was built on a shaky foundation consisting of nothing more than absurd lies. What Democrats missed was a critical truth about Donald Trump.  The man who won election by ignoring the advice of the Republican establishment wasn’t about to be influenced by Vladimir Putin. Putin does have a clue with regard to how American’s think and Trump knows that. Trump would never have colluded with Russia because he didn’t think Russia had anything to offer.  In addition, for all his faults, Trump clearly loves this country and when he says: “America First” he means it.  Democrats were blindsided because they cannot even grasp the concept of putting America first.

The truth is coming out.  It has taken a long time and there are still people desperately trying to sustain the cover-up, but the truth is coming out.  It is more than the IG report.  It is more than the brilliant reporting by Sara Carter and John Solomon.  It is more than the nightly Sean Hannity monolog. It is rather the inevitable result of trying to cover up a cesspool of toxic corruption with increasingly thin paper.  This was just like Kilauea.  At some point the volcano was just going to blow.  We are no longer days, weeks or months from the day of reckoning.  This is now a matter of hours.

If you question that, consider how desperately the liberal left is simultaneously trying to cover up the name of the spy embedded in the Trump organization, while James Clapper is explaining why spying on a political campaign was a “good idea.”  They tried to lure conservatives into releasing his name, so they could pull another Valerie Plame.  But their opponents are on to them and although many people know the name, they are not leaking it.  This person will soon be exposed, but not by people like Sean Hannity.  He will be exposed by the Washington Post and the New York Times.

This Way To The Egris.”  It can’t happen too soon.



The New York Times published an article entitled:

Code Name Crossfire Hurricane: The Secret Origins of the Trump Investigation

This is a stunning admission that the FBI was engaged in a secret campaign to investigate the Trump campaign during a Presidential election. The document, clearly intended to put explain why the FBI did this actually documents why this was totally unacceptable.

This all began just after the FBI exonerated Hillary Clinton. The FBI reports that they conducted a secret investigation to avoid influencing an election.  The problem is that they admitted they weren’t worried about hurting Trump but rather about the possibility of helping him:

“Officials have told the inspector general something quite different. They said Ms. Page and others advocated a slower, circumspect pace, especially because polls predicted Mr. Trump’s defeat. They said that anything the F.B.I. did publicly would only give fodder to Mr. Trump’s claims on the campaign trail that the election was rigged.

Mr. Strzok countered that even if Mr. Trump’s chances of victory were low — like dying before 40 — the stakes were too high to justify inaction.

An October 31, 2016 article in the New York Times puts this in perspective.  Note this was published just prior to the election:

This article disclosed that the FBI was investigating the Trump campaign, while it admitted that there was no conclusive or direct link between Mr. Trump and the Russian government.

Agents scrutinized advisers close to Donald J. Trump, looked for financial connections with Russian financial figures, searched for those involved in hacking the computers of Democrats, and even chased a lead — which they ultimately came to doubt — about a possible secret channel of email communication from the Trump Organization to a Russian bank.

Law enforcement officials say that none of the investigations so far have found any conclusive or direct link between Mr. Trump and the Russian government. And even the hacking into Democratic emails, F.B.I. and intelligence officials now believe, was aimed at disrupting the presidential election rather than electing Mr. Trump.

This article acknowledges that the investigation of Trump officials was pushed by the Hillary Clinton campaign that demanded James B. Comey, Director of the FBI disclose this investigation publicly.

“Hillary Clinton’s supporters, angry over what they regard as a lack of scrutiny of Mr. Trump by law enforcement officials, pushed for these investigations.” In recent days they have also demanded that James B. Comey, the director of the F.B.I., discuss them publicly, as he did last week when he announced that a new batch of emails possibly connected to Mrs. Clinton had been discovered.

This means the FBI “secret” investigation was started by Hillary Clinton supporters and the FBI knew that. This entire investigation was politically motivated from the start and the FBI covered that up. Hillary Clinton supports were demanding that James Comey inform voters that Russia had taken sides in the presidential race on behalf of Trump, even though the FBI had reached no such conclusion.  It impossible to reconcile this with James Comey claiming he wasn’t quite sure about the source of the Russia Dossier.

There was also collusion between the F.B.I and Democratic members of congress.  Representative Gregory W. Meeks, Democrat from New York publicly asked if: “the FBI was investigating the Trump Foundation? Is he looking into the Russians hacking all of “our” emails? Is he looking into and deciding what is going on with regard to other allegations of the Trump Organization.”

Harry Reid said:

“It has become clear that you possess explosive information about close ties and coordination between Donald Trump, his top advisers, and the Russian government — a foreign interest openly hostile to the United States, which Trump praises at every opportunity,” Mr. Reid wrote. “The public has a right to know this information.”

No wonder the F.B.I has been slow walking the release of documents. This is beyond bad. The F.B.I knew it was crossing several lines in investigating a political campaign during a presidential election. That is particularly true when one political campaign was demanding the F.B.I investigate another political campaign. The F.B.I did not disclose this to congress because it would have raised several red flags. They knew it was wrong, but they did it anyway. Then they lied about it.  Now, 18 months later, these investigations have still found zero evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

A special counsel to investigate collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia was never warranted. The F.B.I was already doing that and no one was trying to obstruct that. If a special counsel was necessary, it should have been used to investigate the F.B.I.

The DOJ IG report has already been drafted and will be published shortly. Many people believe that this NYT article was designed to put the F.B.I.’s best spin on this before that IG report was published. We can assume that this is the best explanation they can come up with to justify the unjustifiable.   This has the potential to make the Kilauea volcanic eruption look miniscule in comparison. What is most troubling is the failure of Democrats to even acknowledge that this is a serious problem.



The sun is about to set on the Mueller investigation and this may happen in the blink of an eye.  The goal was to keep this investigation going until at least the mid-term elections.  The theory was that if they couldn’t find something big enough to remove Trump they could at least cast enough shade to create a blue wave mid-term election.

Both dreams have been totally shattered.  Mueller isn’t close to finding something on Trump and the Russia Collusion investigation is boomeranging on Democrats. Mueller may have incentive to shut this down immediately to avoid being personally exposed to criminal accusations.

If you want to have some fun, do some research on Robert Mueller.  There seems to be a history of botching major investigations.  Check out Whitey Bulger and look at the Anthrax investigation.  There seems to be a pattern here of gross incompetence.

Hold-overs from the Obama administration were in an open conspiracy to resist the Trump administration from governing effectively. Some of them even admitted this publicly, but the main stream media just ignored it. They hated Trump too, so they didn’t care.  That would be bad enough, but this turns out to be worse, much worse, than anyone imagined.  The latest and greatest is from John Solomon at the Hill, who is well known for having his facts in order.

While Mueller was Director of the FBI Oleg Deripaska was asked to fund and support an attempt to gain the release of Robert Levinson from Iran.  It obviously failed and today no one appears to know if Levinson is even alive.  Although the decision of the FBI to seek the help of Deripaska regarding this subject is ethically challenged, what is really staggering is the level of stupidity and incompetence.  Seriously?  The FBI “asks” someone like Deripaska to “spend millions of his own dollars funding an FBI-supervised operation to rescue a retired FBI agent, Robert Levinson captured in Iran while working for the CIA in 2007.” This has the ugly odor of the FBI trying to bribe someone in Iran to retrieve Robert Levinson. Then, when they think they have a deal, it appears that the Hillary Clinton State Department nixed it.

The Washington Post thought Deripaska was the missing link that would unravel the entire Russia collusion puzzle. They were wrong, which is hardly a surprise:

This morphs from stupid to downright idiotic.  Two months before Trump was elected President, three FBI agents woke Deripaska up at this home.  At least one of the agents knew Deripaska from the former FBI scheme to retrieve Levinson.  They proposed a theory that Trump’s campaign was secretly colluding with Russia to hijack the U.S. election.  Deripaska literally laughed at them and then, when he realized they were serious, told them this was absurd.

Mueller, desperate to indict someone, appears to have targeted a Russian company that doesn’t even exist.  Apparently, he thought the Russians would never bother to show up.  After all they were in Russia and Mueller couldn’t do squat to them. Instead one of these firms hired legal counsel and demanded a speedy trial. The FBI was embarrassed into asking for a delay in the trail because they weren’t prepared to present their case.  Mueller shouldn’t be fired for bias, he should be fired for gross incompetence.  This calls for a remake of “dumb and dumber.

In any event, the Mueller investigation is over. The sun is going down and we are very near the point where it drops suddenly below the horizon.  If you have ever watched a sunset at Key West, you know exactly how that works.  The sun is always at it brightest, just before it drops out of sight completely.



I don’t know what Kelly Sadler actually said about John McCain. It seems obvious that she made a feeble attempt at a joke that was in incredibly poor taste. The main stream media, predictably, ran this as the crime of the century. Ignoring all the extremely poor taste jokes by the liberal left regarding conservative politicians. For example, those who openly rooted for Dick Cheney to die.

But that is not really the issue here. The issue is why someone leaked this information and why the main stream media ran with it. I can certainly understand the outage over the lack of class and compassion. But how, exactly, did leaking this benefit John McCain? It didn’t. The man is dying and regardless of our feelings about him, a little respect for his privacy is in order. His wife tweeted the following:

“@kellystadler45 May I remind you my husband has a family, 7 children and 5 grandchildren.”

Cindy McCain was right, but she aimed this at the wrong target. Saying this was just plain awful. Leaking it to the media and broadcasting it to the world is far worse. Our strongest condemnation should be directed not toward Kelly Stadler, but rather toward the White House Staffer that decided it would be great fun to leak this to the press. Kelly Stadler allegedly said something in poor taste and she deserves to be held accountable for this. However, the real damage was done by the spineless coward who leaked this to the main stream media and the soulless hypocrites in the main stream media who gleefully ran with the story with zero consideration of the impact on John McCain’s family. Yes, the McCain family should be outraged and upset, I just wish they would aim at least some of this scorn at those who deserve it the most.



This is a country that celebrates the freedom of the press.  We should do that, because a free press is essential to save us from tyranny.  That, at least, is the theory.  However, freedom of the press should be a two-way street.  Sometimes the issue is not what you can report, but what you should report.  Freedom of press is only possible if the press accepts responsibility to be sure it is fair and balanced, that it is reporting verified facts and that it is not doing unnecessary harm.

Today there is an article in the Daily Mail, UK, which is normally a news organization I admire.  This time they did great harm by reporting information we simply did not need to know.  What makes this worse is that they tried to blame this on Donald Trump.

It all started when Trump sent the following tweet: “Five most wanted leaders of ISIS just captured.” There is nothing wrong with that tweet.  It is accurate, and it is cause to celebrate.  But the Daily Mail provided specific details on how they were captured and in doing so made it absolutely certain that this method will never work again:

This reminds me of another story about Dwight Eisenhower.  One of the riskiest ventures of World War II was the invasion of Sicily.  The British even invented a fictious person to trick the Germans into thinking the invasion would be somewhere else.  They made a movie about this: ”The Man Who Never Was.

Eisenhower decided the safest approach was to tell the press what was happening and then explain to them the importance of keeping this secret.  He describes this in his autobiography:

I felt I had to stop speculation by war reporters as to the future intentions of the Allied Forces. I knew the Germans were watching us intently and it is astonishing how expert a trained Intelligence staff becomes in piecing together odd scraps of seemingly unimportant information to construct a picture of enemy plans….During periods of combat inactivity reporters have a habit of filling up their stories with speculation…because of the confidence I had acquired in the integrity of newsmen in my theater, I decided to take them into my confidence. The experiment was one which I would not particularly like to repeat, because such a revelation does place a burden upon the man whose responsibility is to conceal the secret. But by making it I immediately placed upon every reporter in the theater a feeling of the same responsibility that I and my associates bore. Success was complete. From that moment onward, until after the attack was launched, nothing speculative came out of theater…After the operation was completed many correspondents told me of the fear they felt that they might be guilty of inadvertent revelation of the secret.” (ibid pp.169-170)

Unfortunately, the main stream media of today knows no such self-restraint. Instead they are so motivated by political bias that they willingly report things that they either know or should have known were lies.  There are numerous reports that 90% of the coverage of Donald Trump by everyone in the media other than Fox News is negative.  This is the same press that ignored red flag warnings about abuse of power by the Obama administration. They same press that ignores the blatant corruption by the Clinton Foundation and the criminal negligence of Hillary Clinton with regard to protecting classified information.

Incredibly the same network that produced a documentary praising the legendary love life of JFK somehow considers Donald Trump’s alleged one-night stand with Stormy Daniels, ten years before he ran for President, to be a threat to national security.

At some point, it would be great if those demanding freedom of the press started exhibiting some evidence that they also accept the great responsibility of that press.  Yes, it was legal for the Daily Mail to publish this article but was it really the right thing to do.  Yes, it is legal for the media to openly resist the presidency of Donald Trump, because they despise him.  But I would remind the arrogant self-righteous talking heads on national TV that the main stream media during the Civil War routinely trashed Abraham Lincoln.  He was so despised that he was barely allowed to even speak at the dedication of the Soldiers National Cemetery in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The date of that speech was originally scheduled for October 23, 1863, but it was postponed until November 19th, 1863 to accommodate the schedule of Edward Everett.  Abraham Lincoln was invited to speak as an afterthought.

Edward Everett was a graduate of Harvard, the University of Gottigen, Boston Latin School and Phillips Exeter Academy.  He was a former U.S Senator, Secretary of State and Governor of Massachusetts. He spoke for two hours using more than 52,000 words.  He spoke so long that he had to use a small tent near by the platform, so he could discretely take a pee break.  The press thought Everett’s performance was a masterpiece.  Everett knew better.  He wrote to Lincoln the next day: “I should be glad, if I could flatter myself, that I came as near to the central idea of the occasion in two hours, as you did in two minutes.”

The Harrisburg Patriot & Union published a review of Lincoln’s speech:

the silly remarks of the President…for the credit of the nation we are willing that the veil of oblivion shall be dropped over them and that they shall be no more repeated or thought of

To give credit, the New York Times reprinted Lincoln’s entire speech on the front page on November 20, 1863.

This is a reminder that at least some members of the press in 1863 were just as arrogant and biased as the press is today.  But in the end, it really didn’t matter. Few people today know Edward Everett even existed. Even fewer can recite a single sentence from his speech.  I doubt that anyone reading this knows the Harrisburg Patriot & Union published a newspaper. But Abraham’s Lincoln’s Gettysburg address still stirs our soul over 150 years later.

I just suspect that someday in the future, after we are all long gone, a historian will look back upon this with astonishment.  On a day when the President literally got up at 3:00 a.m. to welcome three former prisoners home from being imprisoned in North Korea, CNN was focusing, for about the 59th time, on another outrageous comment about Stormy Daniels by Michael Avenatti.  I can pretty much guarantee that few will remember that CNN even existed and virtually no one will remember Michael Avenatti.  Donald Trump, on the other hand, could very well be remembered as the president who figured out a way to stop a maniacal dictator from setting off a nuclear fueled World War.

De Ja Vu.



For the first year of his presidency, Donald Trump was listening to the Republican establishment.  They urged caution in dealing with Robert Mueller. They recommended cooperation and to avoid even the appearance of being defensive.  That did not work.  That never works.  The same people recommended negotiating with Kim Jung-un, although that had no chance of working either.  The same people urged him to keep the nuclear deal with Iran, even though it wouldn’t prevent Iran from getting a Nuclear weapon and Iran was literally funding terrorism all over the globe thanks to the general donation by Barack Obama.

Trump did not follow their advice.  Instead of begging North Korea, he simply told them the truth. We will not let you have a nuclear weapon. We are capable of destroying you.  If you continue on your current course we are prepared to do whatever it takes to defend ourselves. This is remarkably similar to how Eisenhower obtained peace in Korea. He advised China that they could have peace or they could have war, but if it was war it would not be confined to the Korean peninsula. China wisely chose peace.

Instead of extending the Iran deal, Trump cancelled it. Instead of continuing to let China and other countries take advantage of our free trade policy, he hit them with tariffs.  He sent a message, strong and clear.  This president is not only able to take the action to defend the country, he is willing to take action to defend the country.  What’s more, he does not care whether or not this is politically correct.

The world has sat up and took notice. North Korea is releasing hostages, has verbally agreed to denuclearize the Korean peninsula and had agreed to cancel its ballistic missile program. Kim Jung-un is meeting with Trump next month in Singaphore.

China is negotiating with us on trade.  Both France and Germany came to the United States to try and intimidate Trump into staying in the Iran nuclear deal.  He turned them both down.

Trump is looked around and Robert Mueller showing no signs of slowing down his witch hunt. His detractors even lined up someone to take the reins in investigating Trump if Mueller is fired. The White Knight waiting in the wings was Eric Schneiderman, Attorney General in New York.

Trump hired Rudy Giuliani. Giuliani tells the world that he doesn’t really care what they think about Stormy Daniels or whether or not she was paid off to be silent. Time to move on. The media and the establishment in both parties thought this is a major mistake. It was not. Instead it announced the establishment of a war cabinet with the mission to end a clear and present danger, an illegal attempt to remove a duly elected President from office.

Think about what has happened since Rudy hit the ground running.  Eric Schneiderman was taken down in a matter of hours.  He didn’t even get to finish his shift.  Was it a coincidence, after all these years, that these women suddenly went public?

Michael Avenatti got his hands on confidential bank records for Michael Cohens.  He promptly waived them on TV and made wild accusations.  Oops.  It turns out some of those records are for another Michael Cohen, unrelated to Trump’s attorney. Avenatti may have committed a serious crime and self-documented it on National Television.  Within minutes the Treasury Department announced an investigation.Was that another coincidence?

A Federal Judge orders Robert Mueller to turn over the unredacted version of his authorization memo.  He publicly questioned whether Mueller has authority to investigate the personal business dealings of Paul Manafort. Another coincidence?

The IG for the Justice Department is getting ready to release another report.  He extended the time because he wanted to address how the Clinton e-mail scandal was handled. James Comey has suddenly gone silent. Coincidence?

Rudy Giuliani is meeting with Mueller but don’t assume that he is defensive or conciliatory. That is not his style. He is more likely making an offer to Robert Mueller than he can’t afford to turn down.  Vice President Mike Pence publicly told Mueller to end this and move on. So did Trump. I don’t think these are threats, I think these are promises. I believe that Trump has decided that the Mueller investigation and the organized resistance to him is a clear and president danger to the Presidency. The rest of the world has already learned that it is dangerous to underestimate Donald Trump.

Early this morning, around 3:00 a plane carrying three former hostages held by North Korea arrived at Andrews Air Force Base.  They were met by President Trump and Melania Trump along with Vice President Pence and his wife and Secretary of State Pompeo.  Trump and Melania went up the steps to the plane by themselves and visited for several minutes with these men, to welcome them home. Then, Trump and Melania walked down the plane with these men. It was pure theatre. The news media, as expected shouted out questions, but not about Robert Mueller and certainly not about Stormy Daniels. Instead the questions were about the possibility of peace with North Korea.

What was that again Bob?  I didn’t hear you.



The Stormy Daniel saga may be rapidly nearing an end. Perhaps I am wrong, but Michael Avenatti is starting to look and sound desperate. He represents Stormy Daniels, who at worst had a consensual one-night stand with Donald Trump ten years ago. If anything the publicity about this probably breathed a tiny amount of life into the fading career of a rapidly aging Porn Star. At first he sued to get her non-disclosure agreement voided. Who cares? She has been shooting off her mouth at every opportunity for months. Then he sued for defamation of character. Even liberal talk show hosts laughed about that. How, exactly, do you defame someone like Stormy Daniels?

Even if Avenatti wins, he loses. He can’t possibly recover his own costs. He has no authority to charge Donald Trump or anyone else with a crime. He can shoot his mouth off and make silly demands, but he only represents Stormy Daniel and even if she wins it is hard to imagine this resulting in any significant damages or settlement. A few months ago he might have squeezed some additional money out of Cohen for her continued silence, but that opportunity is long gone.

That begs the question? Why is Avenatti doing this? Is this just about a show boating attorney desperate for his fifteen minutes of fame? Granted his ego is big enough, but people like Avenatti have selective moral outrage directly proportional to how much money they can make. While Avenatti is getting a lot of face time on CNN, a big payday for handling Stormy Daniels seems unlikely. So what’s really in it for him?

Perhaps someone should ask who is funding Avenatti and why? I think someone, perhaps a Steyer or Soros, is paying Avenatti big bucks. They probably still dream that somehow, someway Stormy Daniels will be the key that finally opens the door to impeachment. It is an admission that everything else has failed. It is irredeemably stupid.

The reality, of course, is that the Mueller investigation is imploding and the Eric Schneiderman backup strategy just went down in flames. It would be easy to be outraged, but instead just look at the bright side, then laugh out loud. Some very arrogant, filthy rich, self-righteous jerks are throwing away huge sums of money chasing the mythical unicorn of a Trump impeachment. Now they are so desperate that they are going all in on Stormy Daniels. Please! As I wrote earlier, this is mostly stupid.

In addition there is the traditional glass house scenario. Avenatti’s wife kicked him out in December. Wanna bet that this was because he was living the life of a celibate monk? In addition, while he definitely made a lot of money, he grossly exaggerates some of this. For example he brags about a $454 million jury award against KPMG and fails to mention that this was eventually reduced to $21.7 million on appeal. Nice, but only about 5% of what he said he got. According to the divorce documents he is spending money at an unsustainable rate. He allegedly owes $5 million in taxes, his Newport Home costs $100,000 per month and his LA Apartment costs $14,000 per month. He admits to another $40,000 in monthly expenses and his wife has $25,000 in monthly expenses. Even if he is worth $20 million, it won’t last long at this rate.

Now Avenatti is alleging that Michael Cohen was paid $500k by someone connected to Putin. He is trying to turn a one-night-stand ten years ago into Russia colluding with the Trump campaign during the 2016 election. Good luck with that. The following article shows that this most recent charge is just plain silly:

Meanwhile Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is literally flying home with three Americans who had been imprisoned in North Korea. Trump is going to meet them personally at 2:00 in the morning. If any CNN reporter is there someone is likely to try and ask him about Stormy Daniels or the absurd allegations by Michael Avenatti. Then they will wonder why no one watches them anymore.



Yesterday morning Eric Schneiderman was Attorney General of New York, one of the most powerful men in the nation.  Just six days ago Politico wrote that even if Trump fired Mueller, Schneiderman, who had worked with Mueller in investigating Manafort, would carry the flag.

Last month, Schneiderman called on lawmakers to change a New York statute which bars recipients of presidential pardons from prosecution for a similar state crime. That was widely seen as a response to concern that Trump might pardon aides like Manafort or Cohen — or even himself.

“It’s a race against time,” said Democratic state Sen. Todd Kaminsky, a former federal and state prosecutor. Kaminsky has introduced a bill to change the law, which faces an uphill battle in the GOP-controlled state Senate.

This is an admission that the Mueller investigation is imploding.  Last Friday the redacted report on Michael Flynn was released and it clearly shows that this was all political from the start.  Darren Samuelsohn’s article is proof that the opposition to President Trump has moved from irrational outrage to outright delusion.  Even though Mueller has zero evidence of Russian collusion, the liberal left desperately wants the investigation to go on and on and on until someone finds something.

Yesterday New Yorker Magazine published a report that four women had been physically assaulted by Schneiderman and he folded like a cheap umbrella.  His only defense was that he thought they liked it.  Seriously?

Superman crashed and burned in a matter of hours.  By the end of the day even his BFF Andrew Cuomo had turned on him and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand called for his immediate resignation.  He didn’t even have time to finish his shift, he resigned as of close of business on May 8, 2018.

If you have ever gone into a dark room filled with vile vermin and insects and hit them with a bright light, then you understand what happens. The minute someone turns on the light, the rats shriek in horror and run for cover.  For over a year the Mueller investigation has operated in total darkness cheered on by the hopelessly biased and increasingly hysterical mainstream media. They have been screaming about Donald Trump since day one oblivious to the obvious that none of their accusations were supported by a shred of evidence.  That is why CNN ran 59 stories about Stormy Daniels. That is all they have left.

But other people have been trying to peel back the covers and shed some light.  It has been painfully slow and many people feared the darkness was permanent but fortunately they were wrong. Everyday more documents are released, every day more actual facts are made public and every day more light is overcoming the darkness.

We are now at the point where the dawn is breaking, and we will soon experience that magical moment when the power of light allows us to see everything around us.  For Eric Schneiderman the light focused on him yesterday and quickly destroyed the myth of his personal power. Yesterday Eric Schneiderman thought he could order an investigation of the President of the United States. Today he can’t order a big Mac from McDonalds.

Change is coming at the speed of light.  Remember when the light shines, it exposes everything, so there are likely to be casualties on all sides. But light is a beautiful thing.  It is even more beautiful when it has been hidden for so long.



If the polls are accurate, a convicted felon is likely to be the Republican candidate for Senate in West Virginia. That would likely be a repeat of the Judge Moore fiasco, where the Republican primary was won by the only candidate capable of losing to a Democrat. I watched a little of the debate last week and immediately hated both of the other candidates. They both spent most of their time slicing each other up. Blankenship, who served time in prison for violating mine safety rules that resulted in the death of 29 coal miners, simply said he was familiar with an unfair prosecution.

He then attacked Mitch McConnell and contrary to news reports, he had real ammunition. He did not pick on McConnell’s wife for being Chinese or for her family being Chinese. He pointed out that she is Secretary of Transportation and her family just bought ten, that’s right folks ten, Chinese ships. His opponents were too busy accusing him of racist to realize he had a point. The never Trumper WEEKLY STANDARD wrote about this and managed to completely miss the point:

If I didn’t know about the felony conviction, I probably would have declared Blankenship the winner. He definitely did a better job during the debate. The Weekly Standard views this as the naïve republican base voting for the “craziest son of a bitch in the race.” I do believe that Blankenship is likely to lose to Manchin. However, it is far from certain that either of the other candidates would be any better. Both of them were so focused on accusing the other guy of being a lying spineless coward that neither actually said what they would do for West Virginia. This was another case study in how the Republican establishment has perfected the art of losing elections they should easily win.

No matter who wins this week, I think the Republicans drew another blank.



U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis III just blew the Mueller Special Counsel Investigation sky high:

You don’t really care about Mr. Manafort’s bank fraud. You really care about getting information Mr. Manafort can give you that would reflect on Mr. Trump and lead to his prosecution or impeachment.”* Ellis further cautioned the special counsel’s office against seeking “unfettered power” and said its statements that it is investigating allegations related to the 2016 election amount to “lying.”

T.S. Elliot is 77 years old and a senior judge for the Eastern District of Virginia.  He was born in Bogota, Columbia, and is obviously Hispanic.  Good luck with Mueller or anyone else trying to accuse this judge of bias.

Every major news organization is reporting on this story.That means a whole lot of people are learning that a respected Federal Judge believes that the Mueller Special Counsel investigation is a politically motivated witch hunt out to get Trump and he literally accused them of lying.

He did more than that.  He demanded an unredacted version of the memo Rosenstein sent to Mueller authorizing him to investigate Manafort. This would be the same document the DOJ has refused to turn over to congress.  Clearly the Judge does not trust the DOJ, the FBI or the Mueller Investigation.  .

Even if he orders the charges dismissed, which is unlikely, the damage has been done.  The main stream media has reported on this and they cannot ignore the significance of what the Judge said.  A lot of people, including Democrats, are sick and tired of the Russia Collusion nonsense and they are fed up with the Mueller investigation.  The Stormy Daniels fiasco may have actually been the best thing to happen to Trump. There is zero chance that a one night stand with a porn star in 2006 can be miraculously linked to collusion by Russia with the Trump campaign. Even Stormy Daniels admits she thought it was a good idea at the time and while that is certainly salacious, it is not a crime.  CNN may not be able to understand the difference between embarrassing scandal and a crime, but at least two Federal Judges have figured this out.

I think this Judge just gave Trump political cover to fire both Rosenstein and Mueller. Trump may not do that, but at a minimum the judge game Trump a “get-out-of-jail”. He made it much harder for Mueller to justify a subpoena against Trump.

Things are about to move in another direction at the speed of light.  The main stream media can no longer ignore this story.  The more this is investigated the more obvious to everyone that this was nothing more than a politically motivated witch hunt .If reports are accurate, the appointment of a Special Counsel was based on information Rosenstein knew or should have know was patently false. At the same time the DOJ was ignoring criminal acts by Hillary Clinton they were desperately seeking some excuse to convict Donald Trump of “something.”

This has been obvious to some of us for a long time.  It may soon become obvious to everyone.