The midterm election has changed everything. Donald Trump has clearly had it with the Mueller investigation and with the unrelenting full-out attack on his Presidency by the liberal left and the main stream media. There are numerous signs he is no longer going to play the game.

Trump came into office with numerous advisers left over from both the Obama and the Bush administrations. These advisers all told him to play nice and avoid confrontation. They warned him against alienating people by being overly aggressive. Trump listened to them, some of the time, with disastrous results. It is increasingly obvious that the liberal left is only interested in destroying Trump and regaining power. They literally do not care who is hurt in the process.

Trump is no saint, but he does appear to love this country and he has now identified those he considers to be enemies. He has also figured out that if he does not destroy his enemies they will continue working to destroy him. In many ways this is a repeat of the day of reckoning for George W. Bush regarding Muslim extremists, when he realized that even though we weren’t at war with them, they were at war with us.

RINO Republicans are famous for suggesting that the best move is to just turn the other cheek and avoid fighting back. George W. Bush literally allowed the main stream media to accuse him of lying about the WMD in Iraq, when it was well documented that he did not do that. Bush clearly believed that the higher moral ground was attained by not fighting back. As a result, Republicans lost both the House and the Senate and paved the way for President Barack Hussein Obama.

When Trump came into office it was obvious that Hillary Clinton was guilty of gross negligence regarding the sending and receiving of classified documents on an unsecured server. He knew the Clinton Foundation was a gigantic scam. He learned that James Comey was lying to him and that people within the FBI were literally working to remove him from office. He became aware that President Obama authorized intelligence agencies to illegally spy on the Trump campaign. He was convinced to not only ignore all this, but to allow the Mueller investigation to continue full speed ahead with no oversight.  He was told that if he fought back, Democrats would investigate him and try to impeach him.

Well guess what, it didn’t matter what Trump did, Democrats are determined to investigate Trump until the end of time praying for a smoking gun that will justify impeachment. That was bad enough, but then, in a desperate attempt to prevent Trump from appointing a conservative to the Supreme Court, Democrats resorted to a new low by promoting obviously false sexual assault charges against Brett Kavanaugh with absolutely zero corroborating evidence. If anyone needed more proof of the depravity of the liberal left, the Kavanaugh hearings removed the last shred of doubt.

I expect Trump to go to war with his opponents. John Huber has already been investigating someone. Trump may even ask for a special prosecutor to investigate the FBI, the DOJ, Hillary Clinton, and the intelligence agencies. He no longer need worry about Democrats investigating him, they have done that and have come up with less than nothing. He has nothing to fear from them, they should be terrified of him. The biggest problem is that all of the above did commit crimes and unlike the accusations against Trump, there are facts available to justify indictments. The only thing lacking was the political will to take on this battle. There are increasing signs that both Donald Trump and Republicans in the U.S. Senate are ready to take this on. The Kavanaugh hearings even “woke” Lindsey Graham.

Democrats are about to learn something very important. The DOJ, FBI and all our intelligence agencies report to Donald Trump. He has the power to investigate them; they do not have the power to investigate him. CNN and the rest of the main stream media can continue to howl at the moon, but that doesn’t mean the moon has to listen.

In addition, Trump can declassify documents. Yesterday he threatened Democrats that if they continue this charade he is going to declassify documents that will be devastating for Democrats. They would be wise to believe him.

Trump’s attorneys had a joint defense agreement with Paul Manafort and Jerome Corsi. That means when Mueller talked to them, their attorneys talked to Trump’s attorneys. Mueller just learned about this and it has clearly rattled his cage. Unlike the MSM, Trump knows exactly what Mueller is after. Right now it looks like Mueller is focused on that weird meeting in the Trump Tower with Donald Trump, Jr. and some silly female Russian attorney promising dirt on Hillary Clinton. If Mueller is focusing on that, it is because he has absolutely nothing else.

Michael Cohen just plead guilty to lying to congress. He says he lied about discussions regarding a Trump hotel in Moscow. Who cares? He also claims that he had told Trump about the bizarre Trump Tower meeting. Apparently the argument is that: “You must believe me now because I was lying before.”  Good luck with that.

Democrats may have made the same mistake as Japan prior to World War II. They have aroused a sleeping giant and filled him with a terrible resolve. The results are likely to be similar.



There is a bombshell report from the University of Basel in Switzerland.


Using samples from five million animals including humans, they were able to deduce humans sprang from a single pair of adults following a catastrophic event that wiped out humanity.

It’s not just humans either – nine out of every 10 animal species went through the same.

One will note that the people who did this study did not expect or want this result.

Some, including the author of this article, are viewing this as proof that the biblical account of Adam & Eve is confirmed. That is not quite the case, but it does make that account more consistent with scientific facts. What is really does is destroy the theory of evolution. The theory of evolution is that everything started when some amino acids accidently bumped uglies. This started a chain of mathematically impossible miracles eventually resulting in the world we see today and this strange creature we call humans. This study shows that while a lot of animals have adapted and become quite different from the original, they have NEVER evolved into a different species.

The whole point of the theory of evolution was to come up with “some” explanation that does not require a creator.  Since day one scientists have been desperately searching for the “missing link.” This is the coveted creature proving that humans evolved from apes. Now we know why they have never found a missing link and why they never will find a missing link. If every human came from the same two people, there can be no missing link.

Expect the liberal left to first suppress this report and then try and discount it. They are certain to ignore the significance of these findings. But they have a problem. Nearly every child attending public school in America, since the Scopes trial, has been confronted with school books and teachers promoting the theory of evolution. Anyone who dares question the theory of evolution is dismissed as being ignorant and afraid of science. This is why Republican candidates for President were scornfully asked if they believed in the theory of evolution with the assumption that anyone naïve enough to say no was too stupid to be President of the United States. But most people still don’t buy the theory of evolution. According to a survey by Pew research in 2009, only 32%, of adults believe in evolution due to natural processes, although 87% of Scientists believe this.

There is a reason for this. People were born with eyes and what is obviously true, is obviously true. We have seen apes and we have seen humans and they are very different. We have also noticed that there are dogs and cats.  Earth to scientists, try breeding a dog and a cat. Be sure to stock up on bite proof gloves and don’t expect any offspring. You could breed a husky and a poodle but try breeding a pit bull and a bob cat.

So, the question is why do 87% or 97% of scientists still believe in evolution. The answer quite simply is that if the theory of evolution is not true, there has to be a creation. If there is a creation, there has to be a creator. They know they are too smart to believe in god, so they choose to believe in the “pitbob,” the mythical offspring of a pit bull and a bob cat, too absorbed in their self-righteous arrogance to realize this is really stupid.



One of my favorite scenes from Gomer Pyle was when Gomer and Sergeant Carter were confronted with a ticking time bomb. The decision was clear. They had to cut either the red wire or the white wire. If they cut the wrong wire, the bomb would immediately explode. If they cut the right wire, the bomb would be defused. Sergeant Carter asked Gomer which wire he would cut. Gomer said the white wire. Sergeant Carter immediately cut the red wire, defusing the bomb. Gomer asked Sergeant Carter why he bother asking him his opinion if he was going to ignore it. Sergeant Carter said: “because the only certain thing was that you would be wrong.”

That is exactly the way I feel about the global warming alarmists. The only thing certain is that they are wrong. NONE of their pevious predictions have been accurate. Mostly of them have been absurdly wrong. These were the same people who convinced Al Gore that the arctic ocean would be completely ice free. He did this several times, in 2007, 2008, and 2009. First this would happen by 2013 but was delayed when the arctic ice inconveniently expanded by 50% over 2012 levels.  Nailed that one Al. So, Al kept making the same predictions, for 2014 and 2016 with the same results.

In case any of you wonder about whether Snopes is credible, here is the result of the Snopes fact check:

Gore did not himself make these predictions but said (in some cases erroneously) that others had; Gore never referred to a year-long lack of ice for both poles, but instead largely referenced Arctic sea ice in the summer.

Then Snopes went on to prove that this is exactly what Gore said.

Now a Government report warns of worsening U.S. disasters. This report was written over several years, so it was heavily influenced by Obama era scientists. These were people who received millions if not billions in funding if they found global warming and were ridiculed if they didn’t

The main stream media promoted this as straight from the lips of God:


The media ignored the fact that 25 NASA scientists questioned the sanity of Global Warmists back in January.


If this had been a video by Michael Avenatti criticizing Donald Trump’s treatment of porn stars, you would have all seen this. Since it criticized the conventional non-wisdom, odds are none of you were even aware of this.

Here’s the good news. This report is nonsense. Yes, the weather will change and there will be hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, droughts, floods and fire. There will be times when it will be very hot and times when it will be very cold. This is easy to predict, because it has been going on for thousands of years. We can also predict that none of the very specific and idiotic predictions made by this report will be close to true. Like Sergeant Carter, we may not be able to find reality, but it is very easy to identify who is and will be consistently wrong.



I wrote previously that this was probably the last chance for Democrats to steal a major election.  In spite of the numerous reports in the main stream media that there is zero evidence of election fraud, we are surrounded by such evidence. Every Orange County Republican was ahead on election night and every one of them lost with late arriving provisional ballots.  Coincidence?  I saw a recent report that last year 449,000 people on the voter registration rolls in California refused to accept jury duty on the basis that they were not actually U.S. citizens. I have not been able to verify this, but it seems accurate. Only a naïve fool or someone who wants non-residents to vote would believe there is no voter fraud in California.

A study by the U.S. Government Accountability Office found that up to 3% of 30,000 individuals called for jury duty from voter registration rolls over a two-year period in just one U.S. district court were not U.S. citizens.  This is more than enough to be the deciding factor in a close election.

California grudgingly passed new voter registration laws in October 2015. This will be fully implemented by October 2020. This reform is the direct result of a federal law passed in 2005 designed to combat terrorism. If you do not have a real ID, proving citizenship, you will no longer be able to board an aircraft or enter any military or federal facility after October 1, 2020.

California Driver’s licenses did not require any proof of citizenship, so they are not considered to be “real id”. Everyone in California has to get a new license. They get a choice between a real ID, which is only obtained after proving citizenship, or a standard license, which cannot be used to register to vote.

When a real ID is issued the information is sent to the Secretary of State electronically which is then required to verify citizenship and to update the voter registration records. Previously California refused to cooperate with the federal government regarding voter registration. But with this law, the California Secretary of State is REQUIRED to confirm citizenship, on a federal database,in order for a California Driver’s license to qualify as a real ID. These means the federal government now has access to real data.

Do not underestimate the significance of this. There is a reason there is a Republican Governor in Georgia and a Republican Governor and Senator in Florida. That is because both states passed voter registration reform. Once again Democrats were poised to steal an election, but voter registration reform stopped them. In California, the difference is likely to be far more significant. We have a lot of non-citizens here, we currently don’t check ids at all and we don’t appear to make any effort to verify who actually voted.

Los Angeles prosecutors just indicted several people for exactly this kind of voter fraud:


The crude exchange played out hundreds of times on L.A.’s skid row during the 2016 election cycle and again this year, prosecutors said Tuesday as they announced criminal charges against nine people accused in a fraud scheme.

Using cash and cigarettes as lures, the defendants approached homeless people on skid row and asked them to forge signatures on state ballot measure petitions and voter registration forms, the district attorney’s office said. The defendants — some of whom were scheduled to be arraigned Tuesday — face several criminal charges, including circulating a petition with fake names, voter fraud and registering a fictitious person.

The Los Angeles Times was either unable to determine which party benefited from this scam or they just forgot to tell us. Anyone want to make a guess?

Governor Jerry Brown vetoed a bill that would have banned per-signature payment for those collecting petition signatures, claiming the law might allow ballot control by “the weathiest interests.” Apparently only poor people can afford to pay someone to collect signatures. This is beyond absurd.

But it is also over. While California would definitely like to leave the U.S., except for the money thing, California NEEDS the federal government. Although they will never admit it, California also needs the Federal Government to control our border. If you doubt that, just let Trump declare a two week holiday for ICE and the Border patrol and watch what happens. That is why both Newsom and Brown were groveling for assistance from President Trump. It is why California is, reluctantly, verifying voter records and even more reluctantly, requiring people to prove citizenship to get a “real id” driver’s license. This is also why the political landscape in this state may change faster than anyone can imagine.

Combine this with the Supreme Court decision preventing public sector unions from forcing people to join the union and pay dues and a perfect political storm is on the horizon. This just may be the last year where public sector unions had big bucks to spend on elections.

Although California still looks pretty insane, the smoke is starting to clear and there are actually some pretty good reasons to give thanks.



Donald Trump visited the devastation in Paradise California, along with Governor Brown and Governor-Elect Gavin Newsom. Several things are very obvious.

Donald Trump did not resemble the mythical uncaring monster described on a nightly basis by CNN, MSNBC and the rest of the main stream media.

He looked very professional and in control. He was the one showing real leadership.

He also showed a lot warmth toward both Newsom and Brown, even though both have made a career our of demonizing him. The same people who had slammed him on a daily basis and who promised to resist his administration at every opportunity, stood there with their tail between their legs practically begging Trump for help. Brown, who has been blaming everything on global warming, admitted we must now consider everything and let science decide. He also admitted that Trump was very realistic about all of this.

Trump made both of them look small by comparison. It was clear who was in charge, who was the one with solutions and who looked way out of their class. He literally killed them with kindness.

The MSM will try to find a way to spin this negatively toward Trump. They can’t help themselves. But they can’t change the picture of Trump standing between Brown and Newsome and towering over both of them in every way possible.

Then there was the pathetic photo op appearance by Senator Kamala Harris. She obviously wasn’t invited to the prior meeting by either Trump, Brown or Newsom. Odds are Brown and Newsom know Kamala Harris cannot be the face of California when asking for assistance from Trump. No one from the press was invited to tour with Harris and the only press coverage was from a video released by her staff.

Kamala Harris can do a great service to California by just shutting up. She has been caught telling flagrant lies about this administration on a regular basis. We can be sure that a phone call from her office to the White House is not going to receive much attention and the attention it does receive will be mostly negative.

California desperately needs the help of the federal government it has tried to obstruct on a nearly daily basis. Earth to idiots. Suing the federal government while arrogantly demanding desperately needed assistance is insanely stupid. Fortunately, Donald Trump showed who is the bigger man, willing to put doing the right thing above partisan politics.

As for the rest of us who live in the state, it was hard not to embarrassed by the caliber of people we have stupidly put in charge. But, at least the weather’s great, when not obscured by smoke from wildfires.

One final thought. Gavin Newsom was married to Kimberly Guilfoyle. That would be the same Kimberly Guilfoyle now “dating” Donald Trump, Jr. Odds are very high that there is a direct back channel of communication between the Trump White House and Gavin Newsom.  Don’t be sure that Newsom will follow in the steps of Governor Brown in suing the federal government at every opportunity. He has a decision to make,. Does he want to be a successful Governor or does he want to continue a war with Donald Trump that he cannot possibly win.



There is a very interesting article in Skeptical Science which proudly claims it is “Getting skeptical about global warming skepticism”:


When you think about it, this is actually hysterical. They are skeptical about being skeptical, then they document the reasons everyone should be skeptical.

In 1970 Newsweek published an article called “The Cooling World.” My favorite quote is the following:

“Meteorologists disagree about the cause and extent of the cooling trend… But they are almost unanimous in the view that the trend will reduce agricultural productivity for the rest of the century.”  Sound Familiar?

In 1974 Time Magazine published an article called: “Another Ice Age?”

When meteorologists take an average of temperatures around the globe, they find that the atmosphere has been growing gradually cooler for the past three decades. The trend shows no indication of reversing. Climatological Cassandras are becoming increasingly apprehensive, for the weather aberrations they are studying may be the harbinger of another ice age.”

The liberal left is trying to re-write history, again. Now, they claim this was all based of poor reporting by the media and “real scientists” were predicting global warming based on CO2 levels:

“1970s ice age predictions were predominantly media based. The majority of peer reviewed research at the time predicted warming due to increasing CO2. “

So, if the main stream media lying about the concensus amoung scientists in the 1970s, why should we believe them now? Perhaps the most honest analysis was done in 1970:

we do not have a good quantitative understanding of our climate machine and what determines its course. Without the fundamental understanding, it does not seem possible to predict climate…” Since very prediction by the global warming crowd has been wrong, this looks like good advice.

We can predict some things. Like the activity on the Sun. We can predict that because scientists can see it and and can see what’s coming. NASA is now predicting a record cold winter because of the lack of sun spots. This has been well documented for a couple of years. While it is hard to give NASA any credibility when they have botched the global warming predictions by huge margins, this does give one pause. For example NASA’s TIMED statellite show that the thermosphere is cooling and shrinking. Unlike the estimates of ocean temperature, this is actually a real measurement. I am not about to predict our future climate when the real experts admit they don’t have enough data to do that. But I can suggest one thing. Don’t sell your coat!



Unfortunately the Camp Fire that destroyed Paradise, California is bringing back some painful memories for me. This is so bad that insurance adjusters aren’t even allowed into the area because there is still a massive search for additional bodies. We may not know the final body count for days. In the meantime a team of specialists is combing the area doing a job none of us can even contemplate.

I was V.P. and Director of Insurance for ABM Industries, Inc. when the 9-11 attack occurred. ABM had 850 people working at the World Trade Center. I was on the first plane out of San Francisco arriving in New York on Wednesday morning. When I arrived at our New York Headquarters I was advised that ABM still have over 140 people missing. We knew some of them had been killed, that was inevitable. The problem was how to get closure. We set up a team of HR specialists who had the assignment of calling the next of kin for each missing person to find out if they had heard from them. As you can imagine, while some of these calls resulted in good news, others were horrendous when the person called realized their loved one was probably gone. I hired a psychologist to provide guidance on how to do this and to work with our traumatized HR staff.

I will never forget the tremendous work these people did that week. They could not change the results, we had 17 employees killed, but they did show compassion and understanding for people who desperately needed it.

This also brought back a memory that was nothing short of miraculous. I went through the NYC metropolitan area meeting our injured employees who had been located in hospitals. I visited one man, an elevator operator, who had survived. He was heartbroken because he said he knew his wife, an elevator operator in the other tower, had not made it. I asked him his wife’s name, and my heart nearly stopped, because I had just come from her hospital room. I signaled my assistant to verify this, because I sure didn’t want to get this wrong. He quickly reported that yes she was the woman we had just visited. So I was able to tell this man that not only was his wife alive, she was in the same hospital.

Neither of them had any hope that the other had survived. I informed hospital staff and almost immediately they put both of them in the same room.

It is a reminder that in the worst of times, miracles can and do still happen.





One of our favorite TV series was Foyles War. It was about a Detective in Great Britain during WWII. Now we have Donald Trump at war with his foils in the MSM. I thinks “Foils War” is a pretty good name for this. Trump has clearly decided that enough is enough. Once the mid-term elections were safely behind him, he decided to directly challenge those who are out to resist his presidency. It is hard to blame him for fighting back against those determined to prevent him from governing.

At best, the Democrats can do nothing to Trump during the remainder of his first term. It will take that long to even get a subpoena processed. Mueller is going to wrap up his probe and it won’t even mention Trump or collusion with Russia. A couple of people will be charged with lying to the FBI, but that is all Mueller has after all this time.

If the Democrats launch impeachment proceedings on January 2, they still won’t have enough time to get this done before 2020. Even if Democrats manage to win back the Senate, with more last minute miraculous votes from Democratic strong holds, they can’t convict Trump because they still need 67 votes. Corker and Flake have retired and McCain is dead. The odds of enough Republicans joining with Democrats to remove Trump are less than zero. It would certainly take a lot more than the worst allegations currently floated by the liberal left.

CNN played into Trump’s hand with this silly lawsuit trying to get Jim Acosta back on the air. The lawsuit is extremely sloppy and it grossly misrepresents the facts. If anything it gives Trump cover for refusing to give Costa his credentials back until the lawsuit is resolved and that could easily take months. Even if some judge rules against Trump, which is quite possible, the administration will just appeal. CNN and Acosta would be very wise to consider a large dose of humble pie.

Republicans who embraced Trump, won. Those who distanced themselves, like Martha McSally, lost. Democrats not only failed to stop Kavanaugh, they made it impossible to ignore the reality that Democrats have zero interest in the constitution or the rule of law. When Lindsey Graham said they were only interested in regaining power and that he prayed to God they never got it, he spoke for a lot of people. When Hillary said Democrats can only be civil if they win, she was accidentally speaking the truth. If Democrats use their newly regained leadership in the House to only investigate Trump, they will pay a terrible price in 2020. But if they don’t attack Trump, they will also pay a terrible price in 2020. They have simply made promises they cannot possibly keep.

There is an old saying, if you take a shot at a King, don’t miss. The liberal left took their best shot at Donald Trump and they missed by a mile. This should concern us all, because like any other President, Trump has tremendous power that can be abused. So far, he has not asked the FBI, or the IRS or the CIA to target political opponents. Instead he has fought back with public statements and twitter. We should be grateful for that, because the alternative is that he follow Obama’s example of rampant abuse of power. Just because the MSM ignored the abuse of power by Obama does not make it any more acceptable or less dangerous.



The real question to be answered today is whether or not the American people are terminally stupid. Ultimately it doesn’t really matter who controls the House, Trump will still be President and Republicans are almost certain to control the Senate. What matters is whether or not a lot of cash poured by fat cat Democrats can persuade people to vote for fatally flawed candidates. Here are just some of the examples.


Will the voters in Florida elect a candidate for governor literally under investigation by the FBI for corruption?


Will the voters in New Jersey hold their nose and vote for Robert Menendez who is so crooked that when he dies they will have to screw him into the ground?


Will the voters in Arizona vote for a Senator who is literally on record bad mouthing the state, telling people it’s ok to fight for the Taliban and who has run a train wreck of a campaign?


Will the voters in Georgia vote for Stacey Abrams, a hard core left wing liberal with tons of baggage?


Will the voters in Texas vote for an Irishman with a Hispanic nickname who promises to take away their guns?

Incredibly, all of this seems quite possible. Hopefully the polls are wrong and these people are easily defeated. It is absolutely frightening to consider the next round of candidates put forth by Democrats if these clowns win. No one, in either party, should consider any of these candidates as remotely acceptable. Granted, Democrats would vote for Adolph Hitler in drag, but Democrats alone cannot elect anyone.


California may get weird, because of self-inflicted wounds by Democrats. Gavin Newsome is so sure he will win that he has barely campaigned at all. The same is true for Ami Bera here in the 7th District. The choice for Senate is between two Liberal Democrats and the choice for Lieutenant Governor is also between two liberal Democrats. The only statewide race getting a lot of attention is Superintendent of Public Instruction and that is unlikely to generate much enthusiasm in either party.

That means it will be the local elections that generate turnout. The only statewide measure likely to generate enthusiasm is Prop 6, the repeal of the gas tax.

The point is that if I were a Democrat, I am not sure I would bother to vote. Even if you are motivated to vote against Trump, that is unlikely to affect you unless you live in a district with a vulnerable Republican congressional representative up for re-election. Republicans, on the other hand, are likely to show up in droves both to vote against Prop 6 and to keep those Republicans in office.

When you combine this with Sacramento making it so difficult to vote, well this could get weird. That is not a prediction, just an observation. Only a die-hard optimist would ever predict anything other than Democrats running the table in California, again.

One very safe prediction. At the start of the night, the networks will focus on races where it looks like a blue wave is developing and downplay races where the Republicans are winning. All Republican wins will be portrayed as “expected” while the Democratic wins will be considered evidence of the coveted blue wave. This is because the networks have a long history of doing this in an attempt to depress Republican turnout in Western States. During the 2000 election, networks were declaring Al Gore the winner most of the evening. There were numerous reports of people in western states, waiting in line to vote, getting disgusted and turning around to go home. It was only later that the MSM reversed that call and admitted it was George W. Bush, not Al Gore who won that election.

Watch for weird.



In the spring of 1984 I was in Las Vegas for a trade show. I happened to be in the Sports Book at Caesar’s Palace. Out of idle curiosity I looked up at the board to see the odds of the Detroit Tigers winning the World Series. I don’t remember the exact odds, but it was probably about 75/1. It was definitely very high. With good reason. The Tigers hadn’t won a World Series since 1968 and the one prior to that was in 1945.

Suddenly the board went blank, and then the odds dropped to something like 10/1. At first I thought this was a typo or a missing bulb. Then I saw a news report saying the Detroit Tigers had acquired relief pitcher Willie Hernandez in a trade with Philadelphia. I didn’t know who Willie Hernandez was, but those Las Vegas book makers sure knew. Hernandez went on to record 32 saves out of 33 chances. He won the Cy Young Award and was voted the most Valuable Player in the American League. Detroit started the season 35-5 and after those 40 games they never relinquished a lead during the entire season.

The point is the people who know the real odds frequently work or live in Las Vegas. These guys aren’t motivated by politics, they are motivated by money. Last Thursday Robert Barnes, a well-known high-roller jumped on a non-stop flight to London so he could make six figure bets on the election. He is betting on Republicans retaining control of the House and the Senate. He is putting his money where his mouth is:


He explains his reasoning below:

“There’s a problem with polling around the world, particularly in America,” Barnes said. “The response rate is so low, and landlines are no longer reliable means to reach people. We’re in an experimental polling age. I became obsessed with polling in the 2016 election, diving into the polls. The polling problems that were present in 2016 still exist in 2018, and in fact, they’re worse. That’s enhanced and increased the odds being in favor of the Democrats.”

Then he gave his opinion regarding the people producing political polls:

If you want to change your reasoning, change your motivation. Political betting does that better than anything,” Barnes said. “What’s fascinating is that none of these people in the political data journalist space would last six months in Vegas in a sports betting market. They’re like the kids who come out here for March Madness.

For the record, I wouldn’t bet $100 on this election, let alone six figures. But there are people who do make such bets. Since it is illegal to bet on elections in the U.S., London becomes attractive because it is legal there. Nate Silver, who is betting nothing, has the odds at 85% that Democrats will take control of the house. That would result in odds between 5 to 1 and 6 to 1.  But no London broker will give you those odds. More likely the best you could get would be 2/1 or maybe 3/2.  That’s because they think the Republicans have about a 40% chance of winning. Mr. Barnes thinks the odds of Republicans winning are closer to 65%, which is why he is currently in London voting with his very fat wallet.

This is far from predicting a Republican victory, but it is even farther from predicting the coveted blue wave.