Chuck Schumer is a strong vocal critic of President Trump. As recently as November 18th, 2019, Schumer demanded that Trump testify in person before the U.S. Congressional Impeachment hearings. It would be naïve to pretend he has any interest in being fair to Donald Trump. There is no theory of law that would require anyone accused of a crime to testify against themselves. That includes the President of the United States. It is called the 5th Amendment.

In October Schumer said the following:

“I’m increasingly worried that President Trump may want to shut down the government again because of impeachment, an impeachment inquiry. He always likes to create diversions,”

So when Schumer demands that Republicans call four witnesses for the “potential” senate trial, it is not designed to help Donald Trump. It would be absurd to assume that.

It is, however, an admission that the Schumer considers the House Articles of Impeachment to be inadequate. So does Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi pushed through the Articles of Impeachment because of the urgent need to remove Donald Trump. She then said she wouldn’t bother sending them to the Senate until the Senate agreed to conduct the trial according to her requirements. This is an admission that she does not think the Articles of Impeachment, as passed by the House, are adequate to remove a President.

Then, both Nancy and Chuck dismissed their members to go home for the Holidays. This means the earliest the House can send the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate is January 7th.. Then the question is when or even if the Senate will start a trial. One thing is certain, the Senate is not about to let Nancy Pelosi dictate how they proceed.

It gets worse. Today, Nancy Pelosi sent a letter to Donald Trump, dated December 20, saying the following:

“In the spirit of respecting our Constitution, I invite you to deliver your State of Union address before a Joint Session of Congress on Tuesday, February 4, 2020 in the Chamber of the US House of Representatives,” Pelosi wrote after she shredded the Constitution with her sham impeachment.

So….the House Democrats voted to impeach a President, because of a national emergency, then they just sat on the Articles of Impeachment without delivering them to the Senate, and went home for the Holidays. Then, by the way, they invited the President they plan to remove from office, to speak to the House on February 4th, in accordance with the constitution. Obviously they are admitting Trump will STILL BE PRESIDENT ON FEBRUARY 4TH.

Seriously, is anyone buying this? This is way beyond stupid. This makes the news conferences by Baghdad Bob during the Gulf War look credible in comparison.

This is so bad that even CNN may notice. It simply does not get any worse than this. Oops. Wait a minute. There are 17 days between now and January 7th.Every time we assume Democrats have hit rock bottom, they just keep digging.



The House has voted to impeach the President of the United States. Now, they are debating whether to forward it to the Senate for a trial. Incredibly, the same people who denied due process in the House, now want to dictate rules on how to run a trial in the Senate. There is zero chance the Senate will take any guidance from the House on this matter.

The law is very clear:

 Whensoever the Senate shall receive notice from the House of Representatives that managers are appointed on their part to conduct an impeachment against any person, and are directed to carry articles of impeachment to the Senate, the Secretary of the Senate shall immediately inform the House of Representatives that the Senate is ready to receive the managers for the purpose of exhibiting such articles of impeachment

If the Senate never receives notice from the House of Representatives that managers are appointed, the Senate has no duty to act. In fact, there would be no action the Senate could take regarding impeachment without receipt of such notice.

This brilliant decision to pass Article of Impeachment, and then do nothing, came from the inner circle of the Democratic establishment. It probably seemed like a good idea at the time. But whoever came up with this gem made a terrible miscalculation. Democrats in the House voted to remove Donald Trump from office, because it was such a major emergency. For at least some of them, doing nothing is a worst-case scenario. What, after all, was the point? If the House had such a strong case, supported by indisputable facts, then it should be easy to prove this in a trial, right? If they needed to call important witnesses, why weren’t they called by the House, when it was in total control of the process? This silly stunt by Nancy Pelosi makes the entire Impeachment process in the House look like a silly partisan stunt. You cannot declare war on the President of the United States, demand his removal from office, and then do nothing. No one, on either side of this issue, can accept that as an answer.

It will soon become more than obvious that Nancy has zero leverage here. The pressure is on her and only her. There is no pressure on the Senate to do anything. There is no pressure on Donald Trump or the White House to do anything. The world waits for Nancy and only Nancy. She is the one in the pressure cooker and the temperature will be getting hotter by the second.

BOOM!:  Response by Mitch McConnell

“It’s beyond me how the speaker and Democratic leader in the Senate think withholding the articles of impeachment and not sending them over gives them leverage,” McConnell told reporters Thursday. “Frankly, I’m not anxious to have the trial.”




It is obvious that many Democrats voting to impeach Donald Trump know they have no case. They know there is no chance he will be removed from office. That isn’t even close. They are voting to smear him with the label as being one of only three Presidents to be impeached. They believe this will discredit his presidency for eternity. They are very wrong. Instead this will be a permanent stain on the 2019-2020 House of Representatives. They will be treated similarly to the Chicago White Sox who threw away a World Series. That team is now known as the Black Sox and none of the players ever participating were able to recover. The stain of history will be on them, not Donald Trump.

John Solomon is reporting that he has bank records proving that Latvia noticed suspicious financial transactions during 2016 involving Hunter Biden. They wrote a letter to Ukraine asking them to investigate. Solomon apparently has documents, witness statements and bank records supporting this. If Democrats had only waited a few days, this would have all come out. It changes everything. How on earth can one justify impeaching a President for investigating a real crime? That is beyond absurd. The only reason this is not already public is that Democrats knew that if they subpoenaed Giuliani, that would have been appealed and it might not be resolved before June. Democrats were desperate to get this done before Christmas. They clearly were afraid of a real trial, which is why Republicans were not allowed to call ANY witnesses. Now, like lemmings, they are herding together to go off the cliff into infamy. There isn’t a parachute in sight.

One of the legal consultants for the House recommended voting to impeach, and then voting to delay sending the request for a trial to the Senate. In effect the House would be voting to impeach, but then declaring Trump assumed guilty with no need for an actual trial. That would be doubling down on stupidity. It would be trying to have your cake and eat it too, only in this case, without any actual cake.

Either way, there is unlikely to be a lengthy trial in the Senate. Democrats will give their opening statement. That will be followed with a motion by the President’s team to dismiss for lack of evidence. Once Democrats vote to approve Articles of Impeachment, they are limited to the evidence they have at the time of the vote. They don’t have any evidence. They is why Chuck Schumer tried to intimidate Mitch McConnell into calling  witnesses. McConnell did not take the bait. Odds are very high that this vote to dismiss will pass. Even Mitt Romney will have trouble voting to hold a trial based on no evidence. In addition, no Senator wants to spend several weeks being distracted by a trial where there is zero doubt regarding the outcome. Even Senators who are never-Trumpers and hate him are unlikely to want a Senate impeachment trial.

That is assuming no additional facts become public between now and the January session of the Senate. But there will be additional facts. The only reason these may not come out is if Republicans ask for the delay. They have already won, and they don’t want to risk anything that would rock the boat. They may ask Rudy to hold his fire until after the Senate “trial.”

At some point, Rudy will produce his evidence and it is even possible that Joe Biden will be indicted. Lindsey Graham may call Rudy to testify, right after the Impeachment Articles are defeated in the Senate. Unless Rudy and John Solomon are delusional, they have documented evidence of Biden extorting the Ukraine and his son receiving $millions in compensation. It is exactly that kind of fact pattern that usually results in a conviction for bribery. Watch for Joe Biden to develop an unexpected illness, like that demonstrated by Harvey Weinstein requiring him to use a walker, when anyone is looking. The usual suspects will spin, scream and holler, as they do now, but if Giuliani and Solomon have documents, witness statements, and bank records, as they claim, the evidence will be overwhelming.

In summary, if there are no new developments, these ridiculous Articles of Impeachment are doomed to a quick defeat in the Senate. The only question is how long this will take. But if there are new developments, they are almost certain to be more damaging to Democrats than Republicans. We haven’t seen this level of mass insanity since James Jones convinced his followers to drink lethal Kool-Aid. Actually, those people in Guyana didn’t drink poisoned Kool-Aid. What they did was much worse. They drank barely flavored cyanide. They knew they were taking poison that would kill them and their children. 918 people died. One third of them were children. History was not kind to them.

History won’t be kind to the 2019-2020 House of Representatives either.



This is beyond insane. Democrats voted to add wire fraud to the impeachment articles, although this was never brought up in the actual hearings. Chuck Schumer is demanding the Senate call witnesses the House never called when it had the chance. It is bad enough to impeach a President for something that is not a crime, based on zero evidence. This is ridiculous.

It is always impossible to predict rational decisions by those who have never demonstrated the capacity for rational thought. It would be beyond stupid for Democrats to actually vote to impeach Donald Trump under these circumstances, but one suspects that won’t matter. They seem to be determined to vote to impeach, regardless of facts.

One has to wonder what evidence will even be admissible in a Senate Trial. Republicans aren’t going to care what Chuck Schumer thinks. The trials will likely start by asking the House to present its evidence with Chief Justice John Roberts presiding.

According to the constitution, only the House Judiciary Committee can bring forth articles of impeachment. The only witnesses called by the House Judiciary Committee were law professors opining on the constitution. The only other House Judiciary Committee hearing was a weird Town hall kind of event where the members of the committee asked questions of their own legal counsel. If Roberts rules that the only evidence that can be presented is that developed by the House Judiciary Committee, Democrats could be left standing there with less than nothing.

At some point, Democrats will have to produce some evidence. I doubt that Roberts will tolerate the type of fiasco put on by the House. The Supreme Court does not want to handle disputes like this between Congress and any President. The safest thing for Roberts to do is adhere strictly to the constitution and the law. If he does that, it will be close to impossible for Democrats to present any case at all.

President Trump, on the other hand is the defendant and his legal counsel does get to call witnesses and introduce new evidence. Imagine Rudy Giuliani presenting documented evidence that Joe Biden actually is corrupt. Imagine Adam Schiff having to either plead the 5th, commit perjury, or admit that most of his public statements were lies. The list goes on and on.

Unless we are missing something really big, Democrats appear to be headed toward an unprecedented political disaster. If they don’t vote to impeach now, they will lose a significant portion of their base. But if they do impeach and are embarrassed in the Senate that could arguably be even worse. This looks like the ultimate lose-lose scenario.

November 3, 2020 is a long way off, but I sure wouldn’t bet on Democrats having much to celebrate unless someone or something big intervenes between now and then. For most of my life I have watched Democrats outmaneuver Republicans time and time again. This time, it looks like Democrats have out maneuvered themselves and Republicans look to be uniquely focused and united. Unless something changes, Democrats are about to reap the whirlwind.



Most of you know what I mean when I describe the House Judiciary meetings as a “cluster.” If you don’t know, just assume it is means messed up beyond recovery. The House Judiciary Committee put on their best argument today, in a public hearing, and participating Democrats were embarrassed. That is those capable of embarrassment were embarrassed. When Nadler was awake, which was not always the case, he appeared rattled. Democrats launched self-righteous sermons. When they did try to discuss facts, they were quickly debunked by the next Republican. I am sure there are many on the liberal left still trying to convince themselves that this was great. But most people have sobered up by now and this was really ugly. While the Democrats were floundering, Republicans came armed for bear. If the American people are buying the Democratic spin, we are hopelessly doomed. But that will only happen if no one actually listened or they are all disciples of AOC. Most of the people I know, both Republican and Democrat, liberal or conservative will have no problem understanding this.

Undoubtedly some hate Donald Trump enough to vote for impeachment regardless of facts, but most people will be troubled by an attempt to remove a President of the United States from office without having something resembling a case. Not only do they have zero evidence of a crime, they can’t even make the case that Trump was wrong to suggest investigating Joe and Hunter Biden. Democrats don’t have a thin case; they don’t have a case at all.

In addition, Republicans got the opportunity to trash Hunter Biden with a lot of inconvenient facts that totally destroy the narrative. Since a lot of people on the left get all their information from CNN, MSNBC or AOC, they probably bought the argument that there was no evidence either Joe or Hunter Biden did anything wrong. They probably also considered the allegation that Ukraine interfered in the 2016 election to be just a debunked conspiracy theory. The reality is that there is solid evidence regarding the Bidens and Ukraine literally admitted interfering in the 2016 election. Today, for the first time, Republicans got a chance to make the case on national television. This had to be shocking for at least some people.

Who knows what will happen. We know what should happen, but that would require some element of common sense and consideration of doing the right thing. So far, there is zero evidence Democrats in the House are capable of either. But, there’s the rub. If there are just 18 Democrats in the House who see this for what it is, and vote against this, it will be a humiliating defeat for the DNC..

There are 31 Democrats who won election in districts where Trump won big time. If they vote to impeach this President, for this reason, they should be making plans for alternative work after being voted out of office. The only thing that would save them is the Republican tradition of picking candidates who could lose an election to a fence post.

We are about to learn how many Democrats are actually willing to go on a final suicide mission appropriately named: “Cluster’s Last Stand.” Those foolish enough to participate in this fiasco should do a little research and see that worked out for those who participated in Custer’s Last Stand.

In both cases the defeat would be caused by “Sitting Bull.”



While watching the local news last night, I was shocked by what appears to be an abrupt change in coverage regarding Donald Trump. This part of the program is always based on feeds from the MSM. So, one must assume, that this was similar throughout the country. Previously every station was reporting primarily the Democratic Spin and a short segment on the Republican response. Anyone watching this would have assumed that the legal noose was closing in on Donald Trump. That all changed last night.

Suddenly, the reporting was fair and balanced and if anything, it was Democrats who got the short shift. There was this ridiculous video of all those Democrats solemnly marching in like Monks on a Mission to deliver their proposed articles of impeachment. They consisted of two charges, abuse of power and obstruction of justice. Abuse of power was based solely on asking Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden. Obstruction of Justice was blamed on Trump claiming executive privilege. Recent news reports and the pathetic response by Joe Biden have obviously had an impact. The result was that this impeachment announcement looked pathetic. There were no comments even hinting at support for the validity of this impeachment. What was presented was the Republican rebuttal, the interview with William Barr and comments by President Trump.

If the reporting is similar across the country, this is an unmitigated disaster for Democrats in the House. As Lyndon Johnson said when Walter Cronkite turned against the war: “If I’ve lost Cronkite, I’ve lost Middle America.” LBJ was wrong, most of the country still supported the war, but LBJ did lose support among Democratic members of congress. Cronkite’s report was based on a single visit to Vietnam and he did not have a clue regarding what was going on. Cronkite’s reporting on the Tet Offensive was not only wrong, it was absurd. The Tet Offensive was a military disaster for the NVA and the Viet Cong, but Cronkite viewed this as evidence we were caught in a quagmire. Facts, however, did not matter. What did matter is how LBJ responded to this and that was devastating for the Democratic Party and ultimately the country.

If the reporting I saw last night continues, then Democrats in the House have lost the MSM and ultimately the country. When you combine this with the IG report this is a stunning change of the political environment. This is as bad as it gets. Any Democratic member of congress, who plans on running for re-election, should be very afraid. This sure appears to have made a 180-degree turn.

Perhaps the real question today is who is in control of the Democratic Party? If it is the traditional establishment, they will be desperately seeking an exit. But they may not be able to do that. It is increasingly clear that the Democratic primaries are totally dominated by the extreme liberal left. Incredibly, it is distinctly possible that contrary to what is increasingly obvious, Democrats just make continue to follow the radical left off the cliff of self-destruction.



 Favorinus about a.d. 110:

“it is more shameful to be praised faintly and coldly than to be censured violently.”

While the MSM and people associated with the FBI are trying to spin down the IG report, it is beyond devastating. This is easy to understand, even if you work for CNN. Just check out one of those AT&T commercials: “Just Ok is Not Ok.” Here, the IG did not report that things were OK at all. Instead it found very serious violation of procedure and major credibility errors. The only thing it did not determine was whether or not this rose to the level of criminality and the extent to which it was intentional. This would be the equivalent of a critique on a surgeon after a failed surgery. The operation review board showed major errors in judgement and procedures which were extremely damaging to the patient, but the concluded this didn’t rise to the level of malpractice. Good luck with that career. Here, the IG report was actually worse, in that it did find that the conduct rose to the level of malpractice, it was just not necessarily to the level of criminality.

Even the MSM has figured this out. They also know that William Barr’s analysis is spot on, and the next time we hear from John Durham he is probably going to be delivering indictments. It is particularly important to know that John Durham has a well-earned reputation for not saying anything. The fact that he was angry enough to publicly rebuke this report is like a bomb going off.

This is going to get worse, much worse. Horowitz is going to be testifying tomorrow and he is going to be asked some hard questions by some very capable Republicans. He will be dealing with more than Lindsey Graham; he will also have Chuck Grassley and John Cornyn. But it is worse than that, while the rest of the Republican Senators on this committee are all strong, two of them are in another league. Ted Cruz is considered to be one of the top constitutional attorneys in the country. Even Eric Holder said he would never question Ted Cruz with regard to his knowledge of the constitution. Mike Lee is also a highly respected constitutional attorney. It would not be a shock to see either or both of these men on the Supreme Court someday.

Democrats will be represented by Feinstein, Leahy, Durbin, Whitehouse, Klobuchar, Coons, Blumenthal, Hirono, Booker and Harris. Quite frankly the democrats put in a junior varsity squad to compete with a group of credentialed professionals. Unlike the Kavanaugh hearings, where Democrats could spin emotional arguments, Horowitz is a professional who will simply not play the game. They attack him to their own peril. Since Graham, not Schiff is in charges of the rules; the Republicans will get at least equal time. When you combine that with a lot of documented, inconvenient facts, this is likely to be very ugly.

Then, Trump will play his ace in the hole card, and unleash Rudy Giuliani. Giuliani says he has documented evidence of corruption in Ukraine. That is likely to include financial documents. Although the MSM is already trying to spin this as a bizarre conspiracy theory, Giuliani says he has the proof and based on his record as a U.S. Attorney, that should not be ignored. This is a classic case of follow the money and if Giuliani has obtained bank records that allow people to follow the money; this is going to blow up big time on Democrats.

It is always hard to predict rational behavior regarding those who have seldom demonstrated rational thinking in the past. But one has to wonder whether or not there are a significant number of Democrats who do recognize that this impeachment is a disaster. The hearing Monday where members of the committee literally resorted to asking leading questions of their own legal counsel was beyond bizarre. It was absurd. If they are smart, they will put through a motion to delay the impeachment vote until after Adam Schiff or Jerry Nadler schedules hearings that at least allow Republicans to call rebuttal witnesses. That would give them an excuse to stop this train from going completely off the tracks, without giving Trump an idiotic impeachment vote for a Christmas present. In my past experience, when politicians don’t know what to do they usually just kick the can further down the road.

In any event, the best description of that IG report is that it is damning everyone involved and it is not with faint praise, it is with zero praise. Like I said, damning with ain’t praise, which is ultimately as bad as it gets.

It is sometimes said that one should never assume malice where mere incompetence is a satisfactory explanation. But, in a case like this, this level of incompetence by people in these positions of authority may actually be the worst case scenario.




  • I’m dreaming’ of rotten Christmas
  • Even more than I usually do
  • And although, I know there are no facts
  • I promise you.
  • I will ruin Christmas
  • You can count on me
  • Ignore the snow and mistletoe 
  • Impeachment’s under the tree.
  • Christmas Eve will find me
  • Full of hate and schemes
  • I will ruin Christmas
  • If only with my screams.
  • Christmas Eve will find me
  • Voting to Impeach
  • I will ruin Christmas
  • If only with my dreams
  • And only in my screams




There are two mythical creatures, frequently dismissed as folklore myths by the MSM. One of them is the Chupacabra. As far as I can tell the initial sighting of a Chupacabra took place in Puerto Rico in 1995. Some 150 farm animals were attacked and eye witness accounts talked about a creature with a reptilian body, oval head, bulging red eyes, fanged teeth and long darting tongue. I suspect some form of alcohol was involved, but not sure what kind. The farm animals were found to be drained of blood, apparently from puncture wounds, but no meat was taken. Mexico has another version of the Chupacabra which is frequently described as a weird hairless version of a wild dog. This is not necessarily new; there are reports in Mayan mythology of similar creatures.

There are, of course, no videos or pictures and no examples of a living or dead Chupacabra to examine. I personally suspect if one is found it will be in a mass grave next to Big Foot and the Loch Ness monster. However, real or not, something definitely raised havoc with all that livestock.

The Chalupa, on the other hand, although equally ignored by the MSM, is actually very real. It is a person, named Alexandra Chalupa who is suspected of being a DNC activist dispatched to the Ukraine to dig up dirt on Donald Trump during the 2016 election. While the MSM immediately dismisses Chalupa sightings as existing only in the deluded mind of Vladimir Putin, there appears to be some inconvenient evidence to the contrary. We know that Senators Graham, Grassley and Johnson believe that because they just announced they are seeking “staff-led transcribed interviews” regarding meetings Chalupa had with Ukrainian officials at the Ukraine embassy.

Chuck Schumer predictably became unhinged and blamed everything on, you guessed it, Vladimir Putin.

Schumer: When Vladimir Putin says stoop, Senate Republicans are asking: how low? Putin..couldn’t have cooked up a more useful tool for spreading conjured and baseless conspiracy theories than the one Chairmen Graham, Grassley and Johnson announced today.

Schumer: Every day that Senate Republicans parrot Putin’s talking points further undermines our democracy— & our national security—& raises questions about why the Republican majority in the Senate continues to block legislation to better secure our elections from Putin’s assault

I can verify that there is at least one real Chalupa, the “Chalupa Supreme.” You can check one out yourself at any Taco Bell.



It is amazing to watch all the pundits weigh in on an IG report they have never seen. This is evidence that they are terrified that this report will disclose the real conspiracy against Donald Trump. It is important to realize that the IG report is only part of the investigation. Horowitz only has limited authority. This was addressed in H.R. 4917, which authorized an IG to issue subpoenas, but only if approved by a panel of three other inspector generals. It passed the House in September 2018 but was never passed by the Senate. This means the IG has very limited ability to do anything other than report what is verified by actual documents.

The most likely result is that Horowitz will report what was done wrong, but he will not have enough information to evaluate intent other than from public records demonstrating bias. The result is that William Barr could totally embrace the findings of the IG report, but that does not mean he will consider this report to exonerate anyone.

This is easy to understand. Imagine there is a person who decided to hire someone to murder his or her spouse. Financial records would be subpoenaed and evaluated. These records would show what funds were expended and who received them. But a report on these records would not be nearly enough to convict anyone. There would also have to be testimony, probably by a medical examiner, showing when, where and how the person died. There would be a detective who described his or her investigation. He or she would report on interviews with the suspect and with others. There would likely be eyewitnesses called to testify.

The point is that the investigation by the IG, by definition, is insufficient to support a prosecution. While he can be critical of people for failing to follow procedures, he cannot indict anyone. He didn’t even have the authority to subpoena records or testimony. It would hopelessly naïve to think that this report would accuse people of criminal conduct,

This means a lot of people, on both sides, have been creating absurd expectation for the IG report. When the actual report is produced, it will be declared a nothing burger. This ignores the reality of the situation.  The IG report is part of a much bigger investigation. It is important, but it is far from the entire case. What really matters is how it meshes with a much broader criminal investigation being conducted by John Durham. When Durham speaks, he is not going to be critical of people, he is either going to indict them or close his file.

Horowitz delivered the IG report to the DOJ and the FBI. Everyone involved reports to William Barr. William Barr announced that he has received the report and is reviewing it.  Now that the comment period is over, Horowitz will deliver the final version to William Barr sometime prior to next Tuesday. It will be William Barr, not Horowitz who will make the public statement regarding the report. He will not necessarily limit this to what is in the report. Remember that when he delivered the Mueller report, he also said that he and Rosenstein had determined that there was no obstruction of justice.

The first time anyone will hear directly from Horowitz will be next Thursday when he testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee. This means the real bombshell next Tuesday is likely to come from William Barr and while he will certainly reference the findings of the IG report, he is extremely unlikely to limit his comments only to that report.

Once again, the speech by William Barr to the Federalist Society is extremely important. If he has facts to support his accusations, Tuesday is going to go off like a nuclear bomb. If he does not, then he is going to have a hard time justifying his previous remarks. Since he has obviously read the entire unredacted report and he knows exactly what John Durham has found, it would be wise to assume that he does indeed have the facts.