The incident where Joe Biden fell, again, during the graduation ceremony at the Air Force Academy graduation may have more impact than most people can imagine. He struggled to get up again but did not appear to suffer significant injury. However, in the case of Joe Biden, his doctors are far from candid about anything.

But the real problem is that this 32 second video shown round the world. This is impossible to unsee. Predictably, Biden immediately blamed everything on something else. In this case an alleged sandbag that he tripped over. He even joked about being sandbagged. However, trusting Joe Biden to give an honest or accurate account of anything would be more than a reach. He not only lies, but he also tells ridiculous lies that are impossible to believe. While his supporters, who never miss a change to call Trump a liar, seldom seem to notice, these lies are beyond obvious. Sky News recently ran a clip of him claiming to have played Rugby. This of course was shortly after he climbed Mt. Everest, Mt. Denali, and Mt. Kilimanjaro on the same day.

Even people who consider Biden to be the worst President in American history were jolted by the reminder that Kamala Harris, who would be much, much worse, is a heartbeat away from the Presidency. That thought frightened everyone.

The reality is that both Biden’s Presidency and his personal health are on sinking sand. Few honest people would give odds of him surviving as President until 2028, assuming he manages to get re-elected. If he were to survive, it is hard to imagine him being able to speak. This may be brutal and unkind, but it is reality.

When you combine this with reports that most Americans believe Biden to be corrupt and a huge majority of Democrats do not want him to run, and it is impossible to defend the status quo. Are Democrats really prepared to let Biden coast to re-election, with no challengers and not even any debates? Whether they realize it or not, that would amount to political suicide. The only explanation for this is that they believe Donald Trump will win the Republican nomination and that anything, even Joe Biden, would be a better option. The hatred of Donald Trump by Democrats is impossible to underestimate. They would rather see the country fail than to see him succeed.

Normally, when someone is elected President of the United States, even political enemies respect the office and respect the awesome responsibility. Leaders in both parties realize that the President must be supported because our national security demands other nations respect the office. Yet when Donald Trump was elected, Democrats immediately set about to prevent him from governing. This started when Barack Obama expelled 35 Russian diplomats in retaliation for U.S. election hacking. We now know that this was blamed on the Russia Collusion hoax, that Obama knew was false and that he knew was authored by the Hillary Clinton campaign. The only explanation for this action was to sabotage Donald Trump before he took the oath of office.

Obama expels 35 Russian diplomats in retaliation for US election hacking | Obama administration | The Guardian

Democrats even tried to impeach Donald Trump twice and remove him from office. If he is elected in 2024, we can guarantee that Democrats and their supporters in the MSM will once again engage in a campaign to prevent him from governing.

The result is that in addition to the Biden administration being on sinking sand, the entire future of our country is on sinking sand. We need a President of the United States who is respected as our Commander in Chief all over the world. There is no substitute.

It is important to remember who is responsible for this mess. In 2017, Republicans controlled both the House and the Senate. Yet they failed to defend the office of President of the United States from our enemies, foreign and domestic. They wanted Donald Trump to fail because many of them hate him too. But they did this out of total disregard for the impact on the country, and themselves. They have paid a heavy price for this, but the country has paid a much higher price.

The good news for Republicans is that they have flushed out their sinking sand and the result is a leaner, meaner Republican Party. Democrats, on the other hand, have learned nothing and if they do not wise up and take drastic action, they will risk being washed out to see with the tide of history. One hopes they do not take the rest of the country with them.


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  1. As usual, it is our fellow citizens who will have to deal with the fallout and consequences of actions by our elected officials. Hopefully the voting public will pull their heads out of the sand and vote for someone with spine and some respect left with other world leaders!

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