A few years ago, we watched some of the old “Tombstone Territory” shows. In one of the shows there was a desperate search for a wounded man. They found him by looking for vultures circling in the sky. The vultures knew when someone or something was in trouble, and they would circle around waiting for a delicious meal. Sheriff Clay Hollister called the vultures the “desert telegraph.”

Today, if you are paying attention, you can see the vultures start to circle over Joe Biden. It is no longer a question of whether Biden can survive, he can’t. The only question is when and how will he depart the scene. Unlike the desert vultures, this breed of carrion hunters  is unlikely to wait patiently for nature to take its’ course.

The real problem for Joe Biden, is Joe Biden. His approval ratings have dropped beyond any hope of recovery and few honest believe he is remotely capable of turning things around. Yet, incredibly, he is running for re-election and so far, he has almost zero opposition. Of course, in the case of Joe Biden, running does not necessary involve moving at a fast pace. If nothing changes the person most likely to be the next Democratic nominee for President is not only the person least qualified (with the possible exception of Kamala Harris) he is the person most likely to lose the general election in a landslide.

The only reason Democrats put up with Biden in the first place is that he was considered the only one capable of beating Donald Trump. If he can’t do that, there is absolutely nothing left. I sometimes wonder what those Democratic prosecutors think will happen if they get the longed-for opportunity to put Donald Trump in jail awaiting trial. That is particularly true when the DOJ and the FBI are obviously ignoring far more serious potential crimes involving Joe Biden. Being charged with raping someone in a women’s dressing room with no witness is one thing. Being accused of accepting bribes from China and or Russia in exchange for political favors is far more serious. It literally borders on treason. Those left-wind radical prosecutors may not be able to grasp this concept, but most Americans understand this all too well.

The allegations against Joe Biden may have been ignored and covered up but they are beyond serious and all too real. The cover-up is rapidly running out of steam and time. The American people are about to be confronted with this in the most public way possible. Trump has been remarkably resilient in the face of an unprecedented assault by blatantly partisan prosecutors. Joe Biden has just been hiding in his basement pretending that Hunter’s moon is only about predicting a good deer hunting season. Does anyone seriously think Joe Biden is remotely capable of handling the coming assault? He will just continue to believe he truly is living in never-never land, totally oblivious to reality. How, exactly, does anyone expect him to survive this? The vultures are already circling overhead, more and more of them are showing up by the minute and the wise money would bet on the vultures.