Sometimes the easiest thing to predict is the unpredictable. Let’s be honest here, things are getting seriously weird. Joe Biden, the poorest excuse for a President of the United States, at least in modern history, is expected to announce his plans for reelection next week. How is this possible. Even a majority of Democrats apparently don’t want him to run, at least according to the recent polls. So why is this even an option? The obviously answer is Donald Trump. Democrats are willing to do almost anything to prevent Donald Trump from returning to the White House, and almost anything includes pretending Joe Biden is remotely capable of being President of the United States.

Joe is so bad that there are reports Democrats will not hold any debates during the next primary season. This decision was probably made after a review of the performance by the class of 2020. Just wrap your head around this, Joe Biden was considered a better option than any of the above.

If you wrote a movie script this bad, not one would bother watching. Yet even though Joe is a pathetic excuse for a human being, he is far better than anyone else Democrats can even consider. Incredibly, next in line for the Presidency is Kamala Harris, quite possibly the only person who actually makes Joe Biden look good in comparison. Yet Democrats don’t have a replacement for her either, because that would require a black female. Know anyone? Democrats are desperately searching for a better options. But there really is no one out there.

So far, the only option for Biden on the distant horizon is Pete Buttigieg.  Seriously folks, after Buttigieg there is a really stark drop off. Gavin Newsom considers himself God’s gift to humanity, But the only people actually buying this are the residents of San Francisco seriously expecting to get $5 million in reparations. Consider the wisdom of this, people who live in a state that never allowed slaves are going to tax people who never owned slaves to pay people who never were slaves. If you need any further evidence of election fraud, look no further. Does anyone really believe that serious people in either party are buying this nonsense?

We are going to reduce our dependence on electricity by requiring people to purchase more things powered by electricity. What could possibly go wrong? Well start by letting China build a huge electrical battery plant in Big Rapids, Michigan.

Joe Manchin is shocked, shocked I tell you, to learn that coal is one of the fossil fuels on the Biden chopping block. What, Joe? (Manchin), you honestly believed that Joe Biden was being serious? Did you believe he was capable of being serious. Those who are terrified by climate change are incapable of rational thought. AOC wants to spend $93 trillion, yes $93 trillion, to save us from climate change. It would be far less expensive to just save us from people like her.

Joe Biden’s international policy is so awful that it may be brilliant. I mean who else could have predicted that letting Russia invade The Ukraine would do more harm to Russia than Ukraine. Young men of draft age in Russia are starting to ask a serious question. “Where in the heck is Ukraine, why would we care, and if you think getting shot at is so great, why aren’t you there?”

We have a “President of the United States” who thinks the way to beat inflation is to spend more money on things that don’t matter. We have a Speaker of the House who pretends to expect someone as delusional as Joe Biden to bargain in good faith. Biden can’t even spell good faith. Yet, Democrats, who theoretically control the senate, don’t have real control, because two or more Senators don’t actually show up to vote. It doesn’t actually matter how many votes you have if key senators aren’t actually showing up to vote.

It is increasingly difficult to be optimistic about anything. Until one remembers something very important. It is always darkest before dawn. And giving stupid people power only hastens the day when their stupidity is on full display for everyone to see. Check out the Peter Principle to see how this works.

Peter principle – Wikipedia

Things are now so bad that they are starting to look up, not because anyone in either Party is remotely capable of fixing things but rather because history teaches us that everything moves in cycles. It is only by reaching the bottom that we can even begin to climb our way out of this mess.

In addition, it is easy for us and for people in government to overestimate their power. Just look around you. There are hundreds, no thousands, no millions of people living their lives and the government has little or no impact on them. Those who consider themselves elite and powerful, all eventually lose that power. All power is fleeting. Ten years from now very few of the people currently in power will have much influence over anything.

A whole new class of people will take over. This may be better, it may be worse, but it will be different. Today, Fox News fired Tucker Carlson and CNN fired Don Lemon. The executives who dreamed up the brilliant new Bud Light advertising disaster are on “leave.” It seems to always work that way. We never seem to find the truly competent until we run out of other options. Winston Churchill was considered the worst possible choice to be Prime Minister of Great Britain, until he became the only choice. Even General Ulysses Grant was only given a chance after all the other, more senior generals had failed miserably. It is easy to see failure, all around you. But truly great leaders see opportunity where everyone else sees only chaos. Somewhere out there is that certain someone who sees that opportunity and seizes the day.

Chaos is messy, but it cannot by definition last very long. Chaos is a symptom, not a strategy. At this point all we can do is watch and wonder and remember chaos is essential to produce the incentive required for fundamental change.