One of the problems with people who lie about almost everything is that at some point, truth will overcome all lies. Lies, disguised as truth, always suffer from terminal truth decay.

If you take a moment to think about this, you can quickly come up with a long list of obvious lies, repeated continuously by self-appointed leaders, that are no longer believed by a huge number of people.

One of the most ridiculous was the claim that all of Trump’s “big lies” about the 2020 election have been totally discredited. The reality is that they not only have not been discredited, in many cases they haven’t even been investigated. The talking heads on TV may believe this but numerous polls show that a majority of Americans realize there were serious problems with the 2020 election.

You can test this yourself. If you have a liberal friend, just ask them if there is any possibly of rigged elections in places like New York, Chicago, and Philadelphia. Most will reluctantly agree that this is pretty obvious. If they try to pretend this is not true, then you are talking to someone living in a make-believe world fueled solely by their own delusion. Move on.

There were too many lies and distortions about COVID 19 to list here. But if you look around, it is obvious that most people no longer allow the irrational fear of COVID 19 to dominate their lives. Granted there are some who walk around stores, looking terrified, while clutching their worthless masks, but it is a small percentage, and it is getting smaller.

Climate change, (global warming) alarmists are shrieking at the top of their lungs begging people to change or face extinction. But if you have been on this planet long enough to have visited several coastal areas, and you look around, you see almost zero signs of a catastrophic rise in sea level. You are more likely to see luxury homes and condos built right on the edge of the water to take advantage of the million-dollar view. These magnificent homes are often owned by obnoxious celebrities who fly all over the world in their private jets to lecture the rest of us to embrace self-sacrifice to save the planet. None of their predictions have been accurate and their actions show zero real concern regarding the threat of extinction from using fossil fuels.

The “tax incentives” to buy an electric car only appeals to people who have taxable income. High income people are buying electric cars. Some middle-income people are buying electric cars. No one else can afford to pay extra money for an electric vehicle. This is one reason the government is moving to ban people from buying a gas-powered vehicle. This is doomed to failure because the problem is obvious. You can’t force people to pay money they don’t have for a vehicle they don’t want and don’t need to save the planet from an extinction threat that only exists in the minds of self-deluded people who are in total ignorance of real science.

Few subjects generate more lies than gun control. I fully understand people who are terrified at the thought of being surrounded by secretly armed people with little training. They are terrified of all guns, which makes sense, because guns are designed to kill things, including people. But the facts are stubborn things, and the sad fact is that the people who are causing the problems are the people who are least affected by gun control laws. The reality is that we are a nation of guns, most of which are owned by honest citizens, who obey the law, and keep their guns in a properly locked safe. If you want to see a real nightmare, try to send the police out to confiscate all those guns. Most people would willingly comply, but the exceptions would rock the world.

Many of the people who are doing these mass shootings have guns they obtained in violation of the law. Sometimes it is because they lie and other times because they steal or borrow the guns from someone else. If current gun laws were enforced that would go a long way toward preventing criminals from having guns. Instead, the strategy is to put new restraints on the people who are not part of the problem. And by the way, those criminals caught with illegal guns are frequently set free without bail. In addition, it sure seems like every mass shooting happens in a “gun free zone.” That is why these demented cowards choose these kind of locations.

But perhaps the biggest lie is when people say racist things to falsely accuse other people of systemic racism. Racism is real and we all should stand up against it, but the solution to racism is not reverse racism. It is instead judging everyone on their conscience and character, not things like race, gender, or sexual preference. The worst form of racism is to promote someone, without merit, because they check off the designed diversity boxes. We see that far too often today, with disastrous results. Setting people up to fail is the opposite of working for equality.

Finally, the people we should be able to trust the most have proven to be unworthy of such trust. The weaponization of the DOJ and the FBI is wrong for a lot of reasons. But the most important is that if the American people lose confidence in our most important institutions, who have a mission to be non-partisan, that is a very serious problem. The severity of this issue is compounded by a MSM that has become too politicized to even seek the truth and just ignore reporting inconvenient truth if inconsistent with their political view. As a result fewer people trust the MSM anymore. That is a serious problem, because someday we may need the MSM to deliver an inconvenient but necessary truth. Just at a time when people need to trust them the most, they will trust them the least. The consequences of that could be staggering.

The good news is that the truth always outs, and no matter how many times a lie is repeated, it is still a lie. Sometimes waiting for this to happen is beyond painful. But it always happens, because truth is truth and lies disguised as truth are subject to truth decay.