Apparently, Donald Trump is going to be arrested tomorrow in connection with his alleged indictment by a New York Grand Jury. There are many wild theories about this, but in reality, very few people have seen the actual indictment. The information we are getting either comes from leaks by people connected with the prosecutor, or speculation by Trump’s own legal counsel. Since it is illegal to leak information from supposedly secret Grand Jury proceedings, one must question the validity of such information. In addition, one could publish a library with “leaks” about impending prosecutions of Donald Trump that never happened. If all the walls allegedly closing in on Donald Trump actually existed, we would have more than enough to secure our southern border.

Regardless of how this particular case turns out, this is guaranteed to not end well. Based on history, Democrats will never stop attacking Trump until he is dead. The least likely outcome, regardless of reality, is the usual suspects in the MSM giving Donald Trump a fair hearing. Some of them are literally gloating as if he has already been convicted and is behind bars. It is nauseating and beyond pathetic.

We are now close to the point where one has to wonder which is worse, Trump being convicted or having the charges dropped. Even if Trump were to be put on trial, and to be acquitted, it would not matter to many of his detractors. They hate him with a passion that will never go away, as long as they are still alive. But one wonders if they understand the damage this will do to the country.

These charges were not brought by the DOJ, at least not openly, they tried that and failed miserably. They are being presented by a highly partisan local prosecutor. Someone who literally campaigned on a promise to indict Trump. That is great, if you are from that part of New York and you also hate Trump. But few have stopped to consider the real significance of this. Any future President is now subject to criminal prosecution by a local prosecutor once they leave office. At a minimum, this results in an incredible amount of time and money spent mounting a legal defense. That is one reason neither Bill Clinton, Barack Obama nor even Joe Biden is openly celebrating. They know there is a long list of Republican prosecutors more than capable of doing the same thing to them. If even some of the rumors are accurate, they would have a lot more to fear than Donald Trump. Perhaps the most shocking thing about this is what Donald Trump is not accused of doing. In fact, considering his massive personal wealth and world-wide network of high value properties, it is amazing that there are not a lot more charges relating abuse of power for personal financial gain. Trump was a billionaire before he became President and, if anything, he left office with less wealth than when he took arrived. Clinton, Obama, and Biden all came to Washington poor, and left with massive wealth. That should be obvious, even to Trump hating leftists, but there is no sign they grasp the concept.

The most important cost of all is lack of respect for the office of President of the United States. It used to be that even if people did not like the person holding this office, they still respected the office. That respect is long gone. Some of this started with the irresponsible behavior by Bill Clinton. It is hard to imagine the chief of state for any other democracy on earth surviving such a scandal. But Clinton survived solely because Democrats decided it was just about sex, so it didn’t matter. Then when Clinton was replaced by George W. Bush, they spent the next eight years disrespecting him. Bush didn’t come close to giving them grounds for impeachment, but this was not for lack of trying. Then when Trump became President, Democrats went on a mission to find some excuse to impeach him. This was clearly motivated by the refusal of Democrats to accept the reality that Bill Clinton had brought this impeachment on himself. Democrats focused only on the fact that Republicans had voted to impeach a Democratic President and they never forgave them for that.

Well now Democrats are digging an even deep hole. By prosecuting Trump, when he is running for election as a candidate for President of the United States, they have touched the third rail of politics. It was bad enough to see the weaponization of the DOJ and the FBI, but now we are seeing the weaponization of partisan local prosecutors who feel incentivized to investigate and prosecute a candidate for President of the United States, without regard to the consequences. This cannot be allowed to continue, or we will find it nearly impossible to get qualified candidates to run for public office. The only candidates will be those we least want, those who have zero concern regarding possible violations of the law. Real criminals just ignore the law.

I cannot predict this. It just may make Donald Trump unbeatable in the 2024 election. But it also might drive him out of the race, solely because people are sick and tired of the daily Donald Trump legal drama parade. At some point, wise people want a President who is capable of being President without the constant distractions by insane shrieking maniacs who simple refuse to see him through anything other than the blind red lens of pure hatred. This says more about them than every one else, but at some point, whether fair or not a lot of people just want this play to end. Even a great performer, who cannot be heard over the unrelenting noise from those in opposition finds it impossible to perform. In far too many cases, they just give up and leave the stage.

It would be great if this week was the beginning of the end of this nonsense, one way or the other, but unfortunately that is not likely. Instead, this is almost certain to drag on and on and on until it just becomes too unbearable to watch. We can only hope that wiser heads in both parties understand this and gain insight from Don’s early light. We are better than this, or at least we need to be better than this or be prepared for unimaginably bad consequences.