Sometimes reality is weirder than any imagined plot. Joe Biden is President of the United States for one and only one reason, he is not Donald Trump. Democrats were so desperate to get rid of Donald Trump that they chose Joe Biden to being their nominee solely because they decided he was the ONLY Democrat running who had ANY chance of beating Donald Trump. Even then he won by the narrowest of margins with the help of miraculous late night vote totals in the usual suspect locations famous for voter fraud in the bluest of blue Democratic cities.

No one in the MSM noticed the stench from the 2020 election. Actually, they did notice and chose to lie about it. The situation was not helped when Trump got some really horrible legal advice, pursuing wild conspiracies while ignoring issues that could have changed the outcome. For example, it is indisputable that in Pennsylvania, votes were counted differently in some very blue counties than they were in other parts of the state. That is exactly the issue that caused the Supreme Court to intervene during the 2000 presidential election. A decision, by the way, that was 7-2 meaning some of the liberal judges agreed.  The 5-3 decision was the one to stop counting.

The unfortunate result was President Joe Biden, and he has turned out to be worse than anyone expected. Many have speculated that Joe was not really in charge. That there was a double secret probation committee making all the decisions. But the real problem is that Joe, despite his obvious mental decline, thinks he is in charge. He is the one that has made the most disastrous decisions. Then, incredibly, this frail shadow of a human being decided he would run for re-election. Boom! Democrats were faced with the impossible scheme. Donald Trump, gasp, could even beat Biden, which to them would be the worst-case scenario for the establishment in both parties. Or, at best, Joe could eek out another “miraculous” victory and Democrats would have to spend four more years watching him muck things up to a fare-thee well. And I do mean fare-thee-well, because if Joe spends four more years as President by 2028 the revolution would be complete, and Democrats would be swept totally out to see.

No one, in either party, wants Joe anymore. We can be absolutely certain that neither party will even consider doing the right thing, for the right reason. What’s a mother to do? Well, just maybe, now we know. The perfect solution. Miraculously discover documents, ignored for years, that have “Top Secret” markings found in brilliant locations like the garage where Joe stores his Corvette and where Hunter had held some really spectacular parties. Game on!  Former Obama officials are trashing him. Even CNN joined the blame game. Predictably some Democrats smell blood and are turning on Joe. If you get rid of Joe for improperly storing classified documents, that makes it impossible for Trump to become President again. Right? Win-win.

Then, just when you thought this couldn’t get worse, it got worse. Friday, the FBI discovered even more documents at Biden’s Delaware home, after an alleged 13-hour strip search. Nice! This is now rapidly becoming a constitutional crisis. Goodbye Joe is coming, whether we want it or not. The real question is who or what will replace him. Kamala is standing on the side of the stage, giggling, saying “look at me.” Those who do are throwing up.

Congratulations to those who thought the election of Donald Trump would be the end of the age. If Trump had won re-election, he would already be the lamest of lame duck Presidents. The Trump era would be officially over next year. Instead, this script reminds me of the song, “Goodbye Joe.”

Good Bye Joe

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Time is full of changes, Joe, and now you’ve got to go
Don’t forget that we loved on the highland
Goodbye, Joe (goodbye, Joe)

Goodbye, Joe (goodbye, Joe)
Goodbye, Joe (goodbye, Joe)
Goodbye, Joe (goodbye, Joe)
Goodbye, Joe (goodbye, Joe)