What goes around comes around. Ever since Trump was elected, the MSM and Democrats have attacked him relentlessly. They even tried to impeach him twice. None of the serious charges against him have been proven true. Many have been totally debunked.

All of this was possible because Paul Ryan was and is a “never-Trumper” and Republicans did zero investigations of Democrats while he was Speaker of the House. Nancy Pelosi was even worse, with her unrelenting attacks on Trump and any Republican remotely connected with January 6th. But there is an old saying, “people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.” Republicans only took full control of the House on Monday, and a lot of Democrats are already showing signs of pure panic.

There may also be something else going on. It appears as though some members of the Democratic establishment have had enough of Joe Biden. They were probably hoping he would just announce plans to ride off into the sunset, but instead he is threatening to run for re-election. Perhaps that explains some of the recent leaks, all bad for Biden, some of them involving things that had previously been ignored.

Attorney General Merrick Garland announced the appointment of a Special Counsel to investigate Joe Biden’s handling of classified documents. One suspects he noticed that Republicans are going to investigate the politicization of the DOJ and other government agencies. It is increasingly clear that Republicans are ready, willing, and able to investigate a lot of things ignored by the MSM and the DNC.

There was even a report that the FBI had Seth Rich’s laptop, and that they knew he had leaked the Hillary Clinton emails to WikiLeaks. Apparently, these documents are about to be released because of a freedom of information request. If this is true, it means the FBI knew the Russia Collusion charge against Trump had zero merit, yet James Comey appointed a Special Counsel anyway.

Credibility, once lost, is often impossible to restore. Most people are reluctant to believe that the MSM, the DOJ, and the FBI would deliberately lie to the American people. To anyone doing some research and paying any attention, these lies were always obvious. But they were ignored by the MSM which dismissed these as discredited conspiracy theories. One reason for that opinion is that they all realize this would be unthinkable. Well start thinking the unthinkable. There are several cases when the lies are no longer possible to ignore.

For the past two years, the January 6th committee has successfully managed the narrative. They painted a picture of an armed insurrection, fueled by Donald Trump, which threatened our democracy. Incredibly, Hakeem Jeffries, who every Democrat voted to be Speaker of the House, repeated this nonsense.

But there is another side to this story, and it is coming to a screen near you. Republicans reportedly have 14,000 hours of video, suppressed by the January 6th committee that show a lot of photo ops, but not much resembling an insurrection. They will also show who approved increased security, Donald Trump, and who blocked it, Nancy Pelosi. The former Chief of the Capitol Police wrote a scathing book, and he didn’t pull any punches. He is not a friend of Donald Trump, by any means, but he absolutely despises Nancy Pelosi.

So far, Kevin McCarthy is playing hard ball and he is proving to be very skilled at making his points. He has even convinced Democrats to support a select committee on China and got significant Democratic support for blocking Biden from giving more oil from our strategic oil reserve to China.

What goes around sometimes does come around. The winds of change are blowing strongly and some people who thought their power was eternal are about to experience a major wind fall.  Enjoy. This could be fun to watch.