Few people, remotely familiar with the FBI raid of Mar-a-logo can justify the decision by Attorney General Merrick Garland to appoint a Special Counsel. The grounds for investigating Trump regarding January 6th are even more obscure. It will be hard, if not impossible, to explain why Trump authorized the National Guard, to protect congress, if he intended to have people violently storm the capital. It makes zero sense. In addition, this just seems so cheap, obvious, and unnecessary. One has to ask: “Why bother?”.


If this is the reason, it is because they are irredeemably stupid. We already have enough information regarding the raid on Mar-a-logo and the January 6th event to know that while they may generate stink and steam, Donald Trump is extremely unlikely to be indicted for anything. With one very important caveat. You could indict any Republican for anything in Washington D.C. and get Grand Jury approval. There is zero chance Donald Trump would get a fair verdict on anything in the D.C. courts.


If this is the reason, then it is incredibly naïve. If anything, we are now at the point where the more people attack Trump, the more they elevate him.  Why bother to attack people you don’t consider to be a threat? This would only prove that they are still terrified of him, as a candidate. That does not mean this is not the motive, people do tend to repeat the same mistake over and over again, I just don’t think this will have much positive impact for Democrats and it may even backfire.


Since this seems unnecessary and dumb, then panic rises to the top of the list. Not necessarily panic that Trump would win the election, Democrats always underestimate Trump’s appeal. It does not mean they fear him becoming a dictator, even Democrats are not that stupid. No in order to assess the reason for the panic, one must look at the circumstances. Somehow, Trump announcing he is running again doesn’t seem enough. But what if the panic is because Republicans won control of the House and Republicans can start investigating, gasp, Democrats. Bingo, panic away!

That led me to dig a little deeper. As soon as it was clear the Republicans will take over the House, the January 6th Committee quickly announced it would wrap things up by the end of the year. Obviously, they didn’t want real Republicans anywhere near this committee. But with this appointment, it also transfers all the discovery and personnel over to the new “Special Counsel.” We can be sure that any requests for information or documents will be denied, because of an “ongoing investigation.” How convenient is that? In addition, this Special Prosecutor can investigate politicians, which includes any Republicans who dared question the results of the election. Perfect!

The coverup continues. The beat goes on. There is zero chance this Special Counsel will finish his investigation, or prepare a report, prior to the 2024 election. What an amazing coincidence. Of course, no one in the MSM will notice, they will be too busy gushing over the illusionary walls closing in on Donald Trump, again.

Merrick Garland is one of the most politically motivated Attorney Generals in American History and it would be naïve and stupid to even suggest he is doing anything for the right reason. That is not in his DNA. But they may have missed something. Someone has to pay for this, and as of January, Republicans hold all the purse strings. Oops. They can’t exactly fund raise for an “independent” special counsel. They can’t even accept donations. Hmmmm

This is a new group of Republicans, some of which are already making a big impact. These are the Republicans who now own the purse strings and the ability to run investigations, and subpoena people and records. These committees will be run by people like James Comer, not Adam Schiff. They will seek all the facts and treat Democrats fairly. Nothing should frighten Democrats more. They can’t even imagine something as terrifying as equal treatment under the law. This is why they were desperate enough to do something as stupid as appointing a Special Prosecutor to investigation nothing. This is clear a “Cover Charge” and this time, we better all hope it doesn’t work.