It is impossible to celebrate the results of the mid-term elections. Something is very wrong here. When 75% of the people think the country is headed in the wrong direction, why would they vote for Democrats. Why would anyone consider voting for someone like John Fetterman to be their senator. The answer is easy, just look at the map. The same places that produced unbelievable results in 2020 produced unbelievable results in 2022. Does anyone really think that elections run in places like Philadelphia are even close to fair and honest. Does any anyone suffer from the delusion that elections in Detroit are pure as the driven snow. Does anyone believe places like Milwaukee and Madison even pretend to be fair. Does anyone trust the vote count in Atlanta? The sad reality is that for Republicans to win, in states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia and Arizona, they must win by margins so large that Democrats can’t steal enough vote to make up the difference.

However, this does not mean that Democrats won. They didn’t. Republicans will control the House. A lot of those new Republican congressional representatives are a whole new breed. They are going to demand change, including change within the leadership of their own party. They aren’t coming to Washington on a mission to go along to get along with the same ole, same ole. Republicans may also win the Senate, although that is too close to call as of this morning.

Another big loser is Donald Trump. Every poll shows the same thing. People hate Joe Biden, but they also hate Donald Trump. They tolerated Joe because he is very old and may not even last out his first term in office and few would consider him likely to serve another six years. No one wants him replaced by Kamala Harris.  But incredibly, Joe Biden remains the person least likely to lose to Donald Trump, and that is all that matters. The hatred of Donald Trump, whether deserved or not, is all too real.

No candidate, no person, has endured more unfair, unrelenting personal attacks than Donald Trump. None of them has worked, but all of them have inflicted damage. All of us are sick of seeing this and equally sick of Donald Trump responding with cheap, sometimes unnecessary, verbal attacks. There is no doubt that if he runs for President, again, the assaults will become even more severe and unrelenting. If he is elected, there will be an addition four years of this. There is zero chance he will be able to unite the country behind him. This is really unfortunate because Trump actually accomplished a lot while he was President.

If Trump is smart, he will delay announcing his run for the President and possibly consider just riding off into the sunset. Many of the candidates he endorsed won primary elections, but they are not winning in the general election. Even if they do win, it will be by the slimmest possible margin. If he withdraws now, he will have had a major positive impact, unprecedented impact on this country. If he is no longer a threat to become President, people will quickly tire of the unrelenting personal assaults on him.

The bottom line is that everything has changed. Republicans will win control of the House. Nancy Pelosi will be sent off into the sunset, and at her age, never to return. Even if Democrats hold the Senate, they won’t be able to do anything other than block Republicans. Some Democratic senators are likely to cross over because they realize that would be a huge mistake.

Republicans will take over House committee, which will immediately end the sham January 6th committee, will remove people like Adam Schiff and Erik Swalwell from positions of power and hearings in the house will be far more balanced with people asked tough questions. There will be investigations regarding Hunter Biden, and they will be devastating.

There will also be major changes in the MSM. We have already seen some of this and we will see more in the future. The current group of anchors and reporters will be replaced by a new class, guaranteed to be different than their predecessors. One of the few things certain in life is that each new generation will be deliberately different than their parents. Sometimes the change is good, sometimes it is bad and sometimes it is horrible, but change is inevitable.

A lot of people, in both parties, looked at Florida and went wow! Four years ago, Ron DeSantis won by less than 1%. His opponent in that race was Andrew Gillum, who is currently under indictment for charges of conspiracy, wire fraud and making false statements. This year his opponent was Charlie Crist, former GOP Governor of Florida. Crist lost by close to 20 points. Republicans also won all across the board, all across the state, including in places like Miami Dade where it used to be unsafe for Republicans to go outside at night.

This happened because Ron DeSantis focused on doing his job and getting things done. He also ignored advice from older, wiser, heads and reopened the state, kept the schools open and the results are that Florida did just as well with Covid than other states that followed the non-scientific science by locking things down, forcing everyone to wear masks, and mandating questionable vaccines while accomplishing nothing other than the destruction of their state economies. The result was that thousands of people moved to Florida from places like New York and when they got here, they voted for people like Ron DeSantis. In other words, they not only voted with their feet, but they also voted with their votes.

It was depressing to see these results, until I realized something very important. Democrats still own this, all of it, and if they can’t turn things around, which they can’t, the real Red Wave will happen is less than two years. The only thing that can prevent that now is Donald Trump, and if he gets out of the way, Democrats will be left standing on the shore, watching an unprecedented Red Wave unable to distract people by screaming insults at Donald Trump.