It wasn’t that long ago that RINOs ruled the Republican Party. But they didn’t rule the country, because RINOs are exceptionally good at compromising with Democrats, at the worst possible moment. Democrats never bother to compromise with them. The MSM loves RINOs because they consider them to be bipartisan, which means they cave on principle. RINOs never learn, because they view themselves to be the cultured elite, who never forget their proper role in the establishment. That includes losing gracefully to Democrats.

This year there was a war within the Republican Party between the cultured elite, meaning the RINO wing, and the MAGA wing, meaning the people who stupidly listened to Trump. Most of those MAGA Republicans beat RINO Republicans during the primary elections. RINOs were terrified, because they were certain that all those MAGA Republicans were too loud, boisterous, and uncultured to win an election against a Democrat. Democrats believed that too, which is why the DNC stupidly supported some of those MAGA candidates in the certain hope they would be easier to beat in the midterms. They both miscalculated and will pay an extremely high price for that mistake.

A funny thing happened on the way to the Forum. MAGA Republicans, certain to suffer humiliating defeats in the mid-term elections, are gaining ground rapidly on their Democratic opponents and unless something happens, and soon, they are going to sweep Democrats right out of power. In doing so, a lot of RINO dreams will go out with the tide. Mitch McConnell is stupidly funded Lisa Murkowski, the arch typical RINO now that John McCain has departed the scene. Republicans in Alaska prefer her Republican opponent. If Murkowski wins, which is far from guaranteed, it will be with second place votes originally cast in favor of a Democrat guaranteed to lose. Ranked choice voting means the results will always be rank.

Dr. Oz wasn’t given a hope of winning a Senate Seat in Pennsylvania, particularly after being endorsed by Donald Trump. While he benefited from Democrats choosing the worst possible candidate, he is still winning. More people, in both parties, are predicting that Republicans are going to win and win big. What’s more, almost all of those Republicans who ran on a platform of claiming the 2020 election was stolen, are winning. Perhaps because a majority of people not working in the MSM agree with them. They agree with them because, like, this is really obvious.

This means in addition to Republicans winning, and Democrats losing, RINO Republicans are losing too. They are losing control of the Republican Party. They are losing control of the narrative and they are losing the ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. They are deliciously losing to a new class of Republicans so naïve and stupid that a lot of them plan to keep their campaign promises. RINO Republicans are astonished that they these “new” people don’t understand the game. Don’t they realize that when dealing with Democrats, who never compromise on anything, without regard to the consequences, we need Republicans to cross over party lines for the greater good. The greater good meaning acceptance by the cultured elite who care little about the impact of policies on the little guy.

This is a reminder that the MSM and the cultured elite never understood the MAGA movement. They assume that all these people were misled and confused by the despicable lying red head named Donald Trump. They hate Donald Trump, with a passion so they missed the obvious. Donald Trump wasn’t misleading people; he was listening to them. He is a highly skilled actor who understands the need to connect with the audience. I know many people who don’t personally like Donald Trump, they are turned off by his obsession with himself. But they realize that regardless of his faults, Donald Trump actually made good decisions and things were better when he was in charge. Trump, like all good entertainers, understands his audience.

Democrats, on the other hand, remain blinded by their hatred of Trump. They hate him, so they hate anyone who supports him. Sometimes even when they actually agree with Trump supporters on a high percentage of issues. In the meantime, Trump has already put his stamp on this election. Ironically, the Democrats focus solely on him caused them to totally miss reality. The reality that Joe Biden is doing an awful job. People do notice when gas prices skyrocket. They notice when the cost of everything, including groceries is going up. In addition, they have to put up with serious supply chain problems. What fun to pay so much more for something you can’t actually get. They notice when crime escalates to the point it is affecting people in places close to home. Just ask Paul Pelosi.

In the meantime, if you want to see the last standing RINOs, they can increasingly be seen, out in the open, surrounded by nobody, talking primarily to themselves and the ghosts of RINOs past There they stand, increasingly alone, on the verge of extinction, still wondering why everyone else got this so wrong.