Are you sick and tired of all those campaign ads yet? I suspect the answer is a resounding yes, for people in both parties. It is often said that the campaign that has the most money to spend usually wins, but I wonder if that is actually true. The following article from Politico is interesting. This sure seems like another case of “follow the money.” Only in this case, the money is deserting races where Republicans were once considered to be at risk.

House Democrats retrench as GOP money floods the map – POLITICO

“Frustrated Democrats bemoan that their party’s outside groups are unable — or, some say privately, unwilling — to devote precious funds toward what they see as winnable seats.”

House Democrats’ panic has escalated this month as GOP outside groups continued to smash fundraising records. Despite high candidate fundraising, Democrats have been unable to respond with the same volume of money, and the party has struggled to free up the resources to attack potentially endangered Republican incumbents — a crucial part of their strategy, since they need to offset expected losses in more conservative Democratic-held districts.

Democrats currently have just a 5-seat majority and already seem to be abandoning some tough seats that their incumbents currently hold in Arizona, Wisconsin, Texas, and Michigan.

“The No. 1 factor here is money,” said Tim Persico, executive director of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

I for one am not sure that spending enormous amounts of money on stupid ads most people choose to ignore really decides elections. But I am absolutely certain that not being able to run any ads at all is a recipe for disaster. Perhaps not because the ads actually work, but rather because running no ads at all is even worse.

Once again it is time to follow the money. This time the money is circling the drain, along with the wishes and dreams of the Democratic Party. Less than two years ago Democrats were on top of the world. They controlled the House, the Senate, and the Presidency. They blew it. Joe Biden has turned out to be worse than anyone imagined. We all expected him to be boring and uninspiring. All that was necessary was for him to change nothing. Instead, he went on a mission, between breaks to Delaware, to reverse every Trump policy without regard to the consequences. Today we all know the consequences.

He received little or no help from the House or the Senate since neither Chuck Schumer nor Nancy Pelosi have demonstrated even faint hints of leadership. This is so bad that even if Democrats somehow manage to keep control of the House or the Senate, neither of them is likely to survive in leadership.

So, follow the money, it is easy to see, Democrats get up every morning in a quest to find another way to waste more money on things that have not and cannot work in the faint hope that somehow, this time, it will be different. It won’t. Follow the money. After circling the drain, it will lead to a nationwide Democratic political graveyard.