If someone is really smart, they will make a movie about the Joe Biden presidency. Several possible titles come to mind. “The Man Who Never Was.” “The Wizard of Ahhs” or “The Madness of King Joe.” They wouldn’t even have to make things up. Joe provides ample material on a daily basis. This would be hysterical if he wasn’t President of the United States. I would even suggest hiring Chevy Chase for the starring role, since he is obviously skilled at playing the useful, or not so useful, idiot.

But Joe Biden is President of the United States and while the entire world is laughing at us, this is not really funny. This is so bad that virtually everyone assumes that someone, other than Joe, is secretly in charge, but no one seems to know who that someone is. Frankly, things are deteriorating so badly, on every front, that I doubt anyone wants to take ownership of this mess.

Perhaps the last person on earth to realize that Joe simply is not up to the job is Joe Biden. He obviously lives in his own little world, oblivious to reality. We saw absolute proof of that when he stupidly told the Mayor of Ft. Myers that “no one f—s with a Biden.”  I then realized that Joe tells all these absurd lies about things he never did because Joe embraces his own delusions. He probably thinks he is the best President in the history of the United States, doing a wonderful job. He doesn’t even notice that no one shows up to see him. I doubt anyone even tries to tell him everyone laughs at his daily gaffes and blunders. Joe just keeps reading his que cards and operates under the illusion that he is good at this. The number one characteristic of incompetent people is that they don’t know they are incompetent. Joe is the head of that class.

It is increasingly clear that no one else is buying this any more and that includes Democrats. In fact, Joe may have more to fear from Democrats than Republicans, because he is dragging the entire Democratic party down the drain with him. Those Democrats, particularly younger Democrats, miraculously still standing after the people get to vote, expressing their love and appreciation for everything Biden, will be furious, scared and determined. Furious that they are being dragged down by this disaster, scared that their own personal survival may be at risk, and determined to find a way to end Bidenopoly.

But, like a storm cloud following a hurricane, Kamala Harris lurks just over the horizon. Few things scare Democrats more than the prospect of replacing Joe with Kamala. I doubt that anyone in either party thinks she would be an upgrade. It would be like replacing the captain of the Titanic with the crew member who just sunk a life boat. It reminds me of a movie, I can’t remember the name, where this guy who works in a TV studio dreams of being in front of the microphone. But when he gets his chance, he literally breaks out in a sweat and can hardly speak.

I recently talked to a Guy who used to run the Met’s fantasy baseball camps. He told me about one “fantasy” player who knew he was going to get a chance to hit against Tom Seaver on the last day of camp. Unfortunately, he told everyone he was going to smoke one and Seaver heard about it. Seaver threw three pitches. The first was a curve ball that backed the guy off the plate. The second was slider on the outside corner that nearly had him falling over. The third was a 95-mph heater right down the middle that the guy watched for strike three. Then the catcher handed him the ball. Tom Seaver had written on it, saying “enjoy your three and out.”

Kinda like that. Never, never land. Joe never was a star student, he barely passed. He never hit a ball off the wall during the congressional baseball game, he struck out. He never drove an 18-wheeler, he was just a passenger. Never marched with Martin Luther King, was too busy making friends with former Klans men like Robert Byrd. Never did any of the things he remembers so well. Never seen anything like this. Hope we never see anything like this in the future. Never, never, land.