Donald Trump has announced he will hold a press conference on January 6th, 2021. The media is describing this as another attempt to push his false claims of election fraud. We can expect massive coverage of this event because the press just cannot look away. I do not know what Trump will say nor what evidence he will present but somethings are obvious. He has a lot more evidence than the MSM has reported.

One problem for Democrats, the MSM and the January 6th committee is that they have been repeating lies easily discredited. For example, they report that there was at least five deaths connected to the riots and more than one hundred police officers were injured. There were five deaths, most of them Trump supporters and the only police officer who died suffered a stroke, after the event. They continue to allege that many of his supporters brought weapons. As far as I can tell three people were arrested on gun charges. Think about that, three people. If you did a search of a Walmart on a Friday night you would probably find more guns than that. This does not excuse those who possessed firearms illegally but calling this an armed insurrection is and was absurd.


The other lie is that every allegation by Trump regarding election fraud has been discredited. That it not true. Sadly, the truth is that most of them were never investigated, by congress, by the courts, by the DOJ, by the MSM, even by the RNC. This is like someone standing on the shore, with a huge tsunami wave behind him, saying: “what wave?” Refusing to look does not mean there is nothing to see. Sometimes it only takes one person pointing the obvious before everyone sees it. One recent example was when an NBC reporter tried to pretend that the crowd behind her following a NASCAR Race was not chanting “F Joe Biden,” but rather “Let’s Go Brandon.” Even the winning driver, Brandon Brown, knew this was nonsense. So did everyone in the crowd and anyone watching on TV. The result is that “Let’s Go Brandon” has gone viral. This is so bad that one can easily cause insult with an innocent gesture. For example, I am a San Francisco Giants fan, and the two best players are the shortstop and the first baseman, both named “Brandon.” So, I have a hat that says “Let’s Go Brandon” which I wear in support of them. Incredibly some people had expressed concern to me that this hat may have a different meaning. When that happens, I politely explain the purpose of the hat and apologize if they have interpreted it differently.


Democrats are hyperventilating because Trump is holding a press conference on January 6th. They are doing everything possible to continue the myth of a Trump inspired insurrection. But the problem that they often are the ones either lying or deliberately misrepresenting things. Following is an example from Forbes, which used to be a credible news source:


Trump Plans Press Conference On Jan. 6 Anniversary To Rehash Fraud Claims (forbes.com)


The headline itself is a lie because it implies that Trump is just making things up. That is far from true, and that news conference has the disclose information that is beyond explosive. At a minimum, the MSM will have to respond to the allegations made by Trump, something they have refused to do up until now.


Numerous recounts have showed Biden’s win was legitimate and all court challenges failed. 


Actually, the recounts were merely retabulating vote totals with no effort to determine if the votes themselves were legitimate. Everyone knows that unless the vote total is extremely close there is zero chance any recount will change the results. But recounts are vastly different from actually investigating serious allegations of fraud.

One fundamental problem is that we insist on secret ballots, which means we don’t want to know how anyone voted. But, in this case, votes were counted but it is far from certain who cast those votes. There was massive mail-in voting, and the absolute refusal of Democrats to accept voter ID. That alone raises legitimate questions. Almost every poll shows that a majority of voters want voter ID, and they want more secure elections. Some polls show that an incredible percentage of people, who are not delusional Trump supporters, seriously question the results of the 2020 election.


82% of Fox News Viewers Believe Election Was Stolen: Poll (mediaite.com)


While the usual suspect discount this poll, because they believe only delusional Trump supporters watch Fox News, it is actually stunning. It is important to note that while some Fox News personalities, such as Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson routinely question the election, others like Brett Baier and the now absent Chris Wallace did not do that.


This also points out part of the problem. The MSM would have you believe that FOX News only reports misinformation designed to appeal to delusional conservatives. Yet, while the MSM routinely has to correct inaccurate reporting, it is actually rare for FOX News to do that. Anyone who has ever tried to watch the reporting by CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, The Washington Post, The New York Times or any other MSM outlet instantly realizes that this is a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black. There are numerous times where the MSM deliberate distorted things said by Trump, including the ridiculous claim that Trump recommended people drink bleach to stop COVID. What is truly rare is reporting in the MSM that even attempts to be objective regarding anything Trump.


This is hard to predict, but people are really angry. Virtually no one has any confidence in Joe Biden anymore and the entire DNC increasingly looks like a train wreck, headed toward November 22 with no brakes and no off ramp. We have learned that for all his faults, it is never smart to underestimate Mr. Trump. There is a reason he draws enormous crowds and those who choose to ignore that do so at their own peril. January 6, 2021, was a date to remember. January 6, 2022, may be equally explosive.



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