Sometimes it is best to remember that the best of times frequently follow the worst of times. This week is a reminder of that. Friday, April 2, 2021, is Good Friday. It is when we recognize the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his death at Calvary. Any reading of the New Testament shows that the disciples were totally demoralized by this. Peter even denied knowing Christ on three separate occasions and then went out and wept. It is hard to overstate the despair they must have felt.

Yet, three days later, Christ rose from the dead. At first, even his own disciples refused to believe this. That is where we come up with the name “Doubting Thomas.” Eventually, the entire world recognized the significance of the resurrection. In many ways, the doubting disciples ultimately provide the best reason to understand why the resurrection is real. They did not want to believe this, but the reality of the situation gave them no alternative. Nearly every one of the Apostles were martyred, yet none of them stopped believing in the resurrection. It was certainly very real to them.

We are truly living in dark times. It is hard to overstate the severity of the challenges we face. We have a President of the United States, selected by a process which is impossible to trust, who is clearly incompetent. The COVID 19 vaccines, pushed through by Donald Trump, are helping us turn the corner on COVID. Yet, the administration and Democratic Governors seemed determined to micromanage our lives to the last full measure. Now there is even talk of a COVID vaccine card which will be required to travel or attend large gatherings. That is truly frightening because if the Government can require this document, who knows what papers will be required next. Once a government seizes this level of control, they are extremely reluctant to release their grip on power.

That ship stuck in the Suez Canal reminds us that shutting down two rather short water ways could have a huge impact on the world economy. We can guarantee some of our terrorist group enemies are watching this even with great interest.  The Viacom CBS stock offering failed miserably. One of the big hedge funds, Archegos capital, sold its position in Viacom CBS. This was so bad that Viacom CBS and Discovery are doing damage control. Discover issued the following statement:

 “trading activity is not the result of insider transactions or transactions by Advance/Newhouse Programming Partnership or its affiliates,” which are investors in the company. The company also reiterated financial guidance and that it’s “pleased with the execution of its strategy, both with respect to its traditional business and the direct to consumer roll out.”

There are always predictions of boom and bust in the stock market. I am just reminded that it always takes a much longer to reach the mountain top then it does to slide down to the bottom.

It is hard to imagine the U.S. economy responding well to the continued micro-management of COVID, the soaring U.S. debt and the exuberant spending by the liberal left on things that cannot possibly grow the economy. Add in increases in taxes and regulations and it is hard to be optimistic. Wise people hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

Yet, I am reminded that the more obvious that things are bad the greater the incentive to move in a different direction. The worse things are, the more powerful the movement in the other direction. This is a principle of physics and it is reality in all aspects of our lives. Everything on this planet moves in cycles and no one or no thing can really change that.

I believe that if we have not already bottomed out, we are very close. Once that happens, a reverse is course is not only possible, but also inevitable. In this case the liberal left is gloating over what they perceive as total victory, but they are only securing their own defeat.

As we celebrate Good Friday this week, remember that Sunday is coming.


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