One thing is certain about this election. When the dust clears, a lot of people are going to have a lot of egg on their face. As of today, the MSM, including people like Tucker Carlson, believes that is going to be Donald Trump and his legal team. If this team cannot come up with irrefutable evidence of massive fraud, that is exactly what will happen.

But what if Sidney Powell, Lin Wood and Donald Trump are right. What if there is irrefutable evidence of massive voter fraud? Then it is the MSM, the Democratic Party and the usual RINO Republican suspects who have egg all over their face.

Either way, somebody is wrong here. Either Biden won this election fair and square and Trump just can’t accept reality, or there really was massive voter fraud. Before you decide, consider the following:

Which candidate drew record spontaneous and wildly enthusiastic crowds and which candidate couldn’t fill a phone booth?

Which political party won almost every contested race and which political part lost almost every contested race?

Who has been lying to you for the past four years and who has not?

Which candidate was leading by unexpected margins, until massive votes for the other candidate miraculous appeared in the wee hours of the morning?

Sidney Powell is either delusional or she has solid evidence that will blow everyone away.  She now reports that the good guys seized the servers in Frankfurt.

When you evaluate this, consider the following interview of William Barr by Wolf Blitzer.  If you watch this interview, it is impossible to believe that the DOJ is not investigating this.

Barr interview gets tense when pressed on mail-in voting – Bing video

Barr was clearly concerned about a lot of things, including foreign interference in our election. Barr knows there are currently people within the DOJ and the FBI who cannot be trusted. Odds are very high that he put together a very secret team of people he trusts, in both the DOJ and the FBI to investigate this. None of these people would include those who are known to leak information to places like the Washington Post.

Trump met with the DOJ in the White House. Following that meeting, the DOJ did not make any statement at all. The Washington Post reported:

Justice Dept. meets Trump, Giuliani vote-fraud claims with silent skepticism (

“But current and former officials said they thought Giuliani’s accusations sounded “crazy,” and they have not seen or heard of any evidence suggesting large-scale fraud, let alone the kind of intercontinental conspiracy described by the president’s lawyer. Like others, they spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss a politically sensitive matter.”

Another story, anti-Trump, based on unnamed sources.

Trump’s twitter account today said: “We will show massive and unprecedented fraud.” He clearly is not just talking about the obvious problems in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Sidney Powell said that Trump was the one who released the Krakken. What if the Krakken turns out to be a massive investigation into unprecedented voter fraud that included secret units of the FBI, CIA, NSA, DOJ, and others.

To most of us, the evidence of massive voter fraud is beyond obvious. Which is easier to believe? That this was ignored by the FBI, CIA, NSA, DOJ, and others? Or, that people like Donald Trump, Mike Pompeo, John Ratcliff, and William Barr saw the same things you saw and went into action.

The MSM is working overtime to stop all investigations and declare Biden the winner. Time Magazine even put “Joe Biden, 46th President of the United States” on its cover. They haven’t investigated any of the numerous allegations of fraud, they are too busy celebrating anytime a lawsuit is dismissed.

Yet Trump doesn’t sound like he thinks he lost. Sidney Powell is saying that Trump not only won, but he won by millions of votes that were shifted by software designed especially for that purpose. She is not backing down, if anything she is sounding increasingly confident. She pointed out that while the Trump campaign was investigating it didn’t have access to the investigation being done by the government.

Trump knows things that you don’t know. He knows things that no one else knows. If William Barr told Trump he had no evidence of massive voter fraud, Trump would never ignore that. He also wouldn’t ignore it if Barr told him there was evidence of massive fraud.

The clock is ticking, and things are going to start happening at the speed of light. When this is done, the only thing certain is a lot of people are going to be incredibly embarrassed. The question is who will end up with egg all over their face?


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  1. I, too, have been disturbed by no action from the DOJ that is evident to the public. I was afraid that it was another Deep State manifestation. However, your suggestion of secret task forces that don’t leak to the MSM makes perfect sense. Thanks!

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