Robert Mueller is going to testify before Congress this week. Democrats are hoping and praying that this will breathe some air back into the Russian Collusion theory. At a minimum, they want Mueller to say he thought Trump obstructed justice. There is almost no chance of that happening. Mueller already turned in his report and if he says anything different than what is in the report, he would put himself in legal jeopardy. He knows that, even if Democrats haven’t figured it out.

William Barr gave a subtle warning to Mueller when a few days ago when he said the Justice Department would back Mueller if he refused to testify. This was also a reminder to Mueller of the consequences for getting this wrong.

This is also not balanced between Democrats and Republicans. Democrats cannot ask Mueller any questions regarding Donald Trump or the Russian Collusion investigation that have not already been answered by the Mueller Report. It appears as though Nadler thinks the American people will be outraged if they hear what was reported by the Mueller Report. This, of course, assumes the American people are really stupid. There is almost nothing in the Mueller report that will be news to anyone who has been paying attention. In addition, Democrats totally misinterpreted what Mueller said in his press conference. He did not say that he found evidence of obstruction. He simply said that he could not have charged a President of the United States with obstruction. But William Barr has already said, on the record, that Mueller admitted he did not rely on this to reach his conclusion. He is extremely unlikely to say anything different. When Democrats ask questions, we are going to get hours of Mueller referring them to the Mueller report.

Republicans, on the other hand, have a lot of questions for Mueller that are not addressed in the Mueller Report. For example: the prosecutors on Mueller’s team are in serious trouble with regard to the trial of Bijan Fafiekian, the Michael Flynn associate. The problem is that they are trying to convict this guy for a crime they can’t actually define. They are so desperate they asked the judge to change the jury instructions:

This is incredible and it does not appear as though the judge is buying it.

The liberal female reporter who interviewed Julianne Assange said that the DNC emails were not obtained from Russian source and Assange was pissed that Russia was trying to take the credit. A video recently surfaced showing her admitting this. The MSM has tried to ignore this aspect of the story. But they actually helped document this. Among other things Anderson Cooper interviewed Assange and he said he had even more material on Clinton:

Mueller incredibly relied solely on CrowdStrike’s analysis of the DNC server which was never evaluated by the FBI or the NSA. While Democrats cannot ask Mueller to change what was in the report, Republicans can sure ask him why he didn’t investigate this.

That casts serious doubt on the entire basis for the Mueller investigation. Mueller never even bothered to interview her. Mueller cannot answer these questions by referring people to the Mueller report. In addition, the Republicans on that committee are far sharper than the Democrats who tend to rely on talking points.

The bottom line is this. If, and that is a big IF, there is any news at all out of this testimony, it is almost certainly going to be the result of questions asked by Republicans. If anything, the Mueller report is far more likely to be discredited than it is to be expanded.

One bombshell Democrats are ignoring is that Mueller is probably going to say that it is never the duty of prosecutors to exonerate someone, they either bring charges or they don’t. He will then repeat that he neither exonerated nor indicted Trump for obstruction. He actually has to say that. Democrats will try desperate to spin that, but they have been trying to do that for weeks with zero success.

This hearing is an act of desperation by Democrats who aren’t even close to impeaching this President. The left wing of the Democratic Party is furious about this, because much was promised but nothing delivered.  All the attacks on Trump have just made him stronger.

My prediction is that after this hearing Democrats will have no choice but to go cold turkey on the Mueller Report. It is always painful to break an addiction.


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