When there was a government shutdown under Obama, he did everything possible to make this as painful as possible. He immediately denied access to places where he knew there would be outrage. For example; they literally put up barricades around the World War II Memorial. Obama wanted to have the shutdown cause as much pain as possible.

That shutdown was blamed on Republicans. Ted Cruz even put on a 21 hour filibuster. At the time, many pundits said this anti-Obamacare stunt would hurt Republicans. Voters would punish Republicans for this, right? But, that is not what happened at all. Instead, the 2014 elections were possibly the best ever for the Republican Party. TheRepublican wave resulted in an increased margin in the House and control of the Senate.

It is unwise to assume the American people are stupid. We all know people who drink the KoolAid and willingly embrace the absurd, but most people have at least some common sense. Those people realize some very obvious things. There really is no dispute with regard to the need for a border barrier; this is all just about politics. A partial government shutdown is not all bad. Trump will be the blamed for the shutdown, but sometimes people are rewarded for standing up for what they believe is important.

Trump is doing the exact opposite of what was done by Obama. He is doing everything possible to make the shutdown as painless as possible. The longer this goes on, the more people are going realize some of these unnecessary people really are unnecessary.

When Democrats want to raise taxes, they always pick out something everyone believes is absolutely necessary. The most recent example of happened in California when they raised gas taxes to pay for urgent repairs on roads and bridges. They never considered paying for this by cutting unnecessary things, like that silly bullet train to nowhere. Everyone, including their supporters, knows this is bs.

Democrats run a real risk by letting this linger. They are also doing really stupid things. They went to Puerto Rico to play in the surf and attend Hamilton. Meanwhile the MSM was running nonstop stories about federal workers facing financial ruin. Talk about bad optics. At some point, even CNN might notice.

Republicans would already be folding, if that was possible. But if Trump holds firm, it may not be possible. There may never be enough votes to override a veto. Trump is better at reading the nation’s pulse than the establishment in both parties. He is going to get the blame for everything, no matter what happens. He might as well hang on until he wins.

Trump may also have figured out something the MSM is missing: Democrats refusing to pay for a wall they secretly admit is a good idea borders on insanity.


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