When Donald Trump challenged the narrative by Christine Ford during a rally, everyone in the media and RINO Republican Senators thought it was a major mistake. They were wrong. It just may have saved Kavanaugh. When Trump listed all the gaps in Ms. Ford’s allegation that was news to a lot of people. No one in the main stream media was reporting any of this. They just called her a credible witness. They criticized him for his tone and for attacking a survivor, but none of them said he had the facts wrong. He brilliantly bypassed the entire media and a lot of people suddenly saw these allegations in a very different light.

Then, just before swearing in Brett Kavanaugh, Trump apologized on behalf of the American people. Again, the MSM was so anxious to attack him that they missed the point. Trump was right, this was disgraceful, and anyone watching this with a smidgen of objectivity knows that. When Trump said Kavanaugh was proven innocent, the media could only respond by saying there was no trial. Exactly!

As soon as Kavanaugh was confirmed, Christine Ford’s attorneys said they didn’t want this investigated any more. They even came out as opposed to Democrats considering impeachment of Kavanaugh. This is a sure sign they are running scared.

The FBI investigation appears to have identified at least the appearance of witness tampering by Monica McLean. She contacted one of the witnesses named by Christine Ford and allegedly pressured her to change her testimony. McLean is a former FBI agent. The attorney who was brought in to represent Ford was Michael R Bromwich, who just happens to be representing someone else you might remember, Andrew McCabe. Coincidence?

We already know that Christine Ford’s allegation was paper thin and the FBI could not collaborate any of it. We know that it was extremely convenient, being released just before Kavanaugh was set to be confirmed. Now we learn that Monica McLean, who apparently helped Christine Ford prepare her letter, appears to have “friends” that include the anti-Trump element in the FBI and the DOJ. These are the same people who allegedly falsified information in obtaining a FISA warrant to justify the Russia Collusion investigation, even though they already knew there was no collusion. Do you think such people would hesitate to fabricate a fake sexual assault case?

While Christine Ford’s legal team is wisely ready to call this a day and move on, that may not be possible. Nancy Pelosi, always counted on for brilliant insight, has filed a FOIA to get the FBI investigation report released. She apparently failed to notice that Diane Feinstein was leading the effort to keep that report suppressed. If there was ANYTHING in that report with the slightest potential to hurt Kavanaugh or help Ford, it would have been leaked by Democrats. That didn’t happen, so it is a pretty good bet that no Democratic Senator who has actually seen that report wants it to see the light of day.

Brett Kavanaugh is on the Supreme Court and nothing will change that. But the outburst from Lyndsey Graham and the stunning speech by Susan Collins is evidence that Democrats crossed a line with RINO Republicans. This is more than politics. They were confronted with the sad reality that Democratic Senators are willing to do anything in order to obtain power. Trust, once destroyed, is difficult if not impossible to restore.


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