There is now open battle between the New York Times and NBC. The NYT ran an article saying that Rod Rosenstein wanted to wear a wire to gather evidence against Trump. Rosenstein denied the story. But then NBC ran its own story on the same meeting. It turns out that Rosenstein was being sarcastic in a conversation with Andrew McCabe. This makes the NYT look silly.

“Well, what do you want me to do, Andy, wear a wire?”

Now compare that to the following NYT article:

It seems pretty obvious that the NBC version of events makes a lot more sense. That is particularly true when one realizes that both Andrew McCabe and Lisa Page were in that meeting and both are no longer with the FBI.

Ultimately, this may be the most accurate explanation for what was going on at the FBI. I frequency say that we should not assume malice when mere incompetence is a satisfactory explanation. Here we have a lethal combination of malice and incompetence.

The malice was always obvious. Now, thanks to this article from NBC, we know that the incompetence ultimately overwhelmed the malice.

The real problem with James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page and others is not their bias, lots of people have bias. It is their stupidity. These arrogant self-righteous fools really thought they could gin up a plot that would remove Donald Trump as President of the United States. Peter Strzok convinced himself that he was superman who could save the day. Andrew McCabe thought he was the leader of elite professionals who would quickly dispatch the silly naïve clown called Donald Trump.

Now, they are all gone and the Mueller investigation, which started with nothing, is ending with nothing. Trump is still President of the United States and if anything, he is stronger today than when he started. The political landscape all across the globe is littered with the bodies of people who were so much smarter than Trump. At some point one would think liberals would start to notice the obvious, but feelings are a poor substitute for logic and common sense, particularly when one’s vision is distorted by poorly designed rainbow colored lenses.

The reality is that the entire Russian Collusion myth and the special counsel investigation was a joke from the beginning. However, no one is laughing.


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