The Stormy Daniel saga may be rapidly nearing an end. Perhaps I am wrong, but Michael Avenatti is starting to look and sound desperate. He represents Stormy Daniels, who at worst had a consensual one-night stand with Donald Trump ten years ago. If anything the publicity about this probably breathed a tiny amount of life into the fading career of a rapidly aging Porn Star. At first he sued to get her non-disclosure agreement voided. Who cares? She has been shooting off her mouth at every opportunity for months. Then he sued for defamation of character. Even liberal talk show hosts laughed about that. How, exactly, do you defame someone like Stormy Daniels?

Even if Avenatti wins, he loses. He can’t possibly recover his own costs. He has no authority to charge Donald Trump or anyone else with a crime. He can shoot his mouth off and make silly demands, but he only represents Stormy Daniel and even if she wins it is hard to imagine this resulting in any significant damages or settlement. A few months ago he might have squeezed some additional money out of Cohen for her continued silence, but that opportunity is long gone.

That begs the question? Why is Avenatti doing this? Is this just about a show boating attorney desperate for his fifteen minutes of fame? Granted his ego is big enough, but people like Avenatti have selective moral outrage directly proportional to how much money they can make. While Avenatti is getting a lot of face time on CNN, a big payday for handling Stormy Daniels seems unlikely. So what’s really in it for him?

Perhaps someone should ask who is funding Avenatti and why? I think someone, perhaps a Steyer or Soros, is paying Avenatti big bucks. They probably still dream that somehow, someway Stormy Daniels will be the key that finally opens the door to impeachment. It is an admission that everything else has failed. It is irredeemably stupid.

The reality, of course, is that the Mueller investigation is imploding and the Eric Schneiderman backup strategy just went down in flames. It would be easy to be outraged, but instead just look at the bright side, then laugh out loud. Some very arrogant, filthy rich, self-righteous jerks are throwing away huge sums of money chasing the mythical unicorn of a Trump impeachment. Now they are so desperate that they are going all in on Stormy Daniels. Please! As I wrote earlier, this is mostly stupid.

In addition there is the traditional glass house scenario. Avenatti’s wife kicked him out in December. Wanna bet that this was because he was living the life of a celibate monk? In addition, while he definitely made a lot of money, he grossly exaggerates some of this. For example he brags about a $454 million jury award against KPMG and fails to mention that this was eventually reduced to $21.7 million on appeal. Nice, but only about 5% of what he said he got. According to the divorce documents he is spending money at an unsustainable rate. He allegedly owes $5 million in taxes, his Newport Home costs $100,000 per month and his LA Apartment costs $14,000 per month. He admits to another $40,000 in monthly expenses and his wife has $25,000 in monthly expenses. Even if he is worth $20 million, it won’t last long at this rate.

Now Avenatti is alleging that Michael Cohen was paid $500k by someone connected to Putin. He is trying to turn a one-night-stand ten years ago into Russia colluding with the Trump campaign during the 2016 election. Good luck with that. The following article shows that this most recent charge is just plain silly:

Meanwhile Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is literally flying home with three Americans who had been imprisoned in North Korea. Trump is going to meet them personally at 2:00 in the morning. If any CNN reporter is there someone is likely to try and ask him about Stormy Daniels or the absurd allegations by Michael Avenatti. Then they will wonder why no one watches them anymore.



  1. Excellent blog. It gives me hope that the Dems are finally running out of options .

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