The main stream media is starting to pick up on the obvious fact that the Obama administration is a bunch of incompetent jerks.  Last night I watched Anderson Cooper report on the Gulf Coast damage being caused by the oil spill.  Most, but not all, of his anger was vented toward BP.  Even Anderson Cooper took a couple of weak shots at Obama. 

 But, during the program someone came up and accused BP of staging the illusion of a massive cleanup effort to coincide during President Obama’s visit.

 Anderson Cooper was outraged that BP would pull such a stunt.  The problem is that it doesn’t appear that BP had anything to do with it.  It turns out all those workers were brought to the site in school buses.  Hmmm. I wonder how BP got control of school buses.  The alarm bells began to ring.  I thought about it and it became quickly obvious that BP would be very unlikely to pull this kind of stunt.  First, they are too busy trying to stop the leak.  Second, does Anderson Cooper really think BP could try to fool the President of the United States by providing a mock clean-up crew?   Please!  If he believes that, he believes the Obama administration to be a bunch of buffoons.  (On second thought – he may have a point)  The President was there specifically to show the world that he was in charge.  He even delayed his 50th vacation this year for nearly three hours to show how much he cared.  If Obama could be fooled by such an obvious publicity stunt that he is even more incompetent than we think.  I would bet that the mock clean-up crew was not there to fool the President; it was there to fool CNN.  And with reporters the caliber of Anderson Cooper, it worked brilliantly.  Anderson Cooper apparently failed to realize that it was Obama who was trying to pretend he was doing something and it was Obama who would benefit by giving the appearance of a massive clean-up effort.  If the school buses weren’t a clue, the hazmat suits were a dead give away.  Sadly, this is pretty typical stuff for a President who routinely uses staged town hall meetings to trick people into thinking he has public support.

 I used to think the msm media was primarily impacted by the bias.  Now I realize that a lot of this is just plain stupidity.


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