Sherriff Arpaio held a press conference today where he said there is probable cause to believe that Obama’s birth certificate is a fraud.  Sheriff Arpaio is no dummy.  He chose his words carefully.  He did not say that he doubted where Obama was born.  What he said was that he had probable cause to question the authenticity of the documents. 

 Naturally the folks at WND.com are hyperventilating:


Unfortunately, this is far from conclusive.  I suspect that everything the Sheriff says has some merit and I am equally convinced that in the end, we will find out that Obama was born in Hawaii.

No matter what document Obama produces, it generates more questions than answers.  His supporters try to spin this as a racist witch hunt by wild-eyed zealots who would never be satisfied with any documentation.  They are probably right about some of the birthers, but there are legitimate questions about the documents that have been released.  These problems are all too real.

It doesn’t help that the main stream media is incapable of reporting this story straight up.  The following CBS report is typical:


The entire article is based on a premise that is not true.  CBS claims that “Hawaii officials have repeatedly confirmed Obama’s citizenship. “  They pretend there are no legitimate concerns regarding the documents released by Obama.  Actually the State of Hawaii has given conflicting and misleading comments on several occasions.  And there are legitimate concerns with regard to the documents released by Obama.  No official from Hawaii has ever handed out a document and said:  “here is Obama’s birth certificate.”  No official from Hawaii has ever said that the document released by Obama is a true and accurate copy of his birth certificate.  If they did, this story would be done.  This is more complicated than the main stream media is reporting. 

The pattern is clear.  The documents released by Obama never completely pass the smell test.  Eventually he produces another copy of another document.  But he never releases the actual document; instead we get a “photo copy” or a blurred picture.  This is like watching a sleight of hand magician.  They are brilliant at making it appear like they are showing you the real thing, while actually showing you nothing at all.  The only “witnesses” ever called up on stage are either people chosen from the audience who are clearly too stupid to ask the right questions, or shills in on the act.  This is the identical strategy used by Obama.  No one competent ever gets to see the real document. 

I believe that Obama was born in Hawaii.  Not because of these documents, but because that makes the most sense.  The theory of him being born in Kenya has more holes than his birth certificate.  It doesn’t make sense, because his parents never lived together as husband and wife.  Based on what we know about Obama’s father, the last thing he would have done is bring his white wife back to Kenya to deliver her baby.  For one thing, he already had a wife in Kenya.

One must assume that the people handling this for Obama are somewhat competent.  They could easily produce a clear copy of his birth certificate.  But they never do that.  Instead they always release another photo copy or picture that leaves more than ample room for doubt.  I believe this is deliberate.  I suspect it is either because they want the story to go on, or because they have something really important to hide.  Otherwise, this is just silly.  They may be Kool-Aid drinking left-wing socialist radicals, but they are still sharper than this. 

While I believe that Obama was born in Hawaii, I cannot ignore the obvious fact that there has been a deliberate and sustained cover-up.  At best, this is merely a blatant disregard for the American public.  At worst, Obama is desperately trying to hide “something” that really matters.   I don’t know which is worse.



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  1. Maybe Obama does not want to shed light on the fact he had no true father….Sad, many kids today suffer from the same malady.

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