As expected, the real reporting on the Biden press conference is just developing. Now there has been time for people to review what he said and compare it to reality. The lies and distortions were so obvious that even could not ignore them:

FactChecking Biden’s First Press Conference (

  • Biden claimed that former President Donald Trump “eliminated” over $700 million in aid that Biden helped get for Central American countries. That didn’t happen, but the Trump administration did reallocate some money and temporarily suspended other funding.
  • The president used the wrong statistics when saying that “nothing has changed” regarding “children” trying to enter the U.S. at the southern border. There was a significant 63% uptick in unaccompanied children being apprehended from January to February.
  • Biden said, “We’re sending back the vast majority of the families that are coming.” But in February, 41% of those in a family unit apprehended at the southern border were expelled.
  • The president said “over 50%” of Republican voters supported the American Rescue Plan Act. Some polls show that but others show a majority opposed the COVID-19 relief legislation.
  • He repeated two familiar talking points on taxes, including the misleading claim that “83%” of the benefits in the GOP’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act are “going to the top 1%.” That only becomes the case in 2027 when most of the individual income tax cuts are set to expire but corporate tax cuts remain.
  • Biden got it wrong when he said there were five times as many cloture motions “last year alone” than there were “between 1917 and 1971.” There were twice as many motions filed last year than there were from 1917 through 1970.

This is a devastating rebuke of Joe Biden. We should not ignore the significance of this. During the Vietnam War Walter Cronkite gave a report upon his return from covering the Tet offensive. Almost everything he said was factually incorrect:

Final Words: Cronkite’s Vietnam Commentary : NPR

But when he said: “To say we are mired in a stalemate seems the only realistic, if unsatisfactory conclusion”, LBJ knew he was in serious trouble. When LBJ heard this, he said: “If I’ve lost Cronkite, I’ve lost Middle America.”

Later LBJ said, correctly, that the Tet Offensive had been a huge military failure for the Vietnamese communists. But it was too late. The damage was done. LBJ never recovered.

Yesterday, Joe Biden lost MSN and he lost The difference is that this time it is the truth, not a lie, that is causing the damage. A truth so obvious and so awful that it simply cannot be ignored.

One would think that the Democratic establishment would just be loudly promoting Kamala Harris. But there’s a problem. She is even worse, and they know it. It is time to start looking for rats on the move.

There are many stores about rats fleeing disaster. This probably started with rats deserting a house just before it collapsed. It was later extended to rats deserting a sinking ship. Now it often refers to people abandoning a failing enterprise.

The rats are already starting to desert the Biden-Harris ship. We will see more of them soon. While rats are truly disgusting creatures, sometimes watching them is a really good idea.



Joe Biden just finished his first Press Conference. He probably looked better than some expected, but there were serious problems. One is that he clearly was prepped for specific questions and he read his answers from note cards. That was very noticeable regarding foreign affairs.

He also said several things that appear to be either deliberate lies or distortions, particularly when talking about the Trump administration. I suspect the real impact of this press conference will not be complete until people have time to “fact check” a lot of things said.

One thing I quickly noticed is that again, Joe has hugely dilated. They looked mostly black. Yet, if you look at other pictures of Biden, he has very blue eyes. Here are two pictures of Biden.  One taken previously, one taken today. Notice the significant difference in his eyes. They are hugely dilated in a room where there is clearly a lot of lighting, because of the television cameras. This, again, raises the question as to whether he is on some medication, like Adderall.  I am obviously not a medical professional, but here is an article from Someone should at least ask the question.

Does Adderall usage cause extreme pupil dilation? (

Here are two pictures of Biden, showing his eyes previously and during the Press Conference. The difference is beyond obvious.

President Joe Biden speaks during a news conference in the East Room of the White House, Thursday, March 25, 2021, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

The bottom line is that Biden was not good, but he was not horrible. He did not face plant, but he also did not inspire. He basically survived.

But this man is the President of the United States. Surviving is not enough. He has the most important leadership position in the world. The MSM in this case totally failed in their job. They did not ask him questions that required him to give direct answers. Biden looked like a football team with a terrible offence. Good at kicking the ball away, but incapable of actually getting something done. When you combine this with the obvious lies and distortions, it is absurd.

When Donald Trump was President the MSM accused him of lying every time he opened his mouth. In many cases it was the MSM that deliberately distorted things. Now we have the exact opposite. We have  President who tells obvious lies about material matters and the MSM just ignores them. We also have an MSM that allows a President of the United States to read from note cards in response to a pre-positioned question. They allow him to completely avoid answering direct questions. No other President would have done that, and they would have been crucified by the Press if they even tried.

This Press Conference probably did buy Joe Biden a little time, but at what cost?



Democrats are holding hearings on integrity, starring….Eric Holder. Eric Holder is an excellent choice because he symbolizes a lack of ethics. He was the first sitting cabinet member to be held in contempt of congress.  The vote in the house was 255 – 67.  More than 100 Democrats, led by Nancy Pelosi, stormed out of the Capitol, and refused to vote. After all, Democrats only vote against Republicans. That is their highest moral value. But 17 Democrats bravely stayed behind and gave the thumbs up to the contempt vote.

Eric Holder contempt vote: Holder held in contempt of Congress – POLITICOBack ButtonSearch IconFilter Icon

Here is how Holder responded:

“Today’s vote is the regrettable culmination of what became a misguided – and politically motivated – investigation during an election year,” Holder said in his statement. “By advancing it over the past year and a half, Congressman Issa and others have focused on politics over public safety. Instead of trying to correct the problems that led to a series of flawed law enforcement operations, and instead of helping us find ways to better protect the brave law enforcement officers, like Agent Brian Terry, who keep us safe – they have led us to this unnecessary and unwarranted outcome.”

He left out the part about when he deliberately lied during his testimony before congress to cover up the failures of the Obama administration. Sound familiar?

This, of course, is the same congress now asking people to testify on why it is so cool to let biological males compete in girl’s and women’s sports. This is based on the real science, where it is not the parts you were born with or even the parts you had surgically added or removed, it is only how you feel about yourself.

These are the same people who push identity politics every day, and then wonder why more people are being assaulted because of their identity. Duh! When the Democratic Party preaches every day that we should judge people primarily because of things like race and gender, why would they be surprised when others judge people primarily because of things like race and gender. Who could predict something like that?

In the meantime, without a hint of irony, Nancy Pelosi is seriously considering overruling the certified vote for a congressional representative from Iowa because she doesn’t like the outcome. And, oh by the way, she really needs that vote.

These are all dumb things. They are things destined for the scrap heap of history. So why is this even being done? Some would assume that mere incompetence is a satisfactory explanation. But, at least to me, these appear to be acts of desperation. They want to change the subject from anything other than Joe Biden and his brilliant job performance.

This reminds me of the guy who admitted to an extramarital affair, because he desperately needed an alibi for a murder. Sometimes, people put themselves into situations where there are only really bad options.



When I was station in Vietnam, short developed a whole new meaning. It was what people said when they were close to the end of their deployment. I even had a short calendar, which allowed me to check off each day. At the time, I thought that day would never come, but time stops for no one, including people on deployment in garden spots like Vietnam.

Today we have a new meaning of the word short. It is the length of time before something is done about Joe Biden. If you look closely, even the MSM is starting to fidget noticeably. The entire world knows that Joe is not up to the job and they are literally laughing at us. They aren’t fooling anyone anymore. Something must be done, sooner rather than later.

In case you are wondering how bad this really is, read the following article from the Daily Mail, UK:

President Joe Biden, 78, falls up the stairs of Air Force One | Daily Mail Online

Read the following quotes:

  • Biden has long faced questions over his health; he regularly mixes up names and titles 
  • On Thursday, he referred to Vice President Kamala Harris as ‘President Harris’ 
  • The fall is the latest in a string of incidents which raise concerns over the President’s health and ability to lead
  • It also comes at a moment of heightened tensions between the US, Russia and NA  
  • Until recently, the President was walking in a boot after breaking his foot while playing with his dog Major 
  • Biden, 78, is the oldest President in history; Ronald Reagan was 77 when he left office and he was 69 when he was elected 
  • Trump was 70 when elected and was 74 when he left office earlier this year  


The fall does nothing to reduce concern for and speculation over Biden’s cognitive health which has grown in recent months thanks to a series of mix-ups on his behalf. 

A White House pool report was issued by the reporters traveling with Biden within seconds of the fall but it was not covered extensively by major news networks for around 30 minutes after it happened and it is missing from the websites of many major outlets.  

But there is a problem. Thanks to a rigged election, the only alternative to Joe Biden is Kamala Harris. If there was a credible VP, Joe would probably be gone already. But she is not credible. She literally cackled when someone asked her if she was going to visit the border. She apparently thought this was funny, so said: “not today.” She may be that rare person more capable of daily gaffs than Joe Biden. He did beat her during the primary election. It is impossible to take this woman seriously. I suspect that a lot of people in the DNC establishment are ready to move on from Joe but are terrified at the prospect of President Kamala Harris.

If the establishment admits that Joe is not up to the job, a lot of people are going to ask why this was covered up. There are no good answers. I think the plan was to call this the Biden-Harris administration, reduce Joe to a token appearance schedule and let the establishment run things. This would go on for about six months, then Joe would get some unexpected illness or injury that would require him, reluctantly, to resign from the Presidency. There would be a huge celebration pretending he actually was President. Then Kamala Harris would become the new figurehead and the double secret probation committee would remain in charge.

But they are running out of time. The problem with Joe is just increasingly impossible to ignore. The longer this continues, the more damage.  The crisis Joe created for himself on our Southern Border is not going away anytime soon. Even the MSM is admitting this is beyond bad. Combine that with both Russia and China thumbing their noses at us and this is way beyond embarrassing, this is dangerous.

I do not know what will happen, but I think it will be sooner rather than later. It is naïve to predict that the people who rigged a national election to elect someone this incompetent will even consider doing the right thing for the right reason. They will instead choose the option that is least painful, for them.

We are short, very short. This cannot continue. Time stops for no one, including the Democratic establishment and Joe Biden. The only thing certain is change, major change.



Sometimes the best commentary on what is happening today was written years ago. The following skit by Abbott and Costello is a perfect description of the Biden-Harris Administration. We are literally a country without a leader. Joe Biden is obviously not in charge. Yet no one is discussing the 25th Amendment because Kamala Harris would be even worse.

The following perfectly describes the COVID 19 relief bill:

Costello: Look, when you pay off the first baseman every month, who do you pay the money to?
Abbott: Every dollar of it.
Costello: Yeah. Look, you gotta pay the money to somebody on first base, don’t you?
Abbott: Yeah.
Costello: Does he give you a receipt?
Abbott: Sure.
Costello: How does he sign the receipt?
Abbott: Who.
Costello: The guy that you give the money to.
Abbott: Who.
Costello: The guy you give the money to.
Abbott: That’s how he signs it.
Costello: That’s how who signs it?
Abbott: Yes.
Costello: Well go ahead and tell me!? Abbott: That’s it.
Costello: That’s who?
Abbott: Yeah.
Costello: When you give the guy the money, doesn’t he have to sign the receipt?
Abbott: He does!
Costello: Well, how does he sign his name?
Abbott: Who.
Costello: The guy you give the money to.
Abbott: That’s how he signs it!
Costello: You! You! You just don’t give money to someone without having them sign the receipt!

Sadly, although this administration is a joke, there is nothing funny about it. For four years the MSM desperately tried to portray Donald Trump as an inept and irresponsible leader. But the rest of the world knew that he was actually a very serious man and they respected him. They also respected and feared the United States. Now the opposite is true. The MSM is still pretending that Joe Biden is secretly a great President. The rest of the world knows better. They view Biden as a sick joke. His face plant going up the steps to Air Force One just confirmed the obvious. Unfortunately, when you disrespect the President of the United States, you disrespect the United States.

What makes this worse is that there is no plan B. Kamala Harris has zero support from anyone, including the Democratic establishment. If (when) she becomes President, she will never be accepted as the President of the United States.

Costello: I said, I don’t give a darn!

Abbott: Oh, that’s our shortstop!

Instead, she will be just a token, ignored by almost everyone. The United States Government will be run by an unelected and often invisible secret committee. Actually, by several double secret committees frequently working at cross purposes with each other. It is a recipe for total chaos.

The only good news here is that this is becoming obvious to everyone. While things are truly bad and getting worse, ironically, they are also getting better. When a team performs this poorly, everyone gets fired. The General Manager, the Coach, the Players and sometimes even the owner. The only thing certain is that people will be demanding and voting for change. As John Kennedy once said: “defeat is an orphan!”

I also believe that Donald Trump is in for a rough ride. Not because he is criticized by someone like George W. Bush, who has become an embarrassment to the Republican Party. His problem is quite simply that, as he admitted, he lost to the worst candidate in American History. Even if the election was stolen, which it was, it still reflects poorly on Trump. Everyone knew what the Democrats were going to do, yet no one did anything about it. Losing to a poor team is still losing, and people are going to be looking for a winner. The movement Trump started will continue, but people are already looking for new leaders.

We live in interesting times. The only safe prediction is uncertainty and change. Change that comes faster than anyone can even imagine.

This reminds me of when I played a round of golf at Oakland Hills Country, just before the U.S. open. The greens were like glass. I stupidly hit my shot about 60 feet above the hole. I asked the caddy what to do. He said just touch the ball and grab your ankles. Once that ball starts moving down hill it is not going to stop anywhere on this green. I touched the ball the ball, and then walked back to my bag. I was literally walking faster than the ball was moving. I put my putter in the bag and pulled out a wedge. I turned around was watched the ball accidently go into the cup.

Sometimes the best option is to just watch and grab your ankles.



One of the most important things I learned while becoming a Vietnamese linguist was that one doesn’t really speak a language until one is able to think in that language. Most of us speak English, which is also considered a Romantic language. If you compare romantic languages to Latin, the grammar is remarkably similar:

English She always closes the window before she dines/before dining.
Latin (Ea) semper antequam cenat fenestram claudit.

But an oriental language has very different grammar. When speaking, they think different than those who speak English. When I was in Vietnam, many of my fellow Americans said racist things about the Vietnamese. They considered them to be ignorant and inferior. I knew better. I knew that they were very smart, honest, and hardworking. It has been no surprise to me that so many Vietnamese who were able to get to the U.S. have been so successful.

I also knew why so few Americans figured out to speak Vietnamese. It is far harder for an American to learn Vietnamese than for a Vietnamese person to learn English. I often listened to Americans try, and fail, to speak Vietnamese. Sometimes this was hysterical. A large part of the problem is that Americans literally cannot hear Vietnamese. That is because they use sounds that are never used in English and Americans don’t even hear them. Vietnamese is also a monosyllabic and tonal language. But another problem was the difference in grammar which is also reflective of how they think.

This is impossible for me to explain. But one of the things I learned was the importance of face. It is very easy for us, as Americans, to be very insulting to someone who is Asian, without even realizing it. That is because we put people in positions where if they do what we want, they lose face. Even today, as an insurance agent, I see this all the time. There have been several times when I have talked to someone from an Asian country or even someplace like India with very different results than when they talked to someone else from the agency. Sometimes my associate will say, “I don’t understand, you said the same thing I said, and they accepted it, but they didn’t accept it from me.” I cannot really explain this very well, but part of it is that I am very sensitive to not causing someone to lose face.

We just saw this play out on our televisions this morning and it is stunningly bad for the U.S. First, the U.S. tried to scold China for human rights abuses. If China had tolerated that, they would have lost face. As a result, China responded by insulting us. They threw the Democratic claims that we are a racist nation with systemic abuse of minorities right back in our face. Democrats clearly fail to recognize the enormous harm done when they trash their own country. Then China simply said that the U.S. was not serious enough to matter. This was a public slap in the face of the Biden administration. Failure to deal with this will create huge problems. The only thing worse than causing someone else to lose face is to lose face yourself. The Biden administration did both, during one brief session televised around the world.

Previous Presidents understood this. But Democrats, including Biden, have morphed into self-righteous, hypocritical, arrogant, patronizing jerks. Professing themselves to be wise, they are instead proving themselves to be fools. They often lecture other people harshly criticizing things they do themselves. This may or may not impress the impressionable here in the U.S. It absolutely does not play overseas.

Biden did the same thing with Putin, when he directly insulted him. The result is an immediate deterioration in U.S. Russian relationships.  More importantly, Russia responded by commenting on Biden’s obvious mental deterioration. To make things worse, Biden literally fell while foolishly trying to run up the stairs to Air Force One. Remember how Biden criticized Trump for walking down carefully. That was because Trump knew that falling on your face on national TV is not all that inspiring.

Ironically, the man who lectures us about restoring U.S. prestige around the world is instead becoming an international embarrassment. This is obvious to everyone not working for the DNC or the subservient MSM.

We will all pay a price for this, but the people who will pay the highest price are those who foolishly rigged an election to put someone so obviously incompetent into the White House.



I used this headline over 10 years ago, to discuss the myth of Barack Obama’s stellar performance at Harvard. The phrase originally came from a bumper sticker I had on my car, years ago. It said: “Imagine whirled peas.” It was aimed at the anti-war protestors who thought they were fighting for world peace when they were enabling war and terrorism. Those who opposed the Vietnam war had zero understanding of what was involved. A little research would have explained this. The communists in North Vietnam were willing to sacrifice at least one million people to obtain total political power. They managed to do exactly that.  According to some sources, there were 1,353,000 civilian deaths, 444,000 PAVN and VC deaths and 282,000 U.S. and allied military deaths. The military deaths by the PAVN and VC were much higher, and the U.S. military deaths were much lower. Unfortunately, the civilian casualties were all too real. The official report by Hanoi published in 1995 reported 1.1 million communist fighters had died during the war. There is no official number of U.S. military killed in Vietnam, but it is estimated to be over 58,000.

To put this in perspective, 58,000 Americans died tried to stop 1.1 million communists from taking control. They actually won, and then Democrats in congress gave it away. If it weren’t for Democrats in congress during 1972, South Vietnam would probably look a lot like South Korea.

Now the Biden administration, creeping closer to the Harris administration is repeating the same mistakes that cost so many lives in Vietnam. The disaster on our Southern border is bad enough, but it pales in comparison to the real danger. Biden just insulted Putin by claiming he told Putin face to face that he had no soul. Since Biden is famous to exaggerating everything, this was probably a lie. But Putin was not amused. He immediately recalled the Russian Ambassador to the United States. Biden imposed sanctions on Russia because of alleged interference in the U.S. election. What a joke. Does anyone really believe Russia did much regarding this election? But Russia is not amused. They pledged retaliation on the principle of reciprocity though not necessarily symmetrical. This means Russia does not fear Biden and they are going to take us on. The good news is that Russia is unlikely to go to war with us, the bad news is that they will find other ways to cause serious problems for us all over the world. Putin respected Trump, he does not respect Biden.

China, on the other hand, is a far more serious threat. Never underestimate the willingness of a communist regime to sacrifice millions of their own people in their lust for power. The only reason China may delay becoming extremely aggressive is that they are getting everything they want anyway. Numerous experts say that China is determined to become the world Superpower and Biden is ignoring the risk.

In many ways this is remarkably similar to the way the establishment in Great Britain viewed Germany prior to World War II. One of the few people who recognized the risk was Winston Churchill and that was because he saw a repeat of what was happened during the late 1600s and early 1700s. Fortunately, his ancestor, the Duke of Marlborough, defeated Louis XIV of France.

Churchill saw how the world had ignored the danger from France and recognized the same thing happening in Germany. Everyone one else in the British establishment though Churchill was nuts. They felt he lacked the sophistication to deal with diplomacy. The entire world paid a terrible price for that miscalculation.

Iran is also likely to create mischief, but they are a far less serious threat than China.

Incredibly, the good news is that Biden-Harris is mucking up domestic policy even faster than world diplomacy. They are already on a path to certain defeat in 2022 and in 2024. Their dream of fixing every future election is disappearing even faster. The same courts who did not want to get involved in 2020, don’t want a repeat in 2022. The fiasco on the border is too obvious to ignore, gas prices are already soaring, and Biden is talking about increasing taxes. Even liberals hate paying high gas prices and seeing their paychecks confiscated by the greedy federal government. In addition, some of their pet projects, like transgender males competing against biological females in sports is certifiably insane.

The damage being done is undeniable. But in some ways, that is the best possible outcome under the circumstances, because the more obvious the damage the faster they, like other socialist experiments, will be thrown out of power.



All of us know someone who is not happy unless they are unhappy. This also describes the MSM. It is often said if it bleed it leads. Every broadcast, local and national, usually leads with bad news. At the local level it is a shooting, car crash or weather emergency. At the national level, it is often political. Hence, the problem. The MSM is very hesitant to report anything negative about Joe Biden and Donald Trump is stunningly absent. The result is that the MSM is running out of things to report. That made a lot of people unhappy. Ratings are in the tank; people are literally getting fired.

This could not continue. While the MSM is populated with irrational progressives, the real power lies with the owners and the owners think solely in terms of green and I don’t mean energy. They will put up with the nonsense if the nonsense draws viewers. For the past four years, dumping on Donald Trump guaranteed high ratings. All the late-night comedians rejoiced over the easy laughs. It didn’t matter if it was accurate or not or even if it was funny. If you slammed Donald Trump, you were an instant hit.

Well slamming Trump doesn’t work anymore, he is so yesterday, and slamming Biden is against the rules. What’s a mother to do? You are already seeing the results. When you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with. Remember that love and hate are very closely related. The opposite of love is not hate, it is apathy. This means it is time to start trashing the Biden Administration.

For four years, trashing any Democrat was against the rules. One could not risk making Trump look good. But those days are already gone. It started with Andrew Cuomo. Everyone and I do mean everyone is trashing him. He has gone from the media darling to the target of opportunity.  This is made easier by the fact that in real life he apparently is a total jerk. The kind of person people tolerate only if it benefits their career. Secretly, they despise him, but fear prevents them from speaking out. The fear is gone, and people are lining up for the opportunity to take a shot at Cuomo.

The MSM is also starting to notice that Biden is making a total mess of things. Even the hard-core radical lefties realize that the vaccines, only here because of Trump, are changing everything. When Biden tries to take credit for the vaccine(s) even liberal reporters aren’t buying it. But the biggest change is the reporting on the crisis on our border. Although Democrats are typically trying to blame this on Trump, no one is buying that either. This is a huge problem, and the ineptitude of the Biden Administration is on full display. No one, other than Jen Pataki, is pretending this is anything other than a crisis. A crisis literally created by the Biden administration.

They are also recognizing something else. Biden is just so not up to the job and this is becoming increasingly impossible to ignore. Jen Psaki was gushed over by the MSM, until they realized she was playing dodge ball and telling them absurd lies.

The protective shield protecting Biden and other Democrats is rapidly disappearing. One problem is that the false narrative about Trump supporters trying to overthrow the government is getting laughed out of court. Several stories promoted by the MSM have not only been proven wrong, but they have also been embarrassingly wrong. Just yesterday the Washington Post had to issue a full retraction for a story that has been completely discredited. But the stories about people like Cuomo and Newsom and Biden all have the ugly odor of truth. These stories are now too juicy to ignore, particularly when it is no longer possible to play the Trump card.

If the MSM wants to be happy again, they need only look out their window at the obvious. Biden is mucking things up to faire thee well and this is making a lot of people unhappy. If you can’t trash Trump, you must focus on the people now in charge. But here’s the good news. These clowns are providing the MSM with tons and tons of material. It is becoming too irresistible to ignore. For example, while Gavin Newsom is blaming the recall on QAnon and Proud Boys, the reality is that 34% of the people who signed the recall petition were, gasp, Democrats.

Unhappy days are here again and the MSM will be more than happy to beef up reporting on this.



Joe Biden promised to reverse all of Donald Trump’s policies regarding immigration on day one. He succeeded. He just made one mistake. He failed to realize that what Trump was doing was necessary and appropriate and was consistent with what Americans want and need. The result is that Biden has already blundered into a monumental disaster, less than 60 days after he was inaugurated. Never, in the history of the U.S. Presidency, has a new President harmed so many people in such a short period of time and cared so little.

This is so bad that even the New York Times has noticed:

On Mexico’s Border With U.S.,Desperation as Migrant Traffic Piles Up – The New York Times (

“Biden promised us!” wailed another woman.

Many of the migrants said they had spent their life savings and gone into debt to pay coyotes — human smugglers — who had falsely promised them that the border was open after President Biden’s election.

Still, the migrants keep coming, and many officials believe the numbers could be bigger than those seen in recent years, after the pandemic and recent natural disasters in Central America wiped away livelihoods.”

The real problem is not what Biden promised them, it is what he promised himself. Apparently, Biden believes that doing the opposite of Donald Trump, on any subject, is a brilliant strategy. If he had done nothing, the results would be better.

Biden did inherit the vaccine, that he warned was dangerous when he was running for President. As soon as he was elected, he decided that he and he alone was responsible for the vaccine and he and he alone deserved all the credit. The sad truth is that this is the only thing Trump did that Biden did not change and it is the only thing that is actually working.

But even the vaccine which is working miracles is being offset by what is happening on our borders. Biden is doing absolutely nothing to quarantine illegal immigrants who have either not been tested or have tested positive for COVID 19. Instead, they are just being sent somewhere else. It is extremely likely that this will result in some spread of COVID 19. It is absolutely certain that if this happens, Biden will blame it on Trump, blame it on Republican Governors and use it as an excuse to continue lockdowns, social distancing and mask mandates. The only thing more certain is that Biden will soon try to raise taxes.

In an attempt to cover-up this disaster, the Biden administration is making things worse:

“Over the past week, Mexican officials and shelter operators like the International Organization of Migration said they had been surprised by the Department of Homeland Security’s new practice of detaining migrants at one point of the sprawling border only to fly them hundreds of miles away to be expelled at a different border town.

The United States is doing this under a federal order known as Title 42. The order, introduced by Mr. Trump but embraced by Mr. Biden, justifies rapid expulsions as a health measure amid the pandemic. But cramming migrants into airplanes and overcrowded detention facilities without any coronavirus testing defeats the purpose of Title 42, observers say.”

The Biden strategy is to mumble a speech, written by someone else, on a TelePrompter and beg people to unite in his idiotic strategy for dealing with COVID 19. If we follow the rules, we may be able to have small parties as soon as July 4th.

The good news is that even the MSM is figuring out some things. One is that once they stopped covering Donald Trump, people stopped listening to them. They are now desperately trying to find some way to keep Trump in the news. The second is that while they considered Trump to be chaotic, things ran pretty well when he was in charge. Now that Biden, or whoever is pulling his strings, is in charge things are going to hell in a handbasket. The only thing that separates us from total meltdown is the vaccine, developed under the leadership of Donald Trump, years ahead of any prediction and the U.S. is doing far better than any other country as a result.

The real problem with borderline insanity is that it isn’t limited to our southern border. King Biden has been trying to solve every problem by issuing executive orders he probably has not even read in a failed attempt to sign away all our problems. They aren’t going away; they are getting worse and that is becoming so obvious that even the New York Times noticed.



Charles Maxwell played for the Detroit Tigers between 1955 and 1962. His nickname was “Paw Paw” because he was from Paw Paw, Michigan. He was famous for hitting homeruns, usually on a Sunday. In 1959, Charlie Maxwell was benched for Larry Doby. It didn’t go well, and the Tigers started 2-15. Tiger Manager Bill Norman was fired and replaced by Jimmy Dykes. The first decision Dykes made was to bench Dolby and put Paw Paw back in left field. He was rewarded with four consecutive homeruns and a sweep of the hated New York Yankees during a double header.

Maxwell went on to hit 13 homeruns that May, and 12 of them were on Sunday. When he retired from baseball, he went back to Paw Paw and became an executive in a plant that produced automobile parts.

How Detroit Tigers’ Charlie Maxwell became ‘Sunday Charlie’ (

No one, including Charlie Maxwell, knows why he hit so many homeruns on a Sunday. He hit 27% of his home runs on Sunday, so this was a more than a myth.  If someone plays seven days a week, then one would expect about 15% of his homeruns to happen on Sunday.

Charlie Maxwell is still around, and the Paw Paw Brewing Company recently produced “ Mr. Sunday” an amber ale that includes Maxwell graphics on the label. He now belongs to the ROMEO club in Paw Paw. That is a group of friends who get together for breakfast regularly. ROMEO stands for “Retired Old Me Easting Out.” Paw Paw is still entertaining.

For the past year months, Sunday has been the day when you didn’t go to church.  One of the first places shut down due to COVID was churches. Then, when they were allowed to open with ridiculously small numbers, they were restricted from chanting or singing. The Supreme Court recently ruled, again, that these restrictions were unconstitutional. I often wondered if the motivation for these restrictions were more about silencing Christians than they were about protecting anyone from COVID. Many of the things proposed by the modern day Democratic Socialist Party are very unpopular with churches.

We can soon expect churches to start opening up again. One wonders how attendance will compare with pre-COVID days. Perhaps absence will make the heart grow fonder. Perhaps not.  While many people got used to not attending church, they also got used to not attending baseball games either. This will be interesting to observe.

Some are wondering if things will ever return to normal. Some changes, such as working from home, are likely to continue. If Governor Newsom has his way, normal will mean a more equitable society. What he means by that is a complete inequitable society. One where the color of one’s skin and gender identification is more important that character, accomplishments, or talent.

I suspect church attendance will be surprisingly high. Unfortunately, a lot of the growth in recent years has been with mega churches that are increasingly good at putting on a show, less spectacular at holding themselves accountable. But people will also go to church because when things are going south, a little prayer goes a long way.

I made me realize something else. I was wondering why Democrats are so anti-Christian and anti-church. Then I realized something. Democrats really have no clue how to govern responsibly. The longer they are in power, the more people realize why they should never be given power. Democrats are terrified that people will see the truth. Perhaps Democrats are afraid of church, because once people see the truth, Democrats don’t have a prayer.