Democrats are very angry that Republican approved Kavanaugh in committee.  It is now in the hands of McConnell. Democrats got Jeff Flake to say that he would withhold his approval of the final vote, subject to an FBI investigation to last no more than one week and “solely with regard to the accusation by Christine Ford.” He just handed McConnell a get out of jail free card. All McConnell needs to do is ask the FBI to investigate the allegation by Christine Ford. They can complete that over the weekend, because there is nothing to investigate. The only thing the FBI will investigate is the allegation by Christine Ford.

They just need to interview the named witnesses, none of whom will verify her story, report that to the Senate and bingo we have a vote. If anything, this is likely to discredit Christine Ford even more since they can demand copies of the polygraph and other documents deliberately being withheld by her attorneys. If they don’t produce them to the FBI, they have a problem and if they do produce them they have a problem. The FBI probably may not even bother to interview people who have furnished signed affidavits because they are already admissible in court.

This will backfire big time on Democrats. There is zero change an FBI investigation will substantiate this allegation. Democrats will have publicly fired their last wad. One of the problems with them demanding an FBI investigation is that once that is done, they have nothing left. Democrats demanded an FBI investigation of Anita Hill and then, when it did not confirm her story, tried to ignore it. That didn’t work then and it won’t work now. This time they have been praising the FBI to high heaven failing to realize that if the FBI does investigate it is game over. Well, thanks to their own stupidity, the FBI will investigate, and yes, it is game over.

Democrats think they just scored a one week delay, but that is because they weren’t paying attention. Just like they are wrong about almost every issue, they are wrong about this. Regardless of what Flake intended, he only gave McConnell a clear path to set a vote for Kavanaugh and get him confirmed. By limiting this both in time and scope, he just makes the tactic of new and exciting allegations worthless. Republicans are offering nothing more than a delay of “no more than one week.” By this time next week, say hello to Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

It is clear that the assault by Brett Kavanaugh and Lindsey Graham hurt Democrats a lot more than they will ever admit. They were stunned to be called out for the obvious. Their real problem is that, unlike the accusations against Brett Kavanaugh, the accusations against Democrats on the Judiciary Committee are well founded.

In addition, we may have just seen the future leader of Democrats in the Senate and it is not Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, Kamala Harris or any other radical left winger. It is Christopher Coons, who seized the day by proving that he, and only he, was capable of negotiating a deal with Republicans. Actually, with one Republican, who will be out of office in just a few weeks. But it is one more Republican than anyone else.

There isn’t anyone on the horizon remotely capable of providing leadership in the Democratic Party. Coons realized that and he is the only Democratic Member of the Judiciary Committee who avoided some of the stench. The de facto leader of Democrats in the Senate is not Chuck Schumer; this will be viewed as a huge defeat for him. It just may be the man wearing the “Coons” skin cap.



Christine Ford testified in front of the Senate and it went just about as expected. Democrats didn’t ask her any questions, they didn’t care. Most of them spent their five minutes praising her to high heaven and saying they believe her. The female attorney did a good job of clarifying details in a way that was obviously very fair to Ms. Ford. While some would argue she should have been questioned more strongly, no one can argue that the questions were unfair.

The bottom line is that while she appeared to be credible, there definitely are holes in her story. On several occasions she had to wait for input from her attorney(s) to answer a question. She appeared to be surprised that the delay in the hearing was because she was afraid to fly. She said she didn’t realize that the Senate Judiciary Committee agreed to interview her in California. She couldn’t remember much about the polygraph, except it was very long. She had no additional evidence. She didn’t look spontaneous at all.

Brett Kavanaugh, on the other hand, knocked it out of the park. He was visibly angry; he called out the Democratic Senators for character assassination. He pointed out that they were publicly on the record saying they would do anything and everything to stop him from being confirmed. He was very emotional, at times, in defending his integrity. Other than liberal Democrats, most people will believe him.

I was the litigation manager for a major corporation. I have managed many lawsuits and personally attended a large number of trials. In my job, it was essential for me to learn to evaluate juries. I had times when I was wrong about how a case would play in front of a jury, but I was never wrong with regard to reading how an actual jury was responding to a case. I know from first-hand experience how jurors make their decisions. There is no doubt in my mind that no jury would convict Brett Kavanaugh. It is quite simple, when juries have to make a difficult decision; they always look for facts and evidence. Kavanaugh had the facts and she did not. Even if they believe her, as many will, they will ultimately decide on one factor, none of her named witnesses confirm her story. Kavanaugh, an experienced trial attorney knows this, which is why he said this about 6,000 times. This played out in front of a riveted national audience, in effect the world’s largest jury. The verdict will be for Kavanaugh.

I expect the committee to vote this out tomorrow and I expect the Senate to confirm him next week. RINO Republicans can never be fully trusted, but I think they will stay the course on this one. Lindsey Graham is highly respected by RINOs and his impassioned appeal to his fellow Republicans will not go unnoticed. In the end, it probably won’t be that close. There are likely to be several Democrats who cross over and vote for him.




Last week Democrats appeared to have Kavanaugh on the ropes. The Christine Ford allegation, while unsubstantiated was enough to weaken the resolve of the few remaining RINO Republicans. Once again it looked like Republicans were ready to cave. But then something changed. If Ms. Ford had showed up right away, the Senator Judiciary Committee would have probably interviewed her the same way they did everyone else and it would have been a total fiasco. But they blew it. Instead they came up with bizarre reasons for delay and the result was that Republicans had time to take a breath. They realized that Ms. Ford has no facts and that if she is interviewed by a trained female attorney rather than 11 angry white men, she is going to be discredited. Democrats figured that out too, which is why they are howling at the moon.

Then a second accuser surfaced with a story so thin even the New York Times wouldn’t run with it. All of the liberal anchors quickly pushed back against an obviously false narrative. Kavanaugh’s chances started to improve.  Even Lisa Murkowski showed signs of coming on board. Then Michael Avenatti surfaced with an even more absurd accusation and in my opinion he has accidentally pushed Kavanaugh over the finish line.

Julie Swetnick describes at least 10 wild parties where people like her were routinely drugged and raped. No one reported this to the police. No one reported this to their parents. No one reported to a teacher or a friend. Zero, zip, nada. But Ms. Swetnick remembers everything in great detail. Except even she doesn’t remember Brett Kavanaugh actually doing anything. This has less credibility that the 9-11 Truthers or those who think the Apollo Moon landing was staged in a Burbank movie studio. When you combine that with the fact that of all the attorneys in this country, Ms. Swetnick chose Michael Avenatti, well no more information is necessary.

If there was ever any doubt about the credibility of the allegations against Judge Kavanaugh, the lethal combination of Julie Swetnick and Michael Avenatti ended all doubt. If Democrats are capable of being embarrassed, they have to be embarrassed. This is just flat out absurd. I believe this will unify people regarding the allegations against Kavanaugh, no one will believe any of them. If you have to resort to something this pathetic, then it is clear you have nothing at all.

This reminds me of a recent football game where a huge defensive tackle grabbed a running back and violently threw him to the ground. What he failed to notice is that he was throwing him over the goal line resulting in a touchdown. That is exactly what Michael Avenatti is doing for Brett Kavanaugh.



Several years ago, while working for a major corporation, I had a trial ready to start. This regarded a slip and fall claim. We were prepared to go to trial because our store manager witnessed the entire incident and he was an extremely good witness. However, the night before the trial our “star” witness called me and with a quakely voice said he needed to tell me something. He said that while he didn’t mind lying for the company during the investigation and the deposition he was queasy about lying under oath in court. I said what do you mean? He said that he was lying about everything, it happened just the way the plaintiff said it happened. I was absolutely shocked. I called our attorney and we scrambled to get the case settled.

If he had just told us the truth from the start, we could have handled this claim much faster and for far less money. If he thought he was doing us a favor, he couldn’t have been more wrong.

I thought of this story when considering the proposed testimony of Christine Ford. She may have a very similar dilemma. If she repeats her allegation, under oath, that there were three or four witnesses to the alleged sexual assault by Judge Kavanaugh, she could have serious legal problems. That is because all of these people have denied even knowing about the incident. If they are desposed and they say the same thing under oath, then she could be charged with perjury. On the other hand if she admits they didn’t witness the event, that discredits her entire claim. This is the ultimate lose-lose situation.

In addition, she should give serious consideration to what will happen if Judge Kavanaugh is not confirmed. If he is denied a position on the Supreme Court, because of a patently false allegation, he is likely to be more than angry. He is likely to sue.

The following article shows the potential financial cost of making a false sexual assault claim. Christine Ford allegedly works for a firm that produces abortion pills. If a jury were to find a connection there they could also be at risk.


Senator Grassley has reported that the Judiciary committee has already hired a female attorney to conduct the interview.


He has called the Democrats bluff and they are shreiking hysterically. The amount of flak Grassley is getting is proof he is over the target. Democrats have put themselves between a rock and a hard place. If Christine Ford does not show, Republicans will just schedule the vote. If she does show, it is likely to be a disaster. If Democrats try to delay this, again, even CNN will figure out that there is a serious problem. The most recent woman to come forth with a claim against Kavanaugh was pillored by the MSM. They just weren’t buying it. I think the MSM has finally become embarrassed.


Democrats were clearly hoping that the lack of evidence would be overwhelmed by the volume of people willing to make claims. That is backfiring and any new witness that surfaces is likely to face similar scrutiny. Even Avenatti has suddenly shut down his twitter account and his star witness appears to be running for the hills. Probably a good idea.

We do not know where this will end up, but it is pretty easy to see who has momentum and who does not. Unless there is some massive undisclosed bombshell, if Republicans stay the course, Democrats are in big trouble.



Christine Ford is scheduled to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee Thursday. The deal is not done. Her attorney is horrified that she will be questioned by a female attorney trained to investigate sex crimes. They want her to be questioned by Kamala Harris, who will sob with her about the shame of being sexually assaulted and ask questions like: “how difficult is this for you” or “what do you want to say to other women who were sexually assaulted?”  It will be her audition to be the Democratic candidate for President in 2020. They want a Ted Cruz to ask a pointed question, like: “how did you get home from that party.” Any honest question will do.  This will be showcased on all the networks as another insensitive white male who doesn’t get it.

Frankly, they would prefer she not testify at all, because so many people are already willing to believe her, without regard to any facts. Why on earth risk changing that by answering questions. So far, Republicans are not backing down. It would not surprise me if Christine Ford’s attorney demands another delay and refuses to show up for this biased and unfair hearing. They are already writing letters saying exactly that. Has anyone checked to see if she is actually driving from California to Washington, D.C.?

If she does testify, and is questioned by a qualified female attorney, her accusations are very unlikely to withstand scrutiny.  Her attorneys are probably training her non-stop to cry upon demand and avoid answering difficult questions with tears and dismay that people won’t believe her.  Democratic Senators are already practicing disrupting the testimony and demanding adjournment. The least likely thing is to just let her state her case in a rational setting. The challenge is she doesn’t appear to be a professionally trained actress, and this may be difficult to pull off convincingly.  That is particularly true if she is being questioned by a competent female attorney who knows how to deal with this. If Republicans stand firm on having her questioned by the right attorney, they probably win the day. If they allow Democrats to turn this into another circus, they lose.

Her attorneys know this is high risk, which is why odds are against her testifying at all. That will leave it up to a vote. If Susan Collins stays the course and votes to confirm Kavanaugh, it is over.  He will be confirmed. If she votes no, a couple of other Republicans are likely to join her. His confirmation will be in jeopardy. Sadly, this is probably going to come down to one vote by one person. She is under tremendous pressure by the liberal left to vote no. So far, she seems to be holding firm. It was Susan Collins who recommended her being interviewed by a competent female attorney, so refusing to accept that demand may cost liberals the one vote that really matters.

The good news is that the American people are weighing in and although RINO Republicans are famous for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, they can still count. They believe Rush Limbaugh when he says that if Republicans cave and fail to confirm Kavanaugh they will get hosed in the 2018 mid-term elections. He is right about that. If Republicans win this battle, they win the war. The Blue wave will crash and will be replaced by a Red Tide, if for no other reason than the fact that victory has a thousand fathers, but defeat is an orphan. If liberals lose this one, they will be in big trouble. But if Republican lose, it will be Democrats singing ‘Happy Days Are Here Again.” Somebody is going to win, and somebody is going to lose.

There are few times we realize our greatest hopes or worst fears. This is one of those times.  The clock is running out, for both sides. If Democrats can push this into extended overtime by lying and cheating with the loud support of the MSM they will win. If Republicans stay the course and refuse to play the game, they win. We may know as early as Thursday Night.



Most people expected President Trump to fire Rod Rosenstein today. I mean, how much worse can it get. Even if Rosenstein was sarcastic when he asked Andrew McCabe if he should wear a wire when talking to the President, that is a big problem. At a minimum Rosenstein should have advised Trump with regard to what was going on.

Everyone, in both parties, is assuming that Rosenstein never reported this to either Trump or Sessions. But what if that is not true? What if he told Trump there were senior people in the FBI plotting to remove him. What if he told Trump the truth, that the entire Russian collusion investigation was a scam based on falsified information.

If Trump had allowed the Russian investigation to be continue to be run by the FBI under the direction of Andrew McCabe, it could have been disastrous. There is already evidence that McCabe wasn’t above falsifying evidence. It would take months to get a replacement Director of the FBI that Trump could trust. If he ordered Sessions to shut down the investigation, Democrats and some RINO Republicans would have gone ballistic.

Perhaps Trump did the unexpected. Perhaps it was his idea to have Rosenstein to appoint a Special Counsel. That would throw Democrats completely off the scent. Rosenstein chose Robert Mueller. The same Robert Mueller that spent a lot of one on one time with the President the day before he was appointed. Coincidence?

What if Rosenstein and Mueller were doing exactly what Trump wanted them to do. How would that look? The investigation would find no evidence of the Trump campaign colluding with Russia because it never happened. But the people conspiring to take down a president would feel safe and empowered. Rosenstein would possibly be the most important undercover operator in the history of American politics. In the meantime the IG would be doing the real investigation. Another topsecret investigation would be conducted by John Huber reporting directly to Jeff Sessions.

All of the people at the FBI and DOJ who were conspiring against Trump have been removed from power. But Rosenstein remains. Is that because Trump is afraid to fire him? Unlikely. It is more likely because Rosenstein is doing exactly what Trump wanted him to do.

The FBI and the DOJ have been withholding documents. Yet, they haven’t been withheld from Republicans in congress and they haven’t been withheld from the President. When the President started the declassification process, he was getting these prepared for public disclosure. Trey Gowdy warned Trump that these wouldn’t change anyone’s mind. Then Rosenstein met with the President and said two things. He said releasing those documents could expose the Special Counsel investigation as potentially illegitimate. Why would that be a problem for Trump? Trump already knew it was an illegitimate investigation. Why would he care? He would care if he still wanted his enemies to ignore the obvious. That investigation was never about Donald Trump. That begs the question: who was the real target of that investigation. It could just possibly be the people doing the investigating.

This is how the FBI caught Soviet Spy Robert Hanssen. He was promoted to a new job, supervising FBI Computer Security. His assistant, Eric O’Neill was an undercover agent.O’Neill found the smoking gun that resulted in Hanssen’s arrest and conviction.

Rosenstein also said it was important to let the IG finish his report. The IG isn’t investigating Trump, he is investigating those opposed to Trump. After meeting with Rosenstein,Trump said he would wait for the IG to finish his job, which he expected to happen soon.

The main stream media wants to believe that Trump will fire Rosenstein. They want to believe that Rosenstein shared their opinion of Trump and that he was their ace in the hole that would save the day. They never considered the possiblity that both Rosenstein and Mueller would put principle ahead of politics. That both would honor the rule of law and the constitution. Think about this. Mueller only indicted people that didn’t matter. He had to indict someboy to justify the investigation. But justify it to who? Certainly not to Trump. Far more likely to the liberal left who desperately wanted to believe that the conspiracy was working and the walls were closing in on Trump. Leak after leak has not harmed Trump but it has exposed and embarrassed a lot of Democrats in congress and their connections in the MSM.

We don’t know. We don’t even know who does know. We only know that Rosenstein wasn’t fired today and Trump doesn’t exactly look to be on a mission to fire him any time soon. Everyone assumes that Trump is intimidated by Democrats and fears a constitutional crisis. But, that doesn’t seem to fit with his personality. This is not exactly a guy who is easily intimidated. He wasn’t intimidated by the sex scandals, he just denied them and dared Democrats to do anything about it. I belief that if Trump thought Rosenstein was a threat, he would already be gone.

Even if Trump fires Rosenstein,it probably won’t be until after Kavanaugh is confirmed. He doesn’t need to give Democrats another reason to try and delay things. The only thing we really know is this: either Rosenstein did a lousy job in trying to remove a President, or he did a great job doing something else.



Ed Whelan has backed down, somewhat. He probably realized that he was stupid to name someone else as a possible suspect in a sexual assault. The reality is that no one knows if there even was a sexual assault. There is zero chance a legal authority will investigate this, so the person named by Whelan would have a pretty easy defamation of character case.  Even if it was his house and there was a party there is no evidence of a sexual assault and there never will be.

However, he is not backtracking on his analysis and he clearly has people talking to him. Whelan already knows things and there clearly are people out their investigating. That is extremely dangerous for Christine Ford, particularly when her own case is so pathetically weak on details.

Real obvious questions explain the problem.

She was 15.  How did she get to the party? Did she frequently attend parties where there was heavy drinking? Where there any adults present?

At best there were four boys and two girls. Who thought that was a good idea for a 15 year old girl?

How did she get home?

What time did she arrive home?

Did she say anything to her parents?

Did she say anything to her friends?

Did she say anything to anyone?

If she was truly traumatized, she would have told someone. It might not have been the police, it might not have been her parents, it might not have been a teacher, but she would have told someone, She didn’t.  Even if someone surfaces now saying they knew, no one will buy it.

I suspect we won’t hear much more from Whelan, and that’s a shame, but the reason will be that by the time he has this documented, she won’t matter any more.



I have been responsible for handling thousands of law suits. I quickly learned to look for the blink. The blink is the moment when the plaintiff does or says something that lets you know how they really feel about the case.

It is really quite simple. Plaintiff attorneys usually come in with their flags flying high, they think they have the case of the century, the would really like to try this, but might be willing to settle if the price is high enough. The truth is that it is very rare for any case to go to trial and in most cases the plaintiff attorney is just as anxious to settle the case as the defense. In some cases, more anxious to settle, because to the defense, it is often just a matter of the cost. For the plaintiff, if they try and lose, they get nothing. For the plaintiff, a loss can be a big financial hit.

I learned to watch for that moment when the plaintiff attorney signaled his or her real intent. It was often subtle.  Perhaps a slight change in tone. Perhaps a more muted response to a settlement offer. I learned to look for it and when I saw it I never ignored it. Once I saw the blink, I knew the case was going to settle and we were near the end.

We are close to the end of the Christine Ford fiasco. Although some people think Grassley blinked by extending the deadline, he didn’t.  His position is the same.  You can testify, but only under our rules and you have to set a firm date NOW.  If you don’t do that, we are just going to vote. It was the plaintiff attorney who blinked, when just before the deadline, she asked for more time to decide. This was an admission that she believed Grassley and he wasn’t going to play the delay game anymore. Grassley knows that, and it will inform his decision on how to move forward.

Her stated reason for delay is absurd. She wants to drive across the country instead of flying. No one is buying that. Odds are there are already numerous records of her flying all over the place for personal and business reasons. This was just a joke excuse, clear evidence that there never was an intent of her testifying, at least not in a rational setting.

Oh, they would have loved another Senate hearing circus with Pamela Harris praising her for the courage to tell the truth about this jerk and only asking her how much pain and humiliation she must be feeling. Then some white Republican Senator would say something wrong in his opening statement or will ask a question with the wrong tone. Frankly, it wouldn’t have mattered what actually happened, the MSM was already prepared to slam those old white Republicans for shamming a sexual assault victim. The truth would have been the least likely outcome.

But Grassley quickly shut that down by announcing that she would be questioned by a competent female attorney. That eliminated all the upside for Ford and only left a really big downside. Her attorney had zero intentions of participating in a good faith investigation. The whole point was only to defeat the nomination by delaying it.

At this point, it doesn’t matter what she does. Grassley has her cornered. If she doesn’t testify, Kavanaugh is confirmed. If she does testify, her paper-thin accusation will be exposed, and he will still be confirmed. What she can no longer due is delay the process.

We have seen the blink. The end is near.



There is now open battle between the New York Times and NBC. The NYT ran an article saying that Rod Rosenstein wanted to wear a wire to gather evidence against Trump. Rosenstein denied the story. But then NBC ran its own story on the same meeting. It turns out that Rosenstein was being sarcastic in a conversation with Andrew McCabe. This makes the NYT look silly.


“Well, what do you want me to do, Andy, wear a wire?”

Now compare that to the following NYT article:


It seems pretty obvious that the NBC version of events makes a lot more sense. That is particularly true when one realizes that both Andrew McCabe and Lisa Page were in that meeting and both are no longer with the FBI.

Ultimately, this may be the most accurate explanation for what was going on at the FBI. I frequency say that we should not assume malice when mere incompetence is a satisfactory explanation. Here we have a lethal combination of malice and incompetence.

The malice was always obvious. Now, thanks to this article from NBC, we know that the incompetence ultimately overwhelmed the malice.

The real problem with James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page and others is not their bias, lots of people have bias. It is their stupidity. These arrogant self-righteous fools really thought they could gin up a plot that would remove Donald Trump as President of the United States. Peter Strzok convinced himself that he was superman who could save the day. Andrew McCabe thought he was the leader of elite professionals who would quickly dispatch the silly naïve clown called Donald Trump.

Now, they are all gone and the Mueller investigation, which started with nothing, is ending with nothing. Trump is still President of the United States and if anything, he is stronger today than when he started. The political landscape all across the globe is littered with the bodies of people who were so much smarter than Trump. At some point one would think liberals would start to notice the obvious, but feelings are a poor substitute for logic and common sense, particularly when one’s vision is distorted by poorly designed rainbow colored lenses.

The reality is that the entire Russian Collusion myth and the special counsel investigation was a joke from the beginning. However, no one is laughing.



Christine Ford will not show up to testify Monday. We already know that. Republicans will hold the hearing, without her, and then schedule a vote. Brett Kavanaugh will be confirmed. But although this will be a major defeat for liberals and the Democratic leadership, much worse is just around the corner.

Enter Ed Whelan. Whelan graduated from Harvard in 1981. In 1985 he graduated from Harvard Law School, magna cum laude and was on the board of Editors of the Harvard Law Review. He was general counsel to the United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary and later was Senior Vice President and Counselor to the General Counsel for Verizon. He was a former law clerk for Justice Scalia. He is currently President of The Ethics and Public Policy Center. This is one serious attorney. While Democrats were hyperventilating, Whelan was investigating. What he has already found is more than enough to clear Brett Kavanaugh:


He has already created reasonable doubt, just by checking out the extremely limited information given by Christine Ford. She told the Washington Post that the assault took place in a house near the Columbia Country Club. It took Whelan about five minutes to figure out that although neither Brett Kavanaugh or his friends live anywhere near this location, another friend named Chris Garrett lived there. He even has the floor plan of the house which sure looks consistent with the place described by Christine Ford.

It gets worse. if you look at the pictures of Garrett and Kavanaugh next to each other they look very similar. Whelan probably already has several classmates willing to describe how much they looked alike. He has already found enough information to create a huge shadow of doubt. My guess is that he will shortly have more than that. All he would need is one of the four people that Christine Ford identified as at that party confirm that yes there was a party, there was a lot of drinking and Brett Kavanaugh wasn’t there. Nothing else would matter, because no one could possibly be investigated for a crime. No serious law enforcement agency would even open a file.

This is so bad that even Ms. Ford may admit that she can’t be totally sure the person she was talking about was Brett Kavanaugh. One thing is certain, she would be insane to testify about this under oath. The potential for walking into a perjury charge would be sky high. Grassley already called her bluff by saying she would be interviewed by a skilled attorney, not the clowns on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

I wouldn’t even be surprised if Ms. Ford admitted that she couldn’t be positive that Brett Kavanaugh was guy involved. She certainly would be insane to say he was, under oath, because that could lead to a perjury charge. Admitting that she might have misidentified him could be her best option. Then she can still claim she was telling the truth about the incident and the MSM will forget she ever existed.

Whelan found all this in a few hours. He claims he has more. If he is right, a lot of those self-righteous liberal Democrats demanding that everyone believe Christine Ford are going to be eating a lot of very public crow. I doubt that any of them are remotely capable of doing the right thing and apologize, but this is too delicious for the MSM to ignore.

This could be a really beautiful thing and what would make it even more enjoyable is that all of these people really have it coming.