From 1858 to 1871 Boss Tweed ran Tammany Hall, the Democratic machine in New York. The Clintons are not exactly the first Democrats who developed an effective pay for play scheme. Everyone knew Tweed was hopelessly corrupt, but no one cared. Tweed’s daughter got married on May 31, 1871 and contemporary reports estimate the wedding gifts were worth $700,000 or about $14 million today. But Tweed was already doomed because of something that had happened earlier that year. There was a major snowstorm and James Watson, Tweed’s bookkeeper, was kicked in the head by a horse following a sleigh accident. He died a few hours later. One of Tweeds adversaries, Sheriff O’Brien saw an opportunity. He convinced Matthew J. O’Rourke to apply for the job. O’Rourke was a spy and he set about copying the secret accounting records. Only one newspaper, the New York Times, was interested in these documents… They started running stories on July 8, 1971. There had been previous stories about the corruption of Tammany Hall but no one paid much attention. The MSMS of the day was all too willing to ignore the obvious. Mayor A. Oakley Hall, part of the Tammany machine appointed a commission to investigate. Members included well known leaders like John Jacob Astor III and banker Moses Taylor who reported that the books had been “faithfully kept.” Tweed looked like this would blower in with little change. The Clintons didn’t invent the cover-up either.

It almost worked, but the actual accounting records revealed a level of greed and corruption that was impossible to ignore. New Yorkers, who were used to a certain level of corruption, were shocked at the enormous sums involved. During the 1871 fall elections every candidate from Tammany Hall was defeated, with the sole exception of Boss Tweed. Tweed was re-elected but he was finished. A real citizens committee was formed to investigate and on December 16, 1871 Tweed was indicted. His trial took place in 1873 and he was sentenced to 12 years in prison. He got out after one year, only to find himself indicted again on a civil matter and sent back to prison. He escaped and fled to Spain, where he was quickly recognized and sent back. He was found dead in his prison cell on April 12, 1878. He was 55 years old.

There are some polls showing Hillary way ahead. There are some polls showing Trump ahead and some showing a dead heat. So I did a little research to find out why these polls are so different. The answer turned out to be easy to find. The polls showing Hillary ahead ask which candidate is favored and then make traditional assumptions about the undecided. The polls showing Trump ahead or tied also ask which candidate they favor. But they also ask another question. Which candidate would never get your vote? Bingo. When that question is asked, Hillary’s lead evaporates.  This election is not about whether you want Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. The reality is that most of us don’t want either. It is rather about which candidate you cannot possibly tolerate. Hillary wins(loses) that vote in a landslide.

There are also signs of pure panic by the Democratic establishment. If Hillary Clinton was way ahead in the polls, Democrats wouldn’t be attacking Trump. They would be running “puff Hillary” ads.  Instead the attacks are increasingly desperate.  For example they questioned whether or not Trump’s father was really Swedish.  Seriously?  Hillary is corrupt but she’s a better option because Trump isn’t actually Swedish?  Quite simply Democrats have thrown the kitchen sink at Trump and they are running out of sinks.  Hillary, on the other hand, is engulfed in wave after wave of negative news, showing signs of a River Tweed magnitude flood. There is no need to make anything up about Hillary; the cold hard truth is devastating enough.



When I was in the service I had a very high security clearance.  My security clearance itself was classified.  The men and women I worked with took national security very seriously.  None of us ever talked about the job, even among ourselves, unless we were in a secure setting.  We wouldn’t have considering taking a picture of any equipment and definitely would never have removed a classified document from a secure area.

Anyone who has worked in this type of facility is familiar with a burn bag.  Extremely sensitive documents are marked “burn after reading.”  When we were done with this type of document, it was not thrown in the trash nor was it even shredded.  It was put in a paper burn bag and stapled shut.  These bags were taken under guard to another location within the secure premises and the bag and contents were burned.  Extreme measures were taken to make sure these documents were completely and permanently destroyed.  We even had an internal joke about this, saying that a document was so classified that it was marked “burn before reading.”

That is why this e-mail is so shocking and why it should elevate the Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal to a whole new level:

Hume sent an e-mail saying there is a “bunch of burn stuff” that she left in her car.  No wonder Hillary Clinton and the State Department desperately tried to cover up the existence of this e-mail.  Talk about a smoking gun.  This is beyond bad.  This is even beyond criminally negligent.  This is insane. People have gone to jail for accidentally removing this type of information from a secure location.  The tone of the e-mail implies that Huma Abedin did this routinely and was only concerned this time because she was going to have “an ambassador” ride on the next drive.  Incredibly, she doesn’t ask this person to take the “burn stuff” to a secure location; she is just instructed to just put in in the trunk.  It really doesn’t get any worse than this.

At best this is criminally irresponsible.  But it could be worse.  It is a serious problem when someone is taking such highly classified information out of a secure area.  This means we may never know who was given access to this information.  We may never know the extent to which our national security was jeopardized.  That is doubly true when the person involved in Huma Abedin who has close relatives who are connected with Muslim extremists, including the Muslim Brotherhood.  This is not a minor problem.

If this is not enough to shock responsible people in both parties to take immediate action, then what on earth would it take?  At what point do even liberal Democrats realize that a threat to national security is a threat to everyone?  I wonder if a liberal Democrat is even capable of putting the country first.



Every lawyer I know agrees on one simple principle. Never ask anyone a question to which you do not know the answer. That was never more true that today. Dr. Drew was being interviewed by Doug McIntyre on KABC “McIntyre in the Morning.” He was tossed the typical softball question clearly designed to provide cover to Hillary Clinton. McIntyre started by ridiculing Sean Hannity for daring to question Hillary’s health. He then threw in sarcastic remarks about the silliness of people with no medical background expressing an opinion on the subject:

At first, Dr. Drew seemed to be on board when he quickly agreed that neither Sean Hannity nor any other journalist with no medical training was capable of evaluating Hillary’s health. He added that we should never judge someone’s medical condition based on highly edited video clips. But then the interview went completely south. Dr. Drew pointed out that Hillary had actually released medical records and he had personally reviewed them. To make it worse, he discussed with another doctor who is an expert on the subject. They both came to the conclusion that there was reason to be “gravely concerned” about Hillary’s health.” Doug McIntyre was probably the one who needed medical help getting his heart restarted when he heard this response. Talk about stepping in it big time. Dr. Drew went on to say that he was very skeptical regarding the quality of the medical care Hillary was receiving because it could cause the exact type of problems described by Sean Hannity and others. At this point McIntyre must have been throwing up in his waste basket.

Regardless of what you think about Dr. Drew, he oozed sincerity. KABC almost immediately took down the podcast and is desperately trying to pretend this didn’t happen. But there is no chance they can suppress this puppy. and a lot of other people have the audio file. Thanks Al for inventing the internet. The former CEO of Breitbart is now working for full time for Trump and he knows exactly what to do. While you are reading this the MSM is in emergency session trying desperately to make this just go away. Good luck with that.




I always expected the Clinton News Network (“CNN”) to be all in on Hillary.  I just didn’t expect this to be so obvious and so stupid.  They are so desperate to stop Trump that they got the bit in their mouth and were off to the races before realizing they forgot the rider.  The first time was when Trump made his sarcastic remark about the 2nd Amendment folks.  CNN literally tried to portray this as a threat to assassinate Hillary.  It was absurd, but typical.  Remember when they tried to accuse Sarah Palin of inciting violence by producing an ad putting Gabby Gifford in the cross hairs of a target.  At least in that case they had a good visual.  In this case they had next to nothing since only a died-in-the-wool Kool-Aid drinking Clintonian would consider swallowing this nonsense.  There are plenty of them, but they are already ready to vote for Hillary regardless of circumstances so they hardly matter.  Incredibly CNN started reporting that the Secret Service was investigating the Trump.  That, of course, was and is ridiculous.

One would think CNN learned its lesson from that fiasco, but no, they haven’t learned a thing.  Trump credited Obama with founding ISIS.  He was obviously being sarcastic but once again CNN seized the day.  They started producing reports slamming Trump for falsely accusing Obama of being the founder of ISIS.  The following screen, produced by the Washington Examiner is priceless:

cnnTo make this worse, the ever brilliant Dana Bush told Wolf Blitzer that she looked up the meaning of the word “founder” and it did not appear to be accurate.  Wow!

What CNN actually did was make Trump’s point.  No real person interpreted Trump’s remarks as accusing Obama of sitting around and creating an organization.  That is absurd.  For one thing, Obama has never shown that type of leadership ability.  But by “investigating” whether or not Obama really founded ISIS, CNN ended up making Donald Trump’s point that it was Obama’s incompetence that made it all possible.

Trump is trying desperately to lose this election and he has a real shot. Someone should seriously invest in a case of industrial strength duct tape.  However, at his worst, he cannot match the combined stupidity of the Hillary Clinton campaign and CNN.  The problem for CNN and the liberal left is that the number of people stupid enough to be impressed by this nonsense shrinks daily.  I still don’t think Donald Trump will win, in that a majority of Americans will never “want” him to be President of the United States.  But in the race to the bottom, it sure looks like Hillary is going to be very difficult to stop on her path to becoming the biggest loser.



The main stream media thought they had Donald Trump on the ropes.  So did the Republican Establishment.  Trump stepped in it big time with his unnecessary twitter war with Khizr Khan.  The main stream media immediately leapt into action and tried to portray Trump as an immature bully whose brain often doesn’t engage until long after he has stopped tweeting.  They are right about that.  But they forgot something important.  Khizr Khan has more than a little baggage.  Like the inconvenient fact that he would like to replace the constitution he was holding up with Sharia Law.  In addition when Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton started preaching about how disrespectful Trump is to Gold Star mothers they forget how most Gold Star mothers feel about them.  This is a classic example of why people in glass houses should know better than to throw stones.

Khizr Khan has already disappeared from the airways and the main stream media is not exactly looking for him.  He did emerge long enough to opine that “Allah” will destroy Donald Trump.  That plays well on CNN, not so much in Peoria.

CNN stupidly interviewed the widow of a Benghazi victim Tyrone Woods

They thought she would join on the “Dump on the Donald” campaign.  Instead, she rebuked CNN and the rest of the main stream media:

She pointed out that neither Donald Trump nor anyone else ever questioned Captain Khan’s sacrifice or his service or his death.  Then she delivered the blow to the heart:

“So my issue here is I believe that the Khans are only public because they are Muslim. And to me, that sends the wrong message that they are more important than the rest of us. No loss is more or less important than the other,”


Tyrone Wood’s father previously pointed out that he was far less concerned about what Trump said than the fact that Hillary lied to him about the reason for his son’s death.

It gets worse.   CNN, slow to learn, also interviewed Karen Vaugh, mother of Navy Seal Aaron Vaugh:

Typically, CNN tossed her a softball question designed to let her tee it off against Trump.  She didn’t bite. Instead she said actions speak louder than words and she explained how Barack Obama exploited the death of her son and 30 others:

“When my son was killed, he was killed in the largest loss of life in the history of Naval Special Warfare, and we had 30 families at Dover Air Base waiting for our sons’ bodies to be returned from Afghanistan,”  “What we experienced there is the families unanimously asked Barack Obama not to bring any media, to not make this a media event, that he was welcome to be with us but no media.  And you know he showed up with cameras, and the next day our pictures, or his picture saluting the caskets of our boys was plastered over every outlet in America.

I’m just saying if you’re going to be outraged that one person says something that could be construed as a flippant remark without a lot of thought put behind it what about the outrage over things people do, the outrage over Hillary Clinton still to date insinuating those grieving parents who say she said one thing must be mistake.  You know it’s just actions mean a lot more to me than words.”

The main stream media not longer is the sole source of news in this country.  They no longer get to control the narrative.  The truth is coming out and the truth looks very different from the CNN spin cycle.

Democrats think the star are aligned for Hillary and that she is on her way to a landslide victory. The main stream media is in full Clinton campaign mode to make this happen. That is obvious, but keep the faith.

Remember that Democratic pollsters cannot resist cooking the books and these polls are highly suspect.  But more importantly, always remember this. Liberal Democrats are incapable of making good decisions about anything. They cannot manage anything. Nothing they propose works. The more power they are given to implement their idiotic plans the sooner they self-destruct.

Hillary feels the wind beneath her sails flying merily along on the winds of the fawning main stream media.  Nothing could be more dangerous for an inherently corrupt, incredibly stupid and unbelievable incompetent bobble head like Hillary Clinton.



I watched Donald Trump step in it all week fighting a losing battle over a meaningless video. I wondered how anyone could support someone so immature and stupid to be President of the United States.  Could then possibly be a bigger loser than this?

Then I watched Hillary Clinton interviewed by Chris Wallace and saw her try to explain how the FBI report that proved she was a liar somehow confirmed her version of reality.  Even the Atlantic, which still thinks she would be a wonderful President, asked if it was possible for her to stop lying.  Wow, there actually is someone dumber than Donald Trump.

It is now clear that this election will not be won by either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump; it will be lost by whichever of these candidates wins the race to the bottom.  The only person who can help Hillary Clinton get elected President of the United States is Donald Trump.  The only person who can help Donald Trump get elected President of the United States is Hillary Clinton.  Either way the biggest loser is the country.

I wondered how things could possibly be worse.  Then it struck.  All it required was for me to turn on my television.  There was the President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, explaining why Donald Trump is totally unprepared to be the next President of the United States.  This caused me to leap with joy for two reasons.  One is that in 97 days, 15 hours, 49 minutes and 15 seconds, someone other than Barack Obama will be elected President of the United States.  In 170 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes and 59 seconds, he will no longer be President of the United States.  The other thing that gave me hope is this simple reality.  Over the past eight years I cannot recall a single instance where Barack Obama was right about anything.  If he thinks Donald Trump is unqualified for the job, I can think of no higher endorsement.



The conventional wisdom is that Hillary Clinton will win the election because all of the blacks and most of the Hispanics will automatically vote for her. That, of course, is true. In addition, federal judges are rapidly overturning voter ID laws, just in time to give Democrats one more chance to steal a national election. The DNC has millions to spend, the RNC next to nothing. The DNC establishment and the main stream media are all in on Hillary Clinton. All the stars are aligned for the first female President of the United States. What could possibly go wrong? The answer is Donald Trump.

The corrupt Democratic/Main Stream Media machine has finally achieved its goal. They have created an environment where the only thing that matters any more is celebrity status. The candidate with the most name recognition always wins. No one cares if the person has the character and the temperament to be President. No one even cares about the issues. The general election has been replaced with a reality TV show.

In spite of massive support by the DNC, Hillary was nearly taken out by a 74 year old socialist who isn’t technically a Democrat. Hillary won (secured) the nomination, but she left millions of people feeling the Berne.

Donald Trump won despite wide spread resistance by the RNC. Ironically, in the attempt to destroy Trump the main media made him bigger than life. Trump is an arrogant blow hard bully, but he is comfortable in his own skin and he is all too real. Hillary is an illusion, a bobble head pretending to be a person. She is a caricature not a candidate. If Hillary actually has a skin it was probably painted on.

I just watched her interview with Chris Wallace. It was stunning. She gave very smooth, well-rehearsed responses that are impossible to believe. She was Secretary of State, one of a handful of people authorized to designate information as classified, yet incredibly she blames everything on the 300 people who worked for her while simultaneously praising their professionalism. This was the response one would expect from a pre-programmed robot, not from a real person. Most people would get angry if you accused them of lying. Hillary acted like Wallace was talking about someone else.

So this election is down to the pathetic choice between a bully and a bobble head. One of these people is going to be the next President of the United States. That is not exactly grounds for optimism. I think people will ultimately vote for the bully, because the bully is real while at some point it becomes obvious that a bobble head is a bobble head. Even a very expensive and well-crafted bobble head pales in comparison to a human being.



There has been a lot of focus on alleged plagiarism by the Trump family at the RNC convention.  All of these charges are accurate.  However, the main stream media, once again, missed the forest for the trees.  Anyone who has ever watched a Democrat or a liberal interview soon realizes that they stopped answering questions years ago.  Liberals just repeat the same talking points over and over again. The following article from Forbes, intended to hurt the Trumps, just makes my point:

Forget the fact that this is a typical liberal commentary who assumes truth can only defined as making the same assumptions as liberals.  He is right about what has happened. Trump is beating Democrats at their own game.  He is fighting talking points with talking points.  Now that he has won the nomination, he has changed strategy slightly.  He now adds in Democratic talking points.  This is driving the media crazy.  How dare anyone other than a liberal Democrat repeat the same nonsense and expect people to take them seriously.  When a liberal Democrat talks about racial equality, the main stream media thunders approval.  When a Republican talks about racial equality the main stream media responds with cynicism and distain.

Trump is a formidable actor in the theater of the absurd. He is a celebrity who knows how to play the game.  He crafted his skill on Celebrity Apprentice.  Donald knows how to work a room.  He is the master at the grand entrance.  When filming Celebrity Apprentice, cameras are always positioned so that Donald looks significantly larger than anyone else in the room.  The chairs on his side of the room are always higher than the chairs on the other side. His chair is always higher than everyone else.  It is always a mismatch which ends with Donald firing someone.  If someone is actually paying attention, Donald frequently fires the wrong person. That doesn’t matter to Donald.  What matters is putting on a good show and pumping up ratings.  He is a master at that.

Donald is going to use more and more Democratic talking points and it is going to drive them crazy.  How are they to distinguish between campaigns when they are both using the same tired and ineffective liberal clichés?  So far, they have resorted to calling this plagiarism, but that would be like saying God Bless America is plagiarism.  Yes, Donald is stealing lines from Democrats.  Yes it is noticeable.  So noticeable that one must ask the main stream media a simple question.  You guys just figured this out?



Chris Christie, a former prosecutor, indicted Hillary Clinton on national TV. The jury (audience) screamed guilty. Democrats were appalled so the New York Times fact checking machine went into gear. It could not find one mistated fact by Christie. The best it could do on a couple of items is moan that it wasn’t necessarily “all” Hillary’s fault. Ouch!

CNN moaned about Donald Trump’s dark and gloomy speech. The Philadelphia Inquirer published the traditional fact check by It did not find a single fact mistated by Trump. The best it could do was say that Hillary was exonerated by the FBI, but in reality that is not true. She wasn’t exonerated, the FBI merely chose not to recommend indictment:

CNN kept promising the results on an instant poll.  They delayed reporting the results until long after prime time.  Now we know why. Trump knocked it out of the park. Only 24% of the people who watched that speech viewed it negatively. Most of them work as analysts on CNN.  The rest are organizers for Black Live Matters.

There’s more. The following video from yesterday shows what appears to be Hillary Clinton having a seizure. At best, this is way beyond weird. This has not hit the main stream media or even any of the mainstream blogs, so it has not been vetted. But there are multiple videos of the same event from different angles, so this looks very real:

Now imagine you are a Democratic stategist. You watched Chris Christie indict Hillary Clinton on national TV. You watched the Trump children dazzle the world. Then you saw Donald Trump knock it out of the park.   You look around for the savior who is supposed to save the day for you next week. You see this video. Can you think of a word stronger than panic?



I decided to watch CNN’s coverage of the Republican Convention for two reasons.  One is that the SF Giants had the day off and there was little else on.  The other was that I sometimes watch the enemy because they provide better insight into how the liberal left actually views things.

Three things stood out.  CNN played the speech by the mother of Sean Smith in its entirety.  It was devastating.  While there will be the typical liberal complaints that this was hate speech and that it exploited tragedy, it was riveting.  Regardless of whether or not you think it was appropriate to have her speak, the honesty was overpowering.  It was impossible to listen to that speech and not realize that Hillary Clinton is not just a liar, she is a cold-hearted ass.  When this woman said the State Department refused to talk to her because she was not “next of kin” it sent a shudder through the audience.

Melanie Trump’s speech was not a complete disaster, which is the most anyone should have expected.  Yes, the speech writer plagiarized Michelle Obama.  But, a little research will show that those same lines were plagiarized by someone the speech writer for Michelle Obama.

Obama himself plagiarized lines from Cory Booker.  The main stream media will ignore that sad reality, but it doesn’t matter.  Melania Trump is still Melania Trump and nothing changed.

The speeches ranged from mediocre to terrible.  Perhaps the worst speech was the one given by Michael Flynn more than justifying Donald Trump’s decision to dump him as a VP Candidate.  Joni Ernst was also bad with the added distraction that people were getting up and leaving in droves.  But then she delivered a moment that was pure magic.  It just may have been the best moment of the night.  CNN stupidly interviewed Joni Ernst.  They totally underestimated her.  When she started talking about the Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal she eviscerated Hillary on national television.  Instead of the stiff woman with the squeaky voice reading poorly from a teleprompter, they were confronted with a brilliant professional woman who commanded an Army Transportation unit during the Iraq War.  She was riveting.

She said she was not sure whether Hillary Clinton deserved to be in jail, but that this scandal should disqualify her from being President of the United States.  Then, as a former Armey Commander she talked about her own training with regard to classified information and she delivered what should be a fatal blow to Hillary Clinton.  She said she was appalled that Hillary lacked the intelligence to recognize classified information and the need to protect it.  She was calm, professional and impossible to ignore.

No one at CNN challenged her on that point, they were shocked into silence.  The looks on their faces were those of people who had just been delivered a harsh dose of the cold hard truth.

I doubt that many people will see that interview and that is the real shame.  Shortly after this the Melania plagiarism scandal broke and CNN quickly moved on to covering that.  They pointed out, correctly, that this was a really stupid mistake, not by Melania Trump but rather by the Trump campaign.  They are right about that. Once again carelessness by Trump provided an unnecessary distraction just when Hillary was being decimated on national television.

We seem to be frozen in time.  The same thing happens over and over again.  Hillary Clinton is reeling from body blow after body blow.  She is only kept upright because she has the good fortune to be in the ring with someone too self-absorbed and too clumsy to just let her fall flat on her face.  The only thing that can rescue Hillary Clinton from herself is the person the Republicans are about to choose to be their candidate in the general election.  Frozen.