If you are a police officer and you are involved in any encounter with a black man, you are at risk. It doesn’t even have to be a black man. One recent case involved a sixteen year old black female. It doesn’t even matter if you are black. You are a cop. That is all that matters.

Suppose you encounter someone who appears to be high on something, like angel dust. That person is very aggressive and refuses to respond to commands. If you are smart, you will just back off; get in your patrol vehicle and leave. At best you will wait in your car and call for backup. You will make no attempt to arrest this person or even interfere with that they are doing. There is no possible good outcome for you. There is a significant risk that this person could seriously hurt you or someone else. However if you Taser this person, use pepper spray, fire your weapon or even use a choke hold, you will be putting yourself in legal jeopardy. At a minimum, you will lose your job. You will be vilified in the press. Colin Kaepernick will know your name and will be thinking of you as he disrespects our national anthem. The circumstances will not matter. It won’t even matter if you are also black. All that matters is that “excessive force” was used against a black suspect. That is the lesson of the riots in Charlotte.

The results will be devastating, for honest black citizens. Even liberals will quickly decide to avoid any place where black people live, work or play. It won’t be obvious at first, but the results will be there for anyone paying attention. Black neighborhoods will become increasingly black. White neighborhoods will become increasingly white. There will be fewer police, of any color, willing to work in black neighborhoods and black on black crime will skyrocket. There will be no shortage of cops, of any color, willing to work in white neighborhoods, where they are welcomed, even by liberals. Rich white liberals will move into safe enclaves where they can put up fences, road blocks and hire private security to keep the undesirables away. That security, by the way, will definitely be armed. Then they will concentrate on what is most important. How to blame this on George Bush?



The first 2016 Presidential debate is scheduled for Monday. Incredibly, it is not entirely clear that the debate will even happen. If Democrats aren’t terrified at the thought of Hillary debating Donald Trump, they aren’t paying attention. At least some Democrats are secretly smarter than this and privately they even display a fair amount of common sense. They were willing to put up with the Clinton nonsense, as long as she looked like a winner. But she doesn’t look like a winner.

Hillary disappeared from the campaign trail today, again, after people noticed some serious weirdness in her eye movements during a recent event. When you combine this with the collapse on September 11, it is clear that Hillary’s health is deteriorating. Odds are high that she is being evaluated by doctors to evaluate the possibility of her having another incident during the debate. Just imagine her having one of her spells during the debate. She can’t get away with wearing blue glasses or even prism glasses this time and everyone is going to be on the lookout for an ear bud. With regard to the ear bud, perhaps Republicans should let her go ahead and use one, because it sure wasn’t much of a factor during the Commander in Chief Forum.

No one could have predicted this. No one could make this up. Donald Trump remains a hugely flawed candidate totally unqualified to be President of the United States. Yet the problems with Hillary Clinton are so enormous that Trump looks almost normal in comparison. The only good news is that there are strong hints that the American people have finally had enough of the Clintons. Bill Clinton is looking very old and out of touch. Hillary is a has-been who never was. I am not sure that Donald Trump will be much better, but anything will be better than enduring the stench of another Clinton administration.

Expect Democrats to throw the kitchen sink at Donald Trump over the weekend. They will try desperately to seize the day with regard to the riots in Charlotte and blame everything on Republican racism. But there is a problem. The Black Lives Matter people have truly jumped the shark this time. When a black cop is accused of murder because he shot a black thug waving a handgun, it becomes increasingly difficult to sustain the racist white cop myth. A whole lot of people in North Carolina, both black and white, responded to this mess by standing in line to buy a gun. Sounds about right! My guess is that in about six weeks they are going to stand in line to vote for Donald Trump and the world will never be the same.



Have you noticed something lately? The MSM has really backed off reporting poll results. When they do report them, they now focus solely on “likely voters.” Regardless of what the poll says we can expect some delusional pundit to predict that Hillary is going to win. I know a lot of people who believe that Hillary will win, regardless of circumstances. But there is actual data that hints at a very different outcome.

The times and the numbers are a changing and there are definitely more minority voters. A lot of people assume this means more Democratic voters. But so far that has now proven to be true in actual election results. Prior to the November 2014 elections, estimates were that 43% of Americans were Democrats and 39% were Republicans. After the November 2014 election that changed to 41% Democratic and 42% Republican. There were also a record number of people registering as independents.

That is not the only change. In 2010, there were 26 Democratic Governors, 23 Republican Governors and one independent. As of 2016 there are 11 Democratic Governors, 31 Republican Governors and one independent. In 2010 Democrats controlled 17 state legislatures, Republicans controlled 10 and 24 were split. In 2016 Democrats control 7 state legislatures, Republicans control 23 state legislators and 20 are split. Still want to assume the country is becoming more Democratic?

Last summer there were sixteen legitimate candidates for the Republican nomination. Democrats had four and ended up with two. One of these two was a 74 year old wild haired socialist. Right now there are at least some Democrats developing contingency plans in the event Hillary has to withdraw from the election. Can you name the top candidate(s) to replace Hillary? I rest my case.

In addition the polls are nonsense. They are all based primarily on telephone surveys using hopelessly obsolete technology. On the night of BREXIT, the polls were so favorable for a no vote that after the polls closed David Cameron and others were hosting champagne classes to celebrate their victory. The next morning when the real votes were counted the results were so bad that Cameron announced his resignation as Prime Minister.

Many people don’t even have land line phones anymore and almost everyone has some form of caller ID. If you call my home, and I don’t recognize you, odds are very high I will not answer the phone. If the call is from an 800 number or an out of state number there is zero chance I will answer the phone. In addition, we use our phones very differently today. Phones used to be used to talk to other people. Now smart phones are used to surf the web, take selfies and text people, etc. It is rare to see anyone actually talking on the phone. This means the polls are based on a rapidly shrinking and increasingly unrepresentative portion of the population. To make matters worse, as I mentioned earlier, recent polls have started focusing on “likely voters” rather than “registered voters.” I’m sure it is just a coincidence that this change started when Hillary starting sinking in the polls. Without this adjustment, Hillary is doing much worse that what is being reported.

The point being that one is smart to ignore all the professional pundits on the MSM. If the only change is the percentage of people who now registered as Republicans rather than Democrats, Donald Trump wins this election by a slim margin. So far, every poll shows Trump doing much better among Independents than Hillary. If there really is a big increase in the number of independents and Donald Trump is leading among independents, then Hillary is on the path to losing by a world class landslide.

There’s more. In a recent poll, Donald Trump was polling 20% of the black vote. That seems hard to believe, but a lot of things about Trump seem hard to believe. If that is true, Hillary has zero chance of winning the election. Every pundit admits that Hillary needs 90% of the black vote to win. Even if Trump only gets 10% of the black vote, that greatly increases his odds of winning the election.

Note, I am not predicting anything, I am just reporting documented facts. I have no clue what will happen and neither does anyone else. I just know that the current voter turnout models are pure crap and in every recent major election the polls have been wrong by enormous margins. The pundits predict that high turnout means the Democrats win. But that didn’t happen this year. There was high turnout in Iowa and Ted Cruz won. Later there was high turnout and Donald Trump won. The consistent pattern was that the strongest anti-establishment candidate was the one who benefited from high turnout. That is the polar opposite of what the MSM expected. It is the polar opposite of what the pundits expected.

The MSM believes that the Hillary e-mail scandal and the Clinton Foundation scandals are just distractions. They are wrong about that.  Even though the polls are highly flawed, they still yield some very important information. Every recent poll also shows that a majority of Americans think both of these are really big deals. Both candidates have very high disapproval ratings. But there is a huge difference between the reasons for the disapproval. They don’t like Donald Trump because he insults people, demonstrates immaturity and is a self-centered narcissist. They don’t like Hillary because she was extremely careless with National Security and she lied about it. They are also concerned about the obvious pay for play system poorly disguised as the Clinton Foundation.  The MSM may not recognize this as shameless bribery, but a lot of Americans have figured that out.   It is not so much that people don’t like Hillary, they flat out don’t trust her.

We are inundated with a barrage of MSM broadcasts trying to explain why the problems with Donald Trump as just as important as the problems with Hillary’s constant lying. Actually, they try to discount Hillary’s problems and magnify Donald Trump’s problems. The result has been that trust for the MSM has dropped to an all-time low. Just recently I took a step back and suddenly everything became clear. This election is between a spoiled brat and an adult serial offender. Donald Trump is a spoiled brat, but there is hope that at some point he might just grow up. Hillary is an adult serial offender. There is zero chance she will change. The choice is beyond pathetic but hope is a better option than insanity.



It is official.  The Presidential election of 2016 has been reduced to a cheap and totally unbelievable soap opera.  Except that this is all too real and no writer could come up with a script this improbable.

There is obviously something seriously wrong with Hillary.  The people who know are not talking and the only thing certain is that the Clintons are incapable of telling the truth.  I don’t know what happened to her yesterday, but I know it was bad.  We can be pretty certain it is definitely not pneumonia, for the simple reason that in any situation the least likely option is that the Clintons will tell the truth.

If Hillary stays off the campaign trail for an extended period of time, she will appear to be too weak to be President.  Yet if she returns to the campaign trail, it could be even worse.  These episodes are happening more frequently and it is only a matter of time before one happens live.  Democrats are already desperately trying to avoid having Hillary participate in any debates.  Her performance in the “Command in Chief Forum” was so pathetic that her supporters literally tried to blame this on bias by Matt Lauer. No one even pretends she did will. Trump, in the other hand, was calm, cool and collected and did not resemble the out of control irrational image promoted by the MSM.  The DNC double secret probation committee is admittedly in full session preparing a contingency plan to replace Hillary Clinton as the candidate, if necessary.  The problem is that the DNC has no bench.  If there was a legitimate alternative to Hillary Clinton she wouldn’t be the nominee.  She was nearly taken out by a wild-haired 74 year old Socialist who has even fewer accomplishments than her.

Just in in case you are in serious need of indigestion, following is a list of potential replacements: Tom Kaine, Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Andrew Cuomo, Jerry Brown and, wait for it, Michelle Obama. There is zero chance Hillary will do the right thing and quit. If Hillary is replaced, it will be done in secret, released in the middle of the night with the MSM media all poised to run a desperate misinformation campaign to save the day. This is unlikely to work.

In case you are wondering if Barack Obama can just postpone the election or the Democrats can pull some stunt to change the results keep this in mind.  When push comes to shove the House of Representatives gets to decide who will become the next President.  Republicans have a majority in the House and Paul Ryan is Speaker of the House.  Even if Democrats were to miraculously take back the House this fall, the current House of Representatives would still decide the issue.  No one in their right mind wants this result, but it is an important safety net.  Keep this in mind because we are about to hear some very weird and downright scary theories.

All this will take place in about a week to ten days because there is less than sixty days before the election.  That is why I decided to name this soap operate “Search for Tomorrow.”



I wasn’t expecting much out of the debate last night. Matt Lauer is a famous Clintonian and I expected him to toss Hillary nothing but softball questions. I was wrong. Matt Lauer asked tough questions and he had Hillary on her heels. She really never recovered. She spent most of her 30 minutes trying to explain why the obvious isn’t obvious. It was beyond pathetic.

Trump, on the other hand, owned the room. Lauer also asked Trump tough questions and at times he bordered on being rude. But Trump handled them brilliantly. The only chance Hillary Clinton has to win this election is to get people to believe that Trump is not up to the job and that he is too dangerous to become President. Instead people got a chance to see Trump up close and they discovered that he is very quick on his feet and more than capable of holding his own. Trump can play the game.

So how bad was it? That is easy to answer, just read the headlines. The MSM has two themes this morning. One is that Mat Lauer was sexist because he interrupted Hillary more than he did Trump. I am not even sure that was true, but if Hillary can’t stand up to Matt Lauer she sure can’t stand up to Putin. When the MSMS is reduced to playing the gender card, again, it is because they are desperate.

The other theme was that Lauer should have called Trump out on his lies specifically when Trump said he was opposed to the war in Iraq and opposed to the intervention in Libya. But if Lauer needed to challenge the candidates with regard to lies and distortions he would have had a field day with Hillary’s work of fiction. Funny thing about liberals, they consider equivocation about prior political positions to be in the same class with bald faced lies about sending and receiving classified information. Every politician, to some extent, plays more than a little fast and loose when talking about their personal history. That is unfortunate, but there is a huge difference between grandstanding and perjury.

I am still not a Trump fan and I really wish we had a better choice. But regardless of whether or not you like Trump, you have to admire the performance. I despise Hillary, so it is hard to be objective. She was smooth and relatively unflustered under pressure, but she had a difficult assignment.  It impossible to get people to trust you when the only response you have to criticism is to repeat silly talking points that don’t come close to passing the smell test. She did not look remotely capable of being  a Commander in Chief.

If you were scoring this like a fight, round one went to Trump big time. He s a brilliant counter-puncher.  It was close to a knockout. If you are a Hillary supporter, be afraid, very afraid.



The main stream media is beyond desperate. Following is headline from AOL.

Trump campaign gets in Twitter trouble again with Photoshopped poll image.”

I was expecting something spectacular, like nude pictures of Mother Theresa, but no. This is much worse. Donald Trump, gasp, made reference to a poll he thought might have been put out by an organization called “FiveThirty Eight,” which does not actually conduct polls. Stop the Presses! MSBNC quick pounced on the “Crime of the Century.” This was so much more important than the reports that Hillary Clinton’s top staffers probably lied to the FBI. It was even more important than report that Hillary may have authorized sales of guns to ISIS and al Qaeda. This was far more important that the fact that she couldn’t talk to the press, on her own plane, without going into another coughing fit. It was much more serious that the news that Hillary apparently “lost” a laptop containing all of those “archived” emails.” The news about Trump was far more significant that the report that Hillary’s top aides greased the skids to obtain diplomatic passports for people who just happened to donate millions to the Clinton Foundation.

Sadly, many people on the left will delay celebrating the death of Phyllis Schlafly briefly to express outrage at this latest mistake by the Trump campaign. The good news is that in addition to Hillary losing big time, the same polls show that even people stupid enough to still vote for Hillary, are not planning on supporting Democrats down ticket. The ever clueless Republican Establishment fears Trump losing in a landslide that will cost them control of the House and the Senate. The polls show the opposite is true. We shouldn’t be surprised to learn they are just as wrong about that as they are about nearly everything else.

Take a hint here folks, when your candidate has been caught red handled doing things that literally border on treason, and the best response you can come up with is Trump given the wrong group credit for the polls showing him ahead, that is not exactly a good sign. MSNBC and the rest of the main stream media must think the rest of us are living on Mars. Or perhaps they are the ones on Mars; they certainly are missing what’s happening here on earth.




I had a 1989 Mercedes. The air conditioner stopped working. Since we live in Northern California where the temperature can get above 100 degrees, that is a problem. I took the car to three places.   The first one explained that he could not recharge the car with R12 because of California environmental laws. He would have to put in several new parts. The estimated cost was $2,500. I took to to two other places and got similar bids, one slightly lower, one slighly higher. I was depressed at the thought of dropping $2,500 into a 22 year old car. That night I went to the stock car races and sat next to an older guy who turned out to be an HVAC contractor. He was not a car mechanic. I told him my tale of woe. He suggested just recharging the car with R34, which is legal. That seemed too good to believe, so I checked with a Mercedes mechanic. He said: “don’t do that it will ruin your compressor and a whole bunch of other parts.” I asked if those would be the same parts he said had to be replaced now? He said “yes,” so I thanked him and moved on.  I went to Auto Zone and found an adapter plug that changed the fitting from R12 to R34. It cost me less than $20.   I bought some cans of R34, with stop leak, and charged the system myself. The air conditioner immediately started delivering deliciously cold air into my car. I drove the car for another three years and sold it with the air conditioner still humming right along.

A lot of brilliant Republican Establishment candidates and the liberal news anchors are warning Donald Trump that his blunt approach will turn off black voters. I suspect that would be the same black voters who already vote 90% of the time for the Democrat. John McCain got a whopping 4% of the black vote and half of those were by mistake. Mitt Romney surged to 6%. If Donald Trump makes black voters so angry that 90% of them vote against him, it will be an improvement.

I suspect a lot of people, most of them Democratic strategists, understand this very well. That is why they are throwing a first class hissy fit expressing outrage that Trump is  appealing to black voters by pointing out the obvious. Democrats have been get 90% of the black vote since 1964, when they lost the battle to stop the Civil Rights Act.  How’s that working out?  Black unemployment is still very high, the black poverty level is still high, schools in black neighborhoods still suck and black on black crime is getting worse, not better. So Trump shrugs and says: “why not vote for me, what you have got to lose?” Just imagine a world where black voters stop to think, just a little, before automatically voting for the Democrat. Perhaps the better question is “what does Donald Trump have to lose?


From 1858 to 1871 Boss Tweed ran Tammany Hall, the Democratic machine in New York. The Clintons are not exactly the first Democrats who developed an effective pay for play scheme. Everyone knew Tweed was hopelessly corrupt, but no one cared. Tweed’s daughter got married on May 31, 1871 and contemporary reports estimate the wedding gifts were worth $700,000 or about $14 million today. But Tweed was already doomed because of something that had happened earlier that year. There was a major snowstorm and James Watson, Tweed’s bookkeeper, was kicked in the head by a horse following a sleigh accident. He died a few hours later. One of Tweeds adversaries, Sheriff O’Brien saw an opportunity. He convinced Matthew J. O’Rourke to apply for the job. O’Rourke was a spy and he set about copying the secret accounting records. Only one newspaper, the New York Times, was interested in these documents… They started running stories on July 8, 1971. There had been previous stories about the corruption of Tammany Hall but no one paid much attention. The MSMS of the day was all too willing to ignore the obvious. Mayor A. Oakley Hall, part of the Tammany machine appointed a commission to investigate. Members included well known leaders like John Jacob Astor III and banker Moses Taylor who reported that the books had been “faithfully kept.” Tweed looked like this would blow over with little change. The Clintons didn’t invent the cover-up either.

It almost worked, but the actual accounting records revealed a level of greed and corruption that was impossible to ignore. New Yorkers, who were used to a certain level of corruption, were shocked at the enormous sums involved. During the 1871 fall elections every candidate from Tammany Hall was defeated, with the sole exception of Boss Tweed. Tweed was re-elected but he was finished. A real citizens committee was formed to investigate and on December 16, 1871 Tweed was indicted. His trial took place in 1873 and he was sentenced to 12 years in prison. He got out after one year, only to find himself indicted again on a civil matter and sent back to prison. He escaped and fled to Spain, where he was quickly recognized and sent back. He was found dead in his prison cell on April 12, 1878. He was 55 years old.

There are some polls showing Hillary way ahead. There are some polls showing Trump ahead and some showing a dead heat. So I did a little research to find out why these polls are so different. The answer turned out to be easy to find. The polls showing Hillary ahead ask which candidate is favored and then make traditional assumptions about the undecided. The polls showing Trump ahead or tied also ask which candidate they favor. But they also ask another question. Which candidate would never get your vote? Bingo. When that question is asked, Hillary’s lead evaporates.  This election is not about whether you want Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. The reality is that most of us don’t want either. It is rather about which candidate you cannot possibly tolerate. Hillary wins(loses) that vote in a landslide.

There are also signs of pure panic by the Democratic establishment. If Hillary Clinton was way ahead in the polls, Democrats wouldn’t be attacking Trump. They would be running “puff Hillary” ads.  Instead the attacks are increasingly desperate.  For example they questioned whether or not Trump’s father was really Swedish.  Seriously?  Hillary is corrupt but she’s a better option because Trump isn’t actually Swedish?  Quite simply Democrats have thrown the kitchen sink at Trump and they are running out of sinks.  Hillary, on the other hand, is engulfed in wave after wave of negative news, showing signs of a River Tweed magnitude flood. There is no need to make anything up about Hillary; the cold hard truth is devastating enough.



When I was in the service I had a very high security clearance.  My security clearance itself was classified.  The men and women I worked with took national security very seriously.  None of us ever talked about the job, even among ourselves, unless we were in a secure setting.  We wouldn’t have considering taking a picture of any equipment and definitely would never have removed a classified document from a secure area.

Anyone who has worked in this type of facility is familiar with a burn bag.  Extremely sensitive documents are marked “burn after reading.”  When we were done with this type of document, it was not thrown in the trash nor was it even shredded.  It was put in a paper burn bag and stapled shut.  These bags were taken under guard to another location within the secure premises and the bag and contents were burned.  Extreme measures were taken to make sure these documents were completely and permanently destroyed.  We even had an internal joke about this, saying that a document was so classified that it was marked “burn before reading.”

That is why this e-mail is so shocking and why it should elevate the Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal to a whole new level:

Hume sent an e-mail saying there is a “bunch of burn stuff” that she left in her car.  No wonder Hillary Clinton and the State Department desperately tried to cover up the existence of this e-mail.  Talk about a smoking gun.  This is beyond bad.  This is even beyond criminally negligent.  This is insane. People have gone to jail for accidentally removing this type of information from a secure location.  The tone of the e-mail implies that Huma Abedin did this routinely and was only concerned this time because she was going to have “an ambassador” ride on the next drive.  Incredibly, she doesn’t ask this person to take the “burn stuff” to a secure location; she is just instructed to just put in in the trunk.  It really doesn’t get any worse than this.

At best this is criminally irresponsible.  But it could be worse.  It is a serious problem when someone is taking such highly classified information out of a secure area.  This means we may never know who was given access to this information.  We may never know the extent to which our national security was jeopardized.  That is doubly true when the person involved in Huma Abedin who has close relatives who are connected with Muslim extremists, including the Muslim Brotherhood.  This is not a minor problem.

If this is not enough to shock responsible people in both parties to take immediate action, then what on earth would it take?  At what point do even liberal Democrats realize that a threat to national security is a threat to everyone?  I wonder if a liberal Democrat is even capable of putting the country first.



Every lawyer I know agrees on one simple principle. Never ask anyone a question to which you do not know the answer. That was never more true that today. Dr. Drew was being interviewed by Doug McIntyre on KABC “McIntyre in the Morning.” He was tossed the typical softball question clearly designed to provide cover to Hillary Clinton. McIntyre started by ridiculing Sean Hannity for daring to question Hillary’s health. He then threw in sarcastic remarks about the silliness of people with no medical background expressing an opinion on the subject:

At first, Dr. Drew seemed to be on board when he quickly agreed that neither Sean Hannity nor any other journalist with no medical training was capable of evaluating Hillary’s health. He added that we should never judge someone’s medical condition based on highly edited video clips. But then the interview went completely south. Dr. Drew pointed out that Hillary had actually released medical records and he had personally reviewed them. To make it worse, he discussed with another doctor who is an expert on the subject. They both came to the conclusion that there was reason to be “gravely concerned” about Hillary’s health.” Doug McIntyre was probably the one who needed medical help getting his heart restarted when he heard this response. Talk about stepping in it big time. Dr. Drew went on to say that he was very skeptical regarding the quality of the medical care Hillary was receiving because it could cause the exact type of problems described by Sean Hannity and others. At this point McIntyre must have been throwing up in his waste basket.

Regardless of what you think about Dr. Drew, he oozed sincerity. KABC almost immediately took down the podcast and is desperately trying to pretend this didn’t happen. But there is no chance they can suppress this puppy. and a lot of other people have the audio file. Thanks Al for inventing the internet. The former CEO of Breitbart is now working for full time for Trump and he knows exactly what to do. While you are reading this the MSM is in emergency session trying desperately to make this just go away. Good luck with that.