On January 1, 2021, Twitter stock was selling at about $55.00. Today, after the idiotic decision to block Donald Trump, permanently, Twitter closed today at $45.79.  That means Twitter has lost over 16% of its value since the first of the year. That is billions of dollars. Facebook lost even more.

The stockholders, many of whom could care less about the political views of Jack Dorsey or Mark Zuckerberg, are undoubtedly furious about this. If they don’t see this trend reverse, like right now, they will stop buying Twitter stock and may start dumping it. They didn’t buy stock because they liked the politics of the executives, they bought it to make money. Jack Dorsey may believe that he is all powerful, but that is not true. He, like every other executive of a publicly held corporation, reports to the Board of Directors that reports to the stockholders.

Even if the stock recovers, which is far from certain, there are certain to be class action lawsuits against Twitter and Facebook’s Board of Directors. That always happens when a lot of people lose big bucks.  Having been the Risk Manager for a large publicly held organization, I had direct contact with the Board of Directors. They all had several things in common. They didn’t get there by accident and they were very anxious to preserve their own wealth. They were also terrified of stockholder’s lawsuits, since they knew they could be sued personally. My guess is that the Board of Directors for both Twitter and Facebook are very aware of what is happening, and they are beyond concerned. This will be magnified by the fact that they likely own large amounts of stock and have lucrative stock options. I doubt that many of them are finding this amusing.

I used to brief the Board of Directors annually regarding Board of Director insurance including the amount of coverage available to protect the Board Members distinct and above the protection provided to stockholders. They paid very close attention to these briefing and had a lot of questions. They are normally very supportive of the CEO, until they are not supportive. Nothing will change things more quickly than a rapid drop in equity, particularly when that is done by an arbitrary decision made by senior management. Ultimately, every board wants and demands the same thing. Make a profit and keep the value of the stock rising. Do that, and they can forgive a lot. Fail to do that and they can and will act.

A lot of those board members realize that whether you like Trump or not, if he goes, a lot of his 72 million followers go with him. Worse than that, a lot of people who don’t even follow Trump, but follow other people with conservative views, will leave too. This is already happening. Within days, if not hours, this trend may become irreversible. In the meantime, how many people do you expect to follow Joe Biden on Twitter or Facebook. Exactly!

We will soon know. Perhaps the Twitter and Facebook Boards will be more than willing to go along on the ride down, shedding billions of dollars in the process. Anyone want to bet on that? Warm fuzzy politically correct feelings are great, but they are not an acceptable substitute for cold hard cash. If I were on the Board of Twitter or Facebook, I would be demanding answers. Some Board Members are probably already demanding that this policy be reversed immediately, and that Donald Trump is provided with a strong incentive to stay with the program. It will take a lot more than an apology. Trump doesn’t need them, they need Trump.

There are already a lot of very powerful people, with enormous resources, more than willing to handle the baggage that always accompany someone like Donald Trump in exchange for a couple $billion. In this case closer to $50 billion.

Unless this trend changes, this won’t take long.  This is true even if the accusations against Donald Trump have merit. But it is becoming increasingly obvious that they don’t have merit. Just imagine if this weekend and next week becomes extremely violent. It will be hard to blame that on Trump because he has given strong statements against violence, that even the MSM appreciated. Joe Biden, on the other hand, poured gas on the flames. It is one thing to be arrogant, it is something else to be arrogant and wrong. Imagine this phone call. “Nailed that one Jack! Way to go Mark! How are you going get my $51 billion back?”

Even Andrew Cuomo is talking about opening the state back up. Why? Because he has changed his opinion? No. It is because he desperately needs to stop the bleeding. Even Andrew has figured out that paying people more money to stay home and not work is a recipe for financial disaster. If you can make money for not working, why bother to work? This should already be obvious, but then we are talking about people who are very skilled at believing things that are demonstrably false. Ultimately, no matter what one believes, if you run out of money you run out of money. Pride goeth before a fall, but lack of money speeds up the process.

Trump is releasing the Russian conspiracy hoax documents. At least one of the people arrested in connection with the Capitol invasion is a well-known BLM agitator. Another guy, captured on video carrying a huge confederate flag, appears to be a liberal Democrat. There are rumors that the Acting Attorney General will appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate Hunter and Joe Biden. Trump is rumored to be ordering a full audit of the Georgia runoff election. Remember, that the DNI is still required to give a report on foreign interference in the election. This could be a wild weekend for a lot of reasons. In the meantime, a lot of people busy celebrating would be wise to remember that all that Twitters is not Gold.



One of my favorite shows was the masked magician.  He would show exactly how some of the most famous illusions done by magicians really worked. Even things that seemed obvious and magical turned out to be only tricks of lighting, distraction, mirrors, and other gimmicks. Being fooled by a magician is one thing but being lied to by people who are deliberately distorting facts about something that really matters is far more serious.

Yesterday every single Democrat in the House and 10 Republicans voted to impeach a President of the United States based on an assumption that is patently false. It is not only wrong, but absurd to claim that the allegedly “inflammatory” speech by Donald Trump incited people to riot. They were planning on doing this before he showed up. The assault started before he even finished speaking.

Democrats and people like Liz Cheney blamed everything on Donald Trump for inciting insurrection, because of something that did not happen. This is going to be a huge problem for Democrats. Liz Cheney has committed political suicide. This assault on the Capitol scared a lot of people. It scared them enough to investigate things instead of just parroting the Democratic spin. Even CNN is reporting this. Of course, they are still blaming this on the KKK, but they are also reporting the facts about what happened at the Capitol.

This was a planned event, the FBI knew about, the Capitol police knew about it, and no one did anything to stop it. Numerous news agencies are reporting this. So far, all the “public” arrests seem to have been Trump supporters, but odds are that is far from true. At some point all the arrest records will be released and we will see Antifa and Black Lives Matter people there. There is no chance they could or would resist this type of opportunity. There are numerous eyewitness reports of this, along with a ton of video. Are they all lying? Please!!

John Solomon made a FOIA request for the records from the Capitol police. They denied the request because they said this would be embarrassing and invade some people’s privacy. Embarrassing? To whom?  Obviously, they are hiding something big. There is no way they can suppress this forever. This response will get the attention of a lot of people, including some in the MSM who will smell blood.

Solomon made a very interesting comment:

“A few minutes after the impeachment went over, CNN matched our story this morning and said there is evidence of significant pre-planning,” he said. “That would have been nice for the American people to know before their lawmakers voted on this impeachment proceeding.”

The News Media can only survive by reporting bad news designed to outrage people. That is why every local broadcast starts with shootings, robberies, fires, traffic accidents or anything else bad that happened. Perhaps they might throw in a feel-good moment or two, but if it bleeds, it leads. For the past four years, the MSM has focused on trashing Donald Trump. But Trump will leave town next week and he is already so yesterday. The MSM is already desperately searching for Susan, or rather something else that will get people’s attention.

People were shocked and outraged at what happened last week in the Capitol. The news media will report the truth because they have no alternative. It will become increasingly obvious that Donald Trump had little or nothing to do with this. Many in the MSM will argue that the whole problem is Donald Trump falsely claiming that the election was stolen. But they have a problem there too because more and more evidence will surface showing that he is right about that. The problems with massive mail-in ballots, while ignored by the MSM, are well documented. So are the problems with Dominion voting systems. Any rational person looking at the results of this election instantly realizes something is very wrong. Pretending this election was as pure as the driven snow is not going to work.

That why there is such a desperate attempt to silence Trump and silence anyone who questions the election. A lot of people are terrified of the truth. They are terrified that someone will pull back the curtain, showing the full extent of the illusion. They should be terrified. It may take longer than anyone wants, but the truth is already starting to come out. People are already developing work-arounds to avoid the censorship by Twitter, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Google, and the other media giants. Their replacements are already out there, and we will hear from them very soon. In the meantime, the current social media giants are about to pay a huge financial price for this mistake. They need those Trump supporters to use their products, more than the Trump supporters need them.



The following article about the FBI intelligence prior to January 6, 2021 is stunning. The FBI knew two things. They knew Trump rallies were historically peaceful. Angry, yes, but peaceful. They also knew that extremists were planning to hijack the event. They knew this, but it is unclear who they told about this.

Washington Post: FBI report warned of ‘war’ at Capitol, contradicting claims that there was no indication of looming violence | WV News |

It is worse than that. The Pentagon, which reported to Donald Trump at the time, asked U.S. Capitol Police if it needed National Guard manpower. They didn’t wait to be asked, they offered.

The following article, from the Huffington Post of all places, is a stunning rebuke of Democrats:

Capitol Police Rejected Federal Help Days Ahead Of Insurrection Attack | HuffPost

“Even though the Capitol police had warnings of a possible insurrection and ample resources and time to prepare, the Capitol Police planned ONLY for a free speech demonstration.”

Why did they do this? It was because Democrats had loudly criticized the Capitol Police regarding what it considered to be a violent response to protests last June near the White House. Officials focused almost entirely on avoiding any appearance that the federal government was deploying active duty or National Guard troops against Americans. The Democratic outrageous response to the June violence is the proximate cause of everything that happened.

Nancy Pelosi knows this. So does Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell. They responded by demanding the U.S. Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund resign. They also demanded the resignation of the Sergeant at Arms of the Senate, Michael Stender and Paul Irving resigned as the longtime Sergeant at Arms of the House.

Nancy Pelosi said, correctly: “There was a failure of leadership at the top.” She is right, but she missed the obvious. The Leadership at the top was the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Majority Leader of the Senate Mitch McConnell. You can also include Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy from the House and Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.  Those are the people who should have resigned in disgrace. Instead, they are trying to impeach Donald Trump, who was probably least responsible for this fiasco.

The Pentagon, which reports to Donald Trump, offered assistance that would have prevented this. That assistance was declined because all the above people put politics above principle. Now they refuse to consider the possibility that  it was their own lack of leadership that directly contributed to this outrageous event. What, blame me? Impeach him I say, impeach him. Maybe then people won’t realize that we are the ones who screwed up.

The Capitol Police does not report to Donald Trump, it reports to congress, specifically to the appropriations and authorizing committees. Ultimately to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Mayor Bowser had been warned and to her credit she asked for assistance from the National Guard but was turned down by the Capitol police. The Justice Department’s offers for FBI support were also rejected. Only later, when it was too late, did the Metropolitan Police Department get involved. Agents from nearly every Justice Department Agency, including the FBI was called in. So was the Secret Service, the Federal Protective Service, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and police from surrounding agencies who all showed up in force. In other words, most of the people who moved in quickly to fix this, reported to, gasp, Donald Trump. Democrats are now trying to remove from office the only person who showed the real leadership necessary to get this under control. In addition, this is an exercise in futility that has zero chance of succeeding.

This is going to all come out. This has been widely reported in the news, just totally ignored by Democrats and their allies in the MSM. Donald Trump did two things that contributed to this. He said the election was stolen. He has evidence of that. He is far from the only one who believes that. He asked people to come to Washington D.C. to protest, peacefully. His rallies had a record of being peaceful. The FBI warnings including an acknowledgment of that. The timeline shows that the violence started before Trump was even done speaking. Odds are few if any people listening to him were involved.

It is ludicrous to think that Donald Trump is the only one responsible. More importantly, by focusing solely on blaming one man, who is scheduled to leave office in 7 days, Democrats are ignoring the obvious. What went wrong? Why did this happen? How do we prevent it from happening again? Fix it first. Then and only then can you look for someone to blame. One thing is certain, impeaching Donald Trump is the least effective thing they could do to fix this.

This is shameful and the truth has already emerged. The only question is when will the MSM and Democrats in congress start paying attention. Or perhaps, when will they care? When will they stop lecturing us about things that had nothing to do with this event and start fixing things? Don’t hold your breath, but a lot of people are watching this and Democrats should be terrified of the public reaction if the truth becomes more than obvious.



As Charles Dickens once wrote, it was the best of times it was worst of times. He was writing about the comparison of London and France during the French revolution.  The full quote is even better:

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair…, we had nothing before us, we are all going direct to Heaven, we are all going direct the other way.”

This was written in 1859, about the French Revolution which started in 1789. It was revealing then, it is revealing now. The French Revolution inspired in at least part by the American Revolution ended with a very different result. In the United States, following the revolt against England, the adults took over. They realized that they had to create a system of government that would allow good government but also facilitate freedom. They recognized the dangers of monarchy, but they also recognized the dangers of mob rule. In France, the mob took over, uprooting centuries old institutions and replacing them with a chaotic blood bath. Ultimately, this led to a bloody war and a dictatorship under Napoleon.

Over 17,000 people were tried and executed during the Reign of Terror, and no one knows how many more died in prison without trial. The politicians of that day could not stop fighting each other long enough to agree on a compromise that would allow good governance. They were too consumed with hatred for each other. Sound familiar? Napoleon took over because only the military could maintain good order.

Today we are seeing some elements of that play out right in front of us. But there are important differences. Yes, the Democratic Party has seized control of the House, the Senate, and the Presidency. Yes, they are dominated by an angry mob that is focused more on destroying perceived enemies than it is on making things better. They are alienating the very people they desperately need to make this work. By the way, they also want to eradicate Christianity, just like in the French Revolution. The big different is that in France the revolt was against the Catholic Church, which at that time was highly political. Christianity today is not dominated by a church denomination. They have chosen the wrong enemy.

Democrats are impeaching President Donald Trump. This is mostly stupid. It has no chance of succeeding but every chance of generating even more anger and hatred.  Democrats foolishly believe all conservatives are naïve delusional followers of Donald Trump incapable of seeing reality and even less capable of understanding.

The only adults in the room are being screamed at and threatened by the angry mob. Incredibly, while simultaneously impeaching Trump for inciting people to riot, they are doing exactly that themselves. If anyone is paying attention, Donald Trump is the one who is acting with class and dignity, trying to maintain calm. It is his enemies who are filled with rage and are hyperventilating.

Trump said he was working hard to transfer power smoothly to Joe Biden. But instead of accepting that, Democrats have the bit in their mouth, and they are running toward what they consider to be certain victory. But the expression taking the bit in the mouth refers to a horse that is out of control, running away wildly to certain destruction.

We are about to see an impeachment trial that will put this on full display. Democrats will be screaming hatred at Donald Trump, with no evidence. He will be defended by Rudy Giuliani and Alan Dershowitz, who will not be screaming and who have evidence. This includes direct quotes from Nancy Pelosi claiming that the 2016 election was rigged, and that Donald Trump was not the duly elected President of the United States. This is very likely to be a very public display of arrogance and stupidity. They may convince themselves that they are right, but they are unlikely to convince very many open-minded people watching.

The good news is that both the heroes and the zeros are self-identifying. The zeros are people like Liz Cheney, Chris Christie, Mitch McConnell, Nicky Halley, and Mitt Romney, although Romney was already a self-identified zero. These never Trumpers are so obsessed with their hatred of Trump to realize they are orchestrating their own destruction. We do not know who the future leaders of the Republican Party will be, but we know who it will not be. They seriously think they are the future of the Republican Party. The future of the Republican Party will be better because it will not include any of the above.

The heroes are people like Josh Hawley, Jim Jordan, Devin Nunez, Ron De Santos, Kristy Noem, Ted Cruz and many more.  They are standing tall and refusing to back down. Ultimately, people will remember who stood up against the madness and who did not.

In the ultimate irony, it is the impeachment of Donald Trump that is most likely to incite violence. He warned us about that, but no one listened. People are already angry and this idiotic attempt to stop Trump from remaining in office for another week is only evidence that Democrats are even more despicable than he was telling us over the last four years. At a time when COVID 19 is raging, our economy is faltering, we are running out of money and our enemies are gearing up to take us on, Democrats are focused entirely on trashing Trump, one last time, on his way out the door.

This anger and the coming violence is not caused by anything said by Trump. He merely gave voice to people who already felt this way but had no voice. He may be gone, but the movement to which he gave voice is far from gone.

The French Revolution also taught us something else. When people are unable to come together and compromise for the better good, the inevitable result is violence. We saw some of that violence last summer. Instead of condemning it and working together with Trump and Republicans to stop this, Democrat leaders just poured gas on the flames of without bothering to verify the facts. They did more than that, they ignored facts. Much of the violence last summer was based on a false narrative embraced by Democrats and their allies in the MSM. As a result, many black Americans really believe there is an unprecedented wave of innocent unarmed black men being shot, for no reason, by racist white cops. At a time when they need to trust law enforcement, they are told law enforcement is the enemy. The truth is always the truth and should only terrify those afraid of reality. As a result of this, we have genuinely angry people demanding things that are not in their best interest. They haven’t improved race relations; they have set them back about 50 years.

We had the NFL, MLB, NBA, and everyone else demanding social justice oblivious to the anger this is causing in those falsely accused of systemic racism. Sadly, some of them are about to show us what real racism looks like. Democrats believe they have all the power, and they are planning on correcting problems that exist primarily in their own deluded minds. In doing this, they are not fighting racism, they are demanding it.

What, exactly do they expect when they tell us all white people are bad and we should apologize for our white privilege. What do they expect when they argue that all Republicans are dangerous domestic terrorists? Most, fortunately, will respond positively, knowing that everything moves in cycles and this is no exception. But they are also triggering extremely dangerous people, some of whom showed up in Washington D.C. last week. They weren’t there because they were listening to Donald Trump, they were there because far too many people weren’t listening to Donald Trump who was speaking for a lot of us.

We are in for a bumpy ride, but it is Democrats who are on the road to self-destruction. They do not control the military or the state and local police. They do not control the courts. This is what will save us from becoming the French Revolution. In the meantime, be sure to identify heroes and zeros so we know where to find the leadership to turn things around when Democrats have completed their rush to self-destruction.



There is one scene that I remember from a movie, but I don’t remember anything else about that movie. The scene was where this obnoxious, and scrawny kid would start jawing with kids from another school. He would insult them and egg them on until, in a rage of fury, they would start running at him, obviously intending to beat the crap out of him. He would run around the corner, where a bunch of much bigger guys from his school would be waiting. The people who thought they were in pursuit suddenly became the victims.

There are various versions of this bate and switch. Another example is the good-looking female cop who acts as a decoy. It always works the same. Someone or something lures people into attempting an assault, only to later learn they have been lured into a trap. This is how Hitler started World War II in Poland.

There is at least some element of this regarding the “invasion” of the Capitol last Wednesday. The media is not covering this at all, they are pretending these were all Trump supporters incited by the President. But the facts tell a very different story. For example, the timeline is interesting. The first protestors arrived at the Capitol at 12:40. By 1:00 the Capitol PD Chief reported that officers were being attacked. That is when he requested assistance from the National Guard. In the meantime, Trump was still speaking, a considerable distance away. He did not end his speech until 1:15. The Capitol was breached at 1:50, but the people attending the speech did not arrive until 1:56.

That makes sense, because Trump said they were going to take a stroll about a half mile to the Capitol. It appears that the people who stormed the Capitol were not connected with the crowd listening to the speech. NPR allegedly made reports about the Capitol being stormed, before it happened. There are numerous eyewitness accounts that allege that Antifa was there, wearing Trump gear, and egging people on. There are even reports that in some places the Capitol police opened fences and welcomed people in. There are even pictures of people walking in the Capital Rotunda, between a roped fence corridor, nice and peaceful, looking like tourists. Two Capitol police officers have allegedly been suspended and there are reports one police officer or member of the guard has been arrested.

One thing is certain, the Democratic Party never resists the opportunity to exploit a crisis. They are certainly doing that in this case. With the help of social media, they are attempting to cut off the ability of Donald Trump to communicate with anyone. They are demanding he be removed from office under Section 25. They have filed Articles of Impeachment. All of this because of a speech where he not only does not encourage violence, but he specifically discouraged it.

Trump did want the crowd riled up. He wanted them to march to the Capitol and be noisy, so that perhaps Republicans in congress would listen to what they had to say. There were perhaps 500,000 people there, representing about 50 million other people. They agreed with Trump that this election was stolen, and they were angry that congress was just willing to ignore this and certify fraud.

Contrary to the reporting in the MSM, they are not naïve and delusional people tricked into believing nonsense promoted by Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani. Instead, they saw the results on election night and the morning after. This pattern has gone on for decades. Democrats always try to win elections by “finding enough votes” in Democratic population centers famous for systemic fraud. This difference is that this time it was so obvious and so overwhelming that it is impossible to ignore. They either heard the eyewitness testimonies themselves or saw videos of this. They saw all the experts explain why the results are mathematically impossible. But more important, they saw Trump draw enormous crowds, while Joe Biden couldn’t fill a phone booth. Yet, the arrogant and self-righteous Democrats and the MSM want to pretend this was the most secure election in history and it is Donald Trump who can’t accept reality.  The sad fact is that we cannot possibly believe the same people who have been lying to us 24/7 for over four years and are lying to us now. If they really want to identify who is causing the outrage in this country, they should all buy mirrors.

Sadly, in a failed attempt to blame everything on Trump, again, they have taken a bad situation and made it worse. They want to blame everything on Trump.  Instead, they should be listening to him. Just before boarding Marine One he said that Democrats are causing danger by pushing for him to be impeached a second time:

“For Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer to continue on this path, I think it’s causing tremendous danger to our country and it’s causing tremendous anger. I want no violence,”

He is right about that. There are reports, unconfirmed, that armed protests are planned at all 50 state capitols from January 16th through January 20th. This is according to an FBI bulletin. Some of these groups are apparently warning that if Congress attempts to remove Donald Trump via the 25th Amendment a huge violent uprising will occur.

No matter how you feel, don’t even consider participating in any protest until this calms down. This could get very ugly and a lot of innocent people are likely to get hurt. This is what happens when the people in power tell such obvious lies. Perhaps the worst was Joe Biden, who literally said he didn’t see protestors, he saw an insurrection, thugs, and domestic terrorists. There was nothing close to that last Wednesday, but thanks to these kinds of remarks and the obvious assault on anyone who dares hint there might have been a problem with the 2020 election, we may get that now.

We need not fear that these people will gain total control, they are too stupid to achieve that. They probably want that, they probably plan on getting that, but they a destined to fail. Instead, they have taken about 50 million upset people and filled them with a terrible rage. Most of them will respond, thankfully, by just turning off the news, abandoning Facebook and Twitter and being much more selective regarding where they spend their money. In the long run, that will destroy those who are intent on destroying us.

There are some truly violent people out there and they are angry too.  Some of them will be white supremacist groups, well organized, well armed and extremely violent. They have been powerless for a long time, because no one was listening to them. Trump condemned white supremacist groups. No one wanted them. Now, thanks to the way this is handled, these people may feel emboldened to act. When Biden is talking about reparations for slavery, preferential funding for minority businesses and creating a pathway to citizenship for 11 million illegal aliens, it is Biden who is blowing the dog whistle that will cause these people to act. The Federal Government is and will be justified in doing whatever it takes to stop them. But we need to be careful to distance ourselves from them, because Democrats will undoubtedly use this crisis, they have created, to try and suppress those who had nothing to do with it at all.

This too will fail but stay home and stay silent. Nothing lasts for ever and neither will this. The truth about what happened last Wednesday will come out, there are just too many witnesses and too much video. A lot of people who are very arrogant today may be eating humble pie in the morning.



I have handled thousands of lawsuits. I always learned to look for the blink. That is when the other side said or did something that revealed the true extent of their confidence. When I saw the blink, I immediately knew we had the upper hand. A blink is when the other side suddenly stops posturing regarding a key position. That is a sure sign of weakness and should never be ignored. Democrats just blinked.

Democrats promised to impeach Donald Trump, starting today. Oops. Now it turns out they are going to impeach him but won’t actually send anything to the senate for at least 100 days. If this sounds insane, it is because it is insane. But, consistent. When they impeached Trump the first time, Nancy delayed delivering then to the senate for over a month. Sound familiar?

There is also no chance of using Article 25 to remove Trump from office. One problem is that he is acting more rationally than Biden. The biggest complaint is that he hasn’t talked to Mike Pence since Wednesday. But that is hardly grounds to remove a sitting U.S. President. Article 25 isn’t going to happen. One notes that Nancy said there were going to try Article 25 first, before filing for impeachment, which seems to indicate that even she realizes Article 25 remains the impossible dream.

Some other things are not going to happen. Trump hasn’t and won’t sign the insurrection act. The last time that was used was by John Adams, in 1798, and he called it the greatest mistake of his life. If Trump had evidence that would justify this, he would have already used it. It would be insane to try this now and the only people acting this insanely are Democrats and their supporters in the MSM and social media.

Trump is prepared to turn over power to Biden. It will be smooth and orderly, at least from Trump’s side. It is not sure that Biden can handle anything smoothly and orderly. Are there still some people who are buying the liberal narrative? Of course, there are, they are the ones posting on Facebook. Anyone attempting to tell the truth is being blocked. This creates the illusion that all rational people agree with them.  That is far from true, as anyone can tell by reading the responses generated when they post this nonsense.

Something important happened, ignored by the MSM. The ACLU stood up for Trump and said that silencing him was in violation of free speech. This is obviously true, but few understand the significance of this action by the ACLU. The ACLU if famous for filing lawsuits. Trump can now sue Twitter and Facebook and Google and Apple and all the others on the grounds that Section 230 is unconstitutional. The Supreme Court is likely to uphold that challenge. Trump tried to get Section 230 repealed. Republicans didn’t get it done.  That leaves Section 230 vulnerable to be ruled unconstitutional. Even disgusting left wing radicals like Ron Wyden understand this. He fears returning to a lawless internet, where anything goes. He is right about that but fails to realize that it is even worse when unelected civilians have the power to make arbitrary decisions that affect millions of people. Also, an unregulated internet is like unregulated TV. People can always just turn the channel.

This is a double-edged sword. If Section 230 is repealed, then Twitter and Facebook and any website using them can be sued by anyone for anything. That is more likely to result in sites being shut down than to preserve freedom of expression. If you doubt that, check out who is being sued for what.

Watch for social media stocks to plummet in value. If that happens, they will change in the blink of an eye.

One final thought. During any military operation the first thing done is to jam the enemy’s communications. This banning of Trump and his followers from all these social media platforms looks vindictive, which it is, but it also looks stupid and desperate. But if this was intended to block Trump’s ability to communicate within the government, it will have zero impact. It will only, temporarily, make it harder to reach his civilian base. They are already deserting Facebook and Twitter, waiting for his arrival.

This makes no sense. Biden gets sworn in in next week. Why the rush? Why this impeachment nonsense? Why the bad mouthing in the press? Sure, they hate him this much, but by doing it now and in this way, is backfiring. His approval ratings are soaring.  I personally do not subscribe to any of the conspiracy theories about something big happening that could still change things.  But a lot of people sure look like they are running scared. Perhaps they know something we don’t know? Or, as I have written many times before, never ascribe malice where mere incompetence is a satisfactory explanation.

If I were to guess, this is happening because they have evidence that will destroy the “Trump Made Me Do It!” narrative. Falsely accusing someone of a crime, when you yourself did something worse, is a certain recipe for disaster. Remember that Nancy Pelosi’s laptop is missing. Perhaps someone is already on the Hunter.

I also noticed something else. Nancy Pelosi was on CBS and she was given the opportunity to hammer Trump. But then, the interviewer started to hammer Nancy. Welcome to a world without Trump.

One thing is certain, if they keep this up, they won’t be able to govern anything.



I am sure everyone is upset over what is going on in Washington.  Democrats are about to take over the house and the senate and the presidency. Some are assuming this will result in total power. But that is not accurate. The house and the Senate can pass laws. The president can sign laws and can execute those laws. He can also issue executive orders. But all that is subject to legal review. In addition, there must be a mechanism for enforcement. There are literally millions of laws, that you know nothing about, because they are not being enforced. This will be a banner year for attorneys.

Donald Trump appointed and confirmed over 300 federal judges. It will take years for Joe Biden to even put a dent in that. The Supreme Court has a 6 to 3 conservative advantage. While Justice Roberts has been a disappointment, but his primary power came from being a swing vote. There were four liberal judges and four conservative judges and him. If he sided with the liberals, they won. Now there are only three liberal judges and five conservative judges. That means even if Roberts votes with the liberals, conservatives still win on a 5 to 4 basis. Until that changes, this is going to be a very conservative court. Roberts is more likely to vote with the conservatives than the liberals because he likes to be on the winning side.

The Democrats know this and will try to stack the Supreme Court, but at least some Democratic Senators will resist that. Perhaps a lot of Democratic senators will resist that. It also won’t be a slam dunk to make DC a state. The problem is that all the Democratic Senators are from other states and while Chuck Schumer dreams of two more Democratic Senators from D.C., it will not be viewed quite that attractive to Senators from other states. The reason is that adding two Senators from DC will reduce the power of every current Senator. Remember that personal power always trumps party loyalty. So, unless there is a strong nationwide public demand for this, don’t assume that all 50 Democrats will vote for this. Odds are there will a lot of time wasted on hearings, which will take a long time. Most of the country already thinks DC has too much power, so those Democratic Senators are likely to get an earful back home. They will try to do this, but it may not be all that easy to do.

Democrats will not govern responsibly. This means the economy, already in a downspin, will not improve. It may, sadly, get worse. But this will hurt Democrats more than Republicans. Joe Biden’s slogan, build back better, is the impossible dream. It is consistent with Barack Obama saying: “you didn’t build that!” But look around you, look at all the things built by the federal government, and then look at all the things built by private companies. Take away the private enterprise and you have Washington, D.C. sitting there sweltering in the D.C. swamp.

Even China knows that, which is why most of the thing you see made in China are not built by the Chinese government. China has a modified version of capitalism. They allow capitalism, and the capitalists allow them to retain power. Without this, China would still be a third world country. China also needs a strong U.S. economy to buy their products. It doesn’t matter how much you manufacture if no one buys.

This is the reason Joe Biden, and this Democratic congress are doomed to failure. They can raise your taxes and put regulations on how you run your business. But they can’t force you to go into business and they can’t force anyone to buy from you. They don’t even understand this, so they can’t possibly manage their way out of this.

They may want to federalize all elections, but it doesn’t work that way. State legislatures do that and 30 of them are controlled by Republicans. The courts, hesitate to get involved in this election, also don’t want to get involved in the next one. Election reform is on the way, Democrats cannot stop that.

Socialism always fails when it runs out of other people’s money. These clowns are already out of other people’s money. We are trillions in debt and with this economy, where are they going to get more money? From high tech? Hardly, those guys were glad to spend millions putting Democrats in power, but they aren’t going to be nearly as willing to fund programs that destroy their own income streams.

In many ways, we are now seeing the best possible outcome. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have exposed themselves for who they are, and eventually even their supporters will start to notice. Twitter, Facebook, Google, and the MSM have also exposed themselves. They are at war with the people who buy the products that fund them. They are already losing power and the competitors who will replace them are already out there, with more on the way. Ironically, the systems they build to gain control are the systems that will be used to destroy them. The immediate and irresponsible over-reaction to gaining power will ultimately speed up the pace at which these people destroy themselves.

This administration will do a lot of harm. They will grossly mismanage COVID and the American economy. They will try to take away your rights, but that effort is doomed to failure. The MSM that coordinated to make this happen has simultaneously destroyed itself. Trust in the MSM is down to 9%. Congressional approval rating is already down to 23% and dropping. But Donald Trump’s approval rating is increasing.

This is easy to understand. Now that we see who and what has replaced him, the Orange hair takes on a different glow.




Nancy Pelosi has announced that Articles of Impeachment against Donald Trump are being prepared and will be presented Monday. This has zero chance of succeeding, if only because there is not enough time. Right now, the vote in the Senate is a tie, the President of the Senate is Mike Pence, and he has the vote to break any ties. That means Mitch McConnell calls the shots. He has already announced that the earliest the Senate could even receive the Articles of Impeachment, if passed by the House, would be January 19th. The day before the inauguration. The only alternative to that would be if all 100 senators voted to go into special session. There is no chance that will happen.

So, why do this at all? This clearly has no chance of removing Trump from office, even 24 hours early. I have tried to identify possible motives. This is challenging, because it is hard to predict rational thought from people who show little or no ability to think rationally. I came up with five possible motives, none of them very impressive.

  1. Maybe they are truly terrified that Trump will do something horrible. What could that be? Are they worried about him launching nuclear missiles against China? That is absurd. While Trump has the nuclear codes, he can’t just launch a nuclear attack all by himself. It doesn’t work that way. In addition, Trump is not showing much interest in international affairs at the moment, so this seems unlikely.


  1. Perhaps they are terrified that Trump will do something dramatic to overturn the results of the election. I am not sure what that would be, but if Democrats really fear this there may be a reason for that fear. For example, what if Trump had solid evidence that the election was stolen with ballots printed in China prefilled with votes for Joe Biden. One would think that if Trump had such evidence, he would have already produced it. One thing everyone agrees on is a lack of indisputable evidence.


But perhaps he doesn’t have the evidence, yet. Jovan Pulitzer says that he can prove whether that happened if he could just get a couple of hours to scan ballots.  He has been authorized by the Georgia Senate to do that. So far, that has not been done, because of continued obstruction. But Trump just dropped his lawsuit against the Georgia Secretary of State, in exchange for a consent decree to give Trump access to those ballots. The Secretary of State is screaming that this deal is illegal. Why? If there was nothing wrong with those ballots, why would he care? The lawsuit has been dropped. Trump has already admitted defeat, so why the concern. But obviously there is concern.

  1. What if they are worried about something else? That something else could be the John Durham report. That wasn’t released before the election because there was concern it would impact the election. Think about that. William Barr also covered up the Hunter Biden investigation because he feared it would interfere with the election. He was right by the way. Numerous post-election surveys show that if this investigation had been made public, Biden would have lost.

Let me pause to point out something that should be obvious to everyone not named William Barr. While we can understand why the FBI would hesitate to get involved in a politically motivated investigation, the Hunter Biden investigation was not politically motivated. Unlike the Russian collusion investigation, it wasn’t started by a political campaign. It was triggered when the FBI got Hunter Biden’s laptop in the fall of 2019. It was and is a legitimate criminal investigation.

William Barr failed to realize, is that failure disclose a legitimate criminal investigation is also interfering with an election. Covering up criminal activity is interfering with an election. Even James Comey figured that one out. That is why he delivered the report regarding the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s emails. It is also why he disclosed receipt of Anthony Weiner’s laptop. Remember he said, that he would rather take the hit for disclosing this than to have it all come out after the election. Bingo. Comey botched this, probably because of political pressure, but he at least understood that!

Though Barr blocked John Durham from releasing his report before the election, he secretly made Durham a Special Counsel, to guarantee it would come out after the election. In other words when it would no longer matter.

Barr is gone, there is a new temporary AG and there are a lot of people begging Trump to declassify things while he can. Perhaps this explains why Nancy Pelosi, and a lot of other people in the establishment on both sides of the aisle, might be desperate to change the subject until Trump is safely out of office.

  1. Perhaps she just hates Trump that much. She is, sadly, that petty. This is the woman who literally tore up the State of the Union address. Maybe she just wants to humiliate him. To force him to leave office as ruined as possible, to kick him while he is down, to destroy his life. She may hate him that much, but that would be the dumbest possible reason.
  1. I suppose she could genuinely believe he tried to overthrow the government and fears what else he might do. This seems the least likely reason because it would require Nancy to be doing this based on common sense, facts, and a sense of duty. She has never demonstrated any of that before and is not demonstrating that now.

Impeaching Trump now is a high-risk exercise in futility. If there are impeachment hearings in the House, Trump will have the opportunity to present a defense. Since Nancy is accusing him of inciting people to riot by falsely claiming the election was stolen, the obvious defense would be that Trump was telling the truth. Ironically, these impeachment hearings could give Trump the day in court he could not get anywhere else.

During the first impeachment trial, Trump declined to attend any hearings, question any witnesses, or even ask the Committee to call any witnesses in his defense. He was entitled, by the constitution to do that, but he declined. Instead, Trump blocked 12 administration officials from testifying. He probably did this, on advice of counsel, because Democrats had no case. If you have a trial, and the other side has no case, why risk accidently giving them some evidence? He may not make the same decision this time. For one thing, what is at risk? Another 24 hours in the White House?

Since Wednesday, Donald Trump has been accused of inciting a riot because he keeps saying he believes this election was stolen. A lot of people are furious that he keeps saying that. After all, they have arrogantly told him and us that this was the most secure election in our nation’s history. That there is zero evidence of a problem. But do you believe that? We know that close to half the country believes this election was stolen. Are they all delusional? Perhaps I am wrong, but from here it looks like a lot of people are desperate to convince everyone of something that is obviously not true. We may not know exactly what happened, but to pretend there is no evidence of serious problems is delusional. Were we delusional when we saw Trump leading on election night only to wake up the next morning and learn that massive votes for Biden had appeared miraculously during the night?  By the way, all from Democratic districts with a reputation for election fraud. Who’s delusional here?

Let me try to put this in perspective. Suppose you just got done sweltering through a July heat wave where the average temperature was over 100 degrees. You watch your TV, and you see news reports that this is happening all over the country. Then the head of the national weather bureau comes on and says this was the coldest July in the history of our country. Would you believe him, or your lying eyes?  Then imagine CNN, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, FOX News, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and senior members of congress arrogantly lecturing you to listen to the science. That if you don’t believe this wasn’t the coldest July in the history of this country, you are dangerously stupid and delusional and must be silenced. How would you feel about that? Probably pretty similar to how you and about 50 million other Americans feel right now.



Here is a link to an eyewitness account by four military veterans. Obviously, I cannot verify any of this, but it seems consistent with what we saw on TV. It would also explain a lot.

Ben Wetmore is an attorney. He wrote this article.

The FBI is admittedly on a nationwide manhunt for any Republican who participated in this event.

FBI on Twitter: “Do you see anyone you recognize? The #FBI is still seeking information to help identify individuals who actively instigated violence on January 6 in Washington, D.C. Visit to see images from current cases, and submit tips to” / Twitter

Here is a picture of one of those terrorists, gleefully sent to the FBI as an important tip.

Does this look like a terrorist to you?

FBI Assistant Director Steven D’Antuono says there was “no indication” Antifa played any role in the riots. Wow! Now you know why the FBI didn’t see any evidence of voter fraud either. Does anyone remember the FBI doing this kind of nationwide manhunt for Antifa when they were burning down cities last summer? Me

One of the people arrested by the FBI was a WV Republican representative recently elected. His crime was taking an Instagram picture from inside the Capitol. This smells like the same FBI that sent storm troopers to arrest Roger Stone, when he clearly was no threat to anyone.

The FBI is already raiding the homes and offices of Republican Tennessee lawmakers. One wonders if similar energy will be spent looking for Antifa members.  Antifa has been doing much worse, for months. Any evidence the FBI was hunting them down? Silly question. The FBI cannot be distracted by something as trivial as that.

Here’s video of another terrorist.  Judge for yourself:

There is no doubt there were some Republicans involved and a lot of stupid people, but at worst this was a peaceful protest that got out of control. Pretending this was an attempt to overthrow the government is absurd. In addition, this sure looks like something Antifa would do and a lot of people, other than those interviewed by the FBI, are reporting that.

You can literally feel the anger. It is reported that 45% of Republicans believe the protestors were justified in their actions. That is one report I believe. They have a point. Democrats did exactly this in 2018, when they invaded the Senate Office building atrium in a failed attempt to block the nomination of Justice Kavanaugh. The press did not call this an insurrection, or an invasion of sacred ground, or domestic terrorism. They were too busy cheering:

MSNBC on Twitter: “JUST IN: Anti-Kavanaugh protesters take over the Hart Senate Office Bldg. atrium on Capitol Hill.” / Twitter

How angry are people?  An airline pilot had to threaten to land the plane if people didn’t stop chanting U.S.A. Here is a video of that:

This video was taken by a pastor on the plane.

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer say they will file papers to impeach Trump on Monday. Pelosi literally asked the Joint Chiefs of staff to take away his access to the nuclear codes. She thinks he is unhinged. If she wants to see someone who is unhinged, get a mirror.

The MSM is desperate to blame all this on Trump and his delusional despicable supporters. The fake news is on high alert. All Republicans who believe this election was stolen are worse than criminals. They are traitors. Crucify them. Round them up. They must be destroyed.

Our new President, the man who will unify this country said: “These weren’t protestors – they were rioters, insurrectionists, and domestic terrorists.”

Rep Cori Bush is calling for expulsion of any Republican member of congress who incited this violence. She means anyone who says this election was stolen:

“I believe the Republican members of Congress who have incited this domestic terror attack through their attempts to overturn the election must face consequences,” she tweeted. “They have broken their sacred Oath of Office. I will be introducing a resolution calling for their expulsion.”

Democrats, led by Schumer, Pelosi, Biden, and Harris have declared war on any Republican who dared question this election before Biden has even been sworn into office. When people threaten to destroy you, listen to them.

These people are literally insane. They are also way out over their skis. There were too many people there to cover this up. Too much news coverage. Too many smart phone videos. Too many undercover reporters. They cannot suppress this and if they continue rounding up people, like the ones shown above, it is impossible to predict the results, but a nationwide protest is guaranteed. Frankly, they have already done more than enough to generate that. All that is that is necessary is for more people to understand what is going on. Now is the time to share. The MSM, Twitter, Facebook and Google will desperately try to cover this up, but that ship has sailed.

I believe this has already exploded and it is only a matter of time. This is unbelievable, yet incredibly all too true.



For the past six months, Joe Biden has been living in his basement. He has held no legitimate press conferences, made no serious decisions. He has made his recommendations for cabinet appointments, but even this Democratic Senate is not about to give him everything he wants. This is a time to remember that there are deep divisions in the Democratic Party that did not disappear with the election of Joe Biden.

Kamala Harris just got a full-time job, breaking tie votes in the Senate. Predictably she will be expert at making the wrong decision every time. But this also means she is now a prisoner of the job. She can’t leave town, while the Senate is in session, because Democrats don’t control it, this is a tie. If she leaves, the senate becomes a roadblock, with or without the filibuster.

Democrats will immediately push for statehood for DC and Puerto Rico. But there will be pushback on that, including from some Democratic Senators. They must run for re-election too.  Few people in other states, in either party, are going to be thrilled at getting two new Democratic Senators from D.C. transferring all the power away from their state to Washington, D.C. One thing agreed upon by most Americans, Republicans or Democrat, Liberal or Conservative, is that they like their own congressional representatives but they hate congress. Approval rating for congress is at 23%. When people learn more about Ossoff and Warnock it will drop even more. It will fall off the cliff if this congress ignores the serious problems facing this nation and focuses solely on consolidating power by trying to stack the Supreme Court, adding more states, and ending the filibuster. That all sound great, if you are talking to fellow Democrats in congress, but if you talking to your neighbors, this is not exactly their top priority.

We should expect the appointment of a Special Counsel. It will be difficult for any nominee, including Merrick Garland to be approved if he does not agree to a Special Counsel. In the meantime, there will be congressional hearings and Hunter Biden is going to be the center of conversation. A conversation that is the last thing “President” Biden needs. What makes this worse is that Republicans are furious, and they have a ton of ammunition. They have given up on Trump, but they aren’t exactly ready to ignore the real problems with Joe Biden.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have already demonstrated a total lack of the ability to deliver a unifying message. When those riots in Washington invaded our television screens, it was devastating for Donald Trump, but in the long run they will do more harm to both Biden and Harris. What Biden should have said is that he condemns the violence, those who did this will be punished, but we all need to learn the facts before we rush to judgement. But he didn’t do that. He not only accused all the Republican participant in the events to be committing insurrection, but he also called them domestic terrorists. Although praised by CNN, this was a huge unforced error. This was followed up with him moaning about how if this had been a BLM protest, it would have been handled differently. He is right, BLM would have been handled with kid gloves, anyone arrest would have already been released, and if an unarmed black man had been shot there would have been nationwide protests. Joe Biden may not get that, but everyone else understands completely.

Kamala Harris was even worse, making up idiotic stories she plagiarized from Martin Luther King and then saying this pointed out the double standard in the way the Capitol police handled this compared to the Black Lives Matter protest in June.

This is so stupid; you need to read it for yourself:

Capitol Riot: Kamala Harris Calls Out Unequal Justice System | POPSUGAR News

“In times of upheaval, we come to realize, to appreciate, just how vital the rule of law truly is,” Harris said, citing fidelity to the rule of law as a fundamental principle of democracy. “What we saw yesterday in our nation’s Capitol was, as the president-elect has called it, ‘an assault on the rule of law,’ and it has no place in our democracy . . . We know this is unacceptable. We know we should be better than this. The promise of our country is that ALL people will be treated equally. That’s what the rule of law is supposed to be about.

Law enforcement’s response to Black Lives Matter protests, sparked by the police killing of George Floyd in 2020, was a vivid example of the inequity present in the current justice system and only leaves room for improvement as we transition into a new presidency. “[The challenge is] about how to reform, how to transform a justice system that does not work equally for all, a justice system that is experienced differently depending on whether you’re white or Black, a justice system that is experienced differently if you’re rich or poor,” Harris said what the ideal of equal justice under law is all about.”

She apparently did not notice what happened to MLB and NFL ratings when they went on this social justice rant. She is oblivious to the escalation in violence, all over the country, as a direct result of cities trying to “defund the police” and implement the  justice reform she adores.

In the meantime, they have no plans for COVID 19 that will possibly work. Joe Biden just said he will release all available vaccine immediately. The Trump administration held back half of the vaccine doses, because if you don’t get a second dose the first one doesn’t work. Trump didn’t make that decision, the medical professionals did. Joe Biden just made his first executive decision, to blatantly ignore the science in an unnecessary attempt to gain political advantage. He needs to learn that he is President, not someone hiding in his basement pretending to run for President. He is supposed to think before making these kinds of decisions. Just doing something because Trump did something else is insane.

Democrats winning the illusion of power does not actually give them power. That requires them to take advantage of this and govern effectively. That is the least likely outcome. All their plans require massive amounts of money they don’t have and keeping the economy on lockdown is guaranteed to make it worse. The only solution is to raise taxes, which will be very unpopular, and cut programs they consider optional, like national defense. Now combine that with skyrocketing fuel prices combined with demands you switch to public transportation and electric cars.  It has often been said that the first product of socialism is shared misery. This happens even when socialists gain power during good times. These aren’t good times so this process is already under way. But they won’t even slow down on their impossible dream. They can’t help themselves. They never have, they never will.

Sometimes, victory is the first step in ultimate defeat. That is particularly true if that victory was obtained through blatant fraud.