On April 15, 1969 North Korea shot down an American EC-121 aircraft. I remember this very well because I had two friends from language school on that plane. What most people don’t know is that there were other intelligence agencies involved and at least one of them tried to send a warning to that plane. However, at that time, intelligence agencies weren’t exactly famous for talking to each other. The result is that it is unlikely the crew on that plane had any chance.

Shortly after this happened, under the direction of President Richard Nixon, communication barriers were eliminated to prevent this from happening again.

There are several articles regarding this incident. The following one has a lot of information, so you can read what has already been publicly disclosed:


Frankly, in retrospect, if Nixon had actually nuked North Korea at the time, or at least bombed them conventionally we might all be better off today. It is hard to argue that the threat from North Korea has diminished.

But my point was that almost instantly intelligence agencies, at the direction of Nixon, began communicating with each other. There has probably always been a problem in our government regarding different agencies being highly protective of their own turf. That was part of the reason the 9-11 attack was successful. Following 9-11 President Bush also cut down some communication barriers between intelligence agencies. But they still exist.

Yesterday President Donald Trump did something remarkable. He ordered several agencies to cooperate with Attorney General Barr in declassifying documents to investigation the origins of the Russia probe. This is a very significant development and I certainly do not know of a single incident where this happened in the past. Since Trump has access to everything, regardless of classification, he already knows exactly what is in those documents. That should terrify those people who appear to have been engaged in a cover-up since at least mid-2016.

What is stunning is that this is not limited to the intelligence agencies; it also includes the State Department, the Treasury, and the Department of Energy. While Nancy Pelosi accused Trump of conducting a cover-up, of something, based on zero evidence, we may be about to be confronted with documentation of the worst cover-up in American History and this will be no joke.

It is actually broader than that. The wording is “The Attorney General is currently conducting a review of intelligence activities relating to the campaigns (not just the Trump campaign) in the 2016 Presidential election and certain related matters.” That could include a lot of other things including the sale of uranium, contributions to the Clinton Foundation, and even the Clinton e-mail scandal.

This is a reminder that the President of the United States is the most powerful person on earth. No one, other than him, could have issued this order. All of the following report directly to him:

Secretary of States, Secretary of the Treasury, Secretary of Defense, The Attorney General, the Secretary of Energy, the Secretary of Homeland Security, the Director of National Intelligence and the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency.

He just gave them a direct order they cannot ignore. It is impossible to overstate the significance of this. The first thing you will hear is loud squealing from people who want to stop having this information declassified. The louder they scream, they more likely they are the ones who should be frightened. Ultimately, none of them matter. Trump has the authority, he has used that authority, no one can stop him and this is guaranteed to change EVERYTHING.



Nancy Pelosi made a huge mistake yesterday. She crossed a big red line and the results will be catastrophic. We are used to politicians lying about each other, that is a well-established genetic defect affecting both parties. But there is a big difference between saying someone is lazy, or dumb etc. and falsely accusing them of a crime. Yesterday the Speaker of the House literally accused the President of the United States, Donald Trump of committing a crime. She, of course, not only has zero evidence; she can’t even define what was allegedly covered-up. This was followed today with a statement saying they still won’t impeach him, because that is what he wants, but she is praying for him. Then she suggested an intervention of some kind. Beyond the obvious stupidity, this is totally unacceptable behavior from a Speaker of the House. There is zero chance Trump will tolerate this. No President of the United States can or should tolerate that.

This is further proof that the Democratic Party has gone completely off the rails. That will impact more than Donald Trump. Even those Republicans who despise Trump will not tolerate this. They cannot tolerate this.

While the MSM is pretending Trump threw a hissy fit, the opposite is true. The opposite of love is not hate. Hate and love are actually very similar. The true opposite of love is apathy. It sure looks like Trump has moved on from hate and disgust to apathy. He no longer has any hope of Democrats acting responsibly on any subject, so he won’t even pretend any more. But he is more likely to ignore them than bother becoming angry, unless they accuse him of a crime. Other Republicans noticed. Kevin McCarthy gave a scathing rebuke to Democrats today and also said he was done trying to bargain with those who have zero intention of bargaining in good faith.

I doubt serious that Democrats will impeach Trump, because they simply do not have a case. They might not even get enough Democratic votes in the House. They have zero chance of getting a conviction in the Senate.

There was an important poll out there today that should tell you everything you need to know. This poll showed that 67% of Democrats really believe that we have 12 years to reverse climate change or we all die. This is so stupid that even AOC, who made that prediction, was surprised anyone took her seriously. So the question is are 67% of Democrats really that stupid? I suspect not. It is more likely that 67% of the Democrats willing to respond to opinion polls are that stupid. For the past several years all the polls have been increasingly worthless. One would think that Democrats had learned their lesson in 2016, but they really thought this was a Russian plot. They deluded themselves into thinking Hillary really won after all. The most recent example was in Australia. The polls weren’t even close.

I pondered this in my heart and came to several conclusions. One is that polls are worthless because a lot of people rarely talk on the phone at all anymore, unless they are at work. Test this yourself. While you are out and about, watch for people actually talking on their cell phone. Odds are the only people you see will be loud and obnoxious. Now compare that to those who are texting etc.

Another is that people are far more selective with regard to receiving phone calls at home. We have caller ID on our television, so unless we know who it is, odds are pretty high we won’t even try to answer. In addition, we have the two second rule. Remember the ten second rule that applied if you dropped food on the ground? If you picked it up in less than ten seconds, it was still safe to eat because it didn’t have time to attract germs. That is nonsense, of course, but widely practiced. Now we have the two second rule. If, and that is a big IF, we do answer the phone, you have about two seconds to start talking or we will hang up. Actually, if my wife answers the phone you have even less time.  The reason is that we know telemarketers have this built in delay, so we listen for it. This means the odds of getting us, or anyone like us to answer a telephone opinion poll is close to zero. So, who is answering the phone? Well now we know. About 67% of them are people dumb enough to think the world is going to end in 12 years. Oh, they also vote Democratic.

That begs the question: why do bother taking meaningless polls. Then, I realized the answer is actually quite obvious. The polls are providing valuable feedback to the MSM desperate for confirmation they are on target. Liberals feast on opinion polls and twitter accounts for the same reason. Both are dominated by left wing radicals incapable of communicating normally with other human beings. It is beyond obvious that newspapers are shredding subscribers even faster than CNN shreds viewers. If CNN hadn’t bought up all the TVs in airports, they might not have any viewers at all. But, thanks to worthless opinion polls and left-wing twitterites they remain deluded into thinking they remain relevant. They are relevant, but only to people stupid enough to think we have 12 years before climate change kills us all. And, oh, people impressed by someone as stupid as Nancy Pelosi.



Sometimes little things really mean a lot. A classic example of this was the incredible interview of William Barr by Bill Hemmer. We already know that Barr is investigating the origin of the Russia investigation. We already know that Mueller found zero evidence of collusion between the Trump Campaign and Russia. We already know that many of the top officials in the DOJ and the FBI have already been removed, one way or another, from their jobs.

But we did not know somethings that are beyond stunning. Barr said:

“The thing that’s interesting about this is that this was handled at a very senior level of these departments. It wasn’t handled in the ordinary way that investigations or counterintelligence activities are conducted. It was sort of an ad hoc, small group — and most of these people are no longer with the FBI or the CIA or the other agencies involved.”

The following article puts a very dangerous spin on this. I do not know the source of this information and whether any of this is documented. If true, this is far more of a bombshell than anyone realizes:


They worked exclusively for two groups of “customers,” officials said. The first was Obama and fewer than 14 senior officials in government. The second was a team of operations specialists at the CIA, NSA and FBI who took direction from the task force on where to aim their subsequent efforts to collect more intelligence on Russia.

At first only four senior officials were involved: Brennan, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, Attorney General Loretta Lynch and then-FBI Director James Comey..

When the closed Cabinet sessions on Russia began in the White House Situation Room in August, the video feed from the main room was cut off during the meetings.

The compartmentalization may help to explain why it was only Brennan’s CIA, Comey’s FBI and the NSA that penned the January 6, 2017 U.S. Intelligence Community report alleging Russian interference in the presidential race. Numerous news media reports originally falsely claimed the report was authored by all 17 U.S. intelligence agencies.

These meetings were allegedly held in the White House Situation Room beginning in August 2016. That would have been during the heat of the 2016 Presidential election. If there is no credible evidence of the Trump campaign colluding with Russia now, there could not have been credible evidence of the Trump campaign colluding with Russia then. When you combine this with apparently cutting the video feed for these meetings, alarm bells go off big time. One reason for cutting the video would be to cover-up who was in that meeting.

One will recall that Nixon was removed from office because conversations that took place in the White House were recorded. That begs the question whether situation room conversations are recorded. If they are, then those records are probably secured and William Barr, John Durham and Michael Horowitz already have access to them. If there were recordings and they were destroyed or are missing, that would be a huge problem. If there were no records of these meetings, and there should have been recordings, that would also be a problem.

Omarosa claims she has recordings of conversations with John Kelly in the White House Situation room. She allegedly recorded them on her cell phone. If that is true, it was a major breach in security. It also begs the question regarding who else recorded White House Situation room meetings.

This would sure explain why both Brennan and Clapper are crapping their pants in public. It would also explain why Comey, Clapper and Brennan are all pointing fingers at each other.

We do not know if this is accurate, but it has the ugly odor of truth. This is at least believable and it would fill in a lot of gaps. The fact that Barr said this involved a very small group of people and this was not the normal procedure is significant and totally consistent. He also said that the answers he was getting were not adding up. He has described this as unprecedented on several occasions.

This definitely falls into the category of a story too good (bad) to be true. A lot of people would really like to believe that Obama was capable of this. That does not mean this actually happened. But something happened, Barr is on it, and that alone greatly increases the potential for this story being accurate. At a minimum, nothing Barr has said even hints that this is not true.

We are now at the point where documents are being declassified on a daily basis. There are promises of more to come. Trump threw Pelosi and Schumer out of his office today and said he wouldn’t even pretend to negotiate with them if they continue this constant investigation nonsense. Always remember that Trump knows things you do not know. While Trump is routinely accused of acting impulsively, in reality he rarely does that. Even his “outrageous” tweets are usually designed to push people’s buttons and they are in fact brilliant. That means this decision to publicly announce that he wasn’t even going to pretend to negotiate with Pelosi and Schumer was probably a carefully crafted position. At a minimum, Trump believes this is the politically correct move to make at this point in time. The questions is whether there may be additional motivation that will soon become obvious. One thing is certain, Nancy Pelosi looked pretty panicked after this meeting.



If you ever watch a crime show like Criminal Minds or NCIS it soon becomes obvious that many episodes involve a similar plot. The investigators start to zero in on a suspect. Family members are questioned. They are immediately outraged that anyone would suspect their loved one. They loudly protest and tell the investigators they have the wrong person. My son(father, husband, brother, mother, sister, daughter etc.,) could never do something like that. Then, there is the moment when the investigators uncover the critical piece of evidence. This evidence is impossible to dismiss and even harder to ignore. This is when the family members are confronted with the awful reality. Not only is their loved one guilty, they have been lied to over and over again. It is always a brutal moment. In many cases the family member starts to go back over things that have happened in the past and looks at them in a whole new light. In some cases, they are filled with guilt because deep down they knew something was terribly wrong all along and they just could not bring themselves to believe it.

This is exactly what is about to happen to a lot of people who call themselves Democrats. They could not bring themselves to believe the reality about the crimes, yes crimes, committed by people like Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Loretta Lynch, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, John Brennan, James Clapper and a class of thousands. It is bad enough when one person lets you down. But in this case the entire leadership of the Democratic Party has a lot of hopelessly corrupt people. Unbelievably corrupt people. What makes this worse is that the fawning MSM led by people like Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon continued to report the ridiculous and ignore the obvious. Seldom in world history have so many people been betrayed by so many others who did so much damage with so little regard for anyone but themselves.

I believe we are on the verge of having that critical evidence put on full display and as Trey Gowdy said it is capable of being persuasive. There are numerous signs of this. Interviews of top Democrats are being released in unredacted form. Each one shows a consistent pattern of guilt. President Trump is promising to de-classify even more documents. He has publicly said he is waiting to release them for the time when they will have the most impact. We are soon to be inundated with hard evidence of criminal activity that will be impossible to dismiss and even more impossible to ignore. We already know how the guilty will respond. They will continue to lie while running for cover. The great unknown is how the Democratic base will respond when they are confronted with the reality that they have been lied to over and over again. Once someone has betrayed you with that level of duplicity it is a life changing event. In some cases, they may even be forgiven, but this is never forgotten, and no one will ever trust them again.

I know many liberals and Democrats who are men and women of honesty and character. They are not like this at all. They, like those family members, are victims only of believing in people who let them down. While some will continue to believe, this reminds me of the words of Abraham Lincoln:

“You can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.”

This is so bad; it is easy to understand why a lot of people have difficulty accepting the truth. But ultimately facts are stubborn things and so far, the facts are all pointing in the same direction. At some point, that will become too obvious to ignore. If that happens, don’t be surprised if the loudest outrage comes from those who have been betrayed.



One of my favorite cartoons was a picture of the Lone Ranger and Tonto, huddled down behind a tree stump covered with arrows. The Lone Ranger says:  “well Tonto, this looks like the end.”  Tonto replies saying: “what do you mean white man?” II can’t find that original cartoon so the quotes are probably not 100% accurate, but you get the point.

The Russia collusion investigation has turned a major corner. No longer is anyone, including Brennan, Clapper, McCabe, Comey or anyone else pretending that use of that FISA warrant was appropriate. At first they just screamed and yelled in an attempt to scare William Barr. That did not work. Not only did Barr refuse to back down, he hired one of the most dangerous investigators alive to take this on. Now we learn that he has already been on the job for weeks.

The following article by Victor Davis Hanson is excellent:


Trey Gowdy was interviewed by Maria Bartiromo. He said that the FBI informants were wearing wires and there are transcripts of their conversation along with copies of emails, text communications and phone calls. He says he had listened to some of these and while he did not discuss specifics he said they have the potential to “persuade people.”

Sometimes the best way to tell what is happening is to watch how people react. It is particularly important to pay attention to people who actually know what happened. All of the usual suspects have drastically changed behavior over the past week. As I mentioned previously, they are no longer even pretending there is justification for that FISA application. They also are trying desperately to describe this as anything other than spying on a political campaign. They aren’t even trying to justify this because of something Trump did. They are focused finding someone else to blame. While the usual suspects at CNN etc. remain oblivious the smart people recognize a dangerous fire storm when they see it and they are frantically looking for an exit.

This is moving very fast. The next step is likely to be some very entertaining video of people you know being arrested by the FBI. This could look a lot like the incidents with Paul Manafort and Roger Stone. There is obviously something about being handcuffed and read your rights by a heavily armed FBI agent that changes one’s perspective of life. Enjoy!



Robert Mueller was Acting U.S. Attorney in Boston during a time when some FBI agents crossed way over the line into illegality. The following article explains this:


It is impossible to know how much of this is accurate, but it is true that Mueller was there some of the time this was happening. We also know that John Durham, the man recently appointed by Barr to investigate the origins of the Russia investigation is the one who put those rouge Boston FBI agents in jail. He was appointed by U.S. Attorney for Massachusetts Donald Stern.

One thing is certain, John Durham has a history of exposing corruption. There is speculation that two people, Robert Mueller and Andrew Weissman were involved in the Boston scandal, but Durham was not authorized to prosecute them.

Barr’s Investigator John Durham Once Probed Mueller in a Shocking Case

But this raised an interesting question in my mind. Were Mueller and Weissman part of the problem or part of the solution? In the case of the corrupt FBI agents in Boston, someone on the inside had to have provided Durham with access to critical documents. Someone alerted U.S. Attorney Donald Stern of the problem. It sure looks like someone with inside information was providing guidance. While it is easy to assume that Durham didn’t prosecute either of these men because he was not authorized, perhaps he didn’t prosecute them because they were critical insiders helping him break through the cover-up.

Now fast forward to 2017. Mueller and Weissman are once again heavily involved. Imagine if both of them were once again insiders helping to expose corruption, just like they did in Boston. Few people would have the courage and the skill to pull this off. Imagine they pretended to go along with those who were corrupt while in reality they were documenting their illegal activities.

History teaches us that nothing is more deadly than a criminal organization infiltrated by an undercover agent. It is difficult, if not impossible, to take down such organizations without someone on the inside. In many situations the undercover agent even has to break the law themselves in order to gain the necessary trust of the those involved. Being a double agent is difficult and dangerous duty and it is by definition messy. At a minimum a double agent becomes aware of illegal activity and must wait until the right moment before acting.

Few criminal organizations in our history would be more dangerous that FBI agents working with the mob in Boston. Infiltrating such an organization would be beyond dangerous. The only thing more dangerous would be infiltrating FBI agents coordinating with top officials in the CIA and other intelligence agencies in order to overthrow a U.S. President. The only way such people could survive would be to totally convince those involved that they were on their side and they could be trusted. Those willing to overthrow a U.S. President would not hesitate to kill anyone they thought was in their way. It would take some very special people willing and able to do such hazardous work with incredibly dangerous people.

Now fast forward to one of those texts by Peter Strzok. He hesitated to join the Mueller investigation because he did not believe it would be willing to help take out Trump:

Peter Strzok on Mueller investigation: ‘my gut sense…there’s no big there there’

Strzok wrote: “You and I both know the odds are nothing. If I thought it was likely, I’d be there no question. I hesitate in part because of my gut sense and concern that there’s no big there there.”

Someone convinced Strzok to change his mind. Who recruited Strzok for the Special Counsel investigation? Andrew Weissman, the same person who worked with Mueller in Boston. Who did Weissman recruit? By all accounts everyone involved was highly biased against Trump. Why would he do this? Is Weissman stupid? If the Mueller investigation had found evidence against Trump the patent bias by the Special Counsel team would have seriously jeopardized the credibility of the findings. It would have been far wiser to include some Republicans and conservatives to avoid that exact problem. Weissman and Mueller are a lot of things but no one accuses them of being stupid.

Are you still sure about Mueller and Weisman? Those people who conspired against the President of the United States were definitely sure and they may pay a very high price for that assumption. Again, just a question. Are these men part of the problem or a big part of the solution?


There are easy ways to determine who has the facts in any situation and who does not. Lawyers are trained to do the following to defend their clients. If you have the facts, pound the facts. If you do not have the facts, pound the opponent. If you cannot pound the facts or the opponent, just pound. The louder the pounding, the more desperate the lawyer. Smart lawyers add an important step. If you are going to lose, don’t turn down a great deal.

We are now at the point where the lawyers defending those who conspired to overthrow the President of the United States have resorted to pounding. Smart lawyers are also telling clients to void being the last one to make a deal. We saw a case study in this with the recent college admissions scandal. Some of the participants were offered a plea deal which required a guilty plea but reduced the potential for a lengthy incarceration. The ones represented by smart lawyers took the deal. They will get minimum prison time and may even have the potential for rehabilitation at some point in the future. But others rejected the plea deal and decided to fight. They were quickly hit with a withdrawal of the plea deal and additional more serious charges. Now the prospect for serious prison time is all too real.

This involves something relatively minor, rich people bribing their kids into top colleges. That has been going on for a long time, but not necessarily crossing the line into illegality. For example a wealthy parent may donate $50,000 to the College Trust fund about a month before their child’s application arrives. The people who run these colleges are not stupid, so the odds of that application getting approved skyrockets. The result is while the college admissions scandal is disgusting; it is not exactly a big surprise.

However this time we are talking about illegal surveillance of a Presidential campaign and potentially a plot to overthrow the President of the United States. That is a very serious matter and if the facts prove that this happened, this will be one of the major stories of our lifetime. Few will bother pretending that these actions were acceptable because we don’t like the way Donald Trump combs his hair or his addiction to spray tans. These actions are never acceptable and with the exception of the new class of naïve and inexperienced Democratic members of congress and the News Anchors at CNN, this will be beyond obvious. If there are convictions, the penalty will be extreme. It does not get any worse than this.

We are also at the point where those in jeopardy will start to turn on each other. John Brennan and Tom Clapper are blaming James Comey for using the Russian Dossier to obtain a FISA warrant. Neither of them continues to argue that this was a good idea. By the way, it appears as though Comey has e-mails he sent to his staff saying this it was John Brennan who wanted this.


Based on the personalities involved it looks like we are headed toward a world class circular firing squad. Since all of these people sure appear to be guilty, to at least some extent, any finger pointing at someone else will have at least three pointing back at them. Either way it is an admission that they knew this was happening, they knew it was wrong, and they did nothing to stop it. So we are at the point where a lot of people in positions of responsibility are left arguing they were only stupid and oblivious but necessarily necessarily acting with criminal intent. Good luck with that.

Many of you have believed that the day of reckoning was never coming. It just seemed like some people always get away with everything and are never held accountable. It is absolutely true that the MSM is incredibly biased in their reporting on this. If these allegations were being made about conservatives or Republicans the MSM would be on suicide watch. Imagine if someone did this to Obama? But everything in this world moves in cycles and this is no exception. The good times never last forever and neither does the bad times. The least likely outcome is permanent continuation of the status quo.

We recently watched a show on the history channel about John Rockefeller. He made a fortune selling kerosene which was used to light houses and street lights all over the country. When Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, Rockefeller panicked. He fought back and tried to paint electricity as hopelessly dangerous. He failed, but then he learned that the gasoline he had been throwing away was actually worth something. The market for kerosene did basically disappear, but gasoline has not been all that bad. Like I said, everything moves in cycles. Enjoy the ride and expect quite a show.



It is increasingly clear that top officials in the DOJ and the FBI, in collusion with top Democrats including members of the Obama administration conspired to remove a duly elected President of the United States from office. While the cost to Donald Trump and his administration has been significant the real cost may unfortunately be to national security. It is increasingly clear that the situation with Iran is moving in a direction that could result in a very costly military conflict. This is a time when Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi should be singing God Bless America, linked arm in arm with our President in a show of unity. Instead they are second guessing President Trump with regard to deployment of military resources and troop levels. It is sending the worst possible signal to Iran and North Korea.

This is the kind of situation that sadly may result in one of our enemies making a serious mistake. That has happened before. Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait because he did not believe George H.W. Bush would have the courage to stop him. Remember that Democrats were not exactly supportive of Bush, until it became obvious that the military operation was a huge success. Then they developed amnesia and pretended they had supported him all along. He had support from our allies all over the world, but limited support from Democrats in congress. This time the stakes are much higher. Hopefully neither North Korea nor Iran has the ability to attack us with a nuclear weapon, yet, but the risk of a full sale war is all too real. There are reports that Saudi Arabia shut down its pipelines after a drone attack.


William Barr appointed John Durham to investigate the decision to even start the Russia investigation. Since Barr has already been discussing this with the CIA, the DNI and the FBI, odds are Durham wasn’t appointed to investigate; he was selected to build a case for prosecution. This appointment only makes sense if Barr and others already believe there is evidence of a crime.

This investigation may move at the speed of light. A lot of the information is already documented with testimony, under oath, before congress. In addition there are a lot of e-mails that speak to motive. All of the recent news developments are devastating for Democrats. None of them appear to present any problem for Donald Trump.

There is also increasing evidence of a systemic cover-up. Just recently the FBI said they “lost” notes regarding a serious meeting on whether or not Hillary’s private e-mail server was hacked by a foreign entity. In addition Roger Stone has filed a legal motion demanding proof that Russia actually hacked the DNC servers. It is not entirely clear that the FBI has such forensic evidence.

The people now involved are not lightweights like Adam Schiff, Eric Swalwell and Jerry Nadler. These are serious people with a reputation for putting people behind bars. The difference will soon be obvious to everyone, including the clowns at CNN.



I do not know if Republicans are also guilty of this, but Democrats certainly have a history of using classified information as a political weapon. A relative recent example was when Ron Wyden, D-Oregon, asked James Clapper, in open session, if the NSA was monitoring phone records. Wyden already knew the answer; this was part of the Patriot Act and was being used to capture terrorists.  He also knew that this was classified information, so Clapper was caught between a rock and a hard place. He could say no, which would be a lie, or he could say yes and compromise a highly classified program that was catching terrorists.

Here is a clip from that exchange:


It is easy to see that Clapper is frustrated by the question and ultimately chooses to lie and save the program. Few in the media noticed that the real jerk in this exchange is not Clapper, but rather Wyden who was pulling a cheap political stunt. This is one reason neither Republicans nor Democrats are interested in charging Clapper with perjury.

This also happened during the Bush administration. Democrats knew that there were classified documents that proved the Bush administration was telling the truth about the intelligence on the WMD in Iraq. They also know that if the Bush administration declassified those documents, it would do grave harm to national security. So they made deliberately false accusations secure in the knowledge that the Bush administration would put the country first, even at the expense of facing false accusations.

Now, Jerry Nadler, reading from the same disgusting playbook, has demanded release of the full Mueller report, with no redactions, assuming Trump will not release classified information. However, he missed something important. Trump is already on record as being willing to declassify the Mueller Report. That is significant because Trump knows exactly what is in there and Nadler does not. In fact, the full unredacted report was made available to congress and Nadler never even sent anyone over to read it.

I think Trump is likely to call Nadler’s bluff and just declassify the whole thing, resulting in the release of information that does little or no damage to Trump but which is devastating for a lot of high ranking Democrats. Trump wanted to do that before, but was talked out of it. Perhaps William Barr asked him to hold off giving him more time to finalize some criminal investigations. If Barr gives him the go ahead, Trump is likely to just declassify the whole thing. The result will be Jerry Nadler sitting there with a world class amount of egg on his face. All Nadler will have achieved is to make the release of these documents even more devastating for Democrats. Even the MSM cannot ignore what is in these documents when Nadler has been so loudly demanding their release. Remember, Trump said he was holding off release until the impact was more powerful.

This could be a beautiful thing and no one would deserve the appropriate recognition more than Jerry Nadler.



Nancy Pelosi and Jerry Nadler are right that there is a constitutional crisis in effect. They should know they are the ones who caused it. With the decision by Jerry Nadler to hold Attorney General Barr in contempt of congress and to literally threaten to have the Sergeant at Arms arrest him is a bridge too far.  Incredibly this happened during the same week they dismissed the contempt of congress charges against Eric Holder, that was voted on in 2012.

If this continues, it will go to the Supreme Court sooner rather than later. There the result is beyond predictable. The Supreme Court, even the liberals on the Supreme Court, are not going to get involved in a pissing contest between congress and the administration. In this case the DOJ has actually made reasonable accommodations which are ignored by congress which wants things that are patently ridiculous and in some cases illegal. Yes, congress has a right to oversight, but they don’t have a right to obstruct.

When you combine this with the very real potential that this will happen simultaneously with criminal indictments of DOJ and FBI officials along with high ranking intelligence officials and members of the state department, Nadler and Pelosi are engaged in the ultimate fool’s errand. They are certain to lose, they will be lucky if they don’t get smacked down in the process.

One thing all members of the Supreme Court have in common is that they are all lawyers. Even when they disagree, they never disagree with regard to the rule of law. In this case Attorney General William Barr is a highly respected lawyer and the law and the facts are totally on his side. Nancy Pelosi doesn’t even have a law degree and Jerry Nadler got his law degree going to school part time while serving as a member of congress. No one on the Supreme Court is going to be impressed with their legal credentials.

What could push this complete over the edge is if Iran starts attacking us. No one, in either political party, will tolerate that. They will unite behind President Trump and demand he take action to stop this and to punish those responsible. That is so obvious that after Chris Matthews wet his pants on National TV pretending there is no crisis; NBC News ran a report showing that there is a very real problem. Americans disagree on a lot of things, but putting up with people who attack us is not on the list.

We will soon know. Either Nadler or Pelosi are absolutely as stupid as they appear, or they know something we don’t know. Based on the past performance of both of these individuals, I wouldn’t bet on that. In addition, with so many people desperate to destroy Trump it is hard to imagine some secret bombshell information hiding out there. If there was a real story out there, we would not be confronted with all the fake stuff.

There is a constitutional crisis and the sooner we recognize that and deal with it, the better. What Democrats and their fawning supporters in the MSM are doing to Donald Trump is beyond despicable, it is downright dangerous. There is a reason our founding fathers gave such enormous power to a President. There is also a reason they did not give this power to congress. The Supreme Court knows that. They do not want any part of this, but if congress forces their hand they will not have a choice.