The problems with Joe Biden are now clear to anyone. His performance during the Presidential debate is impossible to ignore. Even Democrats were shocked and horrified. This was so bad that there should have been bi-partisan demand to invoke the 25th Amendment. This is the reason for the 25th Amendment. It is extremely dangerous to have an incompetent Commander in Chief.

The reality is that since Joe Biden is a Democrat and every member of the cabinet is a Democrat, this is a Democratic problem. While Republicans can express concern, there are only two ways to remove a sitting President of the United States from office. He can be impeached by the House and convicted by the Senate. There is no chance of that with a Democratic controlled Senate. The other way is for the Vice President and the members of the cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment. Then and only then can the House and the Senate even vote on the matter.

Yet, despite the obvious, Democrats aren’t even discussing the real problem. Their only concern is regarding losing the election to Donald Trump. To Democrats the only threat facing the country is losing the election. The only threat that concerns them is losing power. They admit this by saying that the most important thing is to have a Democratic President, a Democratic Speaker of the House, and a Democratic Majority Leader in the senate.

When you combine this with the cover-up regarding Joe Biden’s mental deficiencies, with the full cooperation of the MSM there is only one conclusion. Neither the Democratic Party nor the MSM can ever be trusted regarding National Security. This is inexcusable. What could be more important that having a President of the United States ready, willing, and able to make crucial on-the-spot decisions. That is why the President has such tremendous power. It is also why the 25th Amendment was necessary. Yet no Democrat seems to be even slightly concerned regarding whether Joe Biden is currently fit for duty.

This should terrify everyone, without regard to political party. What benefit is there from having a President of the United States who is a Democrat if that person cannot perform the duties of a Commander in Chief? What is the benefit of a free press if they cannot report objectively on something that is so absolutely vital. What excuse is there for ignoring the obvious problems with Joe Biden when they threaten National Security. But they not only ignored it, but they also literally lied about it and tried to accuse anyone who reported accurately of spreading dangerous misinformation.

The American people have a simple choice this fall. They can continue to vote for Democrats, despite the clear and present danger to this country or they can vote for Republicans and demand accountability from both parties.

We live in an extremely dangerous world where foreign countries can attack us with nuclear weapons with extraordinarily little time to respond. There is no longer any margin for error. We either put responsible people in charge or we cannot possibly be simply safe.



Democrats are now fully aware of the problem with Joe Biden. No one is even pretending any more. Now, the real problem is what to do about this. If anyone in Democratic leadership had an ounce of legitimate consideration for the country, they would be demanding that Vice President Kamala Harris and the cabinet invoke the 25th Amendment. There really is no legitimate alternative if one considers the duties and responsibilities of the President of the United States to be critical to national security. Yet, if this is happening, there is little evidence of that. Instead, Democrats are totally focused, as they have been for over 8 years, on beating the hated Donald Trump. Their blatant hatred for Donald Trump is blinding them, again, to reality.

As a result, Democrats are struggling to find some acceptable alternative, other than the obvious. This may not be all that easy. The biggest problem is that Kamala Harris is polling worse than Biden. She was chosen because Biden, at the urging of the liberal left, choose a black female to be his Vice-Presidential running mate. Kamala Harris was the best option considering that criteria. Just think about that for a minute.

Democrats are desperate to find someone, anyone, to lead the ticket that can defeat Donald Trump. Yet, if they bypass Harris, that will create serious problems within one of their core constituencies, the black community. The problem is compounded by the inability of Joe Biden to recognize reality. Even if he thinks he is currently capable of being President of the United States, which requires an incredible level of delusion, one must ask. Does he really think he is capable of handling another four years in office? Wow!

There are finally some members of the MSM who are admitting that Joe is no longer capable of being President. Yet none of them has stated the obvious. There is absolutely zero excuse for not demanding Kamala Harris invoke the 25th Amendment. This is a case study regarding the reason for the 25th Amendment.

This cannot continue, but one thing is certain. Democrats will never consider doing the right thing for the right reason. Neither will many members of the MSM. Trump Derangement Syndrome will continue to carry the day.

Just imagine this. Imagine Democrats choosing someone, other than Kamala Harris, to replace Joe Bide. Yet remember that Kamala Harris will remain within a heartbeat of being President of the United States for six months. Does anyone seriously expect Joe Biden to do better between now and January 2025. Anyone? What are the odds that he will still be in office in January 2025? Anyone being nominated, other than Kamala Harris, better understand this.

There are people desperate enough and dumb enough to volunteer for the assignment. Gavin Newsom is at the top of that list. So is Gretchen Whitmer. But smarter Democrats realize that if Donald Trump is elected, he will be gone in four years. Odds are that during the next four years he will be under constant assault by Democrats and the MSM. They will never, ever, consider uniting behind him so that he can do his job as President of the United States. They will do anything and everything to sabotage him.

Four years from now, people may forget how bad things were under Joe Biden. They will just want change and sadly they are likely to stupidly vote for another Democrat. If you doubt that, check the election results in England. Or even look at France.



If there was any doubt regarding Biden remaining in the 2024 Presidential race, that ended last night. The interview by George Stephanopoulos, apparently designed to show that Joe still had it, had the opposite effect. Biden was better than during the debate, but by any measurement this interview was an unmitigated disaster.

After covering up for Biden for months, if not years, the MSM has seen the light. They are not covering up for him anymore. The post interview commentary by the ABC panel was absolutely devastating. It is now only a matter of when, not if, Joe Biden withdraws from the race. The Biden error is over, and the only question is who or what Democrats will choose to carry the torch.

Democrats will continue to focus their fire on Donald Trump, but so far that has not worked. They will attempt to paint Trump with the Biden old fart brush, but that hasn’t worked either. This does not mean Democrats will stop trying, that would be counter to their DNA. It just means this is extremely unlikely to work.

Next week, July 9-11, all 32 NATO Allies will meet in Washington, D.C. Few honest people want Joe Biden representing the U.S. at that meeting. Something must be done and it must be done now. Perhaps Joe Biden inadvertently provided the solution. Incredibly he tried to blame his debate performance on Jet Lag and a severe cold. Even Stephanopoulos noticed that Biden had been back from overseas for 12 days prior to the debate and spent the week prior to the debate holed up in Camp David. Others noticed that the extreme cold was gone by the North Carolina campaign stop last Friday.

There was a rumor that there was a medical emergency on Air Force one returning from Wisconsin to Delaware after the Stephanopoulos interview. Odds are no one was really ill, the toilets were just overflowing because everyone on the plane, other than Joe, was throwing up.

It would not surprise me to hear that Joe Biden has suddenly become ill. This convenient illness would do several things. It would “explain” the debate performance. It would also allow Joe to transfer power, temporarily to Kamala Harris, while saving face. It would allow Kamala to show that she is capable of being President. And if she fails that test, which seems likely, that would give Democrats the excuse they need to replace both of them on the ticket during the DNC convention. It would have the additional benefit of sucking all the oxygen out of the room during the Republican National Convention. However, there is a problem. “President Harris” could provide a real challenge to a Democratic slate chosen to bypass her on the way to the White House.

In the meantime, that NATO summit is around the corner and no one is enthusiastic about Joe Biden trying to provide leadership. Even Russia and China are nervous about that because stupid people do stupid things. While the MSM in the U.S. was slow to admit the truth about Joe Biden, the rest of the world knows. The reports by the MSM overseas are beyond brutal.

This time the real fireworks will take place after the 4th of July. An explosive result is inevitable. Again, it is hard to imagine those who blundered into this disaster using logic and common sense to find a solution. The most likely result is the easy out, which means Kamala Harris. If that happens, Democrats will be leaping out of the frying pan into the fire. In the meantime, the world squirms.



The Democratic Party is already unified around the need to dump Joe Biden as the nominee. There is now zero chance he will come out of the DNC convention as the nominee. The only question is will he willingly withdraw, and if so, when. One suspects that Democrats always had an open DNC convention in mind. They could select two bright young Democratic leaders to take over and lead the way into the future. One problem with that there are no bright young Democratic leaders available. The Democratic Party has no bench. Zero, Squat, Nada.

Some dream of Michelle Obama parachuting in to save the day. Others dismiss this as nonsense. But it may not matter. The real problem is that Joe is done and the Democratic convention is not until August 19. That is over a month away. A very, very, very long month.

If Joe withdraws now, the presumptive nominee will be Kamala Harris. If the 25th Amendment is used to remove Joe, welcome President Kamala Harris. If Joe dies, welcome President Kamala Harris. If Joe resigns, welcome President Kamala Harris. The only realistic possibility of a change is an open convention, where Joe withdraws at the start of the convention. Dream, dream, dream. There is zero chance Joe can hang on until then. The dam has broken. The cover-up is gone. The illusion shattered. “Goodbye Joe, you gotta go, so goodbye yah.

Perhaps the best question is who Kamala will choose to be her running mate. My personal favorite is Pete Buttigieg. I think a Kamala Harris – Pete Buttigieg ticket is just the thing America needs. Incredibly, this is a possibility.

My hunch is that Hunter Biden will be a factor. If Joe wants to pardon Hunter, or even commute his sentence, he must do that while still President. If Kamala replaces Joe, and she pardons Hunter, it would be political suicide. So, if Joe wants to spare Hunter, there is no time like the present. Isn’t this fun?

Michelle Obama may or may not be waiting in the wings. Hillary Clinton is lurking there, but no one even glances in her direction. But if joe withdraws now, the only real choice is Kamala. And if Michelle thinks she can just waltz in during the convention and replace Kamala, well good luck with that. If Kamala is smart, she will go in hiding until this is over. The riskiest thing for her to do is take the stage front and center. The longer she can prevent public exposure the better for her.

The smart thing to do at this point is just watch, buy stock in Pepto Bismol, toilet paper and depends. A lot of Democrats will really need some or all the above, so supplies may be in short supply.

Now brace yourself because another dream ticket starring Grethen Whitmer and Rephael Warnock is being discussed. In some ways this is the perfect Democratic ticket because it would be difficult to find two people less qualified. The theory is that Witmer is a female, although white, and Warnock is more than black enough. Ability to do the job appears to be way down on the qualification list.

In any event, it is now about time, and time is running out. No one, other than Joe or nurse Jill, thinks he is capable of being President. Now the only issue for Democrats is how to defeat Donald Trump some other way. Obviously, re-electing Joe Biden is not an option. It’s about time and at this point, it is about time.



While the loudest demands right now are for Joe to withdraw and let someone else run in his place, that will not solve the real problem. If Joe must withdraw as a candidate for President because he is no longer competent, how can anyone justify him remaining President of the United States until January. One of the consequences of the rigged 2020 election, is that according to the constitution, the only possible alternative to Joe Biden is Kamala Harris. Yes, that Kamala Harris.

Today the White House held its’ first press briefing since the Thursday night disaster broadcast internationally by CNN. If they thought the concerns about Joe Biden’s obvious mental decline could be sugar coated and shoved aside, well guess again. When someone pointed out that 72% of Americans thought that Joe was mentally incapable of being president, Karine Jean-Pierre responded by saying “we get it.” Seriously?

The dam has broken the flood is on the way. It will sweep Joe Biden out of office and replace him with President Kamala Harris. At this rate, Joe will be lucky to make the 4th of July. His chances of staying in office until the Democratic convention in August are minimal and the changes of him staying in office until Memorial Day an illusion.

No matter where you look, all you see is Kamala Harris. If Democrats try and replace Joe on the ticket with someone else, it will be an unmitigated disaster. On the other hand, President Kamala Harris is guaranteed to be an unmitigated disaster.

Even Democrats will eventually see the handwriting on the wall. Some of them already see it. Many in the MSM already see it. Any honest American, in either party, who watched that debate sees it.

“MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN. I used to think this meant:” meanie, meanie, he tickled the parson.” But that is incorrect.


Mene. God has numbered the days of your kingdom and brought it to an end.

Tekel. You have been weighed and found wanting.

Peres. Your kingdom is divided and given to the Medes and Persians.

Belshazzar gave the command and Daniel was clothed with purples, a chain of gold was put around his neck, and a proclamation was made about him that he should be the third ruler in the kingdom. It didn’t work. Belshazzar was killed that night.

We are going to see a whole lot of handwringing and desperate pleas for people to ignore their lying eyes. It won’t work. The writhing is on the wall and it is just a matter of time. Extraordinarily little time.



The only thing more fun than watching the debate last night, and the sob fest on CNN after the debate, is reading the mourning reviews. Joe Biden has become an overnight sensation, for all the wrong reasons. There is no way to spin this away and even less chance of Joe beating Donald Trump in November. That begs the question: “What to do now?”

Joe could decide to withdraw from the election. First, someone must convince Joe. Second, and more importantly, someone must convince Jill Biden. Technically Joe could be replaced by the DNC as the nominee at the convention, but there are challenges. One is that this would not necessarily remove his name from the ballot in states where he has already been chosen to be the nominee by primary election or caucus unless he conveniently dies. There are certain to be at least some people praying to the God they don’t believe in to guide Joe Biden to a prompt journey to the afterlife.

The other way is the 25th Amendment.

If the 25th Amendment is invoked Kamala Harris becomes President immediately. Yet if the 25th Amendment is not invoked, Joe continues as President, after demonstrating to the entire world, on live TV, why that would be a bad idea.

Twenty-fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution – Wikipedia

Section 1: If Joe dies or resigns, Kamala Harris become President.

Section 2: If something happens to Kamala Harris, then Joe must nominate a Vice President who must be approved by both Houses of Congress. Fun.

Section 3: Joe Biden sends the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives a written declaration that he is unable to discharge the duties and powers of his office. In that case Kamala Harris becomes “Acting President.” Joe could rescind this later and retain office.

Section 4: The vice president and cabinet members may provide a written declaration to the president pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives that Joe Biden is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office. Kamala Harris becomes Acting President. But congress must go in session within 48 hours and within twenty-one days determine by two-thirds vote of both Houses that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office. If they don’t vote to approve, Joe becomes President again. Even more fun.

Perhaps the biggest challenge will be to get the American people to trust those who put the country in this position. That includes all the current Democratic members of congress, all the leaders in the DNC, and the MSM which openly covered up the obvious problems with Joe Biden. Why would anyone expect people who have demonstrated such a complete lack of trust by ignoring the obvious to respond to this situation with logic and common sense in the best interests of the nation?

I can only safely predict that the people who brought us this mess will never even consider doing the right thing, for the right reason, and put the country first. That simply is not in their DNA. This would be hysterically funny, except that there is absolutely nothing funny about a President of the United States who is not only incapable of doing his job, but he has also become the laughingstock of the entire world. Democrats and their fawning supporters in the MSM may not be able to figure out what to do, but our enemies are watching closely, and it would be no shock if one or more of them seized the day.

“Oh, what a tangled web we weave when we conspire to deceive.”

Walter Scott, in his poem “Marmion



Donald Trump did not have a great night tonight. He often declined to answer direct questions and he meandered off course on more than one occasion. But it didn’t matter. It didn’t matter because Joe Biden absolutely embarrassed himself on national TV tonight. You can come away from this debate hating Trump, but you cannot come away from this debate pretending that Joe Biden is remotely capable of being President of the United States. In some ways the mistakes made by Trump, which were all too obvious, only made things worse. It didn’t matter what Trump did, what mattered is what Joe did, or more importantly, what Joe didn’t do. It is as simple as this. If he could not handle Trump, on a night when Trump’s performance level was about a B- then how can anyone predict he is capable of being President of the United States.

That sound you hear is of Democratic toilets, being flushed all over the country, as the result of Democrats throwing up uncontrollably. This was so awful that even the usual suspects on CNN couldn’t pretend any more. They still hate Trump. They will always hate Trump. They still drink the liberal Kool Aid. They will always drink the liberal Kool Aid. But none of that matters anymore. The truth is no longer possible to ignore. Joe Biden wet himself on National TV and no one even pretends he will do better in the future. The only question is whether Democrats even have an option of replacing him, because Joe is the very last person on this earth, other than Nurse Jill, to recognize the obvious. Joe probably thinks he did great. The problem is that no one in either party agrees with him and absolutely no one expects things to get better.

I rarely watch CNN regarding anything, but at the urging of friends who watched this with me, we watched the CNN post-debate show. None of them, and I do mean none of them, even pretended that Joe did ok. They all were horrified and were in a state of shock. I don’t know if they were angrier with Joe, or with the idiots who put him in this position. They might even have some sympathy for Joe, as an elderly person who can’t help himself. But they are furious with the idiots who put this guy on national TV, to debate Donald Trump, with such disastrous results.

The only thing I can predict at this point is pure panic. Think about this for a second. The only thing worse than Democrats continuing to pretend Joe Biden is remotely capable of being President is for Democrats to try and replace him, at this point, after he has won all those Primaries. A problem compounded by the sad reality that Kamala Harris is even worse.

If Democrats try to replace him a lot of people are going to ask the obvious question. What, exactly, were you guys thinking? It this really a surprise to you? Are you really this stupid or did you just hope we are that stupid?

The problem for the Democratic Party is that sometimes tomorrow actually does come and this time the sun definitely will not come out tomorrow.


Wes is Moore!

The debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden is scheduled for next Thursday. The question on everyone’s mind is how will Joe Biden perform? He did manage to get through the State of the Union address, with the assistance of a Teleprompter. But the question is how can someone who needs cue cards to carry on a conversation really stand up there for ninety minutes and debate someone like Donald Trump. The recent video of Biden’s public appearances show a disturbing trend. It sure looks like his mental capacity is deteriorating rapidly. I doubt that there are many smart Democrats who remain even remotely optimistic about this.

During the 2020 debates Trump routinely interrupted Biden and frankly it was not a good look. While Democrats and Joe Biden’s fawning supporters in the MSM may hope for a repeat of that, it is unlikely for several reasons. One is that Trump’s microphone will be cut off unless he is answering a question. Democrats are convinced that Trump is a serial liar and the fact checkers during the debate will have a field day. But many of the so-called lies told by Trump are just a difference of opinion. Trump believes the 2020 election was stolen, the MSM wants you to believe it was the most honest election ever. The MSM is too busy admiring itself in the mirror to notice that most people, including a majority of Democrats, agree with Trump. I think the fact checking of Donald Trump may backfire bigly.

There are going to be millions of people watching this debate and many will be expecting Joe Biden to stink up the stage. It would be foolish to bet against them. The theory, apparently, is that if Joe just shows up and does not wet himself in public, that will be a victory. This is the lowest performance standard in the history of Presidential debates and Joe may not be mentally or physically capable of meeting even that pathetic standard.

The real leaders in the Democratic establishment know this and they are not actually stupid. For this reason, even though the debate is less than a week away, it would not surprise me to see some attempt to prevent Joe from attending. If he does show, wise members of the Democratic establishment will have some kind of plan B. That will not include Kamala Harris. It also won’t include Hillary Clinton. I am not convinced it even includes Gavin Newsom. I think Democrats may go all in on Wes Moore, the Governor of Maryland. Wes Moore is conveniently black. He is a Rhodes scholar and submitted a Thesis titled “Rise and Ramifications of Radical Islam in the Western Hemisphere.” Unlike most Democrats, he is not actually stupid. He served in the 82nd Airborne Division in Afghanistan.

Wes Moore – Wikipedia

Normally Democrats would run from someone like Wes Moore but these are desperate times and the Democratic Bench is absolutely bare. Remember this name because desperate times call for desperate measures.

There are just too many devastating videos regarding Joe Biden to be safely ignored. I think Democrats absolutely must replace him with someone and Wes Moore seems to be one of the few viable options. This will not be easy, because he does not come close to fitting the mold of the typical leftwing Democratic leader. However, they may just overlook that since their ultimate goal is to retain power, at any cost. He would be a far more dangerous challenge to Donald Trump than the increasingly feeble Joe Biden.

This reminds me of a headstone in the boot hill cemetery in Tombstone, Arizona. “Here lies Lester Moore, Four slugs from a .44, No Les, No More.”

No less, no moore – Search (

It would be absurd to expect Joe Biden to do well next Thursday. It would be even more absurd to expect Democrats to go all in on a pathetic loser. Democrats will say and do anything to retain power. You’ve been warned.



Democrats have a serious Biden problem. In addition to the video of Biden embarrassing himself, and the country, again, at the G7 conference, there are reports that foreign leaders were shocked at his mental deterioration. While these types of rumors are impossible to confirm, in this case it would be hard to imagine any other response. One suspects that even people suffering from Stage IV Trump Derangement Syndrome can see this. That begs the question, what on earth is anyone going to do about this?

Keep in mind that it is never a good idea to assume actions based on logic and common sense by people who have never made decisions based on logic and common sense in the past. If wise people ran the Democratic establishment, they would have solved the Joe Biden problem months ago. Did anyone seriously think that Joe Biden would miraculously get his act together once the weather became warmer? Seriously? They went all in on frivolous indictments brought by delusional and hopelessly naïve prosecutors. They went all in on a snicker bar.

The first Presidential debate is scheduled for June 27th in Atlanta. Here are the debate rules:

What we know about how the CNN presidential debate will work (

Joe Biden did manage to get through the State of the Union address. Of course that was with the help of a Teleprompter. Some believe he was doped up. In any event, it is far from certain he can get through this debate. If he shows up, and Biden is Biden, it will eliminate any chance of him winning in November. What’s a mother to do? Desperate times call for desperate measures and this is beyond desperate.

I will be surprised if Joe shows up for this debate. This would be an excellent time for an international emergency. Sorry Donald, but the country comes first and Joe is too busy being President to take time off for a silly debate. But that could backfire. Biden is very unlikely to handle any real emergency well. If anything, a real national emergency might scare even hard-core Democrats into abandoning jolting Joe.

This caused me to speculate of what else Democrats could do. Remember, they are now in pure panic mode. What if they sent in Gavin Newsom, at the last minute, to take Biden’s place? Incredibly many naïve Democrats, not actually from California, think that Newsom is the golden boy who can lead them back to the Promised land. These people probably think Newsom won his debate with Ron De Santis. Those who believe that should check with Newsom’s wife, who dragged him off the debate stage before he wet himself further in public.

This would be a challenge for Trump. If he refused to debate Newsom, they would say he was terrified. If he debates Newsom and it is even close, the MSM will crown Newsom king of the hill. Newsom could replace Kamala Harris as VP and Kamala could run for Governor of California. California is the only state dumb enough to elect Kamala Harris to high public office.

This of course would be an impossible scheme and extremely unlikely, but it would be fun to watch. Expect anything but a decision based on logic, common sense, and sincere consideration of doing something in the best interest of the country.



The challenge with being caught between a rock and a hard place is that ignoring the problem is not a solution. I once had a highly successful business executive tell me that not making a decision is a decision, usually the worst decision.

The video’s from the G7 conference sealed the deal. Anyone watching video of this event, and this video was shown around the world, saw the current version of Joe Biden on full display. It was pathetic, but predictable. This happens every time Joe makes a public appearance. Sometimes his aides and nurse Jill attempt to cover for him, and the MSM always covers for him, but in Italy, they weren’t even in the picture.

The result is that the DNC and its fawning supporters in the MSM absolutely must make a decision. Keeping Joe Biden is not on anyone’s list of acceptable options. Democrats were hoping that they could generate enough hatred for Donald Trump so that no one would even notice Joe. Well, they noticed. Hatred for Donald Trump isn’t working anymore. Unless something changes, Donald Trump will win in a landslide and he is likely to bring a Republican House and a Republican Senate along for the ride. A united Republican Party, furious at the abuse of power put on full display by the Democratic Party and determined to implement real change. This is remarkably close to a worst-case scenario for the Democratic Party.

They could get lucky and Joe could get seriously ill or even die. But they can’t count on that. They also can’t count on him seeing reality and voluntarily departing the scene. Joe doesn’t think that way and Nurse Jill absolutely doesn’t think that way. To compound the problem, the only people more incompetent that Joe are the people he chose to be in his cabinet. Remember that even Kamala Harris looked good in comparison to them and right now she doesn’t even look good in comparison to Joe.

If Democrats had a viable alternative, they would have already done something. But they absolutely have no obvious options. Joe Manchin even left the Democratic Party. Gavin Newsom is a national joke. The problems with Kamala Harris are beyond obvious and if they try to bi-pass her, with anyone, she will not go down without a fight.

This is what happens when you rig the system to put someone like Joe Biden in the White House. There were no realistic options for correcting this mistake for at least four years and there are few realistic options for correcting this mistake now. If Donald Trump had been re-elected, he would be the ultimate lame duck President with no one in either party paying much attention to him. They would be focused on his replacement, in January 2025. But now they may have to endure four more years of him, followed by his hand-chosen replacement.

I expect something dramatic to happen and it must happen soon. Even a “Wag The Dog” scenario is possible, except that few people would unite behind Joe Biden, they would instead be screaming for a replacement.

Wag the dog – Wikipedia

“The act of creating a diversion from a damaging issue usually through military force.” 

When faced with the unthinkable, something equally unthinkable is sometimes the only option. One thing is certain, the most unlikely outcome is a continuation of the status quo. Another thing is guaranteed, Democrats will never ever even consider doing the right thing for the right reasons. That is simply not in their DNA.