I thought the DNC had hit a new low with the Iowa Caucuses fiasco. I was wrong. Then I thought they had really reached bottom after the Las Vegas Debate. I was wrong about that too. Then I watched the South Carolina Debate and this was so bad I was positive the DNC had finally hit rock bottom. I wasn’t even close. Although all of the above were exactly that bad, they don’t even compare to the newest self-inflicted disaster.

The Coronavirus is obviously a serious problem. At a minimum, it is devastating the economy in China and that has worldwide implications. In addition there are numerous reports of the disease spreading rapidly and uncontrolled all over the world. Except here. While we have some cases here, this doesn’t compare with the problems elsewhere.

President Trump actually took effective action to stop the spread of this virus before his enemies realized there was a problem. On February 12, Trump barred foreigners who have been in China from entering the U.S. at all and Americans returning from China were quarantined for 14 days. The WHO was outraged:

They described Trump’s policies as absurd claiming this will: “unnecessarily interfere with travel and trade.”

I have seen no evidence that Chuck Schumer or Nancy Pelosi offered anything other than criticism. They consider any travel ban imposed by Trump as irrational if not racist. They have repeatedly hammered him for saying we need to protect our borders. If it was up to the DNC, we would have open borders and there would have been no travel bans at all. If it was up to them we would already have a Coronavirus crisis here in the United States.

Now, the same people who have resisted him at every step are criticizing him for not doing enough. Yet, nothing they have or can suggest will do nearly as much to protect us against the Coronavirus as the action already taken by Trump when they still thought this was caused by drinking Corona beer.

So far their only suggestion is to spend more money and rely on guidance from the WHO. That would be the same WHO that botched containing the Coronavirus in the first place. The same WHO that would have stopped Trump from blocking travel with China. Nancy Pelosi just moans about Trump’s incompetence while actually providing prima fascia evidence of her own incompetence.

She, at least, appears to realize her error. Today she is talking about the seriousness of the situation and the need for bi-partisan cooperation. Perhaps someone bought Nancy and mirror and she got a glimpse of the real problem.

My prediction is that we will see a lot more of Coronavirus, but regardless of what happens the U.S. will handle this much better than anywhere else. That will soon be beyond obvious. This vicious and unjustified attack on Trump for handling something well just may do more damage to the DNC than all the other fiasco’s combined.

Democrats have proven to the world why they should never ever be put in a position of power. It would be insane to assume these people are remotely capable of acting responsibly. They will do or say anything in a failed attempt to destroy Trump, without regard to the consequences. In this case, screaming hatred instead of working together to actually handle the Coronavirus responsibly puts everyone at risk.

Imagine there is another crisis, next year about this time. Who would you prefer to be in charge of handling this? Donald Trump, who took prompt action to handle the Coronavirus, very likely the reason we don’t already have a widespread reports of the disease here in the United States? Or any of the clowns raising their hands and trying to scream each other down during the South Carolina Debate. Or how about Chuck Schumer or Nancy Pelosi who want Trump to take guidance from the WHO and spend billions with no definable plan of action.

This time, by spouting off before taking two seconds to see what is really happening; Democrats may have made the answer to that question really easy. Results to be announced November 3, 2020.



There always has to be a morning after and for the Democratic Party that is today. Last night’s DNC debate was an unmitigated disaster. This was so bad that the few Hollywood Celebrities who chimed in at all appeared to do so while throwing up. My favorite was by Norm MacDonald, who is strongly pro-abortion:

“Warren says Bloomberg told a pregnant women (sp) to ‘kill it’. Impossible to kill a fetus. Shame on you, Senator Warren.”  @normmacdonald

No one on any network even pretended this was impressive. CBS, which attempted and failed to moderate the debate, took a poll that showed 47% of respondents said the debate performance made them feel nervous about the entire pool of candidates.  The highlight of the event, for them, was when Amy Klobuchar said that if her competitors continued to tear each other apart that Trump would win the election. But, while they agreed with that, it didn’t appear to cause anyone to choose her as the candidate.

This looks more and more like a worst-case scenario for Democrats. Sanders will continue to lead, but only because of the quality of his opponents. Biden is likely to come in second, primarily because most people want someone else and Bloomberg looks worse in comparison. No one else is likely to matter, although Steyer may buy enough votes in South Carolina to hurt Biden. When Biden pointed out Steyer had invested in coal mines and private prisons he probably dealt a fatal blow to any slim prospect of Steyer winning anything. In an act of desperation, Steyer literally proposed black reparations.

Biden is likely to win in South Carolina, barely, but enough to stay in the race. His last remaining virtue is the perceived ability to prevent Bernie from winning outright. Sanders will continue to win, but he appears to have a hard ceiling. It is very likely that in every state more people will vote for someone else, but that vote will be split at least two ways and possibly more. In recent days many prominent Democrats have come out publicly saying they would never support Bernie Sanders. Bloomberg will stay in the race and continue pouring in money, but there are tons of negative stories about him with more to come. Democrats want Bloomberg’s money, but they don’t want him.

I expect all three to survive, sorta, Super Tuesday, but all will be limping toward the DNC convention. The 2020 DNC convention in Milwaukee may make the 1968 DNC convention look good in comparison. In 1968 no one was even close to having won the nomination. Both Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert Kennedy has been assassinated. The choice was between Hubert Humphrey, who didn’t actually compete in any primaries, he just inherited LBJ’s votes, and George McGovern who was the peace candidate. Democrats chose Humphrey who got hosed by Nixon. It didn’t end there. Four years later McGovern won and was also hosed by Nixon.

Meanwhile the scene inside and outside the convention was a hot mess. The highlight was when Dan Rather was hustled out of the building by security guards on national television. Dan Rather gave his version of events to Walter Cronkite:

“Walter … we tried to talk to the man and we got violently pushed out of the way. This is the kind of thing that has been going on outside the hall, this is the first time we’ve had it happen inside the hall. We … I’m sorry to be out of breath, but somebody belted me in the stomach during that. What happened is a Georgia delegate, at least he had a Georgia delegate sign on, was being hauled out of the hall. We tried to talk to him to see why, who he was, what the situation was, and at that instant the security people, well as you can see, put me on the deck. I didn’t do very well.”

Cronkite responded by saying: “I think we’ve got a bunch of thugs here, Dan.”

In the meantime, there were 10,000 protestors outside the building who were confronted by 23,000 police officers and National Guardsmen. There was a lot of violence in the streets, some blaming most of it on the police and others on the protestors.

Richard Nixon, who was probably hated by Democrats and the MSM even more than Donald Trump, coasted to election. Democrats and the establishment were united in their hatred of Nixon, but they were too busy destroying each other to have any chance of winning the general election.

The only thing that would make this worse would be if the DNC establishment chose none of the above and parachuted in a white knight to save the day. That would only infuriate the few remaining Democrats who are not already totally disillusioned. The real lesson of 2020 is that todays DNC is not actually capable of running anything, including the Iowa Caucuses. They certainly aren’t capable of running the country. One important difference is that this time it won’t be just the President, it will be the House and the Senate.



Democrats are debating again tonight in Charleston, South Carolina. If you have ever been to Charleston, it is a fascinating place. It is easy to understand why this was a magical place back to the earliest days of this nation. It is beautiful and the old homes are amazing. It was also where the Civil War started. The shooting part to the civil war started when confederates shelled Fort Sumter. But the real start to the civil war probably began at South Carolina Institute Hall in Charleston, South Carolina on April 23, 1860. Most people don’t realize that this was the Democratic National Convention, not just the South Carolina State Convention. This was when the DNC developed a pro-slavery platform. The war didn’t start with the election of Abraham Lincoln, we were on a path toward war long before then. Ultimately, this convention split the Democratic Party between North and South. This culminated on December 20, 1860 when a state convention was held in Columbia, SC where South Carolina officially voted to secede from the union.

Tonight, we are likely to see another civil war within the Democratic Party fireworks  should be expected on that debate stage tonight. Bernie Sanders is showing signs of running away with the nomination. Very few people think Joe Biden has any chance of stopping Sanders and no other candidate is even close. The only speck on the horizon is Michael Bloomberg, who was humiliated in the last debate.

I think that every other candidate on that stage will be focused on stopping Bernie Sanders. His comments this week praising Fidel Castro for his anti-literacy program in Cuba were insane. They were also incredibly stupid, because many other Central American countries made similar progress, without creating a totalitarian state in the process. Bernie also is on record as praising Hugo Chavez and Daniel Ortega. Today, on the MSM, the only area of bi-partisan agreement is on the need to stop Bernie Sanders. The Democratic establishment and its supporters in the MSM are terrified at the prospect of Bernie Sanders winning the nomination. We can expect the other, desperate candidates on that stage, to pick up the flag.

This is compounded by the severe lack of time. The South Carolina primary is this Saturday and then next Tuesday there are primaries in 23 states, including California and Texas. If Sanders does well Tuesday, it is going to be difficult, if not impossible, to even slow him down.

We are also at the point where the naïve narcissists trying, and failing, to win the nomination themselves are being forced to confront their own failure. At least some of them probably realize their campaign is doomed and the only question is whether they are angry enough to take down Bernie with them. My guess is they are exactly that angry and odds are we are going to see a coordinated assault on Bernie tonight.

At the end of the last Debate, Jake Tapper basically asked the other candidates if they would support Bernie as the candidate. Everyone one of them hinted at support for a brokered convention. The only person they hate more than Bernie Sanders is Michael Bloomberg.  As a result, if they run out of ammunition to use against Bernie, the focus will quickly shift to Bloomberg. My best estimate is that after tonight Bernie will still be the front runner, but he will be wobbling toward the finish line. Michael Bloomberg is likely to self-eliminate. That will result in a DNC convention in Milwaukee during July trying to choose a candidate when after two years of campaigning the only winning vote total will be for none of the above.

Democrats will be on a desperate search for someone else. But the problem is that Democrats have no bench and this pathetic group of clowns represents the cream of a crappy crop. Choosing someone like Hillary, Michelle Obama, John Kerry or even Oprah will not solve the problem. It will only confirm what we already know, that none of the above is a better choice, even if that means re-electing Donald Trump. In the minds of a lot of Democrats Donald Trump is the worst President is U.S. History, but still better than any Democratic alternative.



It is always a sad day to see anyone facing a sentence practically guaranteeing they will die in prison. That does not mean that Harvey Weinstein does not deserve his fate, he was convicted of horrific crimes. He appears to be more than deserving.

It would be foolish to expect Weinstein to do well in prison. He will probably have to be put in solitary confinement for his own protection. If you think a lot of people were less than disappointed that Jeffrey Epstein left this planet, that list pales in comparison to those connected with Weinstein.

A lot of top Democrats quickly distanced themselves from Weinstein when he was first arrested. That includes Chuck Schumer, Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, Al Franken, Kirsten Gillibrand, Richard Blumenthal, Martin Heinrich, Bob Casey, Patrick Leahy and a cast of thousands. But, this is just the start of the list. Weinstein was famous for holding Democratic fundraisers for President Obama and Hillary Clinton. The list of Hollywood celebrities posing with Weinstein is almost unlimited. Some of these people eventually turned on him, but odds are they all knew him and knew all about him. That is the real tragedy here, that those who enabled this behavior are unlikely to be held accountable.

At this point, Weinstein has to be beyond desperate. His only chance now, of even getting a better prison cell, is to start singing like a canary. He may have a long list of available tunes. Weinstein is probably close to the point where death is a better option than reality The burning question is whether he will suffer his fate in silence or at least attempt to bring some of his former friends along for the ride. Regardless of what Weinstein wants, after the Jeffrey Epstein fiasco, few would predict that authorities will have better results pretending to protect Weinstein.

This is clearly the end of the Wein, or at least a lot of people desperately want that result.



“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” Most people know this phrase but have no clue who actually said it. As far as I can tell, it comes from the play Morning Bride, written in 1697 by William Congreve.

Regardless of the source, most of us have seen this in action. Most recently was by Hillary Clinton who is still trying to get over her defeat by Donald Trump. Odds are she will go to her grave a bitter and angry woman. Last night, we saw two more candidates for honorable mention as women scorned.

The first, right out of the gate, was Elizabeth Warren. She is clearly pissed that Bernie Sanders is pushing her aside but furious with the late entry of Michael Bloomberg. She is not alone in that opinion. When Bloomberg said he had only been campaigning for a few weeks, everyone on that stage instantly responded with anger and scorn. But Warren raised it to a whole new level with the following jab:

“I’d like to talk about who we’re running against a billionaire who calls women ‘fat broads’ and ‘horse-faced lesbians,’” she said. “And no, I’m not talking about Donald Trump, I’m talking about Mayor Bloomberg.”

She then doubled down by saying that Democrats would make a huge mistake if they chose Michael Bloomberg.

 “Democrats won’t win if we have a nominee who has a history of hiding his tax returns, harassing women and supporting racist policies like stop and frisk and redlining. Understand this: ‘Democrats take a huge risk if we substitute one arrogant billionaire for another.’”

What made this so devastating is that it is undeniably true. This has zero chance of getting Warren the nomination, but it ended any chance of Michael Bloomberg winning.

Then, Pete Buttigieg insulted and patronized Amy Klobuchar to her face on national television. He treated her to the same self-righteous sermon he routinely delivers during his campaign speeches. At one point, she became visibly angry and gave the following retort:

“Are you trying to say I’m dumb? Are you mocking me here, Pete? I said I made an error. People sometimes forget names.”

One will note that the only other woman on that stage, Elizabeth Warren jumped in to defend Klobuchar:

“This is not right,” said Warren. “I understand that she forgot a name. It happens, it happens to everyone on this stage.”

Buttigieg probably thinks he won the exchange last night, but Buttigieg is wrong about almost everything and this is at the top of the list. I do not know how much longer Amy Klobuchar will remain a factor in this election, but I do know that she is beyond furious with Buttigieg. So is Warren. Buttigieg is likely to be the target of some vicious personal attacks.

Every pundit, both Democratic and Republican, agreed that last night’s debate was a disaster for Democrats. Even the usual suspects on CNN and MSNBC recognized that reality. Jake Tapper finished the debate by asking if the candidates would accept letting the DNC choose the final candidate even if someone (Bernie) came to the convention with more delegates than anyone else. This was an admission by Tapper that it is almost impossible for Bernie or anyone else to win the nomination during the primary election process. While all the candidates, except Bernie, said they would just let things play out, the reality is that the DNC is headed toward a meltdown. Regardless of what they say, two things are very clear. They all think Bernie would be a disaster and none of them think they can beat him.

If the DNC steps in and chooses someone other than Bernie, they will have a huge problem. If they choose someone who was never even a candidate, the blowback will reach hurricane force. But, no other candidate currently in the race has any chance of competing with Donald Trump. At this point Joe Biden is probably the biggest winner because at least he is not the biggest loser. Biden would lose to Trump, by a big margin, but that is probably a better option, for Democrats, than what will happen if anyone one else wins. That is why Biden continues to do “fairly” well in the national polls. Biden, for all his faults, is somebody and you can’t beat somebody (Trump) with nobody (Everyone other than Bernie and Biden).

The bottom line is that Bernie took a big hit, but that won’t affect the 30% of Kool Aid drinkers who are true believers. Bloomberg took a fatal hit. Warren, Buttigieg and Klobuchar self-eliminated, but may survive long enough to prevent Bernie from winning enough delegates to clinch the nomination. Biden is not even everyone’s second choice. He probably ranks about third or even fourth. But, as the Daytona 500 taught us last Sunday, if the leaders crash in front of you, third has a good chance of winning.



It is increasingly obvious that the deep state is at war with the Trump administration. The fact that Federal Judges would organize together to complain about this Attorney General is unprecedented. If he caves to this pressure, the results will be catastrophic, for the rule of law in this country.

This is more evidence of a systemic problem in our judicial system that dates back decades. Judges should make decisions based on the constitution and the law, not on personal bias. Yet, Democrats have been appointing activist judges for years and we are paying a heavy price for this.

When you read this, keep in mind that Federal judges have routinely ruled against the Trump administration making absurd rulings often rejected by the Supreme Court. We have a lot of activist judges out there who think they and they alone get to determine what is and is not law. Many of these cases resulted in new laws that would never have been passed by any congress.

Now, several of them have banded together to fight against Trump asking reasonable questions about what looks and feels like politically motivated prosecution. According to this letter, federal judges are to be elevated to sainthood, sacred and above reproach.

In the Roger Stone case it has been recently documented that this judge allowed someone on the Jury was who highly prejudiced against Trump and Stone. When you combine this with a proposed sentence of nine years, for non-violent crimes, there is just cause for Trump to be outraged. There is just cause for all of us to be outraged.

Trump is fighting back. He is showing zero signs of intimidation. He pardoned Bernie Kerik, former New York police commissioner. He pardoned Eddie DeBartolo, Jr. former owner of the SF 49ers. He commuted the sentence of Rod Blagojevich. Some will scream that all of these pardons are politically motivated. They will be right about that. But they will be missing something important. If the MSM really investigates questionable presidential pardons they should be looking at the pardons issued by Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. For example: Obama pardoned people like James Cartwright and commuted the sentence of Chelsea Manning.

The pardon of Eddie DeBartolo, Jr. was pure theater. It was announced to reporters by Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley standing there with James Brown on one side and Jerry Rice on the other side.

This is obviously pure politics, the difference is that Trump knows how to play the game and those federal judges do not. There is no better example of that than the Roger Stone fiasco. The MSM loved to trash Roger Stone and he is an easy person to dislike, but that does not make him a criminal. It does not justify allowing an obviously prejudiced person to not only sit on that jury, but to actually be the head juror. It also does not justify a DOJ asking for a 9 year sentence on a 68 year old man who is a lot of things, but a threat to society is not on the list. Combine this with the decision to not pursue criminal charges against people like Greg Craig and Andrew McCabe and we all should be asking what is going on with federal judges.

The good news is that John Durham is now reported to be investigating the prosecutors on the Mueller team. For the first time, someone competent with unimpeachable integrity is investigating the investigators. A lot of people, including me, believe that the entire Russia collusion narrative was actually abuse of power by President Obama, supported by deep state operatives he had implanted during his two terms as President. If that is true and if they are held accountable, it will change everything. The good news is that either way, Durham is investigating and he will report the truth regardless of who it hurts or who it helps.



Attorney General William Barr has done something remarkable. He has finally taken the steps necessary to remove political bias from the DOJ. This bias has been palpable for a long time. The DOJ did become weaponized for political purposes. But this was not done by William Barr, it was done by Eric Holder.

The following article by documents this very well:

It was the DOJ under Eric Holder that tried and failed to prosecute a peaceful abortion protestor. A federal judge noted “the nearly total lack of evidence of any violation of the law.” This article goes on to note that “politically motivated hiring in the civil rights ranks that has gone on in parts of the Justice Department, such as (but not limited to) the Civil Rights Division, guarantees that radical ideologues will continue to permeate the department for years.” Andrew McCarthy, former federal prosecutor said: “under Eric Holder the Justice Department has become a  ‘full employment program’ for progressive activists, race-obsessed bean counters and lawyers who volunteered their services during the Bush years to help al Qaeda operatives file lawsuits against the United States.”

The MSM totally ignored the abuse of power by the Obama DOJ. This should have been beyond obvious with all the unanimous Supreme Court decisions against the DOJ under Eric Holder. Instead, the ultra-left MSM was too busy worshiping at Obama’s feet to notice.

It is important to keep this in consideration when one reads about 1,100 former DOJ officials who wrote a letter demanding William Barr resign. This also makes it very easy to understand why some prosecutors still working within the DOJ continue to make inexplicable choices, like refusing to prosecute Andrew McCabe disregarding the solid evidence of his repeated perjury. It also puts the prosecution of Roger Stone and Paul Manafort in proper perspective.

Both Sessions and Barr inherited a DOJ that had been hopelessly sabotaged by politically motivated hiring of prosecutors during the Obama administration. One of the side effects of the Russia Collusion investigation is that many of these people self-identified. A significant number of senior FBI officials have been removed or set aside. The next step is to do the same thing regarding federal prosecutors. There are encouraging signs that William Barr and John Durham are doing exactly that.

In retrospect, the Roger Stone case was a major mistake by these politically motivated prosecutors. They went way too far, and the bias is beyond obvious. Roger Stone is one strange bird and he probably did violate some laws, but there was zero justification for pre-dawn swat team raid, conveniently videoed for prosperity by a CNN crew who just happened to be in the area. There was even less justification for demanding a nine-year prison sentence. Ultimately, they gave Barr what he desperately needed, cold hard undeniable proof of systemic and continuing bias within the DOJ.

Four prosecutors have already resigned. Andrew Weissman is whining that Attorney General Barr is starting a new investigation into James Comey, Andrew McCabe and Peter Strzok. Weissman, famous for prosecutorial misconduct, was the real leader of the Mueller investigation. He has a long personal record of prosecutorial misconduct. Weissman was part of the absurd indictment against Arthur Andersen, LLP. The Supreme Court unanimously overturned that verdict, but only after Arthur Andersen had been destroyed. The court not only found the jury instructions to be a problem but noted that Arthur Andersen was indicted for conduct that was not criminal. Sound familiar?

Four Merrill Lynch executives went to prison for up to a year only to have that verdict overturned by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. In that case, Weissman and others suppressed evidence favorable to the defense. Again, does this sound familiar?

If Weissman is concerned over how William Barr is handling things at the DOJ, it is time to celebrate. It is interesting to note that Michael Flynn’s new attorney is Sidney Powell. She is a former federal prosecutor and has been exposing people like Weismann for a long time. One would be wise to avoid underestimating Ms. Powell.

Many of us have grown weary at the repeated pattern of vicious and often illegal prosecution of anyone considered favorable to Trump, while the same prosecutors ignore the Clinton Crime syndicate. Sometimes it really feels like the good guys never win and evil always triumphs. But I am reminded, that truth always outs and although justice often takes too long it does prevail in the end. That usually happens when someone new arrives on the scene. Someone ready, willing and able to take the action necessary so that justice can prevail. That is what happened to Al Capone and the Mafia. History has many examples of justice being delivered to those who seemed to be immune from the consequences of their actions. Ask El Capo about that.

There will be an all-out assault on William Barr. Democrats are desperately trying to either force him to resign or to give them grounds for impeachment. But one thing has changed. The character assassination of Justice Kavanaugh and the Impeachment of Donald Trump has forced Republicans to confront the reality of the Democratic Party. This time Republicans are showing zero interest in cooperating or even negotiating with Democrats. They have finally figured out that one cannot compromise with those who have repeatedly demonstrated that their sole goal is to shred our constitution and our liberties in their lust for absolute power.

They often say that the only thing necessary for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing. Those days, thankfully, are gone. There is a new day coming. It has taken far too long. We still have longer to wait, but the day of reckoning may be much closer than you think.



It really doesn’t get more bizarre than this. Michael Avenatti gained national fame because he represented Stormy Daniels in her lawsuit against Donald Trump. The MSM loved him and some even thought he would be a good candidate for the DNC nomination to be President of the United States. All the red flag warnings were flying high, but since he hated Donald Trump nothing else mattered. According to the following link he was on CNN 121 times, MSNBC 108 times, ABC News 12 times, 7 times on CBS, 5 times on NBC and twice on Fox News.

Few, other than Tucker Carlson, seemed to notice that Avenatti was spouting utter nonsense and had zero credibility. Other, now wiser, people eventually figured this out. Avenatti tried to get Nike to give him $20 million unless they hired him to conduct an internal investigation. Nike, although stupid enough to puff Colin Kaepernick, is not this stupid so they turned him in for extortion.

Avenatti was held in solitary confinement at a New York federal prison Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC). His bond was revoked for probable violations of his pretrial conditions and allegedly hiding assets to defraud creditors. CNN reported on this but failed to acknowledge that he was formerly a superstar on their network:

Today he was found guilty. He is still facing additional charges in California. Odds are it will be a long long time, if ever, before Michael Avenatti gets another opportunity in free society to wreak havoc.

It is sad to see anyone face this kind of future, even when it appears to be so well earned. But what is really pathetic is that in their lust to destroy Donald Trump, so many supposed smart people actually took this man seriously. I believe we are the verge of a lot of people, other than Avenatti, finding themselves in a very different world.

There are signs that William Barr is no longer messing around. The significant of his interference with the Roger Stone case is that four Mueller prosecutors resigned. While Barr will play by the rules, he is on it and we are all very likely to see some very important results sooner than you can imagine.

Perhaps the most important subject is the origins of the Russian collusion investigation. I can remember when Obama said that our intelligence agencies had proved that Russia not only interfered in our election, it did so on behalf of Donald Trump. I was immediately suspicious, not that Russia would try to interfere, but rather that they would favor Donald Trump. It just seemed logical that they would prefer someone who allowed them to buy 20% of our Uranium and whose husband was get $500,000 to bore an audience in Moscow. Just saying.

We bless my soul, Lindsey Graham is requesting interviews of 17 current and former DOJ and FBI officials asking them to kindly explain how these geniuses reached that conclusion. Some of them would be wise to consider how things are going for Michael Avenatti. If the narrative about Russia trying to help Hillary Clinton is proved false, the entire case for investigating Trump also collapses. That would result in the ultimate blow back. It would make the people who believed in Michael Avenatti look good in comparison.

Ave Naughty and he got caught. So sad, too bad for him, but possibly great news for the country.



There is an old saying: “what goes around comes around.”’/rgwew

“One’s actions or behavior will eventually have consequences for one, even if indirectly. The phrase typically refers to one being a victim of the same negative circumstances that they have inflicted on others.”

There is another line from Ralph Waldo Emerson:

“When you strike at a king, you must kill him.”

Actually, this probably traces back to Machiavelli who wrote in “The Prince:” “Never do an enemy a small injury.” Machiavelli warned that if you miss, you are in grave danger of revenge.

The point is that this is not exactly a new concept. Democrats tried to overturn the election of Donald Trump. They appear to have enlisted the aid of people in the DOJ, the FBI and our intelligence agencies. They definitely included people working for President Trump in the National Security Council. In spite of their best efforts, if one can consider anything done by Adam Schiff to qualify as a best effort, they lost. Trump was acquitted and no one in the MSM is even talking about impeachment any more.

But the story will not end here. Trump was officially acquitted, and he is now finally free to fight back. He resisted doing that before to avoid giving his opponents unnecessary ammunition. That is no longer an issue. He can’t be accused of obstructing justice when he has been acquitted. The DOJ is officially investigating corruption in Ukraine. They are officially looking at the documents obtained by Rudy Giuliani.

The DOJ just notified the court that they are no longer recommending a lengthy prison term for Roger Stone. The adults just took back control of the institution.That case had all the earmarks of a politically motivated prosecution. Four of the prosecutors who worked on that case have already resigned. Devin Nunes says “We believe there are other examples of things they did during the Mueller investigation that I think you and your listeners and the American people will be very interested to learn in the coming weeks.” The link to that video is below:

There is more. Several people were fired from the NSC. Lindsey Graham is starting to call witnesses. The entire Republican team in the House Intelligence Committee walked out on Adam Schiff because he refuses to investigate the FISA abuse.

Following is a twitter feed from President Trump, sent out today:

“Congratulations to Attorney General Bill Barr for taking charge of a case that was totally out of control and perhaps should not have even been brought. Evidence now clearly shows that the Mueller Scam was improperly brought & tainted. Even Bob Mueller lied to Congress.”

They shot at a king and they missed by a mile. Now it is his turn. He has several distinct advantages. He has the facts and he has a team that is far superior to those who opposed him. He also has the law and the constitution on his side. Sometimes what goes around really does come around and that will be obvious to everyone very soon.



On May 16, 1972 George W. Wallace, won the Democratic Party primary in Michigan. He beat George McGovern and Hubert Humphrey. Many people believe that this was the result of Republicans and Independents crossing over to vote for the worst Democratic candidate. A racist southern governor was just too delicious to ignore. I suspect they are right about that. I certainly know a lot of friends and relatives who were living in Michigan at the time who did exactly that. That is one reason many states changed the rules preventing someone from voting for a candidate from another party. I remember when we moved to California, I registered as an independent. Then the primary election came around and found out I couldn’t actually vote for anyone.

Well, bless my soul, New Hampshire still has an open primary. Any voter who is registered as undeclared, or registers as undeclared, can vote in either party’s primary. Trump had a rally yesterday in New Hampshire and he literally urged New Hampshire independents to vote for the weakest Democratic candidate. At least some of them are likely to listen.

So, when you watch the news tonight, remember that sometimes worst comes in first. It would be beyond hysterical if Joe Biden were to surge, not because he is actually doing well, but because he isn’t. Almost anything is possible. The only thing certain is uncertainty.

Also, note that no matter what happens it will be worse than it was four years ago. In 2016 Sanders got about 60% of the vote in New Hampshire. He is extremely unlikely to do that. That was only possible because his only competition was Hillary Clinton. Ironically, Hillary got about 38% of the New Hampshire vote in 2016, and if Bernie gets 38% this year, he will be the big winner. It is hard to explain how someone is winning big time when they get about half the vote they got last time.  But, that is almost certain to happen.