When I listened, briefly, to Joe Biden’s comments following his meeting with Putin I did not expect much. I was shocked to learn it was even worse than expected. Joe Biden said he gave Putin a list of 16 infrastructure items that the U.S. considered to be critical  to national security. He told Putin that if Russia attacked any of those, there would be consequences. Putin was probably laughing so hard it created the mistaken impression that he was shaking in his boots.

This was irredeemably stupid. Perhaps the best option would be if the list were inaccurate. But odds are this is one of the few things the Biden administration got right. I immediately thought, so if Russia attacks anything not on the list, that would be ok? Give me a break. It would be like if someone threatened your family and you said: “Hey, my wife and kids are off limits.” Does that mean it would be ok if someone offs Uncle Fred? In addition, this is exactly the kind of information you do not want to give to anyone with criminal intent. It be like someone winning a huge lottery and then saying: “Don’t anyone hurt anyone on this list, or I will get mad.” That would instantly become a shopping list for kidnappers.

I worked in intelligence, and I never talk about truly secret things. But I can say that the most dangerous intelligence is what we know about our enemy that they do not know we know. This is why when Winston Churchill allegedly heard that a radio intercept revealed German plans to bomb Coventry, he refused to allow anyone to give a warning or evacuation orders. Thousands of people died as the result of that raid. But Churchill felt that it was more important to protect the knowledge that Britain has broken the enigma Code. I would not want to be the person making that decision. But history tells us that Churchill got it right, because breaking the enigma code helped defeat the U-Boats and ultimately helped defeat Germany. Churchill is reported to have said the most unethical decision he could ever make was to let Hitler win the war.

By the way, Alan Turing was a brilliant man who basically invented the computer. There are some movies out there that give the impression that he broke the enigma code all by himself. That was not close to true. It took an entire team to do that. What Turning did was perfect the machine doing the calculations necessary to break the code. It was the foundation of the modern-day computer.

But many people don’t realize that it was the Poles who were instrumental in breaking the enigma code. It was Polish mathematicians who cracked the initial enigma code in the 1930s. They also built the machine that Turing later perfected. Marian Rejewski invented something called the cyclometer and Jerzy Rozycki added a clock to it. It set a catalogue of all the possible setting and by comparison could figure out the initial setting.  By 1938 they were reading 75% of enigma messages. When Germany upgraded the enigma, on September 15, 1938, just before the Munich conference. It represented a real challenge. That is when the Poles invented the “bomba” which was a version of the cyclometer that could use a system of electric revolving rotors that could generate 17,576 different combinations of the code in about two hours. The machines would stop automatically if they got a solution. If you watched the movie Enigma, you see the machine the British called the “bombs.” The machine perfected by Alan Turing. No one mentioned it was a Polish word meaning “splendid.

I learned much of this while working with American code breakers during the Vietnam War. They knew first hand the true history of codes, who broke them and how it was done. If you read Wikipedia or watch any of the movies, none of them mention the Poles. Incredibly, after these people escaped Germany, at horrendous personal risk, they were not allowed to work on enigma anymore because the British didn’t trust them.  The following article from does an excellent job of reporting a story greatly underreported elsewhere.,of%20the%20war%2C%20especially%20the%20Battle%20of%20

Well, now thanks to Joe, Russia was just handled a road map to our destruction. It is hard to imagine any rational reason for doing this. Previously, we were all too concerned over the fact that Joe Biden is showing such obvious signs of senility. Maybe, just maybe, the real danger comes from people, unknown, who are writing the foolish words he is misreading off of pre-printed note cards.



The Daily Mail is not exactly a pro-Trump rag. But they do report things that are ignored by the MSM in the U.S. When you think about it, this is embarrassing. We learn more about or current President from the foreign press than from our own news media. This article where a Body Language expert analyzes Biden and Putin during the Geneva summit is stunning for a lot of reasons. One is that this, sadly, reinforces what we saw with our own eyes. Biden was over matched and to the extent he was paying attention, he knew he was over matched. Putin knew that, and  the results were catastrophic. It is extremely unlikely that Biden had any impact on Putin at all, other than as a foil. Putin got most of what he wanted before even meeting with Biden. Putin clearly does not respect Biden and secretly he is probably insulted that anyone would consider Biden to be close to his equal. Putin, on the other hand, did respect Donald Trump.

Putin-Biden summit: Body language expert gives his view on events in Geneva | Daily Mail Online

There are other body language experts, who have very different views. Here is one of them:

Body-language expert says Putin’s lack of eye contact and tapping fingers showed impatience, while Biden was more open (

None of them were impressed with Joe.

I think anyone with an ounce of objectivity realizes that the real problem is that Biden never was that impressive.  He is famous for telling self-serving lies that are ridiculously unbelievable. Now add in the obvious dementia where is forgets things and seems to get lost. We know Biden is lying, he is famous for lying, now it is just more difficult to figure if Biden even knows he is lying.

Putin was asked by a reporter about Biden telling this idiotic story about him looking at Putin, straight in the eye, and saying “you have no soul.” To which Putin allegedly said: “we understand each other.” Putin just said he does not remember that happening. Everyone understood he was saying that it never happened. There is no way Putin for forget something like this. Biden, on the other hand, has always had strong memories about things that never happened.

Biden has a life-long history of telling obvious lies all designed to make him look brilliant. He lied about his law school grades. He even lied about the accident in which is first wife was killed. He had been accused of plagiarism on numerous occasions and the allegations always turned out to be true. Putin noticed this and described this as “macho posturing.” That is rich from someone like Putin who is famous for “macho posturing” like riding his horse bareback etc. The difference is that while Putin overstates his own ability, he is certainly a lot more macho than Joe Biden.

It is increasingly obvious that Joe Biden is totally incapable of fulfilling the duties of the President of the United States. This is not a minor problem. The President may be called on to make very difficult decision, with lives at stake, under extreme stress. This is difficult for anyone. It is impossible for someone with the office cognitive issues demonstrated daily by Joe Biden. The latest example was when he got angry and snapped back at a CNN report for daring to ask him a question. In addition to be rude, this is evidence of a far more serious problem. This is clearly someone who gets angry and makes rash and irresponsible decisions. Donald Trump was routinely accused of this because he suggested something others did not like. But ultimately, he made good decisions. That is the difference between a President and, well, Joe Biden.

His performance was so bad that even the traveling press corps, which has been singing his praises since day one, are now openly annoyed. The real shock, to everyone include Joe Biden, was that a CNN reporter asked him a real question and demanded a real answer. Expect more of this. Imagine spending 8 days in Europe, supposedly part of the White House Press Corp, only to learn that the foreign media has far more access to Joe Biden than you and all you can do is repeat information reported by the Russian media with no independent verification.

Once the blinders come off, everything suddenly comes into focus. Stephen Colbert, who absolutely hated Donald Trump and all conservatives appears to have completely flipped. He had John Stewart on, who ridiculed COVID 19. Colbert tried, and failed, to rein him in. Then Dana Carvey appeared on his show and gave a brutal impersonation of Joe Biden. Then, last night, Colbert mocked Joe Biden himself. I suspect that Colbert learned something important. Joe Biden is the real joke and if you want to be successful comedian that someone wants to hear, then it is time to start joining the chorus. If Colbert wants anyone to watch his show, he must seize the day, which means trashing Biden. The good news for Colbert is that Biden provides an abundance of material and Colbert doesn’t even have to lie and make things up anymore, like he did with Trump.

Things are heating up rapidly and it is not limited to the weather. The problem is that if you make people dependent on the federal government, they become dependent on the federal government. Margaret Thatcher once said the problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money. Well, welcome to the summer of 2021. is reporting that there are about 8 million people who are about to either be evicted because of foreclosure or because of failure to pay rents. The Federal Government imposed an eviction moratorium during the pandemic. It is questionable as to whether it even had the legal authority to do that. Now that the pandemic is over, the Federal Government doesn’t have that authority. So as the same time employment checks stop coming, landlords are going to start cleaning house. If the meantime the Biden administration thinks they are going to spend trillions on shovel ready jobs. They are more likely to spend trillions trying to clean up the existing mess.

Imagine you live in a rental home. You are behind on your rent. You get evicted. This is just in time for the heat wave and by the way, the power is out. You can’t find another house to rent at a price you can afford. If you don’t go back to work, you lose your unemployment. If you do go back to work, you get less money and pay taxes. Gas is double what it was last year and increasing daily. Crime is soaring. BLM and Antifa are rioting and destroying things. Migrants continue to flood in and some of them are being housed, near you, with federal money no longer available to you. Who are you going to blame, Trump? No, the media has successfully silenced him, and he has been replaced by Joe. And, oh, there is more and more evidence that the election was rigged. The MSM will start to turn on Biden, but people are going to be angry at almost everyone and that will include the people who lied to make this mess possible.

Do not overestimate the impact of rising gas prices. An increase in gas costs the average family more than a tax increase. It is a tax you can’t avoid; a tax you see every time you try and fill your car. Welcome to summertime when the living ain’t easy.



When something dies, one of the first thing coroners looks for is the onset of rigor mortis.  That is when the joints and muscle start to stiffen. This is something that lasts from one to four days.  It is sometimes called the third stage of death. Today, we are watching the onset of “Rigger’s More This” where those who conspired to put Joe Biden in the White House are showing significant signs indicating death. If they don’t figure this out, they will be truly dead. The man they hated, Donald Trump, was one of the most accessible Presidents in history. He routinely answered questions whenever he walked over to Marine One. Often the questions were vicious, mean, and distorted. They were often intended to embarrass or humiliate him. Reporters like Jim Acosta always found a way to ask an idiotic irrelevant question and then quick misinterpret the answer. But Trump still gave them access. As a result, they survived and to some extent thrived. That is because trashing Trump was good for business, the fake-news business.

Now they got their man, Joe, and he is easily the least accessible President in modern history. If he does give a press conference, which is extremely rare, he calls on select reporters, in a specific order, with pre-determined questions, and note cards with pre-printed answers. Even then he tends to muck things up and this usually lasts about twenty minutes, which is ten minutes longer than his current attention span.

It didn’t matter. He was not Trump, so the press pretended this was ok. They gushed over him. The discussed him in glowing terms and used words like ‘Rooseveltan.” Only the shrinking number of KoolAid drinkers were buying this. The networks ratings are in the toilet. CNN has to bribe people to get any viewing audience. But “Joe, Joe, he’s our man, everything is spic and span.”

Then Joe went overseas and promptly embarrassed himself and the United States on the international stage. He was so out of touch he literally interrupted Boris Johnson to introduce the President of South Africa, after Boris Johnson had already introduced him. This was so bad the entire G7 could not restrain the laughter. It is clear that Joe has become the rapidly aging uncle with Alzheimer’s, that often does things that are hilarious but not one takes him seriously. The G7 representatives tried desperately to pretend Joe was effective, primarily because he stupidly agreed with everything they asked. Then the MSM pretended this was some form of leadership. In the meantime, the fully vaccinated, the few, the proud, the self-chosen, bravely stood 10 feet apart bravely not wearing masks. They looked like the world’s ugliest chess board.  Joe, in the meantime, ignored the U.S. press. He was too busy embarrassing himself by wearing mirrored sunglasses to meet with the queen, who he described as warm and loving, like his aging mother. You can’t even make this stuff up.

Then he met with Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the leader of Turkey. You know the one who is trying to turn Turkey, which was a famously secularly Arab nation into another Islamic state. You know the guy who told Putin Israel needs to be taught a lesson? After a fist pump, he met with Joe. The first thing that happened was that American reporters were kicked out and all the subsequent reporting was done by Al Jazeera. Erdogan then said that all of the problems between Turkey and the U.S. could be solved. Of course, they can, Joe will give him whatever he wants and then forget he did it.

Then on to the big summit with Putin. The very first thing that happened was that Russian personnel pushed out American reporters. When Trump met with Putin, he was hammered by the press, even after Trump personally insisted, they be allowed to stay. His crime was not hammering Putin for interfering in the 2016 election, primarily because there was little evidence of this and because no one in either party thought this had any impact on the results. However, this was more then enough to convince the MSM of the Russian collusion theory, which has been completely debunked. When Putin and Trump were done, they held a joint press conference. When Putin and Biden were done, much earlier than expected, Putin gave a press conference already. Joe was waiting for his staff to type up cue cards and set up the TelePrompTer. Putin came dangerously close to smiling. Putin perhaps described Biden best when he described him as a “political career man prone to hollow macho posturing.” Nailed it. Of course, Hillary says that Biden is repairing the damage done by Trump. Then, incredibly, she reminded people of the giant Reset button she pressed to repair relations with Russia during the Obama administration. This is beyond pathetic.

You may or not hear much of this from the MSM, but they know. They also recognize the early onset of “Rigger’s More This,”  If they don’t do something, and soon, people will wonder why there are there at all. Unfortunately, this is what they can expect, and worse, for the next three and half years. In the meantime, in addition to mucking things up at home, Joe is now mucking things up internationally. If only the MSM was invited to even see a glimpse of what’s happening and if they did get such a glimpse, would they ever dare to admit it.



Joe Biden is confronting Vladimir Putin, face to face. He bravely plans on doing this without wearing a mask. We can be certain that Putin is terrified. Terrified that he will somehow fail to vanquish the weakest opponent he has ever encountered on a public stage. Putin knows this is the ultimate mismatch and anything other than eating Biden’s lunch will be considered a huge loss.

On the other hand, Biden has almost nothing to lose, because few honest reporters expect any positive results. Putin will agree only to things Putin wants and is unlikely to give any consideration to something suggested by Biden. This has already gone south, with Putin arguing that it was the U.S. Capitol police that assassinated someone during a peaceful political protest. He is, of course, referring to the shooting of Ashli Babbitt, who was an unarmed Trump supporter. You know the same Ashli Babbitt that Biden says was part of the greatest attack on American Democracy since the Civil War. The same January 6, 2021, armed insurrection where the only people carrying firearms were the Capitol Police. That same armed insurrection where people have been tracked down and arrested because they were outed on social media for, gasp, daring to enter the Capitol grounds to protest the 2020 election. Or more accurately, to protest the failure of ANYONE to investigation the mountainous evidence of fraud during that election. That insurrection.

Putin’s allegation is absurd, but so is Biden’s allegation that this was an armed insurrection. He called Biden’s bluff, on the international stage. The inevitable result is that the MSM will rush to prove Putin wrong and inadvertently prove that it is Biden who is spreading nonsense. Nice start.

Biden is already calling this a summit, which makes it more important, also giving Putin a strategic win. The truth Russia doesn’t even make the top ten in terms of economic production, coming in behind Canada. The U.S. and the Soviet Union were once considered the world’s two superpowers. Now the U.S. stands alone with Russia not even showing up in the rear view mirror. So, the mere fact that Biden is meeting with Putin, and calling it an important summit, is a win for Putin. Particularly when Biden says he is unconcerned about the military threat from Russia, he is focused almost entirely on combating climate change.

Biden is also terrified over domestic terrorism which he describes as racism and white supremacy. How many of you have seen white supremacist violence reported on TV? Charlottesville is the closest thing to that, and that involved the decision to remove a statute of Robert E. Lee. There were protestors on both sides and the local police deliberately let them mingle. The inevitable result was violence with considerable dispute over who hit who first. Now I am hardly a fan of white supremacists, but neither is anyone I know. I am sure they exist and there are probably more of them then we realize, but we don’t really hear much about them. That is because every time they raise their head above the bushes everyone dumps on them. America is very united on one subject, no one other than real white supremacists supports these people.

Most of the violence is coming from groups like Antifa and BLM, literally cheered on by supporting leftists and inspired by deliberate media distortion of events like the death of George Floyd. But that doesn’t matter to Joe, he is terrified by white supremacy. Now he is meeting face to face with someone who understand domestic terrorism. This is not likely to end well.

When the Boston bombers attacked the Boston Marathon, some of our U.S. officials allegedly reached out to Russia for help. That is because the bombers were from Chechnya, which is part of the Republic of Georgia. The alleged response was “now you understand what we have been dealing with.” The Russian government tried to warn us that Boston Marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev was a violent radical Islamicist more than 18 months before the April 2013 bombing, but the Obama administration, like the Biden administration, was far more terrified of white supremacist, all six of them.

When Biden tries to confront Putin, regarding one Russian dissident currently in jail, Putin will probably laugh and tell Joe to look in his own mirrored sunglasses, because in his opinion, not totally without merit, the U.S. literal shot and killed someone solely for participating in a political protest. This does not mean that Putin is not one mean nasty dude with a reputation for killing opponents, it just means that people wearing mirrored sunglasses shouldn’t throw stones.

Unfortunately, the sad truth is that the frail, racist, senile, incompetent, shell of a human being posing, unsuccessfully, as the President of the United States is about to be confronted by Vladimir Putin who is all too capable. This is not only unlikely to end well, but we will also be lucky if it is anything short of a complete fiasco. We are about to see Bear Putin on full display and it should frighten anyone paying attention.



Although the MSM is fawning over Biden’s performance at the G7 conference, but in reality it was a total disaster. If Trump had done any of this, they would have been calling for a cognitive examination while suggesting a resignation, for the good of the country. Now, with Kamala Harris next in line, Joe still looks like the better option.

The G7 is supposedly a meeting of the Group of Seven, the largest “advanced economies.” The members include Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the UK, and the United States. It used to be the G8, but they excluded Russia in retaliation for annexing the Crimean Peninsula. So, while these pretend to be the most powerful nations on earth, that isn’t close to being true. The top economies are the U.S., China, Japan, Germany, India, France, UK, Italy, Brazil, and Canada. This is so absurd that California, by itself, would rank 5th in the world. Of course, no sane person from California would want our international interests represented by Gavin Newsom.

Donald Trump offended the group by saying American First. That is because American is first, by a huge margin. Our economy is reported at $21.4 trillion. The next highest member of the G7 is Japan with $5.08 trillion, Germany with $3.86 trillion, the UK with $2.83 trillion, France with $2.72 trillion, Italy with $2.0 trillion and Canada with $1.74 trillion. All the other G7 economies combined are less than the U.S. economy. Trump refused to pretend. That offended the rest of the G7.  They wanted to be treated as equal, if not superior and Trump, that ungrateful jerk, wasn’t buying it. Trump went to the G7 and didn’t pretend this was somehow an equal venture. They hated him for that, but that did not make him wrong.

We are still the largest, but granted, Joe Biden is trying desperately to spend this away. Canada isn’t large enough to fund any of those stimulus packages.  Now Biden shows up, frail, obviously senile, promising to cooperate. These are beautiful comforting words to those who couldn’t hope to compete with us if we were serious about things.

Then they posed for the famous picture. It was an international joke. They all looked ridiculous. Here were all these world leaders, fully vaccinated, demanding all their people get vaccinated, social distancing and resorting to fist pumps and elbow slams as a substitute for a good old fashioned handshake. It was all for show, it was beyond obvious, and no one was impressed. Sadly, even in this group of clowns, Joe still came in dead last, and it wasn’t even close. The others loved it, because Joe is one of the few people capable of making them seem somewhat impressive.

I suggest you keep a copy of that picture, because odds are high that next year there will be a lot of new faces. At a time when the entire world is reeling because of the global wide mismanagement of COVID 19, these guys are focused on stopping climate change. Brilliant! Apparently, they are relying too much on the science to realize that there is no science supporting global warming because of rising CO2 levels. That should be obvious, because scientists don’t even say global warming anymore, they say climate change. This is because it was increasingly easy, despite the reporting on CNN and the New York Times, to show that global warming was inconveniently in a hiatus. CO2 is often described as creating the greenhouse effect, but if you add CO2 to a greenhouse, it gets colder, not warmer. So, the Greenhouse effect doesn’t even work in a real greenhouse.

Now I firmly believe we should all be for a cleaner environment and am glad our air is lot cleaner than it was decades ago. But reducing CO2 emissions in the U.S. will only slow down our economy, not global warming (oops climate change). The other G7 members love talking about climate change because they know it will hurt us far more than them. Then these clowns, led by Joe, agreed to charge corporations a minimum of a 15% tax. They smiled like this was pure brilliance. This is, of course, consistent with the democratic theory of government, where if we all stand in a big circle with our hands in each other’s pockets, we all get rich.

The bad news is we are in for a long hot summer with skyrocketing cost, shortages of almost everything, increased government spending on things that can’t possibly work accompanied by higher taxes. The good news is that COVID appears to be on the way out, solely because of the vaccines developed under Donald Trump. The masks are coming off and so are the blinders. People will start to see the world again, the way it really is, and it will not be a pretty picture. The entire world will be united, finally, on one subject. This sucks, and the people in charge are morons making everything worse. Among other things, that silly picture was a slip of state, where the self-righteous, arrogant, show boaters put their collective incompetence on full display for the entire world.



Time magazine has a picture of Joe Biden on the cover, wearing mirrored sunglass with Putin in the reflection. It was obviously intended to portray Joe Biden as a hard guy, ready to take on the puny Putin. It is like when Tom Cruz famously wore similar sunglasses in Top Gun. Time Magazine is already getting crucified by almost everyone because this is really a sad joke. It is also a huge mistake, for Joe Biden. One would think Democrats would have learned their lesson after the Dukakis tank picture. Dukakis had a picture taken of him while sitting in a tank. Dukakis wanted to show that secretly, he was the tough guy, so someone suggested the famous tank photo op. He was wearing a huge helmet and had this dopy smile. At the time Dukakis has proposed cutting the “Star War” SDI program. You know, the program that protects us again ballistic missiles. The program that could never work. The program that produced the technology used in the Iron Dome project in Israel. You know, the worthless system that shot down all those missiles aimed at Israel. That worthless program.

The tank photo tanked Dukakis’s campaign. No one bought it. No one took Dukakis seriously as anything resembling a tough guy. Well guess what folks, no one takes Biden seriously as a tough guy either. Perhaps there are some people who believe this, but most of them work for CNN. Everyone else sees this very frail looking old guy who has trouble reading a TelePrompter.  You know, the guy who fell while stupidly trying to run up the stairs to Air Force One. The guy who makes silly mistakes, like saying he forget he was President. The guy who had to be told to pay attention while his wife was speaking to the troops earlier this week. He responded by saluting. That guy. Frankly, the mirrored sunglass were probably necessary to hide the rest of his face, which is far from intimidating.

This would be hysterical, but Putin is all too real, and Biden is planning on meeting him next week. Putin will probably have trouble suppressing a smirk. He has already got Biden to stupidly give Putin the green light on his desired pipeline. This of course is after Biden cancelled our own pipeline. You can’t make this stuff up. Russian actors have been launching cyber-attacks left and right on our critical infrastructure. Biden has never even hinted at punishing Russia. In addition, Hunter Biden has almost certainly provided Putin with a steady stream of black mail material. There is zero chance Biden will intimidate Putin on any subject. It is more likely that Biden will agree to something else, incredibly dumb, convinced he is saving the world from Climate Change.

If you doubt that, this is the same man who stood in front of our troops and told them the greatest threat to the U.S. is climate change.

Top Military Officer Clarifies Biden’s Threat Assessment: Climate Change – But Also China and Russia (

When Trump heard Biden, he said the following:

“Biden just said that he was told by the Joint Chiefs of Staff that Climate Change is our greatest threat. If that is the case, and they actually said this, he ought to immediately fire the Joint Chiefs of Staff for being incompetent.”

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff listened to Trump and said the following:

“Climate change does impact, but the president is looking at a much broader angle than I am,” Army Gen. Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told a congressional panel Thursday morning. “I’m looking at it from a strictly military standpoint. And from a strictly military standpoint, I’m putting China, Russia up there.”

The Joint Chiefs of Staff are famously non-political, so for them to issue this statement is an unprecedented rebuke of a sitting U.S. President.  They only did this because what Biden said was so idiotic that they feared our enemies would believe him.

It is obvious to everyone that Biden is literally embarrassing the country on this foreign trip. Even those pretending to think Biden is doing great know the truth. Sadly, we have sent this incompetent senile joke to negotiate with Chiefs of State from other countries. That is truly a joke, but it is not funny. I seriously believe the picture of Biden wearing those sunglasses will go down as even dumber than the Dukakis tank photo, which tanked his campaign. I believe it may just go down as the lasting symbol of the Biden Administration. It is not a good look. Just ask Michael Dukakis. Except Michael probably still has a framed copy of that tank photo, which he gazes at lovingly wondering why it all went so wrong.

If you want to make money, produce a tee shirt, with the picture from the cover of Time, along with the following slogan: “Seriously?”



Everyone in California is looking forward to June 15, 2021. That is the date, according to Governor Newsom, that California will fully reopen. No one has provided a good scientific explanation for why it will be safe to stop wearing a mask on June 15, 2021, but dangerous and irresponsible to stop wearing a mask now. Just recently Sacramento County Supervisors walked out of a Board Meeting because they were outraged that some people were not wearing masks:

‘It’s Disconcerting’: Sacramento County Supervisors Walk Out Of Board Meeting After Heated Exchange Over Mask-Wearing (

This made national news:

It’s disconcerting to look out in the audience and see so many people flagrantly ignoring the requirements,” said Supervisor Patrick Kennedy during the meeting.

He then, whether he realized it or not, took a shot at Governor Newsom:

“I don’t care if you’re in the public chambers, at the bus, or if you’re at the French Laundry. You wear a mask,” continued Kennedy.

Newsom, famously, was caught eating at the French Laundry without a mask.

Then Cal OSHA decided that people still had to wear a mask at work unless everyone was vaccinated. The backlash was so overwhelming that they are already backing off, a little.

Cal-OSHA’s New Workplace Mask Guidelines Lead To Confusion For Some Employers – CBS Los Angeles (

This is so bad that even the local CBS station noticed. Now that is true evidence of a miracle. It is evidence that fewer and fewer people are buying this mask nonsense anymore.

It is increasingly obvious that a lot of Democrats are terrified at the prospect of seeing people shred masks. Some of them are probably sincere, firmly convinced that masks somehow, miraculously, prevent the spread of COVID. Others may be motivated by the loss of control. Masks were a symbol of the government’s ability to micromanage our lives. Just think about this. A little over one year ago if a government had tried to tell you where and when you could go anywhere, what you had to wear and how you had to act this would have been received with anger, disgust, and rebellion. The only thing that changed was the COVID 19 scare, supported by the MSM and people like doctor Fauci. We now know that much of what we were told was a lie. COVID 19 is a nasty disease, but so are a lot of other diseases. But the way we handled it was very different. This started with lying about existing treatments like zinc and hydroxychoroquine. People were literally told this could kill you. It was compared with drinking bleach. This was always described as a deadly pandemic. The facts, even using overstated statistics, show the opposite.

There have been 3,798,053 cases of Covid 19 in California. There have been a total of 63,586 reported deaths. That is a fatality rate of 1.67%. There have been 33,547,199 cases in the US, with 604,113 deaths. That is a fatality rate of 1.8%. There have been 174,128,069 cases in the world, with 3,750,197 deaths. That is a fatality rate of 2.8%

Everyone who has done any research quickly notices that most of the U.S. deaths involved people who had some other potentially fatal health condition. The CDC recently said that only in 6% of the deaths was COVID the sole cause. While every death is tragic and we should all respect life, these numbers simply do not support the myth that COVID was a deadly pandemic, and all the draconian measures were totally worth the cost. I think ultimately more people may die because of COVID restrictions than from COVID, because people stopped getting tests like mammograms and often postponed surgery.

But if you watched any news cast, for most of the time from March 2020 to around April 2021, it always started with the COVID 19 case count and the death toll. That has now changed. Today this is barely mentioned. Most of this is because of the vaccines which we only have because of the leadership of Donald Trump. Remember when Biden and Harris said they would never trust a vaccine developed while Trump was President? Now Biden is taking credit for the vaccine he was trashing last fall. He is doing everything possible to get people to take the vaccine, even people who have little risk from COVID 19.

In theory, California will officially put COVID 19 behind us next Tuesday. There are already signs of people taking their masks off. While most people are still wearing a mask while shopping at Walmart or Home Depot, some are not, and that number is increasing. Incredibly some people are still wearing masks while walking outside. Amazing. Of course one still has to wear a mask while in an airport or on a plane, although numerous studies show this is unnecessary.

If Newsom keeps his promise and California reopens on June 15, 2021, one of two things will happen. Either there will be a resurgence of COVID or there not. I certainly do not expect one during the summer months. My prediction is that any surge will come, conveniently, just before the recall election. Newsom will use his emergency powers, again, to save us all from COVID. But if he does that it may backfire. The most contagious thing in the world is freedom. Once people experience it, again, they will be confronted with how bad it was when the government was micromanaging our lives.

At the same time, Joe Biden is literally embarrassing himself on his trip to the G7. This is so bad that at least some people must be desperate for a solution. Normally, it would be any lifeboat in a storm. But this lifeboat is called the Kamala Harris and she is one of the few people capable of making Joe Biden look competent in comparison. So, in addition to removing the masks from the American people, we are also removing the masks hiding the incompetence of the Biden Administration. There are already reports of inflation at 6.5%, which is the highest it has been since 1982. Everyone is going to notice because the cost of everything is going up. If you can save up enough money to buy gas so you can go grocery shopping, but you may not have enough left to buy groceries. If you do have enough money, there will still be a huge problem with shortages. Thanks Joe.



No one knows the full results of the Arizona Audit. What we do know is that representatives from Georgia, Alaska and Colorado have toured the Arizona audit site. There are reports that other states are also planning visits. The $24,000 question is why? We already know some things that are important. One is that this audit is very different from the traditional, worthless audits done elsewhere. Another is that someone is spending a lot of time and money on this. In addition, it is obvious that this is being done under very tight security. They are also very careful to document everything they do. A remarkable contrast with how the election was handled.

There appear to have been zero leaks regarding results. There is always a reason for that. For example: prosecutors seldom leak results until they are ready to announce indictments. This is because they are only interested in gaining a conviction, not publicity. Real investigations work that way. Publicity stunt investigations leak all the time. For example, contrast this with the Russia Collusion probe. Remember all the times Trump was on the verge of being kicked out of office? Remember all those CNN reporters with hushed breath saying, “this is it” They had nothing. They have nothing. They never will have anything.

So, we are either due for the second coming of Geraldo Rivera opening Al Capone’s vault, and finding nothing, or this will go off like a bomb. You might recall that Geraldo was so sure they would find something that a medical examiner was on site in case they found human remains. The only remains they found were the shreds of Geraldo’s massive ego exposed on national television. If that happens, then this all goes away in a flash with the only lingering effect a lot of red faces. But this time they aren’t opening the wall to a room where no one knows what is on the other side. At least some people know exactly what they found. Those people are not talking, but they are inviting others to come in and watch the process.  They are either stupidly showcasing stupidity, or they have found something substantial.

We should point out that Joe Biden only won Arizona by 10,457 votes. So, it wouldn’t take a lot of disqualified votes to change things. One thing that has leaked is that Arizona had over 21,000 “Federal Only Voters.” A federal only voter is one who has provided no proof of citizenship. Some question if they even exist. All they need is a bank statement to get a ballot. Ironically, they apparently cannot vote in a state or local election but can still cast a ballot for President of the United States. Does that really make sense to anyone?

Proof of Citizenship Requirements | Arizona Secretary of State (

Federal only voters may use the Federal Voter Registration form, available here:

National Voter Registration Application Form for U.S. Citizens (ENG) (

Note this is not a state form it is a national form. You don’t need to provide any evidence of citizenship; you just need to check yes when asked: “Are you a citizen of the United States?”  No one would ever lie about that, course not!

They are apparently close to being done. They have only announced when they will release results. The same MSM that accepted ludicrous election results, with enormous flaws, have tried to discredit the audit before it was done.  Many articles in the MSM start with saying this is a continuation of President Trump’s baseless claims of a stolen 2020 election. In other words, they have determined the outcome before they knew anything about the process or the results.

“Democrats and elections experts have expressed grave concern about the audit, arguing in particular that the process has so far lacked transparency and warning that partisan elected officials may be sacrificing accuracy and security in favor of speed and political convenience.”

Actually, this appears to be a very transparent process, where they are documenting everything. What they aren’t doing is leaking information about what has been found.

One will note that the same MSM reporters totally ignored issues like transparency during the 2020 election, even though the results in some states defy all logic and common sense.

There is no doubt that the people doing the audit are looking for election fraud. That is the whole point. If there were no questions, there would be no need for an audit. I doubt that anyone, including liberal Democrats, really think that the type of election audits done routinely accomplish much. They just basically check the totals already submitted. This audit is very different, because they are looking at every ballot. We will soon know the results. We can be sure if they found a lot of fraudulent ballots that they will document this very carefully. They must know that any results would be poo pooed or ignored by the MSM and are almost certainly prepared to defend their report. But the real audience is the American people and those delegations from other states. All it takes is one audit to provide significant evidence that the 2020 election was rigged and that will change everything. Many states are already planning similar audits. If that happens, this will be the summer of our discontent, or rather the summer of hand audits.

In the meantime, they are spending a lot of time and energy drilling for oil, or in this case, oily election results. Sometimes, drilling for oil you do find a gusher.



For over four years a lot of people, including too many Republicans, really believed that getting rid of Donald Trump would solve all problems. They were so desperate to get rid of Donald Trump that they failed to consider the cost of the alternative. Trump was hardly a saint and many of the criticisms were valid. But Joe Biden is an absolute train wreck and that is increasingly impossible to ignore.

The massive lies about COVID 19 are obvious. Those who forced themselves to believe, because the alternative was believing Trump, are now confronted with a brutal dose of reality. Trump was right, Fauci was wrong. The science was wrong. The evidence is overwhelming.

Unless Republicans are truly delusional and wasting millions on the audits in places like Arizona and Georgia, then there is another brutal wave of truth about to descend on the American public.  A lot of people, who should have known better, have convinced themselves that Trump was lying about the election, because he could not handle defeat. They considered him to be rude, ignorant, and ill mannered. They not only considered him incapable of being President of the United States, but they also convinced themselves that he was dangerous. They really believed that millions of people were tricked into supporting him. Imagine the heartburn they will experience if irrefutable evidence is presented proving that the election was rigged. We have not seen that evidence yet, but some who have are impressed. They are either hopelessly delusional, or the evidence is there.

I personally think they will find substantial evidence of election fraud for a several reasons. One is that the changes implemented, illegally, by Democrats sure appear to be designed to facilitate fraud. They defy common sense. Another is all those late night ballot drops, overwhelmingly for Joe Biden, all taking places in Democratic strong holds famous for systemic election fraud.

Anyone who has watched a Trump rally realizes that the people attending are not mindless zombies. They look and act a lot like middle America. CNN would like you to think they are all secret and delusional members of QAnon. This has caused them to totally underestimate one simple fact. Trump didn’t tell people what to believe, he merely gave voice to what they already believed. The only cult he established was the cult of common sense. The cult of paying attention to average Americans. I suspect that many people, who would never consider going to a Trump rally, would be surprised to learn that those who did and will attend are a lot like them. But the primary reason I believe we will find substantial evidence of election fraud is that the hardest thing to believe is that 84 million people really voted for Joe Biden.

The MSM is desperately trying to avoid this. Incredibly, they are still trying to pretend the January 6, 2021, protest was a violent armed insurrection. That is a joke. Now there are even videos that show more violent over-reaction by Capitol Police than armed protestors. There are other videos where other Capitol Police were literally welcoming people into the Capitol. The truth about this event is becoming increasingly difficult to suppress and those, like Liz Cheney, who thought this really was an insurrection will be extremely embarrassed, if they are capable of such self-reflection.

The point being that we are going to see some serious climate change this summer, and it will have nothing to do with C02 levels. While temperatures will rise, as they do every summer, that is not the climate change that matters. The real climate change is that the MSM is finding it increasingly difficult to sell their agenda. A lot of things they have been reporting are not only false, but they are also absurd. The originals of COVID 19 is just one example. The emails, only released because of an FOIA request regarding Dr. Fauci are devastating. One wonders if even Joe Biden will notice, at some point.

The news media desperately wants to believe that the Biden Administration is competent, but the opposite is true. Yesterday Joe forgot to mention D-Day. Wow!

A lot of things are moving rapidly and all in the wrong direction. The unemployment numbers were horrible. The Biden administration tried to spin them as good news, but I doubt even the MSM is buying that. Gas prices are going up, the cost of food is going up, the cost of automobiles is going up, there are already shortages of almost everything. Cyber criminals are shutting down critical infrastructure and getting paid ransoms.  The GAO has been warning about the risk from cyberattack for years. If you think the Texas power failure because of the freezing weather was bad, just have the California grid go down during a heat wave. This is happening at the same time Joe is talking about forcing everyone to go totally electric. Yesterday, Jennifer Granholm admitted to Jake Tapper than our power grids are vulnerable:

Energy secretary: Enemies are capable of shutting down power grid (

Granholm warned of the system’s vulnerabilities — amid an uptick of ransomware sieges — on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

“Yeah, they do,” Granholm told host Jake Tapper when asked if foreign actors have the ability to make the power grid go dark.

“There are very malign actors who are trying, even as we speak,” she explained. “There are thousands of attacks on all aspects of the energy sector and the private sector generally.”

It was insane for her to say this, even if it is true. It is literally inviting an attack. Then she bragged about the Biden Administration’s effort to combat cyberattacks. Does anyone really believe that? Way to go Joe. This is working SO well. Joe has been issuing executive orders, we can all go back to bed now.

I few years ago I was caught in the East Coast blackout. I spent 36 hours at JFK International. We got kicked out of the terminal and were all hanging out in the baggage area. The only food came from a food truck that sold out in about five minutes. After about 20 hours the bathrooms started to back up. Eventually I found three friends from SF, and we pooled enough resources to bribe a van operator into driving us to Philadelphia. Trust me, everyone involved was beyond angry.

Now imagine a major power failure, in California, just before the Newsom recall election which may happen sooner than November. Good luck with that Gavin. Perhaps that may be one reason he is desperately clinging to his emergency powers.

The only thing certain is that things are going to change, but nothing is going to get better. A lot of things are going to get worse and blaming Donald Trump is so yesterday. CNN is bleeding viewers. If they don’t turn this around, and soon, they will either go out of business or get sold to somebody at bargain prices. Anyone buying CNN will clean house immediately. Ultimately, failure is its own reward. We will see a lot of very angry people, but it won’t be limited to Antifa or BLM professional protestors. These people won’t riot and burn things down. But they are burning up with anger toward those who not only let this happen, but they are also still trying to pretend everything is coming up roses. Think about this, and smile. This nonsense is about to be grounded, permanently.

Climate change is already here. If you pay attention, you can see it all around you. The political climate in this country is moving at an unprecedented pace. While you are putting up with the nonsense, take a brief pause and smile. The people who will pay the highest price are those who made this possible.



There continue to be people who cannot and will not learn from history. This has been going on for a long, long time. We may think that all really dumb ideas come from modern day liberals with great new plans based on the illusion of science. That is not accurate. Really dumb ideas have been around for as long as man has been recording history.

Anyone who has read the Bible knows the story of Joseph. He was the man who convinced Pharoah to use common sense. Some thought this was because of prophecy, and perhaps it was. But it sometimes prophecy comes to those who are just paying attention. Joseph told the Pharoah that they would have seven years of good weather and seven years of drought. He suggested building huge granaries to store food during the good years. Then, Egypt would have food during the coming drought. It worked. Egypt had food while almost everyone else was starving.

Weather has been like this a long time. It moves in cycles. Sometimes there are long periods of drought. Sometimes there are long periods of rain. Everyone knows this. That is why the Indians developed the rain dance. It was necessary.

Anyone who has even attempted to study the history of California quickly sees these patterns. In 1862 it rained so much there was a flood that went from Marysville to Bakersfield. The Governor of California was rowed to his inauguration, which took place on the second flood. If you go to old town Sacramento, look around. In many cases what you think is the first floor is actually the second floor. That is because after all this wet weather in 1862, they made everyone build a retaining wall 13 ft high between their building and the street. This this was filled in to keep the roads dry. Eventually the space between the road and the buildings was covered over. If you take a tour of underground Sacramento, you can see this for yourself.

Folsom Dam was built in the 1950s. The people who built it relied on weather models from the previous 30 years. Those years are affectionately known as the “dust bowl.” It was hot, very hot, for years. So, they grossly underestimated how much water we could get here in the Sacramento area. When Folsom Dam was completed in 1956, they predicted it would take more than a year to fill. It took about a week. Folsom Dam came close to overflowing in 1989. One will note that this was 33 years after 1956. Coincidence? Those of us who live here notice that they spent about a billion dollars building an emergency bypass system for Folsom Dam. That was just completed, you guessed it, about 30 years after 1989. The people who actually study weather patterns in California know it runs in cycles that last for years, even decades. This is climate change; it has just been going on for hundreds of years.

The earth has been getting warmer, since about 1600. That is a good thing, because the cold weather killed a lot of people But, this started long before the industrial revolution and odds are the amount of CO2 in the air was a minor factor. We consistently overestimate our ability to change the weather.

But what we can  and did do was make really stupid mistakes. Just two years ago, Folsom Lake was actually over 100% of normal. They never let the lake get totally full because they fear it overflowing. That is a legitimate concern, because we can get an incredible amount of water here is a very short period of time. But they do let it fill so that it stores enough water to handle several years of drought.  I have seen estimates that it is designed to store enough water for up to five years of intense drought. But here we are, less than two years later, and Folsom Lake is extremely low? Why? It is not because of global warming. While we have had some hot spells, many of the records being broken were set in the 1930s or even the late 1800s. There is also considerable debate over how much of the temperature increase is because of all the buildings and roads etc., which all make everything hotter. Now I am not a meteorologist and don’t claim to be, but some things are obvious. The reason Folsom Lake is so low is not because of the weather, it is because of the whether. The people who are in charge of our water have been allowing a lot of it to just flow to the sea, instead of saving it, as designed. Their explanation is that they wanted to restore the Salmon population. They predicted that this could result in up to 1,000 more salmon. Of course, this had the undesired side effect of making it very hard on farmers and irrelevant things like people who need drinking water.

So, if you look at Folsom Lake, it is a visible reminder of something important. Those who do not believe in God are most prone to try and micromanage his creation. They should have listened to Joseph. Oh, it probably felt great to release all that water. After all, those salmon are really pretty and important. In addition, by doing this, they can blame everything on Donald Trump, although that is a reach. So, they blame it all on climate change and then blame Donald Trump because he doesn’t believe in science, so he doesn’t believe in climate change.

We should all be grateful that such brilliant people are in charge. Thank God, oops…sorry, that they thoughtfully let all that water flow to the sea. When you are limited to seven gallons of water a day, your lawn is dying, and people start to stink, remember it is all for a good cause. We are just too stupid to understand the need to follow the science. Just like so many people don’t listen when told to wear a mask, even outdoors, or indoors, or while eating because this is absolutely necessary to stop COVID. The fact that states when didn’t have these mask requirements got the same results is not relevant. It is California that is following the science.

I look at Folsom Lake and I don’t see evidence of a drought. I don’t see evidence of climate change. I see evidence of stupidity. I see evidence of people who arrogantly ignore the science and then lecture us on the need to listen to them. This is not about the weather; it is about the whether. Whether we continue to put people in power who cannot and will not learn any lessons from history. Some people call them Democrats, but that is an insult to many of the Democrats I know, who have different opinions on a lot of subjects, but are not actually stupid.