Many of us are familiar with the feud between the Hatfield’s and the McCoy’s. But a more important feud may be continuing between the “Clinton’s” and the “Obama’s.” Hillary Clinton expected to win the 2008 presidential nomination similar to the way she “won” the 2016 nomination. Then this guy, Barack Obama, with virtually no resume, showed up and started threatening the legacy. Bill Clinton, typically hides his long history of racism, But on numerous occasions he could not resist letting his racism show.

Anyone paying attention knows that the “Clinton’s” made a lot of comments about Obama that were definitely racist. One report claims that in 2008 Bill Clinton said: “A few years ago, this guy would have been carrying our bags.” In 2010, Hillary Clinton said: “A few year ago, this guy would have been getting us coffee.”  The following is just one article pointing out circumstances where Bill Clinton allegedly made racist remarks about Obama.

Bill Clinton made racist remarks about Barack Obama in 2008: Report (

This is important to put the interview of John Ratcliffe by Maria Bartiromo yesterday in perspective.  Keep in mind that John Ratcliff was the former Director of National Intelligence and he had access to mountains of highly classified information.

The following article by Sundance is interesting because it has the ugly odor of truth.

Critical to Understanding Where Durham is Going, Ratcliffe Highlights The August 2016 White House Discussion – Team Clinton Compromising Team Obama – The Last Refuge (

The theory is that during the summer of 2016 the Clinton campaign was putting the Obama administration at risk by weaponizing the intelligence community. According to this article CIA Director John Brennan met with President Obama and informed him of the weaponization of the government being used by the Clinton administration. Obama was smart enough to realize this could reflect very badly on him.  Allegedly the Clinton camp was told that they must come up with a legal justification for what they were doing. The result was the idiotic plan to use Carter Page to retroactively justify FISA warrants.

The Clinton camp had already been calling Trump a Russian Asset for months. The problem is that this was being done by people in the Obama administration and there was zero evidence to support this. The result was a lot of very stupid well documented decisions by people who ought to know better. John Durham was appointed to investigate this.

I do not know if this is accurate, but it is clear that there is a lot more to this story than what is being reported. It is also clear that the appointment of John Durham was a bit strange. Attorney General William Barr secretly decided that Durham would be converted to a special prosecutor. The Biden administration, which clearly despises Donald Trump, has never challenged the investigation by Durham and is letting him proceed. It makes one wonder if the Russia Collusion investigation is not part of the ultimate plan for revenge by Barack Obama. Few would argue that Joe Biden does anything that is not approved by Obama. If Obama wanted Durham shut down, he would be shut down. Instead, he is chugging right along and at a minimum, probably giving the Clinton’s a lot of nightmares. One thing is certain, this is clear evidence that Hillary Clinton and the entire Clinton camp is completely out of power. Otherwise, they would have stopped this.

John Podesta has not exactly been warm and supportive of Joe Biden.  It is interesting to see that Podesta called Durham’s indictment of Sussmann an “exercise in diversion and obfuscation.”

John Durham Puts Hillary On Notice, Subpoena’s Clinton Campaign Law Firm Perkins Coie – Washington News (

It sure looks like there is a blood feud between the “Clinton’s” and the “Obama’s” and Joe Biden has chosen sides. As with most feuds, the only thing certain is that both sides will experience catastrophic loss.


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