There are now a lot of people accusing each other of the “big lie.” So far, only one “big lie” has been investigated and that was the Russian Collusion Hoax. We now know, thanks to John Durham, that this was just an extremely poorly sourced hit piece bought, paid for, and promoted by Hillary Clinton and the Hillary Clinton campaign. We also know that the sole motivation for this was their hatred of Donald Trump. Apparently hating Donald Trump is grounds for doing anything. We also know that the FBI bought this and the witch hunt, which included the entire Robert Mueller fiasco, should never have happened. If you want to talk about illegal activities specifically designed to overturn the results of a federal election, look no further.

All of the MSM refers to the big lie as Trump saying the 2020 election was rigged. Unfortunately, there is a huge difference between noticing what is obvious and proving it. That has never been truer than regarding the 2020 election. A lot of things happened that are grounds for suspicion, and these were not invented out of whole cloth by Donald Trump. One of the problems is that the entire election process was so sloppy that it is hard for anyone to be confident in the results. There were massive mail-in ballots, sent to millions of people, creating numerous opportunities for fraud. Even Democrats admitted that, before the 2020 election, when they thought it might impact them. Each party assumes the other party will do anything to win, and odds are they are both right.

But a few things are obvious. Democrats dominate every major metropolitan area. Is this because their policies are so popular? Or is it because it is easier to control results in these areas. Anyone remotely familiar with Chicago politics knows the power of the machine. If someone is even suspected of voting the wrong way, it can be a painful experience. In 2011 a Republican won the race to replace Anthony Weiner in congress. Democrats had held that seat since 1920. Previous winners of that seat include a guy named Chuck Schumer and Geraldine Ferraro. But one of the interesting things is how Bob Turner won this seat. The following article from the Daily Beast provides an interesting insight into what happens in Democratic districts:

Anthony Weiner’s Old Congressional Seat Claimed by Republican Bob Turner (thedailybeast.com)

The people pulling voters to polls and handing out palm cards on street corners were mostly supplied by the unions endorsing Weprin. 1199SEIU, the UFT, the UFOA, and the construction workers’ union were most prominently visible in the polling sites around Weprin’s headquarters. The Daily Beast spoke with about 20 field volunteers, 15 of whom were workers sent by their unions to leaflet at polling sites. The 1199SEIU campaign worker holding the door to Weprin’s campaign office even told The Daily Beast that his union was paying him to be there. But Weprin, who again thanked unions for their support after the results of the race had become clear, seemed unable to muster sufficient neighborhood enthusiasm for his campaign. Union-supplied campaign workers don’t know the neighborhoods as well as grassroots volunteers might, and even on a day when no other race was dividing the neighborhood’s attention, the Queens County Democrats apparently could not put enough local volunteers on the streets.

There were people supplied by the unions around every polling site. In a normal year, they would have been outnumbered by Democratic volunteers. They were pulling people to polls, handing out palm cards and working hard to get every voter to vote and to vote the right way.  Because there are so many people packed in such a close area a political organization may literally have information on every voter in the district. It is quite simple, the smaller the district, geographically, the easier it is for this type of organization to control results. The only reason a Republican even came close is that Anthony Weiner was beyond toxic.

I can’t begin to count the times I have watched election results, where a Republican was winning, by a narrow margin, and some reporter said they were waiting for votes from some Democratic district that would probably change the results. It seems like the only time the Republican won was if the lead was so overwhelming in the rest of the state that there weren’t enough votes left to change the outcome.

The point being that denying that there is any systemic fraud regarding our elections is ridiculous. The only question is how much fraud and whether it was enough to change the results. Even if the 2020 election was as perfect as being reported on CNN consider the following: In 2020 Donald Trump won in 2,497 counties while Joe Biden won only 477 counties. But those 477 counties account for 70% of the economy. Is this really fair?

Fair and Honest elections are one of the cornerstones of our society. People in both parties pointed out the obvious problems with mail in ballots.

‘Chaos.’ ‘Fraud.’ Democrats Once Warned Against Voting Changes They Now Call For (townhall.com)

Back during the 2008 Democratic Primary when Florida was considering mail-in ballots, Obama specifically cited the need for signature verification, to ensure “they can check to make sure that the right people are voting.”  Remember, he was competing against Hillary Clinton at the time, so he had legitimate cause to be concerned.

In 200 CNN reported that DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s position on proposals to vastly expand mail-in ballots responded by saying: “A mail-in ballots has wrong written all over it.”

In 2002 Steny Hoyer and Bernie Sanders co-sponsored a bill saying: “First-time voters who register by mail will be required to produce some form of identification.”

The “big lie” is not whether or not the 2020 election was rigged. We actually don’t know the answer to that yet. The “big lie” is that this was the most honest election in history and there is nothing suspicious about Democrats working so hard to prevent any legitimate investigation. The really “big lie” is that there is no problem with a massive mail-in election. As stated above, both parties are on record admitting this is a serious problem and a recipe for fraud.

Joe Biden is literally self-destructing. His performance during the UN speech and subsequent meeting with Boris Johnson was beyond pathetic. It is increasingly obviously that his own staff is terrified he will answer questions and go off script. We are facing crisis after crisis, none of which were handled well by Biden and most of which are the direct result of poor decisions on his part. This cannot continue. Even the MSM has turned on Biden. A lot of people really hate Donald Trump. In 1940, most of the British establishment hated Winston Churchill. On May 10, 1940, Winston Churchill was chosen to be Prime Minister because there was no other acceptable option. Donald Trump should never be confused with Winston Churchill, but Joe Biden is a case study in the Neville Chamberlain school of mismanagement. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Something must be done. Something will be done. The only remaining question is what and when. One thing is certain, overturning the results of the 2020 election is no longer the worst-case scenario.


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