The State of the Onion speech by Joe Biden was predictably long, boring and filled with falsehoods and distortions and like all onions, stunk to high heaven. None of this, of course, was noticed by the MSM. They covered this as though it was straight from the lips of God. To people familiar with any of the subjects, it was utter nonsense. The only reason we have a vaccine and any hope of returning to normal is the Warp Speed miracle that Donald Trump made happen, despite Democratic resistance and scorn.

But perhaps the biggest and most danger lies were regarding three subjects. Biden referred to the Capitol riots as the worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War. Seriously?  No one in the MSM noticed that no one actually brought a gun to this insurrection, that the only Capitol Police officer who died was from natural causes and that the only shooting was of an unarmed white woman. So far most of the insurrection charges have been laughed out of court. If anything, this is nothing short of abuse of power by the Biden Administration DOJ. The same DOJ that ignores the real problems from Antifa and BLM.

Then he said that the greatest threat to national security is white supremacists groups. There are white supremacist groups, but if they have been active, it sure isn’t being reported. Proud Boys is definitely not a white supremacist group. To call this the great threat to our national security is joke. The greatest threat to our national security is having someone like Joe Biden in the White House.

Finally, he claims, again, that Russia interfered in our election. Since he won, who does he think Russia helped? This was also absurd. The thought of Biden trying to intimidate Vladimir Putin is a joke. A dangerous joke.

Then, a miracle. Typically, the response to a State of the Union address is horrible. Several people, like Nikki Haley and Marco Rubio took a shot at this with disastrous results. But this time Tim Scott got the opportunity and he knocked it out of the park, across the street and on the roof of the neighboring parking garage. (I saw Kirk Gibson do that at Tiger Stadium in Detroit.)

It is impossible to overstate the power of this performance. Tim Scott stood there, smiling, and absolutely eviscerated both the State of the Union address and the Liberal left agenda. America got to see a black man, highly successful, who felt no need to express victimhood. Instead, he is an inspiration to a lot of people proving that success in this country is not limited by the color of one’s skin. Perhaps I am wrong, but I suspect that speech received loud and enthusiastic support from black people who are sick and tired of being represented by perpetually angry professional whiners always complaining about  how unfair life can be while they are personally raking in millions.

This may be the best speech by a politician I have ever heard. It certainly ranks up there with the speech by Ronald Reagan that launched his political career. He spoke eloquently and quietly but with great force. He looked sincere, but not angry. Remarkable. This reminds me of listening to someone describe the first time Elvis Presly performed in public. The audience was just sitting there, silently. He thought he had failed. But the older and wiser stage manager told him to just wait for it. Sure enough, the crowd leapt to its feet and gave him a standing ovation. There are very few performers who are so brilliant that they can literally silence a crowd. They silence the crowd because everyone is focused entirely on listening. Such people are rare. Tim Scott proved on national TV that he is that good.

We can expect the MSM to immediately attack him. That already happened on CNN. But that is not only doomed to failure, it is doomed to create a huge back lash. We saw the Great Scott last night, and this is exactly the kind of person who can and often does change the world.


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