I used this headline over 10 years ago, to discuss the myth of Barack Obama’s stellar performance at Harvard. The phrase originally came from a bumper sticker I had on my car, years ago. It said: “Imagine whirled peas.” It was aimed at the anti-war protestors who thought they were fighting for world peace when they were enabling war and terrorism. Those who opposed the Vietnam war had zero understanding of what was involved. A little research would have explained this. The communists in North Vietnam were willing to sacrifice at least one million people to obtain total political power. They managed to do exactly that.  According to some sources, there were 1,353,000 civilian deaths, 444,000 PAVN and VC deaths and 282,000 U.S. and allied military deaths. The military deaths by the PAVN and VC were much higher, and the U.S. military deaths were much lower. Unfortunately, the civilian casualties were all too real. The official report by Hanoi published in 1995 reported 1.1 million communist fighters had died during the war. There is no official number of U.S. military killed in Vietnam, but it is estimated to be over 58,000.

To put this in perspective, 58,000 Americans died tried to stop 1.1 million communists from taking control. They actually won, and then Democrats in congress gave it away. If it weren’t for Democrats in congress during 1972, South Vietnam would probably look a lot like South Korea.

Now the Biden administration, creeping closer to the Harris administration is repeating the same mistakes that cost so many lives in Vietnam. The disaster on our Southern border is bad enough, but it pales in comparison to the real danger. Biden just insulted Putin by claiming he told Putin face to face that he had no soul. Since Biden is famous to exaggerating everything, this was probably a lie. But Putin was not amused. He immediately recalled the Russian Ambassador to the United States. Biden imposed sanctions on Russia because of alleged interference in the U.S. election. What a joke. Does anyone really believe Russia did much regarding this election? But Russia is not amused. They pledged retaliation on the principle of reciprocity though not necessarily symmetrical. This means Russia does not fear Biden and they are going to take us on. The good news is that Russia is unlikely to go to war with us, the bad news is that they will find other ways to cause serious problems for us all over the world. Putin respected Trump, he does not respect Biden.

China, on the other hand, is a far more serious threat. Never underestimate the willingness of a communist regime to sacrifice millions of their own people in their lust for power. The only reason China may delay becoming extremely aggressive is that they are getting everything they want anyway. Numerous experts say that China is determined to become the world Superpower and Biden is ignoring the risk.

In many ways this is remarkably similar to the way the establishment in Great Britain viewed Germany prior to World War II. One of the few people who recognized the risk was Winston Churchill and that was because he saw a repeat of what was happened during the late 1600s and early 1700s. Fortunately, his ancestor, the Duke of Marlborough, defeated Louis XIV of France.

Churchill saw how the world had ignored the danger from France and recognized the same thing happening in Germany. Everyone one else in the British establishment though Churchill was nuts. They felt he lacked the sophistication to deal with diplomacy. The entire world paid a terrible price for that miscalculation.

Iran is also likely to create mischief, but they are a far less serious threat than China.

Incredibly, the good news is that Biden-Harris is mucking up domestic policy even faster than world diplomacy. They are already on a path to certain defeat in 2022 and in 2024. Their dream of fixing every future election is disappearing even faster. The same courts who did not want to get involved in 2020, don’t want a repeat in 2022. The fiasco on the border is too obvious to ignore, gas prices are already soaring, and Biden is talking about increasing taxes. Even liberals hate paying high gas prices and seeing their paychecks confiscated by the greedy federal government. In addition, some of their pet projects, like transgender males competing against biological females in sports is certifiably insane.

The damage being done is undeniable. But in some ways, that is the best possible outcome under the circumstances, because the more obvious the damage the faster they, like other socialist experiments, will be thrown out of power.


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