All of us know someone who is not happy unless they are unhappy. This also describes the MSM. It is often said if it bleed it leads. Every broadcast, local and national, usually leads with bad news. At the local level it is a shooting, car crash or weather emergency. At the national level, it is often political. Hence, the problem. The MSM is very hesitant to report anything negative about Joe Biden and Donald Trump is stunningly absent. The result is that the MSM is running out of things to report. That made a lot of people unhappy. Ratings are in the tank; people are literally getting fired.

This could not continue. While the MSM is populated with irrational progressives, the real power lies with the owners and the owners think solely in terms of green and I don’t mean energy. They will put up with the nonsense if the nonsense draws viewers. For the past four years, dumping on Donald Trump guaranteed high ratings. All the late-night comedians rejoiced over the easy laughs. It didn’t matter if it was accurate or not or even if it was funny. If you slammed Donald Trump, you were an instant hit.

Well slamming Trump doesn’t work anymore, he is so yesterday, and slamming Biden is against the rules. What’s a mother to do? You are already seeing the results. When you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with. Remember that love and hate are very closely related. The opposite of love is not hate, it is apathy. This means it is time to start trashing the Biden Administration.

For four years, trashing any Democrat was against the rules. One could not risk making Trump look good. But those days are already gone. It started with Andrew Cuomo. Everyone and I do mean everyone is trashing him. He has gone from the media darling to the target of opportunity.  This is made easier by the fact that in real life he apparently is a total jerk. The kind of person people tolerate only if it benefits their career. Secretly, they despise him, but fear prevents them from speaking out. The fear is gone, and people are lining up for the opportunity to take a shot at Cuomo.

The MSM is also starting to notice that Biden is making a total mess of things. Even the hard-core radical lefties realize that the vaccines, only here because of Trump, are changing everything. When Biden tries to take credit for the vaccine(s) even liberal reporters aren’t buying it. But the biggest change is the reporting on the crisis on our border. Although Democrats are typically trying to blame this on Trump, no one is buying that either. This is a huge problem, and the ineptitude of the Biden Administration is on full display. No one, other than Jen Pataki, is pretending this is anything other than a crisis. A crisis literally created by the Biden administration.

They are also recognizing something else. Biden is just so not up to the job and this is becoming increasingly impossible to ignore. Jen Psaki was gushed over by the MSM, until they realized she was playing dodge ball and telling them absurd lies.

The protective shield protecting Biden and other Democrats is rapidly disappearing. One problem is that the false narrative about Trump supporters trying to overthrow the government is getting laughed out of court. Several stories promoted by the MSM have not only been proven wrong, but they have also been embarrassingly wrong. Just yesterday the Washington Post had to issue a full retraction for a story that has been completely discredited. But the stories about people like Cuomo and Newsom and Biden all have the ugly odor of truth. These stories are now too juicy to ignore, particularly when it is no longer possible to play the Trump card.

If the MSM wants to be happy again, they need only look out their window at the obvious. Biden is mucking things up to faire thee well and this is making a lot of people unhappy. If you can’t trash Trump, you must focus on the people now in charge. But here’s the good news. These clowns are providing the MSM with tons and tons of material. It is becoming too irresistible to ignore. For example, while Gavin Newsom is blaming the recall on QAnon and Proud Boys, the reality is that 34% of the people who signed the recall petition were, gasp, Democrats.

Unhappy days are here again and the MSM will be more than happy to beef up reporting on this.


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