Sometimes the best description of what is going on today has already been written, long ago, for a different reason.


Isn’t it rich?
Are we a pair?
Me here at last on the ground,
You in mid-air.
Send in the clowns.

Isn’t it bliss?
Don’t you approve?
One who keeps tearing around,
One who can’t move.
Where are the clowns?
Send in the clowns.

Just when I’d stopped
Opening doors,
Finally knowing
The one that I wanted was yours,
Making my entrance again
With my usual flair,
Sure of my lines,
No one is there.

Don’t you love farce?
My fault, I fear.
I thought that you’d want what I want –
Sorry, my dear.
But where are the clowns?
There ought to be clowns.
Quick, send in the clowns.

What a surprise.
Who could foresee
I’d come to feel about you
What you’d felt about me?
Why only now when I see
That you’d drifted away?
What a surprise.
What a cliché.

Isn’t it rich?
Isn’t it queer?
Losing my timing this late
In my career?
And where are the clowns?
Quick, send in the clowns.
Don’t bother – they’re here.

There have been many people who speculated, incorrectly, about the true meaning of these lyrics. We don’t have to guess. The person who wrote the song, Stephen Sondheim explained this in a 1990 interview:

 “It’s a theater reference meaning ‘if the show isn’t going well, let send in the clowns’, in other words, “let’s do the jokes.” Then he ends with explaining the last line: “Don’t bother, they’re here, which means ‘we are the fools.’”

It is only a matter of time before the clowns in the MSM are confronted with the reality that they, indeed, are the fools. They have been putting on quite a show, lying about anything and everything for far too long. But all the lies are being exposed, one by one. The latest fiasco, the Democratic Primary in NYC is just one of many examples. It turns out the people running this input 135,000 “test ballots” into the voting machines, to make sure they worked. But they forgot to remove them. Oops. When they ran the real ballots, they forgot about the test ballots so included them in the results. When the error was discovered, they tried desperately to claw back initial reports. Now no one knows who is actually in the lead. By the way, it may take days, if not weeks to sort this out, and no matter what the result, few will believe it.

The impact of this will reach far beyond New York. Just when the self-righteous anchors on the MSM were lecturing us about daring to question the results of the best run election in American History, New York City just put on a public demonstration of how easy it is to muck up an election.

Combine that with the Arizona election audit report which is getting ready to drop and there it is, the perfect storm. The people running the audit clearly know how to maintain security because there have been zero leaks. We can be sure if there was any evidence supporting the claim that it was Trump telling the big lie about election results, we would already know that. Anything negative about Trump ALWAYS leaks. Numerous delegations from other states have visited and all reported being impressed by the process. Now we are either going to see a lot of Republicans, standing in a circle, desperately trying, and failing to wipe the collective egg off their faces, or they have the evidence. We will soon know the answer to that.

I think the Democrat narrative is about to come crashing down faster than that condominium tower in Florida. The MSM will desperately try to send in the clowns, to distract. But they’ve been warned:

 “Quick, send in the clowns, don’t bother – they’re here.”  The clowns are already here, they’ve always been here, they have just been exposed. They are the fools and soon everyone will know that.



Did you fill up your car with gas for the 4th of July. I bet you experienced long lines and shocking prices. Gas is now over $4 per gallon here in California. It is rising rapidly, everywhere. It is also impacting people more than you can imagine. It may surprise you to learn that gas stations are not thrilled over the increase in price. The amount they make does not increase much if at all. Most of it goes to taxes and the oil companies. Many gas stations make more from the convenience store attached than they do from selling gas. When people are angry at gas prices, that also stops them from buying things inside. No winners here!

Here in sunny California gas taxes go up on July 1st, again. California already has the highest tax rate in the country at 62.47 cents per gallon. In addition, because our gas is different than from other states, it is always higher.  California cities, particularly LA, were built on the theory that everyone loves driving their car. So, we have more cars driving more places. It all adds up to a higher cost per gallon. California gas is always higher than almost anywhere else.

We were promised that these gas taxes would all be used to, you guessed it, rebuild infrastructure. That would be the same infrastructure on which Joe Biden wants to spend another $6 trillion. This of course is to complete all the shovel ready jobs promised by Obama. While Biden and Newsom are dreaming of a bright future where everyone drives electric cars powered by sunflower seeds and hot air, the reality is that most cars need gas. You don’t have to be an economist to realize that everyone is impacted by higher gas prices. No one is celebrating. Neither BLM nor Antifa have marches scheduled to celebrate higher gas prices. Instead, Democrats with the help of their allies in the press will try to blame this, on Donald Trump, or at least those nasty Republicans who won’t vote for Democratic spending bills. They are already trying, and failing, to blame Republicans for the defund the police movement. I doubt that anyone is buying that nonsense.

What we are buying is gas, lots of gas, and it means everyone gets a little angrier every time they fill up their car. If I were running for Governor of California to replace Gavin Newsom, I would be running the same ad, over and over again. I would have a video of someone approaching a gas station, with a line about a mile long,  and over head would be a sign blinking with a new price every 10 seconds starting at $10. Then I would say, “Thanks Gavin, nice work!” Then I show a picture of people filling up their cars wearing a mask. “Thanks Gavin, Nice work.” The I would show a picture of some rich guy driving by in this Tesla waving a sign that says: “Thanks Gavin, Nice Work!”

There are a lot of things coming together, all bad for Democrats. People are sick of masks. They are sick of being Woke. They are sick of transgender males competing against females. Has anyone wondered why there are no transgender females completing with males? They are sick of people calling for defunding the police while they live in their gated communities guarded by armed private security. They are sick of being lied to, about Russian Collusion, about COVID, about masks, about the 2020 election, about almost everything. In the meantime, police are retiring or just quitting in droves. Few are showing up to replace them. Crime is skyrocketing. Cities with the most gun control have the least control of guns. LeBron James “woke” the NBA, resulting in a massive turnoff of viewers. When his team was eliminated, ratings immediate shot back up.

The difference this time is that everyone is unified on one and only one subject. No one thinks things are going well. They differ strongly on who to blame, but not one likes this. And in case they start to feel better, they are reminded whenever they buy anything. It isn’t just the cost of gas that is going up, it is everything. In the meantime, Joe is getting worse by the minute. Today he leaned into the microphone and whispered again. We are not sure why. He remembered being at Proterra’s Bus Factory, in person, but he never actually went there. Then he repeated the story about Amtrak Conductor Angelo Negri. A story so obviously false that it is laughable. Angelo retired in 1993 over 22 years before the date Biden remembers so well.

So here we are. Joe is deteriorating before our eyes and Kamala Harris looks even worse. She botched the border trip so bad that even the MSM noticed. People are shredding their masks and good luck with trying to get them to put them on again. And now, when after a year, we can finally go somewhere and do something, we can’t afford it because we don’t have a job and gas is too expensive.

The entire Democratic agenda is going up like a gas balloon, a gas balloon that is destined to totally run out of gas, with disastrous results. The only solution they ever consider is spending more of your money. I used to joke that when a store asks if you want “cash back” they are talking about “your own cash.” They aren’t “giving” you anything. Sometimes I think Democratic Governors in blue states hope that no one notices they are always spending other people’s money. If you pay taxes, they are spending your money.

In the meantime, where are all those leaders in the DNC, who will arise out of the ashes to find a way forward. Anyone one? Anywhere? AOC? Ilhan Omar? Anyone one? Perhaps one of those Blue State Governors. Oh, on second thought, maybe not. Oh, over there, the guy wearing two masks while drinking coffee through a straw. That is exactly the kind of leadership we want and need. Good luck with that!

The only thing certain is that everything is going up, faster than you think, with one exception. The exception is any hope of Democrats finding a way out of the mess they created. Did you notice that Biden even attacked Iran militia in Syria? I am sure Joe has them terrified. “Wag the Dog anyone?” Oops, that was a movie, and it didn’t work then either.



Establishment Democrats had to know Joe Biden was not up to the job. Joe Biden has never been up to the job and his senility is becoming more evident by the day.  This was obvious long before the 2020 election. But they convinced themselves that anything or anyone was better than Donald Trump. Plus, they considered Joe to be nothing more or less than a placeholder. Someone they could “manage.”  But they managed to both underestimate and overestimate Joe Biden at the same time. I doubt anyone in the Democratic establishment expected much from Joe. He was put there as a place holder, so that wiser, more competent heads could run the show. Joe is being managed by others, they are just not part of the Democratic establishment.

While Joe has not exactly been in the lead, neither are they. He appears to be marching to the beat of invisible and incompetent drummers, totally out of step not only with the rest of the country, but with the Democratic establishment. Smart establishment Democrats only want their leader to say insane things in order to get elected. They don’t really want the same insanity to continue when a candidate is successfully elected to office.  They only want someone who gives the usual suspects enough encouragement to keep them quiet, while never giving way to policies they all agree would be disastrous.

They are now caught in a trap, designed by themselves, from which there is no apparent exit. If they admit Joe was never up to the job, they cannot defend choosing him as their nominee. The same thing is true for the MSM. They openly campaigned to defeat Trump, resulting in the election, of well, Joe. This was never going to end well. They should have known that. Secretly, they probably did know that, but they were blinded by their hatred of Donald Trump who was living rent-free in their collective heads.

Joe has been surprisingly effective, at mucking things up. His executive orders border on insanity. But no matter how bad Joe performs, Kamala Harris is guaranteed to be worse. It is increasingly clear that even Democrats have zero interest in her becoming President of the United States. If anything, they are more appalled by her performance than Joe’s

The problem is that Joe isn’t capable of playing the game, any game, and his backup is batting zero. If Kamala Harris were close to acceptable, they would already be working on a convenient illness where Joe could reluctantly hand over the reins in a dignified matter. But he would be handing them over to someone who is likely to giggle and cackle while accepting them. Then proceed on a path to destruction that makes Joe look good in comparison.

There are numerous reports that Jill Biden despises Kamala Harris. Nurse Jill is not going to willingly give over the reins of control to someone she despises. The result is that there is no exit strategy, there isn’t even an emergency exit strategy. Instead, the only option, equally unacceptable, is to sit back and watch this unfold in real-time, getting worse every week if not every day. In the meantime, when Kamala does briefly surface, on her way to her home in California, she instantly reminds EVERYONE why she would be even worse.

Remember this, the only reason Democrats chose Joe was that they thought he was the only alternative to Bernie Sanders. They feared, with justification, that Bernie could lose by an unprecedented landslide. While Bernie has his legion of people insanely shrieking his praise, there were never enough of them. The one things Democrats fear the most is losing. So, they did the unthinkable, they united behind Joe Biden.

Then, to make things worse, they put Joe and themselves in a pickle by insisting he choose a woman of color as his VP. Incredibly, Kamala was far and away the best available option meeting those criteria. Just think about this for a moment and allow yourself a brief smile. Joe, who is just plain awful, was still better than all the other DNC candidates for President. Kamala Harris, who finished last among the other DNC candidates for President, was still better than the other options available once the choice was limited to a woman of color. This means that as bad as these two clowns are, they are still the cream of the DNC crop. There is absolutely no Democrat, even close to the horizon, who offers even a faint hope of turning things around. That is because the Democratic Party sold its soul, assuming it ever had one, to the progressive left and are left with only skeletons barely resembling a real human being.

It is nothing more or less than the slum of all fears.



They sometime say that bomber pilots knew that when they started getting flak, they were close to the target. That is also true in American politics. The louder some people scream, the more evidence they are becoming terrified. Liberals are desperately trying to sustain the myth that there were no legitimate concerns about the 2020 election. They are desperate for you to believe that this was all made up by delusional supporters of Donald Trump. They call this the “big lie.” Just recently the State of New York decided to disbar Rudy Giuliani from repeating this big lie. This is not because they are confident, and the data is on their side. It is because the opposite is true. They are desperately trying to silence any discussion of the facts.

The audit is Arizona is done and they are preparing a report. A report they know will be instantly trashed by the MSM and which will be challenged in court by Democrats. If Democrats thought there was a realistic possibility this report would not find indisputable evidence of election fraud, they would not care. They would just be preparing to crow “I told you so.” Instead, those who ran the sloppiest election in American history have resorted to criticizing the people conducting the most thorough and transparent audit ever. That is an act of pure desperation. The people conducting this audit know the challenges ahead and they are gearing up for battle. Everything we see and hear points toward results that will be more than explosive and the loud screams from the liberal left are designed to distract people from the tidal wave heading their way. They are so terrified now that they are trying to prevent anyone from even daring to hint that the 2020 election might have had some problems.

I don’t believe this is going to work. I am not delusional. I don’t bother to read conspiracy websites. I just pay close attention to what is said, by both sides. It is increasingly obvious who has evidence and who does not. Who is pounding the facts and who is just pounding?  I suspect that a lot, if not most, Americans have a similar opinion. By every measurement, the MSM is no longer considered to be a credible source. All the MSM participants are shredding viewers and readers, but none more than CNN. People are tuning out at a record pace. The result is that any poll of readers and/or viewers is now worthless. If you want to know how people really feel, talk to those who are not reading or listening to you anymore.

Democrats are even more terrified of the truth about the January 6, 2021, “insurrection.” What really happened is beyond obvious. Trump had a huge rally. There were estimates that more than 1 million people were there. Trump was complaining about the election. He was complaining that he thought it had been stolen. He made specific allegations, none of which have been disputed. Instead, we are reminded of the numerous times the courts refused to get involved as if this answered all possible questions. In most cases, the courts didn’t bother to do any investigation or ask any questions at all.

He was asking congress, which was the only entity left that could do anything to at least investigate. People were angry. Not because of what Trump said, but because what he said was so obviously true.  They were furious that, under the circumstances, no one would even pretend to investigate. No one seem to care.

A handful of people, at the most about 900, managed to get inside of the Capitol. At least some of them were waved in by Capitol Police. Others may have been Antifa, FBI informants or even undercover FBI agents. There were some people there acting like professional agitators and there is no evidence of them showing up at previous Trump rallies. But even if you focus on the worst looking participants there is still no record of anyone being armed and no one was throwing bombs. The biggest act of violence was breaking a window. The only person shot was an unarmed white female Trump supporter, surrounded by Capitol Police officers. Numerous “insurgents” were identified because of pictures of themselves they posted on Instagram or Facebook. Only one person has been sentenced, and that was for 3 years’ probation for trespass. She was also prohibited from owning a gun, although there is nothing about her that even hints at a potential for violence. Democrats will leap at any chance to deny gun ownership to anyone for any reason unless they are associated with Antifa or BLM.

Some people acted irresponsibly, but to call this an organized insurrection is absurd. There were people there, acting like professional agitators, encouraging other people to do things that were dangerous, stupid, and illegal. But they weren’t trying to overthrow anything, they were trying to get the existing government to listen and do its’ job. They were trying to preserve the Constitution, not overthrow it.

Incredibly, Democrats decided to launch, another, failed impeachment of Trump, 24 hours before Biden took office, with the ridiculous theory that he was plotting to overthrow the government. This pure, sad, inept, ridiculous, and plain silly political theatre, was sadly embraced by the usual RINO Republicans led by the insufferable Mitt Romney.

The narrative on the January 6th, 2021, narrative is collapsing at the speed of light. But that didn’t stop the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff from lying about this during his testimony before congress. He said the following:

‘I want to understand white rage, and I’m white. … What is it that caused thousands of people to assault this building and try to overturn the Constitution of the United States of America? … I want to find that out.’

— Gen. Mark Milley

Thousands of people did not assault the building, they did not try to overturn the Constitution of the United States of America. About a million people participated in a rally, demanding congress “preserve” the constitution. Even if Milley was right about motive, no report lists more than 900 people getting inside the Capitol on January 6th, and at least some of them appear to have been invited by Capitol Police. If General Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff really believes this, then this represents a total and complete failure of our military intelligence operations. If he doesn’t believe this, then he is lying. Either way, he self-disqualified himself to be an officer, of any rank, in the U.S. Military.

The only Capitol Police officer who died, apparently suffered a stroke, after the event was over. I have heard people claim over 1,000 Capitol Police officers were injured. The highest documented number I have seen is 140 and none of the injuries appear to be serious. Any injury of a police officer in the line of duty is unacceptable, but there were certainly a lot fewer injuries than experienced during the BLM protests last summer.

So far, all the allegations against Trump have been rudely dismissed. In some cases, such as the alleged Russian Collusion, they have been thoroughly debunked. Virtually nothing said about him has ever been proven. Much of what was said about him has been totally discredited. The latest example was the claim that Trump ordered people tear gassed so he could do a photo op in front of St John’s Church. Even the Bishop ripped Trump. It was all a lie. Trump wasn’t even involved in the decision to remove protestors. They were removed, by the Capitol Police, because they were literally threatening federal property. The truth was always there, but it was ignored by the MSM. It was more than ignored, it was deliberately distorted by people like Jim Acosta at CNN who pretended to have facts that never existed. This has been a drumbeat for years. Anything bad you say about Trump must be true, facts are neither necessary nor relevant.

I believe both myths are about to go down in flames with it the future of the Democratic Party. It is bad enough when you lie and are caught. It is even worse if you refuse to apologize or even admit you might possibly be wrong and double down in the theatre of the absurd. But it is even worse when you keep making the same mistake, over and over again, and idiotically expect different results.

Seriously?  For one thing, this is literally the definition of insanity. Another is the old saying: “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.” Fewer and fewer people are buying this nonsense. The day of reckoning is at hand, and it will be here sooner than anyone on either side can even imagine.  Joe Biden is deteriorating at an alarming rate. He recently was whispering into the microphone. The best description I have heard of this bizarre performance was creepy. That would be funny, except that Joe Biden is President of the United States and he could whisper authorization to nuke somebody. The good news is that I doubt anyone would listen, but the bad news is that “someone” needs exactly that kind of authority and if it is not the President of the United States, then who? General Mills? Please!

Kamala Harris has been intimidated, by Trump, to finally go to the border. She went to El Paso, lied, and then ran before anyone could ask questions. She is headed toward a roundtable, of carefully selected people who agree with her on everything. This doesn’t come close to passing the smell test and even the MSM reporters noticed. If they looked around, they would notice they are in El Paso, Texas, where things are better exactly because the border was closed. That is so obvious that even the MSM noticed when Trump visited El Paso.

The liberal media was furious that Trump would claim that the border wall had helped make El Paso safer. Ultimately, in trashing Trump this article admitted that closing the border was a key factor, it just started before the fence. In 1993 Customs and Border Patrol sector Chief Sivestre Reyes developed operation “Hold the Line”, where he stationed 400 Border Patrol agents at the border. The wall, constructed later, just made this possible without resorting to a human wall.

Big changes to border security did help El Paso — it just wasn’t the fence Trump is now hailing.

In 1993, Customs and Border Protection sector chief Silvestre Reyes tried something new.

Operation “Hold the Line” stationed 400 Border Patrol agents across the border and implemented new technologies, putting a show of force along the border that effectively sealed a porous border.

The New York Times reported at the time that the effort stopped thousands of people crossing every day, crime started dropping immediately and day laborers began obtaining permits to cross the border legally instead of crossing on foot. The newspaper also noted that Reyes was applauded for cleaning up the city with limited force. Previously, the Times reported, border agents had focused on apprehending and detaining immigrants — not simply deterring them — in a tactic that bolstered budgets. The operation gathered little immediate praise, but similar show of force tactics were eventually implemented in other areas.

In other words, never allow Trump to take or get credit for anything, anywhere, anytime, regardless of circumstances. If the facts don’t fit the narrative, just lie, or make something up.

The problem for Democrats is that a lot of light is being shown on several important topics and in every case, it displays a reality far different that what the MSM is reporting. Instead, the Democratic Party and its fawning supporters in the MSM have been presenting a fatal version of reality that is doomed to die from exposure. One good thing about summer is the days are longer and it is easier to see important things in the sunlight.



Jill Biden gave a speech before a Brad Paisley show. This was incredibly stupid, because country music fans are not exactly disciples of the progressive policies shoved down our throats by the Biden misadministration. Jill met with Brad Paisley and his wife at a pop-up vaccination clinic. There were only a handful of people there. She then went next door and talked to the crowd waiting for Brad Paisley to perform. She promptly put down Tennessee as lagging far behind in getting vaccines. The crowd booed, noticeably. Everyone agrees with that. But the MSM says the crowd was booing themselves. Right!  Country Music fans are famous for booing themselves. They were booing this arrogant self-righteous woman demanding they all get vaccinated, or else.

Once, again, this is a classic example of demanding people follow the science, without regard to the actual science. My wife and I have been vaccinated. At our age, that makes sense. The older you get the more danger from getting COVID 19. In addition, if serious side effects show up 20 years from now, you can tell us about it standing over our graves. But I know many people, much younger, who don’t want the vaccine. I also know many people, much younger, who caught COVID 19. The ones who caught it are all fine with no lingering aftereffects. One of them suffered from a diminished ability to taste things that lasted about three weeks. The others were sick almost all afternoon. Numerous studies show that school age children have little risk from COVID 19, and they have little risk of spreading it. But facts don’t matter because the same science that demanded social distancing, which did not work, and wearing filthy non-medical masks, which did not work, are now demanding that people who don’t need a vaccine take it whether they want it or not. For many people, the answer is not, and they are not necessarily stupid, selfish, or ignorant. They don’t want the vaccine, that has not been approved for other than emergency use by the FDA because to them the risk is not worth the potential benefit. History teaches us that it sometimes takes years before we know the full side effects of vaccines. For younger people, that is a legitimate concern.

They also ignored something that should be obvious. As of today, there have been 33,665,482 people who were confirmed to have COVID 19. In addition, at least 177,342,954 people have received at least one vaccine shot and 150,046,005 people have been fully vaccinated. Now do some simple math to point out the obvious. First, the people who give these statistics suck at math. This is because they claim 177,342,954 people is 54% of the population while 150,045,005 is 46% of the population. Both can’t be right because that would put the total population at either 328,412,878 and 326,186,967. It sure looks like another “scientific method” of moving the goal posts whenever one gets near the target. In addition, you need to add the number of people who tested positive to the number vaccinated, because they are also immune from COVID 19. In fact, they are probably more immune that those who just had the vaccine.

But more important, is who has been vaccinated. Almost everyone I know, with a couple of notable exceptions, who is over age 60 has been vaccinated. That means the people most vulnerable have already been vaccinated. Certainly, most people over age 60 who want to be vaccinated have been vaccinated.

If people who are not vaccinated and are not at high risk, get COVID 19, they just become immune and speed up the process at which the disease will self-exterminate. Some call this herd immunity, but people like Dr. Fauci prefer “heard immunity” which means people who listen to him, whether he makes sense or not.  Democratic politicians, like Jill Biden, lecture us on following the science, which means listening to them whether they make sense or not. This is the same science that destroyed much of our economy and probably killed more people by delayed treatment than would have possibly been killed by COVID 19. COVID 19, contrary to CNN, is not the only thing that kills people. For example watching Don Lemon or Anderson Cooper represents a serious risk of being bored to death.

Anyhow, did the crowd at that Tennessee concert boo themselves, or did they boo Jill Biden. If Trump or Mike Pence or Melania Trump had received this response to something they said, the MSM would have had zero difficulty understanding who was and was not being booed. Here’s a clue. Stand up in front of any crowd, especially a crowd filled with country music fans. Ask them to boo themselves. Good luck with that.

No matter how they spin it, this is not the only crowd that is booing arrogant, ignorant, and selfish people demanding everyone do something they consider worthless and potentially dangerous. As for me, if you want to get a vaccine, get one. If you have had COVID 19, you probably shouldn’t get one, but check with your doctor. Either way, I have been vaccinated. I can’t hurt you and you can’t hurt me. End of story.

One final thought. Jon Rahm got COVID 19. He had to withdraw from the Memorial Golf Tournament, even though he was leading by 6 strokes. He was ordered to be isolated from everyone, including his parents. This debilitating disease devastated him so much that he barely won the U.S.



Joe Biden signed the bill making June teenth a national holiday. Democrats should start any celebration of June 19th with an apology.

On June 19, 1865, Union Major General Gordon Granger arrived Galveston Texas and issued General Order Number 3, freeing the slaves. For many slaves, this was their first notice that they were free. It is good that we celebrate this. But it is interesting to note who is taking and receiving credit. Donald Trump may have accidentally made this possible Last year, he scheduled a rally on June 19, 2020, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It does not appear that either he or his staff were even aware of the significance of June 19th. Naturally, Democrats and their fawning idiots in the MSM screamed bloody murder that he was dishonoring the Tulsa, Massacre. The Tulsa Massacre, which was truly horrible, happened on May 31 and June 1, 1921. Donald Trump missed an opportunity. He should have pointed out that the people who committed that massacre were Democrats with their Klu Klux Klan buddies and most African Americans in Oklahoma in 1921 were Republican. So ironically, the liberal left trashed Donald Trump for something done by white Democrats to black Republicans. Joe Biden obviously knew nothing about June teenth, because he never mentioned it. He was too busy trying to blame Donald Trump for racist acts done by Democrats.

Oklahoma was a very racist state from day one. When they were admitted to the union the newly created state legislature immediately passed Jim Crow laws. These segregated all rail travel and made it nearly impossible for Black Americans to vote, serve on juries or hold local public office.  These laws were still enforced until 1965 when they were ruled unconstitutional after passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. You know the voting rights acts those southern democrats tried desperately to stop. The Klu Klux Klan was responsible for a lot of the violence, which was not limited to the Tulsa Massacre.

I have never understood why Republicans are not better at messaging. That is particularly true when the facts are so overwhelmingly in favor of Republicans. While there have probably been some white supremacists and racists who were Republicans, they were not major players in the Republican party. However, there are numerous examples of white supremacists who were leaders in the Democratic Party. The reality is that the Democratic Party, for much of its existence, was the party of institutionalized racism. They didn’t even pretend. It is amazing that so many black people give John F Kennedy credit for civil rights. He literally had the FBI spy on Martin Luther King. Please! Those who do this ignore the history. While JFK may have been more liberal, regarding equal rights that his southern allies, he chose LBJ to be his VP to send a strong message to those racist southern democrats that he would not focus on civil rights and end segregation. He won the closest Presidential election in history, may have stolen it in Chicago, solely because of his decision to choose LBJ. That is a historical fact, ignored by those who desperately wanted and needed a Democratic hero regarding civil rights. Earth to Democrats. While some Democrats, like Hubert Humphrey, were leaders regarding civil rights, he was pushed aside by people like JFK. When JFK and Martin Luther King were assassinated, LBJ did not push civil rights, he went along with it because he had no choice.

Much of the history of the Democratic Party is indefensible. To understand how bad this really was, check out the slogan for the 1868 Democratic National Convention: “This is a White Man’s Country, Let White Men Rule”. While Democrats blame this all on Southern Democrats, who did return to power in 1868, the ticket chosen was Horatio Seymour, former Governor of New York, and Francis P. Blair, former congressman from Missouri. Other Democrats who ran for president were George H. Pendleton of Ohio, Thomas A. Hendricks of Indian, Former Major General Winfield Scott Hancock of Pennsylvania, Andrew Johnson who was President at the time, Sanford E. Church of New York. Asa Packer of Pennsylvania, James E. English of Connecticut, Joel Parker of new Jersey, James Rood Doolittle of Wisconsin, Stephen J. Field of California, Samuel Chase of Ohio, and John T. Hoffman of New York. Obviously, a lot of northern Democrats supported this platform.

If you move back to 1864, it is even worse. The Democratic Party, at that time all northern Democrats, was bitterly split between War Democrats and Peace Democrats. These were sometimes called Copperheads because they openly favored the south. Incredibly Copperheads continued to support letting confederate states rejoin the union, even while keeping slavery intact. They felt that failure to do this would result in another civil war.

This is what the 1864 DNC resolved:

Resolved, That this convention does explicitly declare, as the sense of the American people, that after four years of failure to restore the Union by the experiment of war, during which, under the pretense of a military necessity of war-power higher than the Constitution, the Constitution itself has been disregarded in every part, and public liberty and private right alike trodden down, and the material prosperity of the country essentially impaired, justice, humanity, liberty, and the public welfare demand that immediate efforts be made for a cessation of hostilities, with a view of an ultimate convention of the States, or other peaceable means, to the end that, at the earliest practicable moment, peace may be restored on the basis of the Federal Union of the States.

The evidence is clear, that in addition to being willing to condone slavery, Democrats, as they did over 100 years later in Vietnam, were willing to end a war, without regard to the consequences, just before clear victory was in sight. I personally witnessed this in Vietnam. The U.S. had won that war, the North Vietnamese had given up and signed a peace treaty. If that treaty had been enforced, South Vietnam would probably look like South Korean today. But Democrats not only refused to allow defense of that treaty, but they also wouldn’t even provide the aid so that South Vietnam could defend itself. In taking this action they threw the sacrifices of all those who fought and particularly those who died in Vietnam on the scrapheap of history. Once again, Democrats who had originally supported a war, decided that after careful reflection it wasn’t worth it after all.

Contrast that with what Lincoln said about this:

But, in a larger sense, we can not dedicate — we can not consecrate — we can not hallow — this ground. The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here, have consecrated it, far above our poor power to add or detract. The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here. It is for us the living, rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced. It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us — that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion — that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain — that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom — and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

At a time when Critical Race Theory is being proposed to blame all the problems we face on white supremacy, they ignore who were those white supremacists in the first place. They were Democrats. They were supported and encouraged by the Democratic Party. The Klu Klux Klan was highly connected with the Democratic Party. It was South Democrats who literally filibustered the Civil Right Act. It was Republicans who fought to end discrimination long before Democrats were on board. Read the platform approved by the DNC in 1948:

We stand for the segregation of the races and the racial integrity of each race; the constitutional right to choose one’s associates; to accept private employment without governmental interference, and to earn one’s living in any lawful way. We oppose the elimination of segregation, the repeal of miscegenation statutes, the control of private employment by Federal bureaucrats called for by the misnamed civil rights program. We favor home-rule, local self-government, and a minimum interference with individual rights.

We oppose and condemn the action of the Democratic Convention in sponsoring a civil rights program calling for the elimination of segregation, social equality by Federal fiat, regulations of private employment practices, voting, and local law enforcement.

Note: Democrats who supported civil rights in 1948 where literally shouted down by white supremacists.

Now contrast that with the 1948 Republican platform.

Constant and effective insistence on the personal dignity of the individual, and his right to complete justice without regard to race, creed or color, is a fundamental American principle…

Lynching or any other form of mob violence anywhere is a disgrace to any civilized state, and we favor the prompt enactment of legislation to end this infamy.

One of the basic principles of this Republic is the equality of all individuals in their right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. This principle is enunciated in the Declaration of Independence and embodied in the Constitution of the United States; it was vindicated on the field of battle and became the cornerstone of this Republic. This right of equal opportunity to work and to advance in life should never be limited in any individual because of race, religion, color, or country of origin. We favor the enactment and just enforcement of such Federal legislation as may be necessary to maintain this right at all times in every part of this Republic.

We favor the abolition of the poll tax as a requisite to voting.

We are opposed to the idea of racial segregation in the armed services of the United States.

Incredibly many black Americans have been convinced that the Democratic Party is the party of civil rights, and the Republican Party is the party of white supremacy and racism. Democrats argue, with no evidence, that all those racist Southern Democrats became Republicans. That is not only wrong, but also absurd. Look at all the buildings in Washington D.C. named after racist Southern Democrats who never even considering apologizing for their racism. Instead, they were praised as mentors by people like Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden.

One need only look at cities run by Democrats to notice one thing. This is where racial segregation still exists today and where black Americans are impacted negatively as a result. Democratic Party policies have led to highly subsidized and concentrated low income housing. This jams a ton of people, dependent on the government, into housing projects that are notorious for crime and violence. That is the opposite of equality. Meanwhile the rich Democrats, like Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Watters, live in luxurious gated communities physically separated from the mess they created with their insane policies. Now they are proposing more of the same and the results will be the same.

Every honest advocate for protecting wildlife understands something important. If you take a wild animal and make it dependent on humans for food and shelter, they quickly become incapable of surviving in the real world. That is why Yellowstone National Park, on the verge of extinction, was brought back from the brink by allowing predators to return and allowing nature to take its course. The result is that even the herds, like Elk, that were and are preyed upon by powerful predators are healthier than ever before.

Republicans need to stop the nonsense and demand a return to the truth. They also need to stop apologizing, for things done by Democrats, and instead remind black Americans two things. First, a reminder of who historically who was their friend and who was their most feared enemy. Second, point out that real equality does not come from handouts, with restrictive strings attached, but rather from someone who offers you an equal chance on a level playing field. Just think about this. No sports team becomes great until they compete on a level playing field with top quality competitors. If the game is rigged, even seemingly on their behalf, it makes them weaker, not stronger.

We should celebrate the teenth, by telling the truth about why this was necessary in the first place. Who was holding people in slavery, even after slaves had been emancipated and who set them free? It sure wasn’t the Democratic Party. As I said earlier, the only proper way for a modern day Democrat to celebrate the teenth is by starting with an apology.  We need to start telling the truth, to the teenth degree and the people who will benefit the most from this will be black Americans who have been lied to by Democrats, and have suffered the consequences, for far too long.



When I listened, briefly, to Joe Biden’s comments following his meeting with Putin I did not expect much. I was shocked to learn it was even worse than expected. Joe Biden said he gave Putin a list of 16 infrastructure items that the U.S. considered to be critical  to national security. He told Putin that if Russia attacked any of those, there would be consequences. Putin was probably laughing so hard it created the mistaken impression that he was shaking in his boots.

This was irredeemably stupid. Perhaps the best option would be if the list were inaccurate. But odds are this is one of the few things the Biden administration got right. I immediately thought, so if Russia attacks anything not on the list, that would be ok? Give me a break. It would be like if someone threatened your family and you said: “Hey, my wife and kids are off limits.” Does that mean it would be ok if someone offs Uncle Fred? In addition, this is exactly the kind of information you do not want to give to anyone with criminal intent. It be like someone winning a huge lottery and then saying: “Don’t anyone hurt anyone on this list, or I will get mad.” That would instantly become a shopping list for kidnappers.

I worked in intelligence, and I never talk about truly secret things. But I can say that the most dangerous intelligence is what we know about our enemy that they do not know we know. This is why when Winston Churchill allegedly heard that a radio intercept revealed German plans to bomb Coventry, he refused to allow anyone to give a warning or evacuation orders. Thousands of people died as the result of that raid. But Churchill felt that it was more important to protect the knowledge that Britain has broken the enigma Code. I would not want to be the person making that decision. But history tells us that Churchill got it right, because breaking the enigma code helped defeat the U-Boats and ultimately helped defeat Germany. Churchill is reported to have said the most unethical decision he could ever make was to let Hitler win the war.

By the way, Alan Turing was a brilliant man who basically invented the computer. There are some movies out there that give the impression that he broke the enigma code all by himself. That was not close to true. It took an entire team to do that. What Turning did was perfect the machine doing the calculations necessary to break the code. It was the foundation of the modern-day computer.

But many people don’t realize that it was the Poles who were instrumental in breaking the enigma code. It was Polish mathematicians who cracked the initial enigma code in the 1930s. They also built the machine that Turing later perfected. Marian Rejewski invented something called the cyclometer and Jerzy Rozycki added a clock to it. It set a catalogue of all the possible setting and by comparison could figure out the initial setting.  By 1938 they were reading 75% of enigma messages. When Germany upgraded the enigma, on September 15, 1938, just before the Munich conference. It represented a real challenge. That is when the Poles invented the “bomba” which was a version of the cyclometer that could use a system of electric revolving rotors that could generate 17,576 different combinations of the code in about two hours. The machines would stop automatically if they got a solution. If you watched the movie Enigma, you see the machine the British called the “bombs.” The machine perfected by Alan Turing. No one mentioned it was a Polish word meaning “splendid.

I learned much of this while working with American code breakers during the Vietnam War. They knew first hand the true history of codes, who broke them and how it was done. If you read Wikipedia or watch any of the movies, none of them mention the Poles. Incredibly, after these people escaped Germany, at horrendous personal risk, they were not allowed to work on enigma anymore because the British didn’t trust them.  The following article from does an excellent job of reporting a story greatly underreported elsewhere.,of%20the%20war%2C%20especially%20the%20Battle%20of%20

Well, now thanks to Joe, Russia was just handled a road map to our destruction. It is hard to imagine any rational reason for doing this. Previously, we were all too concerned over the fact that Joe Biden is showing such obvious signs of senility. Maybe, just maybe, the real danger comes from people, unknown, who are writing the foolish words he is misreading off of pre-printed note cards.



The Daily Mail is not exactly a pro-Trump rag. But they do report things that are ignored by the MSM in the U.S. When you think about it, this is embarrassing. We learn more about or current President from the foreign press than from our own news media. This article where a Body Language expert analyzes Biden and Putin during the Geneva summit is stunning for a lot of reasons. One is that this, sadly, reinforces what we saw with our own eyes. Biden was over matched and to the extent he was paying attention, he knew he was over matched. Putin knew that, and  the results were catastrophic. It is extremely unlikely that Biden had any impact on Putin at all, other than as a foil. Putin got most of what he wanted before even meeting with Biden. Putin clearly does not respect Biden and secretly he is probably insulted that anyone would consider Biden to be close to his equal. Putin, on the other hand, did respect Donald Trump.

Putin-Biden summit: Body language expert gives his view on events in Geneva | Daily Mail Online

There are other body language experts, who have very different views. Here is one of them:

Body-language expert says Putin’s lack of eye contact and tapping fingers showed impatience, while Biden was more open (

None of them were impressed with Joe.

I think anyone with an ounce of objectivity realizes that the real problem is that Biden never was that impressive.  He is famous for telling self-serving lies that are ridiculously unbelievable. Now add in the obvious dementia where is forgets things and seems to get lost. We know Biden is lying, he is famous for lying, now it is just more difficult to figure if Biden even knows he is lying.

Putin was asked by a reporter about Biden telling this idiotic story about him looking at Putin, straight in the eye, and saying “you have no soul.” To which Putin allegedly said: “we understand each other.” Putin just said he does not remember that happening. Everyone understood he was saying that it never happened. There is no way Putin for forget something like this. Biden, on the other hand, has always had strong memories about things that never happened.

Biden has a life-long history of telling obvious lies all designed to make him look brilliant. He lied about his law school grades. He even lied about the accident in which is first wife was killed. He had been accused of plagiarism on numerous occasions and the allegations always turned out to be true. Putin noticed this and described this as “macho posturing.” That is rich from someone like Putin who is famous for “macho posturing” like riding his horse bareback etc. The difference is that while Putin overstates his own ability, he is certainly a lot more macho than Joe Biden.

It is increasingly obvious that Joe Biden is totally incapable of fulfilling the duties of the President of the United States. This is not a minor problem. The President may be called on to make very difficult decision, with lives at stake, under extreme stress. This is difficult for anyone. It is impossible for someone with the office cognitive issues demonstrated daily by Joe Biden. The latest example was when he got angry and snapped back at a CNN report for daring to ask him a question. In addition to be rude, this is evidence of a far more serious problem. This is clearly someone who gets angry and makes rash and irresponsible decisions. Donald Trump was routinely accused of this because he suggested something others did not like. But ultimately, he made good decisions. That is the difference between a President and, well, Joe Biden.

His performance was so bad that even the traveling press corps, which has been singing his praises since day one, are now openly annoyed. The real shock, to everyone include Joe Biden, was that a CNN reporter asked him a real question and demanded a real answer. Expect more of this. Imagine spending 8 days in Europe, supposedly part of the White House Press Corp, only to learn that the foreign media has far more access to Joe Biden than you and all you can do is repeat information reported by the Russian media with no independent verification.

Once the blinders come off, everything suddenly comes into focus. Stephen Colbert, who absolutely hated Donald Trump and all conservatives appears to have completely flipped. He had John Stewart on, who ridiculed COVID 19. Colbert tried, and failed, to rein him in. Then Dana Carvey appeared on his show and gave a brutal impersonation of Joe Biden. Then, last night, Colbert mocked Joe Biden himself. I suspect that Colbert learned something important. Joe Biden is the real joke and if you want to be successful comedian that someone wants to hear, then it is time to start joining the chorus. If Colbert wants anyone to watch his show, he must seize the day, which means trashing Biden. The good news for Colbert is that Biden provides an abundance of material and Colbert doesn’t even have to lie and make things up anymore, like he did with Trump.

Things are heating up rapidly and it is not limited to the weather. The problem is that if you make people dependent on the federal government, they become dependent on the federal government. Margaret Thatcher once said the problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money. Well, welcome to the summer of 2021. is reporting that there are about 8 million people who are about to either be evicted because of foreclosure or because of failure to pay rents. The Federal Government imposed an eviction moratorium during the pandemic. It is questionable as to whether it even had the legal authority to do that. Now that the pandemic is over, the Federal Government doesn’t have that authority. So as the same time employment checks stop coming, landlords are going to start cleaning house. If the meantime the Biden administration thinks they are going to spend trillions on shovel ready jobs. They are more likely to spend trillions trying to clean up the existing mess.

Imagine you live in a rental home. You are behind on your rent. You get evicted. This is just in time for the heat wave and by the way, the power is out. You can’t find another house to rent at a price you can afford. If you don’t go back to work, you lose your unemployment. If you do go back to work, you get less money and pay taxes. Gas is double what it was last year and increasing daily. Crime is soaring. BLM and Antifa are rioting and destroying things. Migrants continue to flood in and some of them are being housed, near you, with federal money no longer available to you. Who are you going to blame, Trump? No, the media has successfully silenced him, and he has been replaced by Joe. And, oh, there is more and more evidence that the election was rigged. The MSM will start to turn on Biden, but people are going to be angry at almost everyone and that will include the people who lied to make this mess possible.

Do not overestimate the impact of rising gas prices. An increase in gas costs the average family more than a tax increase. It is a tax you can’t avoid; a tax you see every time you try and fill your car. Welcome to summertime when the living ain’t easy.



When something dies, one of the first thing coroners looks for is the onset of rigor mortis.  That is when the joints and muscle start to stiffen. This is something that lasts from one to four days.  It is sometimes called the third stage of death. Today, we are watching the onset of “Rigger’s More This” where those who conspired to put Joe Biden in the White House are showing significant signs indicating death. If they don’t figure this out, they will be truly dead. The man they hated, Donald Trump, was one of the most accessible Presidents in history. He routinely answered questions whenever he walked over to Marine One. Often the questions were vicious, mean, and distorted. They were often intended to embarrass or humiliate him. Reporters like Jim Acosta always found a way to ask an idiotic irrelevant question and then quick misinterpret the answer. But Trump still gave them access. As a result, they survived and to some extent thrived. That is because trashing Trump was good for business, the fake-news business.

Now they got their man, Joe, and he is easily the least accessible President in modern history. If he does give a press conference, which is extremely rare, he calls on select reporters, in a specific order, with pre-determined questions, and note cards with pre-printed answers. Even then he tends to muck things up and this usually lasts about twenty minutes, which is ten minutes longer than his current attention span.

It didn’t matter. He was not Trump, so the press pretended this was ok. They gushed over him. The discussed him in glowing terms and used words like ‘Rooseveltan.” Only the shrinking number of KoolAid drinkers were buying this. The networks ratings are in the toilet. CNN has to bribe people to get any viewing audience. But “Joe, Joe, he’s our man, everything is spic and span.”

Then Joe went overseas and promptly embarrassed himself and the United States on the international stage. He was so out of touch he literally interrupted Boris Johnson to introduce the President of South Africa, after Boris Johnson had already introduced him. This was so bad the entire G7 could not restrain the laughter. It is clear that Joe has become the rapidly aging uncle with Alzheimer’s, that often does things that are hilarious but not one takes him seriously. The G7 representatives tried desperately to pretend Joe was effective, primarily because he stupidly agreed with everything they asked. Then the MSM pretended this was some form of leadership. In the meantime, the fully vaccinated, the few, the proud, the self-chosen, bravely stood 10 feet apart bravely not wearing masks. They looked like the world’s ugliest chess board.  Joe, in the meantime, ignored the U.S. press. He was too busy embarrassing himself by wearing mirrored sunglasses to meet with the queen, who he described as warm and loving, like his aging mother. You can’t even make this stuff up.

Then he met with Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the leader of Turkey. You know the one who is trying to turn Turkey, which was a famously secularly Arab nation into another Islamic state. You know the guy who told Putin Israel needs to be taught a lesson? After a fist pump, he met with Joe. The first thing that happened was that American reporters were kicked out and all the subsequent reporting was done by Al Jazeera. Erdogan then said that all of the problems between Turkey and the U.S. could be solved. Of course, they can, Joe will give him whatever he wants and then forget he did it.

Then on to the big summit with Putin. The very first thing that happened was that Russian personnel pushed out American reporters. When Trump met with Putin, he was hammered by the press, even after Trump personally insisted, they be allowed to stay. His crime was not hammering Putin for interfering in the 2016 election, primarily because there was little evidence of this and because no one in either party thought this had any impact on the results. However, this was more then enough to convince the MSM of the Russian collusion theory, which has been completely debunked. When Putin and Trump were done, they held a joint press conference. When Putin and Biden were done, much earlier than expected, Putin gave a press conference already. Joe was waiting for his staff to type up cue cards and set up the TelePrompTer. Putin came dangerously close to smiling. Putin perhaps described Biden best when he described him as a “political career man prone to hollow macho posturing.” Nailed it. Of course, Hillary says that Biden is repairing the damage done by Trump. Then, incredibly, she reminded people of the giant Reset button she pressed to repair relations with Russia during the Obama administration. This is beyond pathetic.

You may or not hear much of this from the MSM, but they know. They also recognize the early onset of “Rigger’s More This,”  If they don’t do something, and soon, people will wonder why there are there at all. Unfortunately, this is what they can expect, and worse, for the next three and half years. In the meantime, in addition to mucking things up at home, Joe is now mucking things up internationally. If only the MSM was invited to even see a glimpse of what’s happening and if they did get such a glimpse, would they ever dare to admit it.



Joe Biden is confronting Vladimir Putin, face to face. He bravely plans on doing this without wearing a mask. We can be certain that Putin is terrified. Terrified that he will somehow fail to vanquish the weakest opponent he has ever encountered on a public stage. Putin knows this is the ultimate mismatch and anything other than eating Biden’s lunch will be considered a huge loss.

On the other hand, Biden has almost nothing to lose, because few honest reporters expect any positive results. Putin will agree only to things Putin wants and is unlikely to give any consideration to something suggested by Biden. This has already gone south, with Putin arguing that it was the U.S. Capitol police that assassinated someone during a peaceful political protest. He is, of course, referring to the shooting of Ashli Babbitt, who was an unarmed Trump supporter. You know the same Ashli Babbitt that Biden says was part of the greatest attack on American Democracy since the Civil War. The same January 6, 2021, armed insurrection where the only people carrying firearms were the Capitol Police. That same armed insurrection where people have been tracked down and arrested because they were outed on social media for, gasp, daring to enter the Capitol grounds to protest the 2020 election. Or more accurately, to protest the failure of ANYONE to investigation the mountainous evidence of fraud during that election. That insurrection.

Putin’s allegation is absurd, but so is Biden’s allegation that this was an armed insurrection. He called Biden’s bluff, on the international stage. The inevitable result is that the MSM will rush to prove Putin wrong and inadvertently prove that it is Biden who is spreading nonsense. Nice start.

Biden is already calling this a summit, which makes it more important, also giving Putin a strategic win. The truth Russia doesn’t even make the top ten in terms of economic production, coming in behind Canada. The U.S. and the Soviet Union were once considered the world’s two superpowers. Now the U.S. stands alone with Russia not even showing up in the rear view mirror. So, the mere fact that Biden is meeting with Putin, and calling it an important summit, is a win for Putin. Particularly when Biden says he is unconcerned about the military threat from Russia, he is focused almost entirely on combating climate change.

Biden is also terrified over domestic terrorism which he describes as racism and white supremacy. How many of you have seen white supremacist violence reported on TV? Charlottesville is the closest thing to that, and that involved the decision to remove a statute of Robert E. Lee. There were protestors on both sides and the local police deliberately let them mingle. The inevitable result was violence with considerable dispute over who hit who first. Now I am hardly a fan of white supremacists, but neither is anyone I know. I am sure they exist and there are probably more of them then we realize, but we don’t really hear much about them. That is because every time they raise their head above the bushes everyone dumps on them. America is very united on one subject, no one other than real white supremacists supports these people.

Most of the violence is coming from groups like Antifa and BLM, literally cheered on by supporting leftists and inspired by deliberate media distortion of events like the death of George Floyd. But that doesn’t matter to Joe, he is terrified by white supremacy. Now he is meeting face to face with someone who understand domestic terrorism. This is not likely to end well.

When the Boston bombers attacked the Boston Marathon, some of our U.S. officials allegedly reached out to Russia for help. That is because the bombers were from Chechnya, which is part of the Republic of Georgia. The alleged response was “now you understand what we have been dealing with.” The Russian government tried to warn us that Boston Marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev was a violent radical Islamicist more than 18 months before the April 2013 bombing, but the Obama administration, like the Biden administration, was far more terrified of white supremacist, all six of them.

When Biden tries to confront Putin, regarding one Russian dissident currently in jail, Putin will probably laugh and tell Joe to look in his own mirrored sunglasses, because in his opinion, not totally without merit, the U.S. literal shot and killed someone solely for participating in a political protest. This does not mean that Putin is not one mean nasty dude with a reputation for killing opponents, it just means that people wearing mirrored sunglasses shouldn’t throw stones.

Unfortunately, the sad truth is that the frail, racist, senile, incompetent, shell of a human being posing, unsuccessfully, as the President of the United States is about to be confronted by Vladimir Putin who is all too capable. This is not only unlikely to end well, but we will also be lucky if it is anything short of a complete fiasco. We are about to see Bear Putin on full display and it should frighten anyone paying attention.