I have always loved San Francisco. It is one of the few places on this earth where no picture can do it justice.  The real thing needs no enhancement. However, thanks to decades of Democratic leadership, it is rapidly becoming the “Pity by the Bay.”

We had season tickets to the San Francisco Giants for over 25 years. But then in 2020, I decided to give up my tickets. There were three main reasons for this decision. One was that the Giants were playing horribly. A far change from the team that won three World Series. Another was that because of this poor performance, the Giants were scrambling to sell tickets.  I found my self sitting next to someone who had paid half the price I paid because of price slashing by the Giants. I was disgusted that a season ticket holder was expected to pay more than someone who bought a ticket 24 hours before the game. But the final straw was the rapid deterioration of the environment around the ballpark. For over 25 years we had a nice, pleasant walk to the stadium. But in more recent years, homeless people started camping out everywhere. It became impossible to walk to the stadium without being confronted several times by someone begging for money. At times it was actually scary to walk to and from the stadium.

The timing turned out to be brilliant, because it was in March of 2020 and about a week later, COVID 19 hit. The Giants played in front of empty seats. I often wonder how long I would have waited to get a refund if I had renewed my tickets.

Several years ago, San Francisco self-righteously decided it would boycott conservative states that did not embrace “San Francisco” values. At last count, that was up to 30 states. But there was a problem. It turned out that while none of these 30 states needed San Francisco, San Francisco needed them. Just recently, the Board of Supervisors quietly reversed this idiotic decision, because nothing was gained, except high costs and inconvenience.

San Francisco Ends Boycott of 30 States with Conservative Laws after Limitations Proved Ineffective, Costly (

Bud Light and more recently Fox News both embraced the woke movement with disastrous results. It turned out that Bud Light needed those disgusting redneck right wing conservatives more than they needed Bud Light. The stock price fell like a stone and there has been an immediate and probably permanent drop in Bud Light sales. Then Fox News fired Tucker Carlson without considering the significance of firing someone with a huge audience.

Something really big is happening and it will change our world. The experiment of punishing firms for failing to go woke has been a massive failure. For example, Chick-fil-A was boycotted by the liberal left because it was considered to be in opposition to the LGBTQ+ community. The result of the boycott was that Chick-fil-a had to put up with record sales. While the woke community assumes that everyone with half a brain shares their values, the reality is the exact opposite:

Chick-fil-A boycott: How did liberals forget to cancel the chicken chain? (

Bed Bath and Beyond arrogantly and self-righteously decided to stop selling “My Pillow” products. Perhaps it is a coincidence, but Bed Bath & Beyond recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Closing several stores was not enough to save the company.

Bed Bath & Beyond files for bankruptcy after years of declining sales (

The real message here, ignored too often by politicians in both parties, is that if the people who work for a living stop buying things, you stop selling things. No matter how much the “woke” community embraces your decision, there either aren’t enough of them to matter, or they just aren’t the people who buy things. Either way, Margaret Thatcher was right when she said the reason socialism always fails is that eventually they run out of other people’s money.

There are other things happening, ignored by the MSM. People aren’t exactly lining up to buy electric vehicles (EVs). They also aren’t moving north to escape global warming. It turns out that instead of fearing climate change destroying the world, we should fear those who are using the irrational fear of climate change to promote self-righteous, progressive, and frankly stupid programs guaranteed to fail.

While we all should reject racism and we should avoid discriminating against people just because they are different, we shouldn’t forget that sometimes the most important factor to consider is pure competence. This is easy to explain. Would you feel safer if you needed critical heart surgery if the doctor was less experienced and unqualified but was transgender. How about the person flying that airliner.

I used to do a lot of public speaking and I Often posed a simple question. “Suppose you were in a car, and you wanted to go from San Francisco to Los Angeles. About five hours later, you noticed a sign saving “Welcome to Oregon.” You asked the driver why you were entering Oregon, which is north of San Francisco, when we wanted to go to Los Angeles, which is South of San Francisco. The driver arrogantly says, ‘You don’t understand, I have been driving very carefully, within the speed limit. I have obeyed every traffic sign. My driving has been superb.’ But you reply, but I wanted and needed to go to Los Angeles. It doesn’t matter how carefully you drive if you are headed in the wrong direction.”

The entire country is headed in the wrong direction, and that is becoming increasingly obvious. One shocking example of that is the “Pity by the Bay.”  A place where a 22-story glass office building is on sale for $60 million. A couple of years ago, the price would have been $300 million. It turns out a million-dollar view is worthless you are distracted by an entire city rushing full speed ahead in the wrong direction.



Tucker Carlson was fired by FOX News. Don Lemon was fired by CNN. What an amazing coincidence. But there is a stark difference between the two firings. Lemon was fired for a lot of reasons, but one was that few people wanted to watch him anymore. His ratings were horrible.

Tucker Carlson was the exact opposite. His ratings were very high, and he had (has) a loyal viewing audience. We may never know all the reasons for firing him. But the timing of this indicates that the settlement of the Dominion lawsuit against FOX may have been a factor. But it is interesting to note that Tucker was the one given access to the January 6th video tapes that were covered-up by the January 6th committee. He showed videos that painted a very different version of events. Then, suddenly, he was stopped from showing any more of them. There were reports that he was going to show a video of Ray Epps that would have been difficult to ignore.

This creates a huge problem for FOX and an even bigger problem for the establishment. It seems unlikely that Tucker will just disappear. Whether you like him or not, he has a tremendous ability to communicate. Soon and very soon he will resurface, somewhere. CNN is unlikely to hire him. Neither are any of the other members of the MSM. But just perhaps there is some smart executive out there who sees the obvious. A primetime show featuring Tucker Carlson may just be exactly what is needed to knock FOX off its’ rating perch. The people who make these kind of decisions seldom do so for the right reason, they do so because it helps them make money. If Tucker can make someone a lot of money, that will be hard to resist.

The other problem is that trying to silence someone like Tucker Carlson requires coverage of the problem with his reporting. In other words, they have to report on what he said about the election. They have to report on January 6th. They will spin this reporting to protect Biden and Democrats, like they always do. But that could backfire. For example, the recent episode where CBS interviewed Ray Epps is just ridiculous. That interview was absurd. There are videos of Epp openly encouraging people to advance on the Capitol. Other people who did a lot less are in jail, waiting, and waiting, and waiting for trial. The man on video shrieking at people to invade the Capitol is a lot of things, but someone who was horrified by the “insurrection” is not on the list. Another problem is that this may make Ray Epps, someone unknown to almost everyone, an very important person. The more one learns about Mr. Epps the more questions that will generate.

There are already reports that people are cancelling their subscription to Fox Nation effective immediately. Some reports say that Fox News is continuing paying Tucker’s salary. Other reports are saying he was fired, with cause, and gets no severance. Obviously, someone is really wrong here. One thing is certain, we will hear from Tucker Carlson again, and soon. If Fox fired Tucker, without providing incentive for him to remain off the airways, that will compound the error.

The entire country seems to be on a collision course with reality. One reality, often ignored, is that the people who should be most embarrassed are those in leadership of the Republican Party. If Democrats stole a Presidential election, which sure seems likely if not probable, then Republicans let them do it. It is easy to trash Democrats, particularly when someone like Joe Biden is the face of the Democratic party. But the flip side of that coin is that the Republican Party lost to arguably the worst candidate in American history. My goodness if Republicans can’t explain why Joe Biden is, was and always will be a disaster, then find someone who can. If you’re concerned about Democrats routinely steamrolling Republicans, find Republicans who can figure out a way to stop this from happening. The bottom line is that if Democrats are the bumbling class of clowns, we all hate, then why do they keep beating us? Part of the problem is with RINO Republicans who fail to understand that you cannot safely compromise with people who have zero interest in real compromise. Democrats never really compromise; they just hold critical programs hostage until Republicans compromise their agenda. That is exactly what is happening now. Joe Biden is not budging with regard to raising the debt limit. He knows that with the help of the MSM propaganda arm of the Democratic Party, Republicans will get all the blame for problems caused by refusing to raise the debt limit. Biden is more than willing to hold the economy hostage, and RINO Republicans are famous for compromising with economic terrorism.

There are recent reports that Paul Ryan, on the board of FOX news, is leading the charge to downplay the problems with the election, to move on from Donald Trump, and now to terminate Tucker Carlson. It appears that Ryan, easily the most ineffective Republican Speaker of the House in history, is now on a mission to demand FOX News embrace the identical policies that have resulted in Republicans repeatedly snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

But regardless of the ineptitude of the Republican leadership class, Democrats are digging a hole from which it may be impossible to extract themselves. That would require strong leadership from true moderate Democrats, which are increasingly rare and on the verge of extinction. This is a case study in the inmates taking over the institution with predictable results. The rarest group of persons in the United States is anyone with the slightest amount of honest education who thinks things are headed in the right direction. A lot of people don’t want Donald Trump to be President of the United States and an even larger group of people want anybody other than Joe Biden. All of them agree that things are not going well and there is little realistic hope of that changing any time soon.

This may be the ultimate cost of Fox News dumping Tucker Carlson. At least at Fox News there were staff members and senior management demanding moderation. They wanted him to stop talking about the stolen election. They wanted him to stop talking about January 6th. They wanted him to stop talking about the Ukraine war. But, instead, they may have just put him in a better position with an even bigger microphone, without all the filters. What really matters is not what Tucker Carlson says, but rather the reality of the facts he is reporting. The more people learn about what really happened during the 2020 election and on January 6th, the harder it will be for the MSM and the establishment in both parties to hide the truth and sustain the cover-up

Facts, as always, are stubborn things and when there is so much chaos in this world, a lot of people are getting “tuckered out “ by the “same-old, same-old.” Ironically FOX News terminating Tucker may achieve the exact opposite of what was intended.



Sometimes the easiest thing to predict is the unpredictable. Let’s be honest here, things are getting seriously weird. Joe Biden, the poorest excuse for a President of the United States, at least in modern history, is expected to announce his plans for reelection next week. How is this possible. Even a majority of Democrats apparently don’t want him to run, at least according to the recent polls. So why is this even an option? The obviously answer is Donald Trump. Democrats are willing to do almost anything to prevent Donald Trump from returning to the White House, and almost anything includes pretending Joe Biden is remotely capable of being President of the United States.

Joe is so bad that there are reports Democrats will not hold any debates during the next primary season. This decision was probably made after a review of the performance by the class of 2020. Just wrap your head around this, Joe Biden was considered a better option than any of the above.

If you wrote a movie script this bad, not one would bother watching. Yet even though Joe is a pathetic excuse for a human being, he is far better than anyone else Democrats can even consider. Incredibly, next in line for the Presidency is Kamala Harris, quite possibly the only person who actually makes Joe Biden look good in comparison. Yet Democrats don’t have a replacement for her either, because that would require a black female. Know anyone? Democrats are desperately searching for a better options. But there really is no one out there.

So far, the only option for Biden on the distant horizon is Pete Buttigieg.  Seriously folks, after Buttigieg there is a really stark drop off. Gavin Newsom considers himself God’s gift to humanity, But the only people actually buying this are the residents of San Francisco seriously expecting to get $5 million in reparations. Consider the wisdom of this, people who live in a state that never allowed slaves are going to tax people who never owned slaves to pay people who never were slaves. If you need any further evidence of election fraud, look no further. Does anyone really believe that serious people in either party are buying this nonsense?

We are going to reduce our dependence on electricity by requiring people to purchase more things powered by electricity. What could possibly go wrong? Well start by letting China build a huge electrical battery plant in Big Rapids, Michigan.

Joe Manchin is shocked, shocked I tell you, to learn that coal is one of the fossil fuels on the Biden chopping block. What, Joe? (Manchin), you honestly believed that Joe Biden was being serious? Did you believe he was capable of being serious. Those who are terrified by climate change are incapable of rational thought. AOC wants to spend $93 trillion, yes $93 trillion, to save us from climate change. It would be far less expensive to just save us from people like her.

Joe Biden’s international policy is so awful that it may be brilliant. I mean who else could have predicted that letting Russia invade The Ukraine would do more harm to Russia than Ukraine. Young men of draft age in Russia are starting to ask a serious question. “Where in the heck is Ukraine, why would we care, and if you think getting shot at is so great, why aren’t you there?”

We have a “President of the United States” who thinks the way to beat inflation is to spend more money on things that don’t matter. We have a Speaker of the House who pretends to expect someone as delusional as Joe Biden to bargain in good faith. Biden can’t even spell good faith. Yet, Democrats, who theoretically control the senate, don’t have real control, because two or more Senators don’t actually show up to vote. It doesn’t actually matter how many votes you have if key senators aren’t actually showing up to vote.

It is increasingly difficult to be optimistic about anything. Until one remembers something very important. It is always darkest before dawn. And giving stupid people power only hastens the day when their stupidity is on full display for everyone to see. Check out the Peter Principle to see how this works.

Peter principle – Wikipedia

Things are now so bad that they are starting to look up, not because anyone in either Party is remotely capable of fixing things but rather because history teaches us that everything moves in cycles. It is only by reaching the bottom that we can even begin to climb our way out of this mess.

In addition, it is easy for us and for people in government to overestimate their power. Just look around you. There are hundreds, no thousands, no millions of people living their lives and the government has little or no impact on them. Those who consider themselves elite and powerful, all eventually lose that power. All power is fleeting. Ten years from now very few of the people currently in power will have much influence over anything.

A whole new class of people will take over. This may be better, it may be worse, but it will be different. Today, Fox News fired Tucker Carlson and CNN fired Don Lemon. The executives who dreamed up the brilliant new Bud Light advertising disaster are on “leave.” It seems to always work that way. We never seem to find the truly competent until we run out of other options. Winston Churchill was considered the worst possible choice to be Prime Minister of Great Britain, until he became the only choice. Even General Ulysses Grant was only given a chance after all the other, more senior generals had failed miserably. It is easy to see failure, all around you. But truly great leaders see opportunity where everyone else sees only chaos. Somewhere out there is that certain someone who sees that opportunity and seizes the day.

Chaos is messy, but it cannot by definition last very long. Chaos is a symptom, not a strategy. At this point all we can do is watch and wonder and remember chaos is essential to produce the incentive required for fundamental change.



One of the problems with people who lie about almost everything is that at some point, truth will overcome all lies. Lies, disguised as truth, always suffer from terminal truth decay.

If you take a moment to think about this, you can quickly come up with a long list of obvious lies, repeated continuously by self-appointed leaders, that are no longer believed by a huge number of people.

One of the most ridiculous was the claim that all of Trump’s “big lies” about the 2020 election have been totally discredited. The reality is that they not only have not been discredited, in many cases they haven’t even been investigated. The talking heads on TV may believe this but numerous polls show that a majority of Americans realize there were serious problems with the 2020 election.

You can test this yourself. If you have a liberal friend, just ask them if there is any possibly of rigged elections in places like New York, Chicago, and Philadelphia. Most will reluctantly agree that this is pretty obvious. If they try to pretend this is not true, then you are talking to someone living in a make-believe world fueled solely by their own delusion. Move on.

There were too many lies and distortions about COVID 19 to list here. But if you look around, it is obvious that most people no longer allow the irrational fear of COVID 19 to dominate their lives. Granted there are some who walk around stores, looking terrified, while clutching their worthless masks, but it is a small percentage, and it is getting smaller.

Climate change, (global warming) alarmists are shrieking at the top of their lungs begging people to change or face extinction. But if you have been on this planet long enough to have visited several coastal areas, and you look around, you see almost zero signs of a catastrophic rise in sea level. You are more likely to see luxury homes and condos built right on the edge of the water to take advantage of the million-dollar view. These magnificent homes are often owned by obnoxious celebrities who fly all over the world in their private jets to lecture the rest of us to embrace self-sacrifice to save the planet. None of their predictions have been accurate and their actions show zero real concern regarding the threat of extinction from using fossil fuels.

The “tax incentives” to buy an electric car only appeals to people who have taxable income. High income people are buying electric cars. Some middle-income people are buying electric cars. No one else can afford to pay extra money for an electric vehicle. This is one reason the government is moving to ban people from buying a gas-powered vehicle. This is doomed to failure because the problem is obvious. You can’t force people to pay money they don’t have for a vehicle they don’t want and don’t need to save the planet from an extinction threat that only exists in the minds of self-deluded people who are in total ignorance of real science.

Few subjects generate more lies than gun control. I fully understand people who are terrified at the thought of being surrounded by secretly armed people with little training. They are terrified of all guns, which makes sense, because guns are designed to kill things, including people. But the facts are stubborn things, and the sad fact is that the people who are causing the problems are the people who are least affected by gun control laws. The reality is that we are a nation of guns, most of which are owned by honest citizens, who obey the law, and keep their guns in a properly locked safe. If you want to see a real nightmare, try to send the police out to confiscate all those guns. Most people would willingly comply, but the exceptions would rock the world.

Many of the people who are doing these mass shootings have guns they obtained in violation of the law. Sometimes it is because they lie and other times because they steal or borrow the guns from someone else. If current gun laws were enforced that would go a long way toward preventing criminals from having guns. Instead, the strategy is to put new restraints on the people who are not part of the problem. And by the way, those criminals caught with illegal guns are frequently set free without bail. In addition, it sure seems like every mass shooting happens in a “gun free zone.” That is why these demented cowards choose these kind of locations.

But perhaps the biggest lie is when people say racist things to falsely accuse other people of systemic racism. Racism is real and we all should stand up against it, but the solution to racism is not reverse racism. It is instead judging everyone on their conscience and character, not things like race, gender, or sexual preference. The worst form of racism is to promote someone, without merit, because they check off the designed diversity boxes. We see that far too often today, with disastrous results. Setting people up to fail is the opposite of working for equality.

Finally, the people we should be able to trust the most have proven to be unworthy of such trust. The weaponization of the DOJ and the FBI is wrong for a lot of reasons. But the most important is that if the American people lose confidence in our most important institutions, who have a mission to be non-partisan, that is a very serious problem. The severity of this issue is compounded by a MSM that has become too politicized to even seek the truth and just ignore reporting inconvenient truth if inconsistent with their political view. As a result fewer people trust the MSM anymore. That is a serious problem, because someday we may need the MSM to deliver an inconvenient but necessary truth. Just at a time when people need to trust them the most, they will trust them the least. The consequences of that could be staggering.

The good news is that the truth always outs, and no matter how many times a lie is repeated, it is still a lie. Sometimes waiting for this to happen is beyond painful. But it always happens, because truth is truth and lies disguised as truth are subject to truth decay.



For most people, Cinco De Mayo is a day of celebration. It celebrates the victory of the Mexican army against France at the Battle of Puebla. While I have never actually celebrated Cinco de Mayo, it does look like a lot of fun.

This year the 5th of May will be remembered for other things, like major floods. Most people already know that California is already flooding, and the worst is yet to come. But the entire northern part of the country is covered with a record amount of snow, guaranteed to melt, and it will all predictably flow downstream. There is so much water that even Lake Mead may start to look like a lake again. Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink, because we need to save it all for electric car batteries.

There will also be a sinking economy, along with that sinking feeling when you get your grocery bill. Everything costs more and there are signs of a supply chain crisis that will boggle the mind. Some friends of ours just ordered a new Toyota Rav4 Hybrid, due to be delivered in June or July of 2024. That’s right, over a year from now.

In addition, the cost of having someone as weak as Joe Biden in the White House is becoming increasingly obvious. Incredibly his response is to either lie about results and take full credit or blame everything on Trump. People just aren’t guying this anymore.

We also May see some very famous brand names self-destruct by foolishly insulting their current customer base in desperate surge of the non-existent world-wide woke future beer drinkers fraternity. Bud Light, which was the ultimate blue collar beer just managed to infuriate perhaps the most loyal customer base in U.S. history. If you missed this, the new face of Bud Light is Dylan Mulvaney. Just look it up and the problems are beyond obvious.

Dylan was also hired by Nike to promote their sports bra. Now I have never been a female nor secretly desired to become a female, but I suspect that most females would prefer to get advice regarding something as personal as a sport bra from someone who did not need surgery to make a sports bra necessary.

Then there is that sinking feeling when you see Russia invading the Ukraine, China threatening Taiwan, Iran and North Korea working on nukes, Saudi Arabia ignoring us, along with Turkey threatening Israel and you realize that the man in the oval office who is supposed to deal with this is Joe Biden.  How is it possible for the MSM to continue pretending that Joe Biden was ever competent and to ignore the numerous signs of senility. Granted it is harder to detect senility in someone like Joe Biden who has been saying incredibly stupid things for decades, but this is increasingly difficult to ignore.

So, get ready for sinko de mayo, where one gets that sinking feeling. It is time to remember that it is always darkest just before dawn and that the worse things are the greater the willingness of people to embrace change. The people who think they are really running things and that they can convince everyone else to agree with them, even when they are spewing other nonsense, are fooling only themselves. As Margaret Thatcher once said, the problem with liberalism is that eventually they run out of other people’s money.  When people realize that Joe Biden spent trillions on nonsense and doesn’t have the money or resources to fund the wars he is likely to start or fix the infrastructure destroyed by massive floods they are extremely unlikely to buy an over-priced electric car that runs on the electrical grid running out of electricity. They are also very unlikely to buy the pathetic attempts to pretend none of this is actually happening. At some point, thinks we just may reach the point where every the most skilled Democratic establishment leaders simply cannot steal enough votes to keep the idiot train on track.



Sometimes, even a ridiculous song accidentally makes a lot of sense. The following are a small excerpt of the lyrics from “ Barenaked Ladies – Angry People Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

It is an amazingly accurate commentary on what is happening today:

Angry people get so sanctimonious
Telling us what to do
Hoping no one outs them all as phonies just cause
We are all phonies too

In a square a thousand angry people
Are waving signs in the air
While a million other happy people
Are trying hard not to care
You see, the happy people’s biggest problem
Is they’re never fearing the worst
While the rest of us will never sleep until
Your happy bubbles all burst

It is increasingly clear that a lot of very angry, incredibly naïve and uninformed people, are demanding everyone else agree with things that are not only wrong but they are also absurd.

In many cases the focus of that anger is on Donald Trump. Sometimes he contributes to this, but other times all the anger is self-fueled. Nothing he every says or does will ever be considered as having any potential for being based on merit. Many of the incredibly dumb decisions by the Biden administration were the result of reversing Trump policies with zero consideration regarding whether they were working or not. If Trump did it, it was wrong, no other information was required. Ironically, if Joe Biden had just done absolutely nothing, odds are the economy and our southern border would both be in much better shape.

But now, those angry people waving signs have made it increasingly impossible for the rest of us to ignore them. Just yesterday, we were surprised to see a large local crowd of Trump supporters waving signs. They weren’t attacking anyone and there was no hint of violence. But they did generate a large amount of noise, because just about every car driving by honked its horn in support. If that is happening here, it is happening in a lot of other places.

The real problem is not that some people are opposed to Donald Trump. That is easy to understand. The problem is that they want to destroy him on the assumption that anyone who supports him or agrees with his policies is evil. They fail to understand something really important. Trump isn’t deluding people into following his leadership. Instead, he is one of the few politicians who listens to them.

For years the legal walls have been reportedly closing in on Trump, but it never happens. Now someone has actually indicted him, and after listening to District Attorney Bragg anyone remotely familiar with our legal system instantly realizes this is pure nonsense. He can’t even define the alleged crime that made this a felony. However it may take a long time and a lot of expense before some court dismisses this in the most brutally possible way. But Bragg does not care, neither do his insane supporters in the MSM or the people putting on pathetic excuses for late night comedy who are too busy celebrating to consider the obvious.

This may or may not destroy the Trump candidacy for President. So far, it seems to have helped him. But, if he is destroyed, he will be replaced by someone who is a strong proponent of his principles and policies and those who are rejoicing should pause to consider the reality of that. Trump’s replacement is likely to be more Trumpian than Trump, without the baggage.

In the meantime, our international affairs are truly frightening with the most incompetent person possible, other than Kamala Harris, in charge of our national security. Our economy is in disarray and possibly headed to meltdown. We are going to see flooding in California and the Mississippi valley that will stagger the imagination. At a time when this country desperately needs leadership, we are instead distracted by this pathetic dog and pony show that will do absolutely nothing to fix anything.

All the angry people have one thing in common. People who are angry are often too blinded by hatred to see reality. That is why while angry people are sometimes good at destroying things, they often destroy themselves in the process. But eventually they do achieve something else, they make all the people who would prefer to be left alone, angry at them. Welcome to the summer of anything but love.



Apparently, Donald Trump is going to be arrested tomorrow in connection with his alleged indictment by a New York Grand Jury. There are many wild theories about this, but in reality, very few people have seen the actual indictment. The information we are getting either comes from leaks by people connected with the prosecutor, or speculation by Trump’s own legal counsel. Since it is illegal to leak information from supposedly secret Grand Jury proceedings, one must question the validity of such information. In addition, one could publish a library with “leaks” about impending prosecutions of Donald Trump that never happened. If all the walls allegedly closing in on Donald Trump actually existed, we would have more than enough to secure our southern border.

Regardless of how this particular case turns out, this is guaranteed to not end well. Based on history, Democrats will never stop attacking Trump until he is dead. The least likely outcome, regardless of reality, is the usual suspects in the MSM giving Donald Trump a fair hearing. Some of them are literally gloating as if he has already been convicted and is behind bars. It is nauseating and beyond pathetic.

We are now close to the point where one has to wonder which is worse, Trump being convicted or having the charges dropped. Even if Trump were to be put on trial, and to be acquitted, it would not matter to many of his detractors. They hate him with a passion that will never go away, as long as they are still alive. But one wonders if they understand the damage this will do to the country.

These charges were not brought by the DOJ, at least not openly, they tried that and failed miserably. They are being presented by a highly partisan local prosecutor. Someone who literally campaigned on a promise to indict Trump. That is great, if you are from that part of New York and you also hate Trump. But few have stopped to consider the real significance of this. Any future President is now subject to criminal prosecution by a local prosecutor once they leave office. At a minimum, this results in an incredible amount of time and money spent mounting a legal defense. That is one reason neither Bill Clinton, Barack Obama nor even Joe Biden is openly celebrating. They know there is a long list of Republican prosecutors more than capable of doing the same thing to them. If even some of the rumors are accurate, they would have a lot more to fear than Donald Trump. Perhaps the most shocking thing about this is what Donald Trump is not accused of doing. In fact, considering his massive personal wealth and world-wide network of high value properties, it is amazing that there are not a lot more charges relating abuse of power for personal financial gain. Trump was a billionaire before he became President and, if anything, he left office with less wealth than when he took arrived. Clinton, Obama, and Biden all came to Washington poor, and left with massive wealth. That should be obvious, even to Trump hating leftists, but there is no sign they grasp the concept.

The most important cost of all is lack of respect for the office of President of the United States. It used to be that even if people did not like the person holding this office, they still respected the office. That respect is long gone. Some of this started with the irresponsible behavior by Bill Clinton. It is hard to imagine the chief of state for any other democracy on earth surviving such a scandal. But Clinton survived solely because Democrats decided it was just about sex, so it didn’t matter. Then when Clinton was replaced by George W. Bush, they spent the next eight years disrespecting him. Bush didn’t come close to giving them grounds for impeachment, but this was not for lack of trying. Then when Trump became President, Democrats went on a mission to find some excuse to impeach him. This was clearly motivated by the refusal of Democrats to accept the reality that Bill Clinton had brought this impeachment on himself. Democrats focused only on the fact that Republicans had voted to impeach a Democratic President and they never forgave them for that.

Well now Democrats are digging an even deep hole. By prosecuting Trump, when he is running for election as a candidate for President of the United States, they have touched the third rail of politics. It was bad enough to see the weaponization of the DOJ and the FBI, but now we are seeing the weaponization of partisan local prosecutors who feel incentivized to investigate and prosecute a candidate for President of the United States, without regard to the consequences. This cannot be allowed to continue, or we will find it nearly impossible to get qualified candidates to run for public office. The only candidates will be those we least want, those who have zero concern regarding possible violations of the law. Real criminals just ignore the law.

I cannot predict this. It just may make Donald Trump unbeatable in the 2024 election. But it also might drive him out of the race, solely because people are sick and tired of the daily Donald Trump legal drama parade. At some point, wise people want a President who is capable of being President without the constant distractions by insane shrieking maniacs who simple refuse to see him through anything other than the blind red lens of pure hatred. This says more about them than every one else, but at some point, whether fair or not a lot of people just want this play to end. Even a great performer, who cannot be heard over the unrelenting noise from those in opposition finds it impossible to perform. In far too many cases, they just give up and leave the stage.

It would be great if this week was the beginning of the end of this nonsense, one way or the other, but unfortunately that is not likely. Instead, this is almost certain to drag on and on and on until it just becomes too unbearable to watch. We can only hope that wiser heads in both parties understand this and gain insight from Don’s early light. We are better than this, or at least we need to be better than this or be prepared for unimaginably bad consequences.



Well, for better or worse, a New York Grand Jury has indicted Donald Trump. This does not mean he will be convicted of anything. It certainly doesn’t mean he will ever spend 10 seconds in jail. What it does mean is that Democrats plan on making hay on this and painting Donald Trump as convicted felon, without regard to the facts or evidence.

While some Democrats and the usual suspects in the MSM are openly celebrating, wiser heads realize this is the ultimate two-headed sword. Those celebrating assume the facts are all on their side. That is obviously not true. They also assume that everyone agrees with them. That isn’t close to being true. The reality, which could be absolutely devasting to a lot of people still celebrating is that this just may the ultimate bridge too far.

Donald Trump was impeached, by a Democratic controlled congress, twice, with no success. The first time it was for suggesting that Joe Biden and his family might have some questionable transactions in Ukraine. Few considered what would happen if it turned out that Trump was right and as a result this could be the ultimate whistleblower situation.

The other was in regard to January 6th, and few Americans buy this as a Trump inspired insurrection. In addition, impeaching him about 12 hours before he was scheduled to leave office made zero sense then and makes zero sense now.  The more we learn about January 6th, the more obvious that a lot of people were lying.

Now Trump is being indicted for something, we are not sure what. If it is misuse of campaign funds, then Hillary Clinton should be lawyering up as we speak. I suspect that they are lot of rich men, who have paid large sums to stop people from talking about their personal lives. It would be naïve to think Trump is the only one who would even consider something like this. We can be absolutely certain that there are a lot of James O’Keefe’s out there who will be strongly incentivized to do their own investigation. Once again, we are reminded that people in glass houses should not throw stones.

Perhaps the person who should be most terrified is Joe Biden. Republicans already have grounds to impeach him, and prosecutors have more than enough evidence already to indict Hunter Biden. Any indictment of Hunter Biden will by definition include “the big guy.” Republicans have resisted the urge to impeach Joe because they don’t want to stoop to the Nancy Pelosi level. They also wanted to focus on doing a good job so they can take total control of congress in 2024. In addition, no sane person wants to risk replacing Joe with Kamala. However, the Republican base is likely to demand this, and Republicans may no longer have a choice. In effect, by doing this Democrats have not only declared war on Donald Trump, but they have also declared war on the Republican Party. At a minimum a lot of people, including people like me, are going to send a very strong message to Republicans in congress. Democrats have been at war with us, but we have not been at war with them. That needs to change, and it needs to change now. If Republicans in congress fail to get the message they risk being replaced by younger, more determined individuals who will arrive with a mission and an agenda.

I suspect this indictment of Donald Trump will feel very familiar to the way the entire country felt about Pearl Harbor. Many Republicans are all too aware of the obvious problems with Donald Trump, but that is no excuse for the never ending self-righteous continuous assault on him by people who are not exactly pillars of virtue themselves. Ironically, with this misguided step they may have elevated Trump to living martyr status and he is going from someone who would have actually been easy to beat into someone who now represents a symbol bigger even than his own enormous ego. Far from stopping Trump, this is more likely to save him. And if he is somehow forced out of this race, he will be replaced by someone younger, smarter, and stronger and that could be the absolute worst-case scenario for Democrats.

In addition, while Democrats literally have no bench, which is why, incredibly, Joe Biden is still considered the best option to defeat Donald Trump. But Republicans don’t have that problem. There are a lot of very qualified and determined individuals in the Republican Party, none of whom are currently announced candidates, really, willing, and able to accept the challenge.

This is a reminder that before you replace someone, you better know who or what will replace him. Joe Biden is absolutely horrible, but if you are standing next to him, looking for a better option on the horizon, you might have better luck standing in the middle of the Sahara Desert looking for non-existent water.

One area of concern is that this has made a lot of people angry and not all of them will respond rationally. That includes the democrats and their deluded followers in the MSM too self-absorbed in their viral hatred of Donald Trump to notice the stormy whether just over the horizon.



There is an old saying: “with friends like this, who needs enemies?” Today this may be replaced with another saying: “With enemies like this, who needs friends?” I suspect that very few establishment Republicans wanted Donald Trump to be the nominee in 2024. While Trump certainly has a lot of die-hard supporters, he also has a lot of people who are more than a little tired of his act. While he was definitely the leading candidate, he did not have the support of a majority of Republicans. Trump was counting on getting several opponents, so he could split the anti-Trump vote. There is only one potential candidate who truly terrified Trump and that is Ron DeSantis. While DeSantis was doing the kinds of things that candidates do before they become candidates, he had not officially announced his plans. I always suspected that left to his own devices, Trump was almost certain to self-destruct. DeSantis was wisely planning on staying out of the way until that happened.

Trump still attacked DeSantis, but the more he took cheap shots at DeSantis, the more he elevated DeSantis. I do think, strongly, that if Trump had been the nominee, because he slapped any hint of a challenge off the playing field, he would have been at serious risk of getting trounced in the general election. Of course, that depends on Democrats picking someone other than Joe Biden or Kamala Harris. Democrats may think that Biden is the only Democrat capable of beating Trump, but if they really believe that, what does it say about the leadership in the Democratic Party. Few would argue that Trump is the only Republican who can beat Biden. There are many Republicans more than capable of doing that. But never forget that Biden can beat Biden.

When you think about this, it is the ultimate lose-lose for the country. But one should never underestimate the extent of Trump-Derangement-Syndrome (TRS) in the Democratic Party. There are clearly a lot of people who hate him so much that they will do anything and everything to defeat him. Trump is brilliants at generating enthusiastic support and even more enthusiastic opposition. That brings us to the point where this prosecutor in New York is determined to indict Trump, for something, regarding the payoff of Stormy Daniels. This has apparently reached the point where even Trump is expecting to be arrested. But the problem is that paying off Stormy Daniels, even if true, is not actually much of a crime. One would shudder to think of the number of similar individuals who were paid handsomely for not spilling the beans on a powerful person. Bill Clinton allegedly gave $850,000 to Paula Jones. Hillary funded the Russian Collusion myth. One would have to be naïve to think that the Trump-Stormy Daniles story is unique. The filthy rich frequently resort to cash payments in situation like this. It is ugly. It is despicable. But hardly the crime of the century.

One the other hand, mobilizing the Prosecutors Office in New York to try and prevent Republicans from choosing Donald Trump to be their candidate just may be much closer to the crime of the century. The problem is that this is just so obvious that it cannot be ignored. I doubt seriously that even die-hard Democrats don’t understand the political nature of this prosecution. They just use their intense hatred of Donald Trump to justify ignoring the reality of this.

Trump has openly called for nationwide protests, but he is not exactly proposing violent protests. Instead, he wants to see millions of people get up from their seats and scream at the top of their lungs demanding that the endless persecution and now prosecution of Donald Trump stop. In the name of God, STOP! These clowns are too blinded by Trump-Derangement-Syndrome to realize that this just may propel Trump right back into the White House. Not because people are so thrilled at the thought of President Trump, but rather that if is the is quality of people desperate to destroy him, then he must be someone very very special indeed. In other words, by launching the ultimate cheap attack against him, they just may have elevated him to the ultimate martyr status. “Indeed, with enemies like this, who needs friends?”

Perhaps they can find some jury in New York composed of people who hate Trump enough to ignore the facts and vote to convict him. Even if there is a trial and Trump in convicted, at some point a court is extremely likely to overturn any conviction. This is still just a misdemeanor and there is a long list of Democrats who have been caught doing worse, much worse. In the meantime, what are they going to do? Try to keep him in jail, without bail, for this? Please! This is absolutely insane.

Let’s face it, Trump is a narcissist who cannot resist the urge to brag about himself. He also can’t resist taking cheap shots at anyone who dares attack him. That is just the way he is. While he is a far better communicator then his detractors understand, he is an extremely polarizing person. If he were to trash DeSantis into submission, which is far from guaranteed, he would pay a terrible price for that. Under that scenario, even with a candidate as pathetic as Joe Biden, Trump could actually lose a national election.

But now it is no longer Trump against DeSantis, it is the world against Trump, meaning the world of the MSM, the Democratic Party and the same prosecutors who want to defund police and let violent criminals out of jail without bail. Trump could not choose a better fight if he really wants to be President of the United States, and there is no doubt that this is exactly what he wants.

As I write this, I am stunned that these prosecutors and their supporters in the DNC are this stupid. I am not sure even the MSM is this stupid. We can be sure that the double-secret probationary committee trying to control much of what happens in Washington D.C. is literally on the verge of hysteria tonight. “They came, they saw, and they squandered, because they missed the most important rule of politics: “when your opponent is self-destructing, don’t get in the way.”



The best defense when faced with a serious criminal charge is delay of game. This is not exactly new. Most people know that Mary Surratt and David Herold, Lewis Powell, George Altzerodt were all hanged for their part in the Lincoln Assassination. Many people know that Dr. Samuel Mudd, the physician who treated John Wilkes Booth’s left fibula following the assassination was imprisoned at Fort Jefferson in the Dry Tortugas. This prison was on a small island about 70 miles west of Key West. It is now a national park, if you want to pay for the expensive ferry or plane ride necessary to get there.

But John Surratt, who at a minimum was guilty of conspiring to kidnap Abraham Lincoln was not convicted of anything. John Surratt wisely escaped to Canada, otherwise he almost certainly would have been hung too. He booked passage to England. He later made it to Alexandria, Egypt where he was finally captured in November 1866. He was brought to trial in Maryland in 1867. The result was a hung jury, 8 jurors voted to acquit and 4 voted to convict. Since this took so long, even though Surratt admitted to the plot to kidnap Lincoln, the statute of limitations had run and he was released from jail, free as a bird. He finally died in 1916 when he was 72 years old.

This is the exact strategy used by the Clinton’s and now Hunter Biden to avoid justice. They run from any investigation until years have passed, and then say, “that is just old, discredited news.” Sadly, for the Clintons, this worked brilliantly. If people like Gerald Rivera have their way, it will work for Hunter too.

But there is a different. With regard to John Surratt, his co-conspirators were all conveniently dead and there was no direct evidence against him. There, are also, well, rumors of convenient strange suicides miraculously affecting people who had inconvenient information regarding the Clintons.

The opposite is true with Hunter Biden. No one had died, and there is actually a mountain of evidence. Unlike the illusionary walls always closing in on Donald Trump, the wall closing in on Hunter Biden are all too real. If recent news reports are accurate, the first attempt at a serious investigation is finding a lot more evidence. In the case of Hunter, pretending the facts were not actually facts and that none of this mattered only works for people like Don Lemon and Gerald Rivera. The reality is that if Donald Trump, Jr. had done 1/100th of what we know Hunter Biden did, he would be making friends with people like Alex Murdaugh in prison.

This time, I don’t think the delay of game is going to work. This time, justice delayed is not always justice denied. Thanks to advances in forensic science, people who thought they got away with it, found out that was not true, the hard way. Just ask Roy Charles Waller, the NorCal Rapist who got away with this for decades. He was convicted in 2020 and has a relatively mild sentence of 897 years.

He was done in because some relative(s) decided to play the genealogy game and sent their DNA in to be analyzed. While none of these people were ever suspects, they helped police zero in on Mr. Waller.

Hence the problem for Hunter and probably Joe, today is that there are all those bank records and emails that were not available in 1866. In addition, Joe has the problem of being so awful at being President that few people in either party want to see this pathetic clown show continue. While John Surratt continued to have friends, in the former confederacy, there is little evidence that anyone is terribly excited about claiming Hunter Biden as a friend.

That doesn’t mean the stall game was not tried. It was tried recently by Geraldo. He should have known better because he tangled with Molly Hemingway.

Geraldo: “Hunter Biden has been investigated for almost five years. Aside from fact he’s a junkie dirtbag nothing remotely criminal has been uncovered. Put up or shut up.”

Molly: “Setting aside the gun crimes, prostitution crimes, drug crimes, tax crimes, bribery receipts, foreign agent shenanigans, money laundering, pay-for-pay, and kid glove treatment from the corrupt and politicized FBI and DOJ, this was a really astute observation.”

This probably make Geraldo long for the time when he opened the secret bricked up room, allegedly connected to Al Capone, on national TV, and found…empty beer bottles and trash.

The problem with the modern-day version of the stall game is that it is too easy to end up smelling like crap.


  1. A survey today shows that 60% of people don’t buy the climate change hysteria and consider it to be a weird new form of religion based on little else other than political ambition without regard to actual science. This is remarkable when almost every MSM broadcast about any rotten weather report blames it on climate change. The bottom line is that a whole lot of people are just not buying this nonsense anymore. This time the Hunter moon is likely to be photographed from his back side in a cozy jail cell. Kinda similar to the pictures he stupidly left behind on his lap top.