Barnum’s American Museum opened on the corner of Broadway, Park Row and Ann Street in 1842. It was an enormous success, until it burned to the ground in 1865. But Barnum had a problem, the museum was “too” popular. People were so thrilled by the wonderful exhibits that they didn’t want to leave. So, Barnum put up signs saying: “This Way to the Egress.”

Barnum’s American Museum – Wikipedia

Most people did not know what an “Egress” was, so they willingly followed the signs which led them to the exit, and they found themselves outside on the street.

Today the United States Supreme Court, in a unanimous decision, ruled that: “States may disqualify persons holding or attempting to hold “state” office. But States have no power under the Constitution to enforce Section 3 with respect to federal offices, especially the Presidency.”

This obviously destroyed the decision by the Colorado Supreme Court to remove Trump from the ballot, but it also makes it extremely difficult for any of the other “indictments” against Trump to succeed. This is a devastating blow to the national effort by the DOJ and local prosecutors to block Trump from being a candidate for President. That includes the cases brought by Jack Smith and the infamous Georgia case accusing Trump of trying to overturn an election. If the people prosecuting these cases are wise, which is extremely unlikely, they will see the obvious and end the nonsense. That will leave only the absurd cases in New York. One regarding an alleged sexual assault in a major department store where the plaintiff can’t remember the year and for which there are no witnesses. Another the case where a liberal Attorney General and a Liberal Judge decided that Trump somehow defrauded people with simultaneously making them a lot of money. Then the case alleging that Trump’s payment to silence Stormy Daniels was a major felony. The key witness in that case is a disgraced attorney previously convicted of perjury. These cases, while expensive to defend and embarrassing will do nothing to prevent Trump from running for President.

The Supreme Court, in its unanimous decision, has provided an Egress from this absurd abuse of power by the DOJ and liberal Democratic prosecutors. This ends the liberal naïve hope that somehow, somewhere, one of these absurd legal cases will stop end Donald Trump.

This now forces the DNC to look in the mirror and acknowledge three things. One, that Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee and he will be on the ballot. It is increasingly difficult for Democrats to even pretend that Joe Biden is capable of beating Donald Trump. This is further complicated by the presence of Kamala Harris as the only viable alternative. If you shoot at a king, don’t miss. They took multiple shots at Donald Trump and missed every time.

It is impossible to predict what Democrats will do, but they will do something. They will consider doing anything to stop Donald Trump. They desperately need to choose a Democratic Candidate for President, but the Democratic Bench is absolutely empty. The only thing certain is that doing the right thing for the right reasons is the least likely outcome.

Those people who have a long history of not acting reasonably or rationally are extremely unlikely to act reasonably or rationally now. However, like the naïve people who followed the signs to the “Egress” in Barnum’s American Museum, they have just found themselves on the outside and they can’t even look inside. They have two choices, accept their fate, or look for someone much wiser to provide direction.



We are going to Disneyworld in a few days, along with friends and family members. So, I have been checking out You Tube videos of the rides and attractions to determine which rides to avoid. The top of my personal list of rides to avoid is the Tower of Terror. I went on this ride once, years ago. That was more than enough.

Then I realized that in some way the entire country is already in line to go on this ride. One of the more interesting parts of this ride is that everyone gets on an elevator. The elevator ride invites you to the Twilight Zone where weird things are guaranteed to happen. Actually, there are two elevators, one to take you up and a second one to take you up, then up and down several times before finally letting you out at the end of the ride.

While the Tower of Terror is actually quite safe and amusing, it is ridiculous to put the country through this nightmare. We are now at the point where it is beyond obvious that Joe Biden is totally incapable of being our Commander in Chief. Yet, because he is President of the United States, that is his job. Right now, it is difficult if not impossible to know who, exactly, is performing the role as Commander in Chief. If you thought that would be the Secretary of Defense, which would make sense, that illusion has been shattered. Our esteemed Secretary of Defense went into ICU and not only didn’t bother to inform our President, but he also didn’t inform his Deputy, who is supposed to take over. Wow! Is there a description stronger than “Dereliction of Duty?”

Joe Biden routinely says he was supposed to do this or that. He reads instructions off printed cards. He needs help finding the exit. When allowed to speak without adult supervision he repeats outrageous lies, easily disputed, about imaginary events that could not possibly be true. He even has conversations with people who have been dead for years.

Yet the MSM continues to pretend he is still our Commander in Chief. If people really believe that the entire country would become the Tower of Terror. What makes this even worse is that his sole replacement is Kamala Harris, who is much younger, but has even less leadership ability than Joe Biden, if that is even possible.

His opponent, Donald Trump, is only four years younger. He is much sharper than Joe Biden. But there is no guarantee this won’t change over the next four years. Hopefully, he will choose a VP far more competent than Kamala Harris. Trump is also an extremely divisive person. Some people adore him. He is a brilliant entertainer and fun to watch. He is also extremely skilled at listening to the audience and giving them what they want. Other people hate him with a passion that is impossible to overstate. That is why he has been subject to so many ill-advised lawsuits and indictments. He is very unlikely to be convicted of anything and odds are he will be elected President. But the day he takes office those opposed to him will spend the next four years trying to make sure it is impossible for him to govern.

One good thing about the Tower of Terror is that eventually, the ride ends, and the nightmare is over. The same is true for our country. We can and will survive this. But that doesn’t mean we should be foolish enough to continue on this ride.

This is impossible to predict. How on earth could the supposedly cultured elite establishment allow this to happen? I think the answer is beyond obvious. They forgot what is important. They forgot about the need for a President of the United States, to be ready, willing, and able to accept the awesome responsibilities of being Commander in Chief. We are all likely to pay a terrible price for this miscalculation. Some would argue we are already paying a remarkably high price for selecting someone like Joe Biden to be President of the United States.

But the good news is that it is hard to imagine Joe Biden getting re-elected. Even the DNC and their fawning supporters in the MSM are not THAT stupid. We hope! Getting on the Tower of Terror, when there is evidence of significant mechanical problems would be beyond insane.



A major storm is heading toward Northern California. Some estimate this could bring as much as twelve feet of snow.

California’s Sierra Nevada mountains are warned to brace for up to TWELVE FEET of snow as snow storm brings 120mph winds and extreme blizzard conditions (

We can predict that many news anchors will solemnly claim this is absolute proof of climate change, meaning global warming. It always cracks me up when severe cold and winter blizzards are blamed on global warming. But, in addition, this has happened before. It happened to me.

Our family decided to go to Lake Tahoe for some skiing. I rented a condo in Incline Village. What could possibly go wrong? This was in February 1999. We were living in Novato at the time. When we got to Sacramento it started to rain ridiculously hard. I turned to my wife and said: “If it is raining here, it is snowing in the mountains.” We tore up Interstate 80. By the time we got to Donnor Summit there had been over a foot of snow. As we drove down the steep incline from Donnor Pass to Truckee, the radio announced that Donner Pass was now closed. By the time we got to Truckee another foot of snow fell. We picked up the keys to the condo and drove to Incline Village. Another foot of snow was added to the depths. The property manager had to deliver a snow shovel to us. I put chains on my 4-wheel drive Ford Expedition for the first, and only, time. The condo was located on a long circular driveway. I got up every two hours and drove around that loop. I knew it would be the only way we would be able to get out in the morning. I stupidly went to Incline Village Ski Resort the next morning, where they laughed at me and said they were “digging down to the ski lifts.”

So how much snow one might ask? Between February 6 to February 9, Sugar Bowl Ski Resort received 168 inches (14 feet) of snow. If you check this article, you will see that in 1906-1907 Tamarack California, received 884 inches (72.7 feet of snow).

Sierra Snowfall (

Donner Pass is named after the Donner Party which was trapped near Donner Lake during the winter of 1846-1847. No one measured the snow depth, but the Donner Party became so desperate they resorted to cannibalism. This, of course, is the first documented major snowstorm to hit the Sierra Mountains because of climate change (global warming) caused by excess CO-2 emissions attributed to the Industrial Revolution.



Most people are all too familiar with the massive wave of illegal immigrants flocking across our southern border. Nice work there Joe. In 2018 there were estimates of 11.39 million illegal immigrants. That is probably low. There are reports of another 7.5 million illegal immigrants entering since Biden took office and about 1.7 million people who crossed our border, but we don’t anything about them. If true, then the number of illegal immigrants may be approaching twenty million. (When I wrote this sentence, spell check wanted to change this to “undocumented immigrants, to avoid offending anyone.) We really don’t know how many illegal immigrants are here because they deliberately live under the radar.

But that is not the only migration. It turns out other people are migrating, only they are doing it legally. My wife and I moved from California to Florida in May of 2022. The hardest part of the move was getting someone willing to drive a truck, with our household goods, from California to Florida. There were tons of trucks willing to go to Florida. Not nearly so many willing to make a return trip to California. It was so bad our goods had to be shipped on a train.

According to the following report from MSN, not exactly a Republican rag, an estimated five million people have left blue states for red states. People are getting out of Dodge, or rather California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington, Wisconsin, and the District of Columbia.

They are moving to Florida, Texas, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia. They are seeing a steam stream of those 7.5 million illegal immigrants heading in the opposite direction, toward blue states. People who want free food, free housing and in California, free health care. They dream of getting a $10,000 debit card from New York. They want everything you have, except your job.

Mass Exodus – Blue States Lose 5 Million People in Largest U.S. Migration Wave (

Now ask yourself some questions. If you live in a state with more illegal immigrants than working people, how is this going to help the state’s economy? If you add new people, without jobs, into a crowded area, how is this going to solve the desperate need for more affordable housing? Is it easier to afford some place to stay if you are working or are waiting for handouts.

Why is this happening? One critical factor is taxes. California is losing tax revenue because people with jobs are leaving, so it has responded by raising income taxes rates to 14.4%. Florida and Texas raised their income tax rates from zero to zero.

Another factor is people are simply not buying the “woke” agenda. San Francisco arrogantly announced that it would no longer do business with Red states who did not embrace San Francisco’s woke agenda. Oops. It turns out that this was a huge mistake. Many things San Francisco needed came from those awful Red States. This was so obvious that California has also dropped its boycott of states over their LGBTQ laws.

California Reconsiders Its Boycotts of States Over Their L.G.B.T.Q. Laws – The New York Times (

What caused the ban in the first place? North Carolina banned transgender people from using public bathrooms that aligned with their gender identity not their actual body parts. How awful, to ban a man from dressing like a female and then using the women’s bathroom. What could possibly go wrong?

Red states just ignored these boycotts. They had little or no impact on Red states. But they caused enormous problems in San Francisco and the rest of California. Nice!

This is now so obvious that even MSN noticed. A lot of people, fed up with Blue state democratic leadership, are saying “Blue, bye you.” A lot of those Blue states are soon going to be very familiar with one product from those awful Red states. Red Ink.



We are now engaged in another Civil War. A war started by Barack Obama who refused to recognize the legitimacy of the 2016 election. Previously, without regard to political differences, the outgoing President of the United States always wrote a personal note to his successor and took steps to help the new President succeed. There was also a tradition of the outgoing President avoiding criticism of the new President. George W. Bush kept tradition while Obama was in office. This was because of the universal acceptance of the duties of a President and the importance of any President being able to take the action necessary to protect this country. Obama never even pretended. He did everything possible to sabotage Donald Trump from day one.

We recently learned (actually verified) that Obama authorized our intelligence agencies to spy on the Trump campaign, during the 2016 election. When the election was over, Obama sabotaged Trump’s ability to govern by promoting the “Russian Collusion” narrative which everyone know was an absolute hoax. Trump was sabotaged by our intelligence communities who even conspired to cover up the Hunter Biden Laptop to swing the 2020 election to Biden. Democrats in congress literally impeached Trump, without cause, twice. They routinely referred to him as an illegitimate President and Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, made a big show of tearing up his State of the Union speech. All of this was unprecedented. Previously, people may not have respected the person holding the office of President of the United States, but they respected the office itself. That all changed because of the inability of Democrats to accept Donald Trump as our commander in chief.

Now, the DOJ and several local prosecutors are trying to overthrow an election by subjecting Donald Trump to a never-ending stream of lawsuits. No previous President had ever been subjected to this nonsense. But Democrats do not care. The only thing that matters to them is destroying Donald Trump, by any means necessary.

Just think about this, Donald Trump is being prosecuted for having classified documents in his possession. He, like every other President, has grounds to think he was entitled to have possession of those documents. Joe Biden never had authorization to possess any classified documents and he stored them in the most irresponsible manner possible. Biden’s alleged cooperation consisted primarily of lying about everything and ignoring anyone who dared ask questions. Yet the DOJ refused to prosecute Biden yet are proceeding full steam ahead on prosecuting Trump.

Trump is being charged with trying to overturn the results of the 2020 election. He begged someone, anyone, to investigate the widespread indications of systemic fraud. Instead, Mike Pence presided over a rubber stamp ceremony that ignored the legitimate concerns and put Joe Biden in the Oval office with very few options for fixing the error later.

No one in the MSM noticed that Hillary Clinton tried to stop certification of the 2016 election, and she also proposed alternative electors in 2016. She frequently referred to Trump as illegitimate. Yet no one threatened to prosecute her.

In New York Trump has been charged with defrauding lenders, who never lost any money and never filed a complaint. The trial was waged by an Attorney General who campaigned on a promise to get Trump and overseen by a Judge who ruled that Trump was guilty before any evidence was presented.

He is also being sued by a woman, who alleges sexual assault, but can’t remember when and did not report it to anyone. No one questioned whether Trump could do something like this, in the dressing room of a major department store without anyone noticing. The facts did not matter, a New York jury is guaranteed to find Trump guilty of anything, without regard to the facts or evidence.

Colorado then announced that it would remove Trump’s name from the ballot, because he allegedly took part in an insurrection. No one, including Trump, has ever been charged with insurrection regarding January 6th. It was Trump, not Nancy Pelosi, who authorized use of the National Guard, in advance of January 6th, to keep everyone safe.

If any of these cases win, the result will be a legal civil war that will stun the world. No candidate, in either party, will be able to conduct a campaign without being charged with crimes, without regard to any facts of evidence. No candidate will be able to run for office without some state deciding they cannot be on the ballot. Law schools will run classes on how to use the legal system to change the outcome of an election. If someone is elected, they will immediately be confronted with legal action designed to prevent them from governing. The only thing certain will be continuous, unrelenting, and incredibly dangerous chaos.

Democrats won’t win, the country will lose. The only hope is that Trump wins and he has the moral courage to demand a return to the rule of law while avoiding the urge to launch a justified four-year legal campaign against his opponents. The only thing that will save Democrats, from themselves is if they lose and Trump shows the moral courage they can’t even spell. If only someone in the MSM would notice.



The North Atlantic Oscillation is closely related to the Arctic Oscillation or the Northern Annual Mode. Real climate scientists know this because they have been affecting worldwide weather for centuries. If you want to read about this yourself, here is an article in Wikipedia that is interesting:

North Atlantic oscillation – Wikipedia

If want a quick lesson regarding this, consider this. London at (51°30′N) is NORTH of Calgary (51°03′N). So is Amsterdam, Berlin, and Dublin. Montreal is SOUTH of Paris. Reykjavik is over 20 degrees north of Boston (64°08′N vs 42°21′N), but the average temperature in Reykjavik in January is 31f while in Boston it is 29f.

The reason for this is the North Atlantic Oscillation. Part of which is the GULF stream.

One may wonder why this matters. Well, the answer is that some scientists say that the Atlantic Current may be on the verge of collapse.

Scientists Say the Atlantic Current Appears to Be on the Verge of Collapse (

I love the following paragraphs in this article:

“As it continues heading north, the salty water cools down and becomes heavier. Then it sinks, pulling in more water from the surrounding Atlantic, and travels southward, starting the cycle all over again.

But global warming could dramatically disrupt that. As ice sheets and glaciers melt, the fresh water they release dilutes the density of the ocean’s salty water. The less dense the water, the less it sinks. Without sinking — which sucks water into the current — the weaker the entire conveyor belt is. At a certain point, you can say goodbye to this vital pipeline of heat to North America and Europe.”

In other words, global warming could (will) cause global cooling. Not to be alarming, but this could drop temperatures by 5 degrees Fahrenheit with places in Norway dropping by 36 degrees. So, the hotter it gets the colder it will get. This should be obvious to anyone remotely familiar with history. There was a Medieval warming period followed by the mini-ice age followed by global warming. What goes up, must come down. Duh!

So, imagine taking drastic action to stop global warming without understanding that global warming will eventually cause global cooling. When man tries to manage nature, eventually, nature always prevails. Ultimately, we are powerless to change the inevitable. However, we are capable of really mucking things up, for a while.

As for me, the solution is obvious. When warmer temperatures are predicted, I buy another coat. When cooler temperatures are predicted, I check on my air conditioning. When people propose stupid ideas, guaranteed to not work, to solve a problem that doesn’t actually exist, I am reminded of why there will always be liberals, they will always be wrong, and the problem won’t be solved until they are replaced with conservatives. What is obviously true is obviously true and understanding that is the very foundation of learning. In the meantime, be aware. It is probably going to get freezing hot.



Anyone paying attention knows that Joe Biden is a pathetic human being. It is terrifying to realize that he is the “Commander in Chief” responsible for our national security. CNN and the rest of the MSM have been pretending that somehow, despite the obvious, Joe Biden is competent. That worked in 2020, when he was able to hide in his basement. It isn’t working now.

Biden chose to go on national TV in a desperate attempt to blame the border crisis on Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans. This was already a challenge because it is so blatantly stupid. But it was made worse, much worse, by the pathetic performance put on by Joe. He looked awful. He sounded awful. He spouted nonsense, and then got confused by the Tele Prompter, again.

Donald Trump could defeat Joe Biden without doing anything other than run clips from this performance. He doesn’t need to say anything. If I were Trump’s campaign manager, I would make a video of Joe embarrassing himself and then ask: “Any questions?

Then, today, it got worse. The Special Counsel report regarding the investigation of Joe Biden’s alleged abuse of classified documents is devastating. It shows that, at best, Biden was extremely careless and irresponsible regarding classified documents. But then the reason the Special Counsel gave for not prosecuting Joe is that he is incredibly old, with diminished mental capability, so it is unlikely a jury would hold him responsible. Oh my! You can’t make this up. We can’t charge Joe because he doesn’t know what he is doing.

Even the usual suspects in the MSM are going to have a genuine problem ignoring this. They can’t hide this. They can’t ignore this. And they certainly can’t spin this away. The White House responded by saying “see, they aren’t going to charge me with anything.” That would be great if this was because you did nothing wrong. But the report didn’t say that. Instead, it says we can’t charge you because we can’t pick on such a confused elderly individual. Wow!

I think this will go off like a bomb and Joe Biden is already toast as a candidate for re-election. But this is so bad it raises a serious question whether the country can wait until next January to put someone responsible in charge. But wait, the next is line is Kamala Harris and she is polling lower than Joe. I know that seems impossible, but it is the sad reality. I doubt that anyone, in either party, has an ounce of enthusiasm for replacing Joe with Kamala. What’s a mother to do?

They would love to replace Joe with a committee, but they are already doing that, only now the secret is out in the open for everyone to see. CNN was willing to ignore this, but even CNN knows that there is nothing in the constitution that allows President by committee. This is beyond bad. It is unsustainable, yet thanks to the idiotic decision to “select” someone like Joe Biden to be President of the United States made even worse by the “selection” of Kamala Harris to be Vice President there do not appear to be ANY acceptable options. This isn’t Britain where they can call an emergency election. There literally is no Democratic candidate even pretending to compete with Joe Biden.

The real problem is this. A lot of people, in both parties, who should have known better failed to consider the finality of voting to certify the 2020 election. Instead, they just tried to pretend this was the safest and cleanest election in history. Even worse, they ignored the obvious problems with making Joe Biden Commander in Chief. Everyone, but the anchors on CNN and the leaders in the Democratic Party knew this. It was beyond obvious. But they didn’t care because Donald Trump was humiliated and nothing else mattered. Now, at a time when we have enormous challenges facing us, including runaway inflation, out of control illegal immigration and military challenges across the globe., at a time when we desperately need our best, we have Joe Biden. Thanks Facebook. Thanks Google. Thanks Democrats, Thanks CBS. Thanks ABC. Thanks NBC. Thanks MSNBC, Thanks FOX News. Thanks James Comey. Thanks William Barr. Thanks New York Times. Thanks Washington Post. Thanks to everyone. Nice job. How are you going fix this? Oops, you can’t fix this. Even if you dump Joe, we get Kamala.

The country is facing a “Full Mental Jacket”. I have always believed at some point people will be far less concerned about those people who tried to stop Joe Biden from becoming President than those who put him in the White House with zero consideration for the consequences. That time is now!



One of the most serious problems with our educational system is that it assumes everything that ever happened occurred after the invention of color television. If it didn’t happen after that, odds are there are no good videos available and so people assume it never happened. This is one of the reasons the climate change hysteria is so effective. As the population ages, there are fewer and fewer people who remember life before color television.

In addition, some significant climate events took place long ago and no one living witnessed this. One example is the great California flood that happened during the winter of 1862. This even reported dumped “the equivalent of 10 feet of water in California, in the form of rain and snow, over a period of 43 days. Scientists, real scientists, believe this was likely caused by a series of atmospheric rivers that hit the Western United States from Oregon to Southern California:” (Sound familiar?)

This is well-documented, but not well known. If the current atmospheric rivers cause massive flooding, it will absolutely be blamed on climate change. No one will even mention the winter of 1862, because that was inconveniently before the industrial age. The scientific consensus of the time is often very wrong. Sometimes fatally wrong.

Dr. Carlos Finaly discovered that Yellow Fever was spread by mosquitoes. He presented a paper to the Havana Academy of Sciences on August 14, 1881. His report was greeted with stony silence, and he was ridiculed for about 20 years.

Only when the United States was trying to build the Panama Canal and desperately needing a solution to Yellow Fever, did things change. It is so hard to get hard work out of people dying from Yellow Fever. Doctor Walter Reed, yes that Walter Reed read about Finlay’s opinion, so he decided to test the theory. This reads like a bad science fiction novel. There was a board made up of Dr Reed, Majors James Carroll, Aristides Agramonte and Jesse Lazear. They recruited soldiers and newly arrived Spanish immigrants. In a compound they built two frame buildings.

In the “infected clothing building”, volunteers spent the night for several weeks “sleeping on bed linen that had been soiled with vomitus, blood, urine, and faeces (sp) from patients”. Miraculously none of these brilliant volunteers became ill. Then they split this building into two sections, separated by a screen. Apparently, they all continued sleeping in these magnificent conditions, but now half of them also shared space with mosquitos that had fed on yellow fever patients. Most of them got yellow fever and many died. The volunteers who “only” slept in filthy conditions did not get yellow fever. Up until I researched this story, I did not realize the circumstances that resulted in the founding of the left-wing radical element in the Democratic Party. This type of intellectual superior thinking explains a lot.

Major William C. Gorgas who was in charge of sanitation in Cuba, was ordered to rid Havana of mosquitoes. Gorgas, who apparently remained a non-believer, reluctantly followed orders and installed screens, arranged for swamps to be drained, screened water containers, and treated ditches with kerosene to kill mosquito larva. Only after Havana, which had averaged one yellow fever case every day for about 40 years suddenly stopped having new yellow fever cases did Gorgas, consider the possibility that Finlay was right.

Here is a picture of the soldiers, founding members of the modern Democratic Party, posing for a picture after volunteering for this wonderful experiment. (Actually only fourteen of the people in this picture actually volunteered.  They still needed volunteers to take out the dead bodies.)

The same logic that convinced fourteen supposedly smart people to do something so incredibly stupid is the driving force behind those who want to get rid of gas-powered engines to stop the climate change that has been going on since the 1600s.

This should not require rocket scientists to explain. During the Medieval Warm Period, between 900 and 1300 AD, the earth was about 1 degree centigrade warmer than now. The problem was clearly the lack of electric powered chariots. There were other times, during the Neoproterozoic period, when the earth was much hotter.

So, when scientists say that 2022, was “possibly” the fifth warmest year since 1880, based on modern record keeping keep a couple of things in mind.,the%20late%2019th%20century%20average.

“The past nine years have been the warmest years since modern recordkeeping began in 1880. This means Earth in 2022 was about 2 degrees Fahrenheit (or about 1.11 degrees Celsius) warmer than the late 19th century average.”

One, there were no real records kept before 1880.  Second, check out how Mark Twain described the climate in Sacramento in 1860. Third, if this was possibly the fifth warmest year, which four years were warmer? Asking for a friend.

But wait. 1860. Why that was before there was a transcontinental railroad? It was long before there were automobiles. It was definitely before air conditioning and absolutely before color television. Imagine living in a tent, in Sacramento, in July, during a warm year, with no air conditioning, no fans, no radio and no TV. Then try to explain why getting rid of gas engines and air conditioning is so important to combat climate change.

Thank the God, they don’t believe in, for Democrats. Perhaps we need more mosquitoes.



If you live in California, an Atmospheric River is as certain as rain. Actually, an Atmospheric River is rain. It is when a line of storms stretches from Hawaii to California. The result is that California can get rain, a lot of rain, in an incredibly short period of time.

These weather systems are not new. El Ninos are not new. La Ninas are not new. Earthquakes are not new. Wildfires are not new. Floods are not new. Droughts are not new. What is new is the hysteria with which these are now reported. Any weather event, whether wet or dry, hold or cold or any combination of the above is considered evidence of climate change. They hope no one notices that when they talk about climate change, they always talk about the climate getting warmer. But there is a severe lack of real scientific data supporting a catastrophic rise in temperatures, so they now use the term climate change, which can be used to explain anything.

The reality is that Sacramento is hotter during the summer than it was before. However, part of the reason is that there are so many more buildings, roads, bridges, and other concrete structures that make any place hotter (or colder…depending on the season). Try this yourself. Put a thermometer in your back yard, in the shade, then compare this to one is your front yard, in direct sun next to your driveway. Want to bet on which one reads higher? Every dog knows this. That is why they seek out the sun during the winter and seek shade in the summer. It is also why they don’t fall asleep on your driveway. For one thing, they don’t want to get run over, but more importantly, cement is, duh, hotter and colder than grass.

But there is a new atmospheric river forming and this one isn’t based on misinformation about climate change. It is rather the river of our discontent. The same river of discontent that has destroyed every other socialist government stupidly elected by people living in a democracy. Oh, this sounds so great, shared wealth, shared opportunity, happy days for everyone. But it never happens. The rich get richer. The poor get poorer. The more the government tries to manage things the more certain things will deteriorate. This is why places like the Soviet Union, which tried to micromanage everything, were such abject failures. It is why even places with communist governments like China and Vietnam embrace at least some level of capitalism. It is why Venezuela, which used to be one of the wealthiest nations on earth is now riddled with poverty. It is why so many people are desperate to flee.

This is easy to understand. Three years ago you could have gone to McDonalds with a $10 bill, bought a Big Mac Meal and kept the change. Today a Big Mac near here costs about $4.99. A Big Mac Meal deal costs $9.49.  When you add tax, you need to add change to that $10 bill. Note, prices are less here than in most other places.

This is obvious to everyone other than members of the Biden Administration and its supporters in the DNC and the MSM. Even the DNC is questioning running Biden for another term, but they literally have no one else remotely available. The reality is that people are “hungry” for change, and they are going to vote for change. I predict the anybody, but Biden political movement will be the largest in U.S. history. They can’t get enough illegal aliens to vote in time to stop this. That is why they are desperately trying to stop Trump, by any means possible. It is also why they are failing miserably. There is an old saying in politics, you can’t beat somebody with nobody. Right now, Joe Biden is the world’s best-known nobody.

If Democrats do find a way to stop Trump, he will be replaced by someone younger, stronger, and more determined to implement change. Democrats will be disappointed to learn it won’t be Nikki Haley. If Biden is forced off the ticket, for any reason, there is no one available to replace him. The number one candidate is Gavin Newsom who wants to run on his record in California. Ok, stop laughing now!

Some have proposed Michelle Obama, but it is far from clear she even wants the job, and she has never managed anything and has never won anything. In addition, there is all that video of her saying things that are really difficult to defend.

The point being that a major political atmospheric river is heading our way. It is getting stronger by the day and Democrats are too busy trying to pretend it doesn’t exist to consider some rational strategy for surviving the impact. Normally a President in this much trouble would find someone to attack. But Biden is so weak that even if he tries this, he is almost certain to fail and make the problem worse. Wag the Dog only works if one actually has a dog. Democrats have no dog in this fight.



The MSM is outraged that Donald Trump vetoed the planned deal with the Biden administration to “close the border” (temporarily), give money to Israel and give money to Ukraine. How horrible! Imagine that. A candidate for the country who dares to demand his own party avoid giving an undeserved victory for a temporary and tiny concession. Why Democrats would never do that. Right!

Actually, Democrats are famous for doing exactly that. For example during the George H.W. Bush presidency, Democrats wouldn’t vote to authorize the first Iraq war. Then when Bush proposed common sense legislation that would help the economy, Democrats slapped it down. They would rather see the country fail than to see Bush win, even on something they previously considered to be a good idea. They were even willing to give the Presidency to someone as despicable as Bill Clinton, because he was a Democrat.

Contrast that to what happened while Clinton was President. His performance was so awful he was headed toward defeat in 1996. Then New Gingrich came along, with the “Contract with America.” Clinton, who was failing miserably, wisely let Republicans pass their agenda, then he took credit for it. Gingrich put the country first and the result was four more years of Bill Clinton. Unfortunately Gingrich also lit the fire under the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac economic nightmare that would explode during the George W. Bush administration.

When George W. Bush was President, Democrats tried to constantly undermine him. After briefly uniting following 9-11, they turned on him again. During his last four years they absolutely refused to pass desperately needed legislation regarding subprime mortgagees and the abuses at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Bush warned congress that failure to act threatened our entire economy. He was right. They were wrong. Yet it was Bush who paid the price for the resulting economic meltdown.

Setting the Record Straight: Six Years of Unheeded Warnings for GSE Reform (

Over the past six years, the President and his Administration have not only warned of the systemic consequences of failure to reform GSEs but also put forward thoughtful plans to reduce the risk that either Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac would encounter such difficulties.  In fact, it was Congress that flatly rejected President Bush’s call more than five years ago to reform the GSEs.  Over the years, the President’s repeated attempts to reform the supervision of these entities were thwarted by the legislative maneuvering of those who emphatically denied there were problems with the GSEs.

The result was eight years of Barrack Obama and eight years of economic stagnation. Republicans didn’t oppose promising ideas by Obama, they didn’t need to, he never proposed any.

When Trump became President, Democrats started out to sabotage his administration before he took office. The Russian collusion hoax, perpetrated by the Hillary Clinton campaign, was embraced by Democrats and their supporters in the establishment to make it difficult, if not impossible, for Trump to govern. Even when Republicans controlled the House and the Senate, Democrats make every possible effort to thwart anything proposed by Trump. The MSM even resisted allowing him to address the country on Prime-Time television. Democrats in congress literally voted to impeach him for daring point out the obvious evidence of massive corruption in the Ukraine by Joe Biden. Then they voted to impeach him again for daring to ask congress to please, please at least consider the mountain of evidence regarding systemic mail-in voter fraud during the 2020 election.

My greatest fear is that if Trump is elected again, Democrats will spend the following four years trying to sabotage him again. They won’t even consider doing the right thing for the right reason. Democrats never do that. Instead, they will hold legislation with broad bi-partisan support hostage in exchange for their extremist outrageously expensive left-wing dreams. Then they will blame everything on Trump.

This happens repeatedly and Republicans repeatedly cave, for the greater good. There is only one way to deal with saboteurs. You stop them and put them in a position where future sabotage isn’t an option. You never compromise with them because they are incapable of compromising with you. Any perceived victory on your part will merely pave the road for future more devastating sabotage.

I once read where one of the first Prime Minister of Israel, David Ben-Gurion, met with a holocaust survivor. He asked this man what he would suggest. The response was that “if someone says they will kill you, believe them!”

The saboteurs intend to destroy us, our way of life, our economy, and our freedom. If the saboteurs are not stopped now, what will they try next? Putting governors on our electric cars so they can never go faster 10mph over the speed limit?