Well, for better or worse, a New York Grand Jury has indicted Donald Trump. This does not mean he will be convicted of anything. It certainly doesn’t mean he will ever spend 10 seconds in jail. What it does mean is that Democrats plan on making hay on this and painting Donald Trump as convicted felon, without regard to the facts or evidence.

While some Democrats and the usual suspects in the MSM are openly celebrating, wiser heads realize this is the ultimate two-headed sword. Those celebrating assume the facts are all on their side. That is obviously not true. They also assume that everyone agrees with them. That isn’t close to being true. The reality, which could be absolutely devasting to a lot of people still celebrating is that this just may the ultimate bridge too far.

Donald Trump was impeached, by a Democratic controlled congress, twice, with no success. The first time it was for suggesting that Joe Biden and his family might have some questionable transactions in Ukraine. Few considered what would happen if it turned out that Trump was right and as a result this could be the ultimate whistleblower situation.

The other was in regard to January 6th, and few Americans buy this as a Trump inspired insurrection. In addition, impeaching him about 12 hours before he was scheduled to leave office made zero sense then and makes zero sense now.  The more we learn about January 6th, the more obvious that a lot of people were lying.

Now Trump is being indicted for something, we are not sure what. If it is misuse of campaign funds, then Hillary Clinton should be lawyering up as we speak. I suspect that they are lot of rich men, who have paid large sums to stop people from talking about their personal lives. It would be naïve to think Trump is the only one who would even consider something like this. We can be absolutely certain that there are a lot of James O’Keefe’s out there who will be strongly incentivized to do their own investigation. Once again, we are reminded that people in glass houses should not throw stones.

Perhaps the person who should be most terrified is Joe Biden. Republicans already have grounds to impeach him, and prosecutors have more than enough evidence already to indict Hunter Biden. Any indictment of Hunter Biden will by definition include “the big guy.” Republicans have resisted the urge to impeach Joe because they don’t want to stoop to the Nancy Pelosi level. They also wanted to focus on doing a good job so they can take total control of congress in 2024. In addition, no sane person wants to risk replacing Joe with Kamala. However, the Republican base is likely to demand this, and Republicans may no longer have a choice. In effect, by doing this Democrats have not only declared war on Donald Trump, but they have also declared war on the Republican Party. At a minimum a lot of people, including people like me, are going to send a very strong message to Republicans in congress. Democrats have been at war with us, but we have not been at war with them. That needs to change, and it needs to change now. If Republicans in congress fail to get the message they risk being replaced by younger, more determined individuals who will arrive with a mission and an agenda.

I suspect this indictment of Donald Trump will feel very familiar to the way the entire country felt about Pearl Harbor. Many Republicans are all too aware of the obvious problems with Donald Trump, but that is no excuse for the never ending self-righteous continuous assault on him by people who are not exactly pillars of virtue themselves. Ironically, with this misguided step they may have elevated Trump to living martyr status and he is going from someone who would have actually been easy to beat into someone who now represents a symbol bigger even than his own enormous ego. Far from stopping Trump, this is more likely to save him. And if he is somehow forced out of this race, he will be replaced by someone younger, smarter, and stronger and that could be the absolute worst-case scenario for Democrats.

In addition, while Democrats literally have no bench, which is why, incredibly, Joe Biden is still considered the best option to defeat Donald Trump. But Republicans don’t have that problem. There are a lot of very qualified and determined individuals in the Republican Party, none of whom are currently announced candidates, really, willing, and able to accept the challenge.

This is a reminder that before you replace someone, you better know who or what will replace him. Joe Biden is absolutely horrible, but if you are standing next to him, looking for a better option on the horizon, you might have better luck standing in the middle of the Sahara Desert looking for non-existent water.

One area of concern is that this has made a lot of people angry and not all of them will respond rationally. That includes the democrats and their deluded followers in the MSM too self-absorbed in their viral hatred of Donald Trump to notice the stormy whether just over the horizon.