Joshua 6:1-20 (NIV)

“When the trumpets sounded, the army shouted, and at the sound of the trumpet, when the men gave a loud shout, the wall collapsed; so, everyone charged straight in, and they took the city.” 

The people in Jericho paid a very high price for expecting the city walls to protect them from the Israelites. Today we have the modern equivalent of the story, only this time it is the “walls” closing in on Donald Trump, “again.” One would think that supposedly smart people who had been proven so very wrong previously predicting legal walls closing in on Donald Trump would show some restraint, but these clowns never learn. They keep trusting the same people who have proven themselves untrustworthy time and time again. Once again, it is becoming clear that no legal walls are closing in on Donald Trump this time either. Once again, the walls keep tumbling down.

In some cases the illusionary walls closing in on Donald Trump have already collapsed in the most spectacular ways. For example, the attorney representing Stormy Daniels is now in prison, and she was ordered to pay Donald Trump’s legal fees. This is so obvious that even the New York Times noticed, but Anderson Cooper is still struggling to understand. There are numerous links to the following interview of Maggie Haberman by Anderson Cooper:

WATCH: Maggie Haberman Throws Gallons of Cold Water on Trump Indictment News (

The reality is that the walls closing in on Donald Trump exist primarily in the deluded minds of people who hate him with such passion that it blinds their ability to see reality. The beat goes on and even CBS this morning reported that Trump is likely to be indicted. These walls will do even less to protect the usual suspects from Trump than the walls of Jericho designed to protect its inhabitants from the Israelites.

There are other walls coming down, including the wall hiding the truth about January 6th from the American public. Despite the delusional reporting by the MSM and the irrational rants of the January 6th committee, very few people are buying the myth that January 6th was really an armed insurrection, the greatest threat to democracy since the civil war. The reality is that most of the people protesting in Washington were no threat to anyone and they honestly believed there were serious problems regarding the 2020 election because those problems are actually pretty darn obvious. There were a handful of people who did violate the law. At least some of them appear to have been egged on by people who suspiciously look like plants. One person allegedly connected to Antifa admitted this, on video, but he was ignored by the FBI and the MSM.

Unsurprisingly the only media outlet that reported objectively on this was the New York Post.  You can read the story here, published on January 15, 2021 but totally ignored by the rest of the MSM:

Who is John Sullivan, accused provocateur charged in Capitol riot? (

Mr. Sullivans video is evidence of a lot of things, mostly about himself, but is hardly evidence of an armed organized insurrection.

But now Republicans control the House, they have access to 41,000 hours of video and that is being released to the American public. The only thing certain is that the video used by the January 6th committee, focused almost solely on creating legal walls to trap Donald Trump was selectively edited and soon a lot of people will hear and see the “other side of the story.” Another legal wall closing in on Donald Trump is on the verge of collapse.

Ironically, Maggie Hagerman did get something right. Those who attack Donald Trump risk elevating him to a higher status than he would get otherwise.

The walls of Jericho tell us something else. Poorly designed walls are destined to fall down. It is only a matter of time. And when that happens, the resulting sound is often heard round the world. I honestly believe that if his enemies were not so blinded by hatred, they would easily see that Trump himself is prone to self-destruction. His best campaign staff is composed of those devoted full-time to tearing him down. Perhaps if they just shut up, people who pay more attention to what Trump does and says and that wall of silence just might be the most effective wall of all. That, of course, is the least likely outcome.