For the record, I am not a huge Tucker Carlson fan. But sometimes the loudest criticism of him is when he is actually right. For example, every time we get a hurricane, someone from CNN, MSNBC etc., will explain that this is proof of global warming. Anyone who dares hint at anything different is a dreaded “climate change denier.” Tucker was guilty of touching the third rail of climate change politics. But, if you do even a little research on hurricanes it soon becomes obvious that really big hurricanes have been hitting Florida for over 100 years, this runs in cycles, and there is no discernible increase in the number or severity of these storms. They do cause more damage now, because there are a lot more people and structures available for destruction.

You can see this for yourself, just drive from Miami to Key West. You will see that there once was a rail road, but a hurricane destroyed it. That happened on Labor Day, 1935. It was a huge category 5. It took seven years to build that railroad right of way, and four hours for the hurricane to destroy it.

And by the way, the weather temperature charts developed by NOAA show NO global warming over the past eight years. But you will never hear that from the MSM. In addition, they keep talking about this massive ice shelf in Antarctica that will melt and rained sea level by 500 ft. Ok, not quite that much, but a lot. Well perhaps you remember iceberg A68a, which broke off Antarctica in 2017. It was 100 miles long and 30 miles wide. That has now melted almost completely and is stuck near South Georgia Island. But this huge melting iceshelf didn’t raise sea level, at all. Why? Because, duh, it was already melting before, which is why it broke off. It did add fresh water, which resulted in more fish and the penguins rejoiced, but that is another story:

An Extraordinary Iceberg Is Gone, but Not Forgotten – The New York Times (

Note that the NYT article ignored the fact that this had zero impact on sea level. But this should be obvious. You can test this yourself. Just put some ice in a glass of water. Measure the height of the water. Now let the ice melt. Then measure the height of the water. It is exactly the same:

buoyancy – Why does ice melting not change the water level in a container? – Physics Stack Exchange

Archimedes’ principle states that the weight of water displaced will equal the upward buoyancy force provided by that water. Hmmm. The Archimedes principle. That would be the Greek mathematician who lived in Syracuse, Sicily, around 3 BCE. Of course, that does not provide nearly enough time for the people in the MSM to notice. Actually, this is misleading because a melting iceberg does replace salt water with fresh water. So, if all the ice in the world melted, that would raise sea level world wide by a whopping 4 to 6 centimeters. Horror of horrors.


In an even greater miracle, Kevin McCarthy, that Kevin McCarthy just gave about 51,000 hours of video from January 6th, 2021, to Tucker Carlson. Tucker and his team are pouring through this, and the results are likely to be very humiliating for Democrats. There is a REASON they didn’t want the public to see these videos. Keep tuned because this could easily become must see television. Now Tucker Carlson is guaranteed to selectively edit this material, but of course, the January 6th committee already had two years to do that. We can be absolutely certain that every minute of video that supported the Insurrection theory, has been reported already. It is what we did not see that is likely to change people’s minds.

This is a sign that Kevin McCarthy and the new Republican Party is actually going to start fighting back and they aren’t going to use the Democratic Playbook. Perhaps during the 6,000 vote calls necessary to get McCarthy elected Speaker of the House, he figured that out. So far, the loudest voices in this Republican congress are those who have been ignored for far too long.

Stay tuned because we have never seen anything like this before. Many of us have wondered why Republicans were so pathetic at fighting back. Perhaps they have finally learned something important. Democrats are not their friends, they are not even their friendly foes, they are people who have been at war. They were at war with us, but we were not at war with them. Until now. Grin and Tucker it. This is just the beginning.