The winds of change are blowing strong and picking up steam. People in both political parties are hungry for change. Republicans are tired of RINO Republicans who squander opportunity after opportunity. Most Democrats are not actually proud of the woke movement and they feel the pain of economic ineptitude along with everyone else. Everyone is united in one goal, somebody else please, anybody, please. The most popular option, if available, today would be “none of the above.”

We are already seeing that in the Democratic Party. The good bye Joe movement is all too real and unless he wakes up and decides to exit gracefully, will become far more aggressive. They are trying to send him a strong message and are praying he understands. But one of the problems with Joe Biden is that he really believes the lies he tells, and he really believes he is doing a great job as President.

But the winds of change are also blowing for the GOP. Donald Trump is desperately trying to resurrect his political career by running for President in 2024. Ironically, he is adopting the strategy of Hillary Clinton, who won the nomination by destroying any potential candidate. He will be successful, for candidates like Nicky Haley and John Bolton. But he is likely to destroy himself in the process. A lot of people thought he did a good job as President. A lot of people agree that the 2020 election was highly flawed resulted in the worst political mistake in American history installing someone as inept and unethical as Joe Biden in the White House. But his act is getting old and his support may have dwindled to the point where he can still be highly destructive, but he cannot possibly win election to be President of the United States in 2024. That may be unfair, but it is reality. The really smart candidate will be one who avoids engaging in debate with Donald Trump and instead waits for the moment when his candidacy becomes untenable.

We may also face the most serious constitutional crisis in our country, ever. The problem is that if some of the allegations against Hunter Biden are true, they may represent a very serious national security risk. It is bad enough that Hunter Biden and the entire Biden family clearly sold Joe Biden’s influence to the highest bidder. It is frightening to think that this included people from our worst enemies, including Russia and China. But that pales in comparison to the potential that Hunter Biden was granted access to highly classified information and that he may have leaked some of this information to foreign governments. This is so serious that even a hard-core Democrat like Mark Warner sat up and started paying attention. This means that in addition to the Democrats who want to see Joe go, for purely political reasons, there are at least some Democrats who legitimately fear he is a risk to national security.

Now combine this with the fact that Joe’s annual physical is overdue, and the White House is stonewalling that. The numerous people warning that we are heading toward a recession. Incredibly, just yesterday, Biden posted a picture of himself in a GMC Hummer EV, supposedly promoting the electric vehicle tax credit. This car cost between $87,000 to $110,000, which exceeds the maximum cost for which the $7,500 credit is available. This is as tone deaf as it gets.

Here in Florida, we are already seeing some of that change. DeSantis won election four years ago, running against a man who was recently indicted on wire fraud charges, by the narrowest of margins. Four years later, he defeated former Governor Charlie Crist by over 20 percentage points. Even Democrats now refer to Florida as a very red state. Everyone, and I do mean everyone is checking out what happened in Florida to effect such a profound change. That answer is DeSantis, who did what he said he would do and will not back down even in the face of the strongest possible opposition. It turns out that a lot of people like someone who says what he means and means what he says. We are very likely to see other politicians learning from this and acting accordingly. Winners are always studied and copied.

One hopes that the cycle is running strongly against those who have been so destructive. That does seem like the most likely outcome. But no cycle last forever and those who fail to exploit the opportunities arising out of this cycle, need to keep that in mind. Everyone needs to be alert for change, some positive, some negative. However, keep in mind that the least reliable source of information at the moment is the MSM, including Fox. They are far better at reporting on what has happened than in predicting what will happen. The winds of change are blowing hard, and eventually everyone will notice. The only thing we know for certain is who has mucked things up to a fare-thee well. Change, significant change, is coming. This is a high wind warning.