It has been obvious for some time that unless something changes, Democrats are in big trouble during this midterm election cycle. It is tradition for the party of a newly elected president to take a bath during the midterms, that also happened to Donald Trump. But this is on a whole new level. Frankly, we are rapidly approaching the “too good to be true” scenario. But this time there is so much evidence supporting this projection that it would be really naïve to expect anything different. Strategists in both parties, who agree on nothing else, agree about this.

It sure looks like the liberal left leaked that Roe v Wade draft opinion in an act of desperation. One of the more serious character flaws of people on the left is that they assume anyone with half a brain must agree with them. They are absolutely incapable of understanding how much of the world thinks. Frankly, this reached has now reached the point of institutional insanity.

It is often said there are two sides to every issue, but that actually isn’t true. There are a lot of things where there actually is right and there is wrong. There is good and there is evil. There is love and there is hate. People who do not understand that live in a parallel universe. Just because they have convinced themselves of something that is not true does not actually make it true. It just makes them delusional.

Joe Biden literally said that the MAGA movement is the most dangerous in American History. That goes way beyond delusional. It is insane. However, it is incredibly close to the Hillary Clinton “basket of deplorables” description of Trump supporters. This is more evidence that Democrats have moved beyond trying to convince of us things that are not only untrue, but absurdly, to believing this themselves. No political movement, led by the blind who are categorically insane can long endure. The reality is nothing more or less than this. If Democrats really believe this, then they are hopelessly delusional bordering on insanity. If they don’t believe it, but say it anyway, they are irredeemably evil. Take your pick.

California Governor Newsom said that the pro-life movement is led by white men, because men can’t get pregnant. First, that is irresponsible for someone who pretends that one can choose one’s own gender without regard to the physical characteristics with which one was born. How dare he say that men can’t get pregnant. Why the liberal left is demanding that public schools put tampons in boy’s restrooms. Brilliant! Second, the strongest pro-life people I know are, gasp, women. Men tend to be more pro-choice, probably because of feeling a sense of guilt in the event they get someone pregnant. I would suspect everyone knows of a woman who was driven to Planned Parenthood by a boyfriend who was more than willing to fund an oh so convenient abortion. I can pretty much guarantee that Hunter Biden would have cherished such an opportunity.

That is what the liberal left flat out fails to understand. The days of the coat hanger abortion in a back alley are long gone. Instead, you can just come to California, where people like Gavin Newsome will happily provide whatever cash you need to fund your abortion. But something else has changed, like science. The more we learn about fetal development the more we realize the miracle of birth and the myth that this is just tissue, instead of a living human being, has been shredded by actual science. That is why the vast majority of people favor some restrictions on abortions and few people, other than liberal activists, try to pretend that abortion is somehow a good thing. One vocal idiot even said she had an abortion to benefit her unborn child. Seriously? How could you describe this as other than insane?

I predict Democrats will rue the day they decided to Roe, Roe, Roe, their boat. It won’t change anything about Joe Biden’s senility, our international embarrassment, skyrocketing inflation, disappearing food stores and gas too expensive to drive to work. Instead, Democrats expect to turn everything around on the false assumption that the only thing Americans really care about is the ability to abort their babies. Good luck with that. Not, actually the worse of luck with that. Roe, Roe, Roe, your boat.