2022 is going to be an interesting year. It is already starting out bad, with COVID soaring, gas prices soaring, empty shelves and higher prices. But wait, there is more. We had a snowstorm in Northern California, which is actually quite predictable. But this took down powerlines and there are people who have been out of power for days if not weeks. They are not happy. In Virginia, there was a snowstorm that resulted in people trapped in their cars for hours. The Governor, outgoing Democrat Northam, said they should have paid attention and stayed home. That is not playing well anywhere. U.S. Senator Kane was trapped in his car, for 27 hours. While trapped in their cars, those with radios could have heard Kamala Harris giggling about how Build Back Better has America moving again. It is increasingly harder to blame snowstorms and freezing weather on global warming.

The CDC just admitted that the current tests cannot distinguish between COVID and the flu. There are hundreds, no thousands, no millions of people who have no symptoms in long lines waiting to receive a test, which doesn’t actually work, to see if they are sick. This is very unlikely to end well.

Here is Northern California gas is already north of $4.00 and surging. Some gas stations have signs showing prices north of $5.00. Ground beef, at Walmart, costs $4.43 per pound, for 80% lean, if you can find it. It doesn’t appear to be available in stores. At Safeway, you can buy a pound of ground beef, 85% lean, discounted from $9.49 per pound to $7.99 per pound. If you buy about five pounds you can save money at Sam’s Club. Everyone, but Joe Biden, knows that this is problem. The only question regarding inflation is “how much higher?”

Crime is surging everywhere, because of defund the police policies and idiotic decisions to stop charging people for shoplifting and, incredibly, to stop charging people for resisting arrest. Everyone who voted for this nonsense should be sentenced to watch 5 hours of COPS to see how this works in real life.

The only store doing well in Hollywood is the single store selling guns. It turns out even white liberals are buying guns. Other people are buying guns too, like the government in Canada that is trying to buy back ARM 15 type guns. There is just a minor problem, few people are selling, and a few are saying: “go ahead, try and get it.” This is obviously not good news to anyone other than reporters on CNN like Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper.

Donald Trump wisely cancelled his news conference for January 6th. Joe Biden is going to speak to the nation telling everyone about the insurrection and the greatest threat to Democracy since the Civil War. Does anyone really expect him to knock this out of the park? This is more likely to end up like the Congressional Baseball game where he described coming close to hitting a ball out of the park, which would have been more believable if he had actually played.

He has problems. One is that he lies so much few people believe anything he says anymore. Another is that the actual facts do not support his case. He is horrible at reading a script and cannot even pretend to answer a question coherently. He is far more likely to make the case against the insurrection than anything Donald Trump could do or say. Trump now has an event scheduled for the 15th. All he needs do is play a video of Joe Biden and then laugh and ask if anyone is taking this seriously. Mary Hamm taught us that the best way to respond to a joke is to laugh.

In the meantime, since the CDC admitted it can’t tell the difference between COVID and the flu, it decided to just find a new variant that is, conveniently, a combination of the two. Since they are unwilling to ever admit error, they are planning to scare everyone by replacing COVID with the flu. The only way to describe this is “FLUEY.”