In 1968, David Clayton-Thomas wrote a song for Blood Sweat & Tears called spinning wheel.  The first line of that song is:

“What goes up, must come down, Spinnin’ wheel got to go round.”

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I was flying combat missions in Vietnam at the time. I underestimated how much things were destined to change.

Everything on this planet moves in cycles. We sometimes forget that, when we feel we are on top of the world. We also forget it during times of trouble. Today a lot of supposedly smart people are shrieking about climate change. Some are proposing taking insane action to save us from global warming. President Biden and John Kerry refer to climate change as an existential threat to humanity. They say climate change, but they always mean global warming. The cold hard truth is that it doesn’t look like the earth is actually getting warmer. For example, on September 16th, the Arctic Sea ice reached its annual minimum of 4.72 million square kilometers. Now one will note that 4.72 million square kilometers of ice is quite a bit larger than the ice free arctic predicted by that eminent scientific scholar, Al Gore. But this is also the most ice we have seen in the arctic, at this time of year, since 2014.

Arctic Sea Ice News and Analysis | Sea ice data updated daily with one-day lag (nsidc.org)

Just in case you were wondering, the Antarctic is not exactly experiencing a heat wave either. The following article from the Seattle Times explains why the South Pole is experiencing record cold, which is an anomaly in a warming world:

South Pole posts most severe cold season on record, an anomaly in a warming world | The Seattle Times

The average temperature at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station between April and September, a frigid minus-78 degrees (minus-61 Celsius), was the coldest on record, dating back to 1957. This was 4.5 degrees lower than the most recent 30-year average.

And, by the way, there is more ice there too!

The extreme cold over Antarctica helped push sea ice levels surrounding the continent to their fifth-highest level on record in August, according to the National Snow and Ice Data Center.

So, the best evidence of climate change (global warming) is that both poles are getting significantly colder. You probably don’t know this because CNN is not covering the story.

This type of logic explains why Joe Biden is shutting down pipelines in the U.S., encouraging pipelines in Europe, discouraging drilling for oil in the U.S. and demanding we switch to electric vehicles that will be serviced by a grid using far fewer fossil fuels. If this seems insane, it is because it is insane.

It is also insane to demand everyone get vaccinated, because vaccinations protect vaccinated people from getting terribly sick from COVID, but they must still wear a mask so that vaccinated people don’t spread COVID to unvaccinated people. This, of course, includes people who have already had COVID and have at least 20 times more immunity that people who have merely been vaccinated. This is all necessary to continue following the science.

The same logic is used to demand that all school age children, get vaccinated, before they can go back to school where they will still need to wear masks, to protect the teachers. This is because the only people exempt from getting vaccinated are teachers who are members of the teachers union.

Our healthcare system is improving daily by requiring all health care works to get vaccinated. This has resulted in numerous healthcare workers getting fired or quitting. This has resulted in some healthcare systems rationing care. This, of course, is all designed to help us end the pandemic and return to normal life. Once again, following the science.

This same logic is used to demand that all future elections be conducted only with mail-in ballots, which both Democrats and Republicans agree are a recipe for fraud, so that we can all have more confidence in our elections.

The good news is that spinnin’ wheel keeps on spinnin’ and no amount of false logic changes that. Democrats were publicly humiliated when they couldn’t stop spitting at each other long enough to pass the “Biden Agenda.” Every time Biden tries to show why he is President, and everyone should listen to him, he only provides more evidence of his own senility and incompetence. A level of incompetence exceeded only by his designated replacement, Kamala Harris.

The San Francisco Giants, predicted to win, perhaps 72 games this year, if they were lucky, just finished the season with 107 wins, the most in franchise history. That would be 1 win more than the Los Angeles Dodgers, who also had their best year in franchise history, winning 106 games, only to come in second. They now face a one day sudden death playoff game with the hottest team in baseball, the St. Louis Cardinals. The Giants only exceeded expectations by a mere 35 games, proving once again that many of the people we rely on to predict things have zero credibility. They are guessing and one reason they are often very wrong is that they forget about that “spinnin’ wheel.”

“What goes up, must come down. Spinnin’ wheel got to go ‘round.” True about the weather. Also true about politics. No amount of spin by the MSM can stop that wheel from going “round.” Don’t sell your coat.