For the record, I own an insurance agency and we love taking business away from GEICO. So, this is hardly an endorsement of GEICO Insurance. But they do have some great commercials. One of my favorites is where this group of young people are running in terror from a haunted house. One of the girls suggests they jump a running car and drive away, but the rest of the group says NO! Let’s hide in the garage behind all the hanging chain saws.  Here is a link to a YouTube version of that commercial:

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It is one thing to be incredibly stupid during a commercial obviously designed as a joke. It is something else when an equally stupid decision is made by a member of Congress during a real crisis. Alexander Ocasio-Cortez revealed that during the Capitol riots, she did not go a secure location where members of congress were locked down, guarded by Capitol police, because she though the “White Supremacist” sympathizing reps in congress might have revealed her location so she could be killed or kidnapped.

In her interview with Rachel Maddow, who incredibly either believed this nonsense or showed incredible skill at not laughing out loud, AOC, said she literally did not know if she would make it to the end of the day. During this time of crisis, she chose to shelter in place in the equivalent of the garage with the hanging chainsaws. She said that sheltering in an “insecure location” during the riot at the U.S. Capitol, “seemed like a safer bet” than sheltering in the “secure location” with other members of congress who sympathize with “white supremacists.”

Why did she feel this way? “They’ve made public comments that are closely aligned with the beliefs of white supremacists and white supremacist sympathizer organizations, and these are all public record.” She did not actually name any members of congress and did not actually provide any quotes. Rachel Maddow wondered if this was based on the fact that some members have previously shared QAnon content on social media.

Oh my. This is not just delusional; this is downright stupid. I frankly don’t know much about QAnon other than the fact that the bare-chested idiot carrying the spear and wearing horns is apparently associated with QAnon. He is a lot of things, but a threat to assassinate everyone in congress is more than a reach.

Sharing an article, that looks interesting, is hardly the same as supporting White Supremacy. In addition, I suspect the remarks about Muslim-Americans in congress was probably aimed at Ilhan Omar, who has a lot more problems than just being a Muslim-American, such as praising ISIS.

AOC deliberately avoided a place designed to be safe because of alleged white supremacy views held by Republican members of congress, not supported by any facts. Incredibly, Maddow then said AOC had a point because of tweets by Lauren Boebert. She accused Boebert of telling rioters where to find Nancy Pelosi.

Here what Boebert tweeted. Before the riot started, she tweeted: “Today is 1776.” This was interpreted as coordinating with the rioters. Then she tweeted” We were locked in the House Chambers.” Then later: “The Speaker has been removed from the chambers.” It was admittedly dumb for Boebert to be tweeting while this was going on, but hardly evidence of treason.

This makes the kids in the GEICO commercial  look brilliant in comparison. The problem is that AOC is a member of congress and there are lot of other Democratic members of congress who appear to use the same reasoning. When you see this in a commercial, it is humorous. When you see this type of logic used by members of congress to justify impeaching a President of the United States, it is dangerously delusional.

Once again, I remind people that this is typical of how a lot of Democrats make decisions. It is indeed scary. It is hard to imagine people this delusional making good decisions about anything. The good news is that they are destined to muck things up so fast that the clock is already ticking on the length of time they will be in power.

But at least they will be secure, in a safe hiding place, protected by hanging chainsaws conveniently provided by a maniacal serial killer. What could possibly go wrong?


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