One of my favorite shows was the masked magician.  He would show exactly how some of the most famous illusions done by magicians really worked. Even things that seemed obvious and magical turned out to be only tricks of lighting, distraction, mirrors, and other gimmicks. Being fooled by a magician is one thing but being lied to by people who are deliberately distorting facts about something that really matters is far more serious.

Yesterday every single Democrat in the House and 10 Republicans voted to impeach a President of the United States based on an assumption that is patently false. It is not only wrong, but absurd to claim that the allegedly “inflammatory” speech by Donald Trump incited people to riot. They were planning on doing this before he showed up. The assault started before he even finished speaking.

Democrats and people like Liz Cheney blamed everything on Donald Trump for inciting insurrection, because of something that did not happen. This is going to be a huge problem for Democrats. Liz Cheney has committed political suicide. This assault on the Capitol scared a lot of people. It scared them enough to investigate things instead of just parroting the Democratic spin. Even CNN is reporting this. Of course, they are still blaming this on the KKK, but they are also reporting the facts about what happened at the Capitol.

This was a planned event, the FBI knew about, the Capitol police knew about it, and no one did anything to stop it. Numerous news agencies are reporting this. So far, all the “public” arrests seem to have been Trump supporters, but odds are that is far from true. At some point all the arrest records will be released and we will see Antifa and Black Lives Matter people there. There is no chance they could or would resist this type of opportunity. There are numerous eyewitness reports of this, along with a ton of video. Are they all lying? Please!!

John Solomon made a FOIA request for the records from the Capitol police. They denied the request because they said this would be embarrassing and invade some people’s privacy. Embarrassing? To whom?  Obviously, they are hiding something big. There is no way they can suppress this forever. This response will get the attention of a lot of people, including some in the MSM who will smell blood.

Solomon made a very interesting comment:

“A few minutes after the impeachment went over, CNN matched our story this morning and said there is evidence of significant pre-planning,” he said. “That would have been nice for the American people to know before their lawmakers voted on this impeachment proceeding.”

The News Media can only survive by reporting bad news designed to outrage people. That is why every local broadcast starts with shootings, robberies, fires, traffic accidents or anything else bad that happened. Perhaps they might throw in a feel-good moment or two, but if it bleeds, it leads. For the past four years, the MSM has focused on trashing Donald Trump. But Trump will leave town next week and he is already so yesterday. The MSM is already desperately searching for Susan, or rather something else that will get people’s attention.

People were shocked and outraged at what happened last week in the Capitol. The news media will report the truth because they have no alternative. It will become increasingly obvious that Donald Trump had little or nothing to do with this. Many in the MSM will argue that the whole problem is Donald Trump falsely claiming that the election was stolen. But they have a problem there too because more and more evidence will surface showing that he is right about that. The problems with massive mail-in ballots, while ignored by the MSM, are well documented. So are the problems with Dominion voting systems. Any rational person looking at the results of this election instantly realizes something is very wrong. Pretending this election was as pure as the driven snow is not going to work.

That why there is such a desperate attempt to silence Trump and silence anyone who questions the election. A lot of people are terrified of the truth. They are terrified that someone will pull back the curtain, showing the full extent of the illusion. They should be terrified. It may take longer than anyone wants, but the truth is already starting to come out. People are already developing work-arounds to avoid the censorship by Twitter, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Google, and the other media giants. Their replacements are already out there, and we will hear from them very soon. In the meantime, the current social media giants are about to pay a huge financial price for this mistake. They need those Trump supporters to use their products, more than the Trump supporters need them.


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