There is one scene that I remember from a movie, but I don’t remember anything else about that movie. The scene was where this obnoxious, and scrawny kid would start jawing with kids from another school. He would insult them and egg them on until, in a rage of fury, they would start running at him, obviously intending to beat the crap out of him. He would run around the corner, where a bunch of much bigger guys from his school would be waiting. The people who thought they were in pursuit suddenly became the victims.

There are various versions of this bate and switch. Another example is the good-looking female cop who acts as a decoy. It always works the same. Someone or something lures people into attempting an assault, only to later learn they have been lured into a trap. This is how Hitler started World War II in Poland.

There is at least some element of this regarding the “invasion” of the Capitol last Wednesday. The media is not covering this at all, they are pretending these were all Trump supporters incited by the President. But the facts tell a very different story. For example, the timeline is interesting. The first protestors arrived at the Capitol at 12:40. By 1:00 the Capitol PD Chief reported that officers were being attacked. That is when he requested assistance from the National Guard. In the meantime, Trump was still speaking, a considerable distance away. He did not end his speech until 1:15. The Capitol was breached at 1:50, but the people attending the speech did not arrive until 1:56.

That makes sense, because Trump said they were going to take a stroll about a half mile to the Capitol. It appears that the people who stormed the Capitol were not connected with the crowd listening to the speech. NPR allegedly made reports about the Capitol being stormed, before it happened. There are numerous eyewitness accounts that allege that Antifa was there, wearing Trump gear, and egging people on. There are even reports that in some places the Capitol police opened fences and welcomed people in. There are even pictures of people walking in the Capital Rotunda, between a roped fence corridor, nice and peaceful, looking like tourists. Two Capitol police officers have allegedly been suspended and there are reports one police officer or member of the guard has been arrested.

One thing is certain, the Democratic Party never resists the opportunity to exploit a crisis. They are certainly doing that in this case. With the help of social media, they are attempting to cut off the ability of Donald Trump to communicate with anyone. They are demanding he be removed from office under Section 25. They have filed Articles of Impeachment. All of this because of a speech where he not only does not encourage violence, but he specifically discouraged it.

Trump did want the crowd riled up. He wanted them to march to the Capitol and be noisy, so that perhaps Republicans in congress would listen to what they had to say. There were perhaps 500,000 people there, representing about 50 million other people. They agreed with Trump that this election was stolen, and they were angry that congress was just willing to ignore this and certify fraud.

Contrary to the reporting in the MSM, they are not naïve and delusional people tricked into believing nonsense promoted by Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani. Instead, they saw the results on election night and the morning after. This pattern has gone on for decades. Democrats always try to win elections by “finding enough votes” in Democratic population centers famous for systemic fraud. This difference is that this time it was so obvious and so overwhelming that it is impossible to ignore. They either heard the eyewitness testimonies themselves or saw videos of this. They saw all the experts explain why the results are mathematically impossible. But more important, they saw Trump draw enormous crowds, while Joe Biden couldn’t fill a phone booth. Yet, the arrogant and self-righteous Democrats and the MSM want to pretend this was the most secure election in history and it is Donald Trump who can’t accept reality.  The sad fact is that we cannot possibly believe the same people who have been lying to us 24/7 for over four years and are lying to us now. If they really want to identify who is causing the outrage in this country, they should all buy mirrors.

Sadly, in a failed attempt to blame everything on Trump, again, they have taken a bad situation and made it worse. They want to blame everything on Trump.  Instead, they should be listening to him. Just before boarding Marine One he said that Democrats are causing danger by pushing for him to be impeached a second time:

“For Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer to continue on this path, I think it’s causing tremendous danger to our country and it’s causing tremendous anger. I want no violence,”

He is right about that. There are reports, unconfirmed, that armed protests are planned at all 50 state capitols from January 16th through January 20th. This is according to an FBI bulletin. Some of these groups are apparently warning that if Congress attempts to remove Donald Trump via the 25th Amendment a huge violent uprising will occur.

No matter how you feel, don’t even consider participating in any protest until this calms down. This could get very ugly and a lot of innocent people are likely to get hurt. This is what happens when the people in power tell such obvious lies. Perhaps the worst was Joe Biden, who literally said he didn’t see protestors, he saw an insurrection, thugs, and domestic terrorists. There was nothing close to that last Wednesday, but thanks to these kinds of remarks and the obvious assault on anyone who dares hint there might have been a problem with the 2020 election, we may get that now.

We need not fear that these people will gain total control, they are too stupid to achieve that. They probably want that, they probably plan on getting that, but they a destined to fail. Instead, they have taken about 50 million upset people and filled them with a terrible rage. Most of them will respond, thankfully, by just turning off the news, abandoning Facebook and Twitter and being much more selective regarding where they spend their money. In the long run, that will destroy those who are intent on destroying us.

There are some truly violent people out there and they are angry too.  Some of them will be white supremacist groups, well organized, well armed and extremely violent. They have been powerless for a long time, because no one was listening to them. Trump condemned white supremacist groups. No one wanted them. Now, thanks to the way this is handled, these people may feel emboldened to act. When Biden is talking about reparations for slavery, preferential funding for minority businesses and creating a pathway to citizenship for 11 million illegal aliens, it is Biden who is blowing the dog whistle that will cause these people to act. The Federal Government is and will be justified in doing whatever it takes to stop them. But we need to be careful to distance ourselves from them, because Democrats will undoubtedly use this crisis, they have created, to try and suppress those who had nothing to do with it at all.

This too will fail but stay home and stay silent. Nothing lasts for ever and neither will this. The truth about what happened last Wednesday will come out, there are just too many witnesses and too much video. A lot of people who are very arrogant today may be eating humble pie in the morning.


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