I am sure everyone is upset over what is going on in Washington.  Democrats are about to take over the house and the senate and the presidency. Some are assuming this will result in total power. But that is not accurate. The house and the Senate can pass laws. The president can sign laws and can execute those laws. He can also issue executive orders. But all that is subject to legal review. In addition, there must be a mechanism for enforcement. There are literally millions of laws, that you know nothing about, because they are not being enforced. This will be a banner year for attorneys.

Donald Trump appointed and confirmed over 300 federal judges. It will take years for Joe Biden to even put a dent in that. The Supreme Court has a 6 to 3 conservative advantage. While Justice Roberts has been a disappointment, but his primary power came from being a swing vote. There were four liberal judges and four conservative judges and him. If he sided with the liberals, they won. Now there are only three liberal judges and five conservative judges. That means even if Roberts votes with the liberals, conservatives still win on a 5 to 4 basis. Until that changes, this is going to be a very conservative court. Roberts is more likely to vote with the conservatives than the liberals because he likes to be on the winning side.

The Democrats know this and will try to stack the Supreme Court, but at least some Democratic Senators will resist that. Perhaps a lot of Democratic senators will resist that. It also won’t be a slam dunk to make DC a state. The problem is that all the Democratic Senators are from other states and while Chuck Schumer dreams of two more Democratic Senators from D.C., it will not be viewed quite that attractive to Senators from other states. The reason is that adding two Senators from DC will reduce the power of every current Senator. Remember that personal power always trumps party loyalty. So, unless there is a strong nationwide public demand for this, don’t assume that all 50 Democrats will vote for this. Odds are there will a lot of time wasted on hearings, which will take a long time. Most of the country already thinks DC has too much power, so those Democratic Senators are likely to get an earful back home. They will try to do this, but it may not be all that easy to do.

Democrats will not govern responsibly. This means the economy, already in a downspin, will not improve. It may, sadly, get worse. But this will hurt Democrats more than Republicans. Joe Biden’s slogan, build back better, is the impossible dream. It is consistent with Barack Obama saying: “you didn’t build that!” But look around you, look at all the things built by the federal government, and then look at all the things built by private companies. Take away the private enterprise and you have Washington, D.C. sitting there sweltering in the D.C. swamp.

Even China knows that, which is why most of the thing you see made in China are not built by the Chinese government. China has a modified version of capitalism. They allow capitalism, and the capitalists allow them to retain power. Without this, China would still be a third world country. China also needs a strong U.S. economy to buy their products. It doesn’t matter how much you manufacture if no one buys.

This is the reason Joe Biden, and this Democratic congress are doomed to failure. They can raise your taxes and put regulations on how you run your business. But they can’t force you to go into business and they can’t force anyone to buy from you. They don’t even understand this, so they can’t possibly manage their way out of this.

They may want to federalize all elections, but it doesn’t work that way. State legislatures do that and 30 of them are controlled by Republicans. The courts, hesitate to get involved in this election, also don’t want to get involved in the next one. Election reform is on the way, Democrats cannot stop that.

Socialism always fails when it runs out of other people’s money. These clowns are already out of other people’s money. We are trillions in debt and with this economy, where are they going to get more money? From high tech? Hardly, those guys were glad to spend millions putting Democrats in power, but they aren’t going to be nearly as willing to fund programs that destroy their own income streams.

In many ways, we are now seeing the best possible outcome. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have exposed themselves for who they are, and eventually even their supporters will start to notice. Twitter, Facebook, Google, and the MSM have also exposed themselves. They are at war with the people who buy the products that fund them. They are already losing power and the competitors who will replace them are already out there, with more on the way. Ironically, the systems they build to gain control are the systems that will be used to destroy them. The immediate and irresponsible over-reaction to gaining power will ultimately speed up the pace at which these people destroy themselves.

This administration will do a lot of harm. They will grossly mismanage COVID and the American economy. They will try to take away your rights, but that effort is doomed to failure. The MSM that coordinated to make this happen has simultaneously destroyed itself. Trust in the MSM is down to 9%. Congressional approval rating is already down to 23% and dropping. But Donald Trump’s approval rating is increasing.

This is easy to understand. Now that we see who and what has replaced him, the Orange hair takes on a different glow.



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