For the past six months, Joe Biden has been living in his basement. He has held no legitimate press conferences, made no serious decisions. He has made his recommendations for cabinet appointments, but even this Democratic Senate is not about to give him everything he wants. This is a time to remember that there are deep divisions in the Democratic Party that did not disappear with the election of Joe Biden.

Kamala Harris just got a full-time job, breaking tie votes in the Senate. Predictably she will be expert at making the wrong decision every time. But this also means she is now a prisoner of the job. She can’t leave town, while the Senate is in session, because Democrats don’t control it, this is a tie. If she leaves, the senate becomes a roadblock, with or without the filibuster.

Democrats will immediately push for statehood for DC and Puerto Rico. But there will be pushback on that, including from some Democratic Senators. They must run for re-election too.  Few people in other states, in either party, are going to be thrilled at getting two new Democratic Senators from D.C. transferring all the power away from their state to Washington, D.C. One thing agreed upon by most Americans, Republicans or Democrat, Liberal or Conservative, is that they like their own congressional representatives but they hate congress. Approval rating for congress is at 23%. When people learn more about Ossoff and Warnock it will drop even more. It will fall off the cliff if this congress ignores the serious problems facing this nation and focuses solely on consolidating power by trying to stack the Supreme Court, adding more states, and ending the filibuster. That all sound great, if you are talking to fellow Democrats in congress, but if you talking to your neighbors, this is not exactly their top priority.

We should expect the appointment of a Special Counsel. It will be difficult for any nominee, including Merrick Garland to be approved if he does not agree to a Special Counsel. In the meantime, there will be congressional hearings and Hunter Biden is going to be the center of conversation. A conversation that is the last thing “President” Biden needs. What makes this worse is that Republicans are furious, and they have a ton of ammunition. They have given up on Trump, but they aren’t exactly ready to ignore the real problems with Joe Biden.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have already demonstrated a total lack of the ability to deliver a unifying message. When those riots in Washington invaded our television screens, it was devastating for Donald Trump, but in the long run they will do more harm to both Biden and Harris. What Biden should have said is that he condemns the violence, those who did this will be punished, but we all need to learn the facts before we rush to judgement. But he didn’t do that. He not only accused all the Republican participant in the events to be committing insurrection, but he also called them domestic terrorists. Although praised by CNN, this was a huge unforced error. This was followed up with him moaning about how if this had been a BLM protest, it would have been handled differently. He is right, BLM would have been handled with kid gloves, anyone arrest would have already been released, and if an unarmed black man had been shot there would have been nationwide protests. Joe Biden may not get that, but everyone else understands completely.

Kamala Harris was even worse, making up idiotic stories she plagiarized from Martin Luther King and then saying this pointed out the double standard in the way the Capitol police handled this compared to the Black Lives Matter protest in June.

This is so stupid; you need to read it for yourself:

Capitol Riot: Kamala Harris Calls Out Unequal Justice System | POPSUGAR News

“In times of upheaval, we come to realize, to appreciate, just how vital the rule of law truly is,” Harris said, citing fidelity to the rule of law as a fundamental principle of democracy. “What we saw yesterday in our nation’s Capitol was, as the president-elect has called it, ‘an assault on the rule of law,’ and it has no place in our democracy . . . We know this is unacceptable. We know we should be better than this. The promise of our country is that ALL people will be treated equally. That’s what the rule of law is supposed to be about.

Law enforcement’s response to Black Lives Matter protests, sparked by the police killing of George Floyd in 2020, was a vivid example of the inequity present in the current justice system and only leaves room for improvement as we transition into a new presidency. “[The challenge is] about how to reform, how to transform a justice system that does not work equally for all, a justice system that is experienced differently depending on whether you’re white or Black, a justice system that is experienced differently if you’re rich or poor,” Harris said what the ideal of equal justice under law is all about.”

She apparently did not notice what happened to MLB and NFL ratings when they went on this social justice rant. She is oblivious to the escalation in violence, all over the country, as a direct result of cities trying to “defund the police” and implement the  justice reform she adores.

In the meantime, they have no plans for COVID 19 that will possibly work. Joe Biden just said he will release all available vaccine immediately. The Trump administration held back half of the vaccine doses, because if you don’t get a second dose the first one doesn’t work. Trump didn’t make that decision, the medical professionals did. Joe Biden just made his first executive decision, to blatantly ignore the science in an unnecessary attempt to gain political advantage. He needs to learn that he is President, not someone hiding in his basement pretending to run for President. He is supposed to think before making these kinds of decisions. Just doing something because Trump did something else is insane.

Democrats winning the illusion of power does not actually give them power. That requires them to take advantage of this and govern effectively. That is the least likely outcome. All their plans require massive amounts of money they don’t have and keeping the economy on lockdown is guaranteed to make it worse. The only solution is to raise taxes, which will be very unpopular, and cut programs they consider optional, like national defense. Now combine that with skyrocketing fuel prices combined with demands you switch to public transportation and electric cars.  It has often been said that the first product of socialism is shared misery. This happens even when socialists gain power during good times. These aren’t good times so this process is already under way. But they won’t even slow down on their impossible dream. They can’t help themselves. They never have, they never will.

Sometimes, victory is the first step in ultimate defeat. That is particularly true if that victory was obtained through blatant fraud.


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