Those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it. Words never truer than today. This has happened before. I saw it with my own eyes. The year was 1972. The President of the United States was Richard Nixon. He had won re-election in a landslide. The country was doing well under his leadership. Incredibly he won the Vietnam war and signed a peace treaty. He had the support of the American people, but he was hated by Democrats and absolutely despised by the liberal mainstream media. Yes, the media was just as biased and just as liberal in 1972 as it is today. He, like Donald Trump, did nothing to warrant impeachment. But unlike Donald Trump, Nixon lacked the personal strength of character required to remain in office. More importantly, he lacked the support of Republicans in congress.  He was not actually impeached and if he had been impeached, he would never have been convicted by 2/3 of the Senate. But what finished him was the failure of the Republican leadership to stand up against the coup.

There are many people today who believe that Nixon was a thoroughly evil man, who deserved to be impeached. But he did nothing that other Presidents have not done before and since. The supposed “crime” what warranted removing him from office was covering up for a stupid burglary by a bunch of his supporters. No one even pretends that Nixon knew about the Watergate Burglary before it happened, he just covered up for those who did know. Unlike Obama he didn’t get the IRS to target political opponents, he just asked them about it. They said no. When Obama asked the IRS to target pollical opponents, they did exactly that.

Nixon was replaced by Gerald Ford, who was completely handicapped by Democrats in congress. Ford begged congress to let him save Vietnam, but they just laughed at him. The result was the most humiliating defeat in American history, incredibly less than two years after, under Nixon’s leadership, we had won that war. Ford was replaced by Jimmy Carter, who was one of the weakest and most ineffective Presidents in history.

We were humiliated when our embassy in Iran was attacked, and Americans were held hostage. President Carter didn’t have a clue how to fix that and those Americans remained hostages for the rest of his Presidency.

The economy tanked under Carter. There was double digit inflation and double-digit interest rates. Everything became more expensive. Carter lectured us from the Oval office, wearing a sweater, telling us we all need to learn to live with less, to lower our expectations. He lowered the national speed limit to 55, to save on gas. He boycotted the Moscow Olympics. What is difficult is finding anything that improved under his l\leadership.

Jimmy Carter ultimately brought us Ronald Reagan, and Ronald Reagan brought the country back from despair, despite opposition by the MSM.

Now we have seen another coup, orchestrated by the Democrats and the MSM, for the exact same reason. They hate Donald Trump, just like they hated Richard Nixon. They are celebrating today because they think they have successfully removed the worst President in American history. They have been successful in removing Donald Trump from office. The coup is complete. But they haven’t won anything other than the illusion of victory that results when someone games the system.

We will not become a third world country. The problems with our elections will be fixed. Smart people will manage their way through this, just like they are managing their way through COVID 19. There are dark days ahead, but there is still a bright future.

At times like this, it is easier to identify losers than winners. The biggest loser is the MSM, which has destroyed the last remaining shreds of credibility. They stupidly destroyed their only reason for existing.

The DNC is in deep trouble. Every city run by Democrats is a disaster zone. None of their policies are working. Their tax base is leaving town in a stampede. The problems will escalate, the funds available will disappear and no one will be impressed. There is not a single state, run by Democrats, that is doing well. That means, nationwide, the Democratic Partly not only has no bench, but it also doesn’t even have a farm team.

They fell far short of obtaining absolute power. They won’t even come close to fundamentally changing this country. The country is bigger and stronger than they can even imagine. Their policies have failed in the past and they will fail in the future. It will just happen even faster this time because socialism always fails when you run out of other people’s money. Thanks to COVID 19, the federal government is already out of money and deeply in debt. They can’t even try to buy their way out of this mess. Frankly, Donald Trump may have dodged a bullet, because this year was going to be a mess, regardless of who is in the Oval Office.

The next great American leader will be a Republican. Keep an eye on people like Kristi Noem and Ron DeSantis. That is the kind of leadership American wants and needs. There are others, you just don’ know them yet. We are in for a bumpy road to a bright future.

In the meantime, Trump was the voice for a lot of people who felt they had no voice. They are still there. They are very angry. We will hear from them and it would be foolish to ignore this silent, but deadly storm.


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