Finally, for the first time, there was going to be a debate regarding the integrity of this election. Typically, congress resorted to the tradition five-minute meaningless speeches, where they lecture each other with little or no regard to facts or evidence. But at least it was being discussed and there had to be some concern among Democrats that people might just finally learn just how much evidence has been produced and ignored.

That all changed when the Capital was stormed, allegedly by angry Trump supporters. At first, even I thought it was probably angry Trump supporters, furious that Mike Pence didn’t even try to stop the fraud.  Even more furious that half of the Republicans used their five minutes of fame to lecture other GOP senators on why none of this was necessary.

But, after watching the videos, this no longer made sense. While watching the video, it was obvious that the people breaking into the Capital were dressed the same way as Antifa protestors engaged in violent protests across the country. Then I remembered how police had reporting finding stockpiles of bricks etc., apparently pre-staged for violence. There were numerous reports that Antifa was planning something. I also noticed how quickly the Capital itself was breached. I wondered how that was possible. People have known for days that this protest was scheduled for today. Common sense would indicate that the Capital be cordoned off, to make this type of situation impossible. The Capital police know exactly how to do that.  But that did not happen. Instead, in one video, the Capital police appeared to be inviting some of the protestors in. There was even video of some of them walking peacefully, down a rope lined corridor, with police standing on both sides. This looked more like a tourist event than a protest.

There clearly was violence, by someone. But why would anyone expect this type of violence to help Trump and his supporters. On the other hand, this was a gift from heaven for Democrats and media outlets like CNN.

Trump had nothing to gain from this. He just wanted a large peaceful rally, to get people’s attention. He could not possibly benefit from this. But his enemies scored a home run. Was that a coincidence?

I did a little more digging and learned that there are reports that Antifa showed up with a busload of agitators. One of the protestors, famous for posing bare chested, appears to have an Antifa logo tattooed on his chest.  A lot of people sure showed up with body armor, helmets, and shields. They used the shields expertly to break windows so they could gain entry. They knew exactly which windows to break, conveniently left unguarded by the Capital police.

There have been dozens of Trump rallies, none of them resulted in this kind of violence. However, this type of activity is routine at Antifa and Black Lives Matter events. Which is more likely, that Trump supporters suddenly decided to become violent. That they miraculously put together the same gear and same technique that Antifa uses on a regular basis. That they pulled off this coordinated attack brilliantly, overwhelming one of the best police departments in the world? Or, that this entire thing was a set up. Designed to help Democrats change the subject. If that was the plan, it worked brilliantly.

I do not know. I would hate to think a setup like this was even possible. Are there really people this evil, willing to do anything to gain power. Then I remembered we are dealing with people who impeached a President of the United States with no evidence. Every single Democrat in the Senate voted to remove Trump from office, without cause. People who not only ignored but facilitated election fraud. Democrats sent teams of lawyers across the country to file lawsuits against election commissions demanding the loose, unverified, mail-in voting, scheme be made legal. Vigorously resisting any attempt at voter id or election integrity. People assisted by a MSM that lied about Trump daily and absolutely covered up the Hunter Biden story.

The same people who accused Trump of colluding with Russia, and even being a Russian agent, with zero evidence. Worse than that, they had evidence proving it could not possibly be true. The same people who bragged about resisting him in every way possible. Yes, those people. People who would embrace patently false allegations of sexual misconduct against a nominee for the Supreme Court in a failed attempt to stop him from being confirmed. People who criticized Amy Coney Barrett for being too religious. Every single Democrats in the Senate voted to block Justice Kavanaugh. Every single Democrat in the Senate voted to block Amy Coney Barrett. Would such people, whose lust for power knows no limits hesitate to stage an event like this. Would they hesitate to blame Trump for something they facilitated? Is that a serious question?

I do not know exactly what happened here, but this has that ugly odor of Democratic dirty tricks. On the other hand, there is no history of Trump and his supporters advocating for or condoning violence. This, as Trump pointed out, is the law-and-order party.

The same people desperately trying to convince you that Trump is delusional, unwilling to admit defeat, ranting about non-existent election fraud are conveniently changing the subject by accusing him of plotting a silly and ineffective insurrection to take control of the government. Seriously? People who know Trump should know one thing. You never have to guess how he thinks about anything, he is brutally honest about that. He doesn’t operate this way. Neither do his supporters. And yes, the evidence of election fraud is quite real and substantial. In some cases, there were audible gasps when state legislative committees were confronted with the evidence.  All that is lacking is the willingness of anyone, including the courts, the DOJ, the FBI, the courts, including the Supreme Court, or even the MSM to conduct even the pretense of a real investigation.

I know, Democrats will argue that this is just another unfounded conspiracy theory. It just conveniently involved people with a total lack of character who thrive on conspiracy. Coincidence? You decide.


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