Mitch McConnell started the Senate debate, with a lecture, designed to stifle debate, limit the presentation of evidence, and just vote to certify the election, without regard to the consequences. He obviously feels that overturning the results of the election would be a worst-case scenario. He is acting like this election, is like every other election, with some evidence of fraud but not enough to change the outcome. He may even believe that, but he needs to look out the window. Then Mike Pence announced that he will make no decision himself. Once people heard that they literally stormed the capital.

Incredibly, it is obvious that far too many members of congress are unwilling to even address the real issue. The real issue here is whether there was systemic fraud. Ignoring the evidence is the worst possible decision. So far, congress is handling this in the worst way possible. They are oblivious to the obvious. They are arguing with each other, with zero consideration of the facts. They are arrogantly lecturing each other about why this is not their job, not their responsibility. How dare anyone question them? Just vote to accept results, move on, nothing to see here.

That is absurd. It is an insult to the millions of Americans who have reason to believe this was a fraudulent election. It is not because of some vague conspiracy theory created out of thin cloth by President Trump. They, unlike congress, have seen the witness testimony, they have heard the expert testimony. They have seen the video. This is not some vague unsupported conspiracy.

The attitude of congress is patronizing, condescending and absurd. How dare you question us?  I wonder if they have any idea how this is coming across to people who were hoping and praying for an honest debate. If congress wants to restore respect for the system, they should focus on earning that respect.

If there was at least some consideration of the evidence, and congress still felt it was not sufficient to support a finding of systemic fraud, people would not like that, but they would respect it. But congress is not doing that, instead they are all marching to  podium, mimicking Pontius Pilot, and trying unsuccessfully, to wash their hands of any responsibility. None of them have the courage to ask the most important question of all. What if Joe Biden is sworn into office with disastrous results. What if Trump is right?

He is so weak our enemies are likely to threaten us with assault based on the assumption that Joe Biden is too weak to resist. If I were living in Taiwan, I would be terrified. They may also be emboldened by the possession of devastating personal information used to black mail the President of the United States.

Imagine the Hunter Biden investigation showing that Joe Biden knew his son was illegally profiting by selling access to his father while he was Vice President of the United States, and that Joe Biden knew about this. Imagine there is evidence proving that the Biden family made millions if not billions from our enemies, like Russia and China. There is already evidence regarding this, it is just ignored or considered irrelevant.

Imagine the COVID 19 pandemic surging out of control, with people like Fauci recommending the shutdown last until at least next fall.  Imagine a sloppy and an inefficient distribution of vaccines not based on medical necessity but rather on political correctness. Imagine the government simultaneous rationing who can get the vaccine while demanding people be vaccinated before they can even get on a plane. Now throw in a decision that even if one is vaccinated, nothing changes, they still must obey lockdowns, continue to social distance, and wear masks. In the meantime, none of this has any discernible impact on slowing down the pandemic.

Imagine people flooding our border, shouting Biden, demanding to be allowed entry, demanding the promised free health care and the promise of a path to citizenship. That is already happening.

Imagine a collapsing economy, a government floundering with unsustainable debt, trying to solve the problem by raising taxes and spending money on things like combating climate change, literally fiddling while the country burns.

Throw in increasing and indisputable evidence of systemic voter fraud. Imagine it becomes increasingly obvious that Trump is right, this election was stolen.

Imagine Joe Biden giving a speech designed to reassure and unify the country, while trying and failing to read a poorly written speech on a TelePrompter. Imagine the only alternative is Kamala Harris, who would be arguably worse. Imagine the MSM trying to blame everything on Donald Trump.

All of this is sadly, not only possible but likely. But, because everyone including the DOJ, the FBI, the courts, the Supreme Court and now congress all refused to do anything to fix this, we are told to be patient and wait for the 2024 election. If you think people are angry now, it is impossible to fathom the outrage if this happens.

The demonstrators literally storming the Capital are not engaged in a violent protest. They are waving American flags chanting stop the steal. These are not wild-haired hippies like during the Vietnam War. This is not Antifa or Black Live Matter. They are not throwing rocks. They are not starting fires. They are not damaging anything, other than breaking windows to gain entry. They are just demanding that someone listen to them.

Everyone would be wise to take a breath and listen to what they are saying. This crowd is composed of hundreds of thousands of ordinary middle-class Americans and they represent millions of people across this country.

Predictably we have members of congress expressing outrage that this protest is occurring and calling these people despicable. I have news for them. Congress works for these people and those they represent. If the Capital police tries to use violence or use the National Guard to handle this, without listening to what they have to say, they will make a bad situation worse.

If congress responds to this with a heavy-handed approach accompanied by ignoring this protest and continues on to just rubber stamp the obvious fraud, this scene may be repeated all over the country. If Joe Biden is as bad as predicted, almost anything could happen, including a full-scale revolution. Now they are sending in the FBI, guaranteed to pour gas on the fire. If the FBI had done its job, and invested the obvious evidence of systemic voter fraud, we wouldn’t be here.

One of the requirements of the rule of law, is for the law to listen to the people. I hope they understand that. People are really that angry and it is not because of vague conspiracy theories, it is because unlike the MSM and the members of congress, they cannot ignore their lying eyes.

Hold your breath, these are very explosive times and if wiser heads do not deal with the real issue responsibly, this will be just a precursor to what will happen next. It won’t stop here unless congress really listens to what is being said.

There is only one person who has the leadership skill necessary to fix this. That is Donald Trump. But he can’t do that by telling people to just sit down, shut up, and accept the fraud. He can only do that by telling people that a real investigation, that everyone can respect, will be done. That, and only that, is the way to fix this. Sadly, few people in the media or in congress appear to understand that.

What makes this worse is that same people demanding we listen to the demands by truly violent groups like Antifa and Black Live Matter are now demanding we use force to silence those with a legitimate grievance.  Unbelievable.


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