We all saw it. It was beyond obvious. Once again, an election was being stolen before our very eyes. 70% of the vote was received, before election day, with mail-in ballots and early voting with little or no discernable attempt to verify that this was limited to one vote, by living people legally eligible to vote. Poll watchers were deliberately obstructed. We turned on our TV’s and saw the two most radical candidates for the U.S. Senate any of us can remember, surge to a lead. Later we saw the Republicans appear to come back, providing at least some element of hope, only to have hope shattered when even more questionable votes, from the usual sources, predictably surfaced in the middle of the night, dashing our dreams, and stamping on our hopes.

It would be great if members of congress will pause, look around and recognize the obvious. But congress is desperate to ratify the ridiculous, while pretending they are the guardians of democracy. The plan is to silence those daring to ask questions as quickly as possible, so they can certify fraud, elevating a 78-year-old incompetent, senile, racist, crook with a lifelong history of telling outrageous and ridiculous lies, to be President of the United States.

I suspect that many if not most are clueless about the storm they are about to unleash. Some are too joyous at the prospect of gaining power to notice. Others are too busy celebrating the humiliation of the man they despise, Donald Trump, to care. Still others see but lack the courage to stop this tragedy.

I hope and pray that today will not explode into violence. There is certainly enough anger out there, but the people protesting are not like the members of Antifa or black lives matter. They are just as angry, but they are far more rational. They came to protest, not riot. But they will return home to find a lot of people, just as angry as them, just as disgusted and just as motivated.

On January 20, 2021 Joe Biden may be sworn in as President and he may be supported by the most radical left-wing House and Senate in our nation’s history. But Democrats are a long way from obtaining absolute power. They won’t even control the Senate as much as they expect. No government can long survive unless it has the support of the people. The only exception is for police states, where control is sustained by brute force. Fortunately, there is no chance of that happening here. We may have made the same mistakes as the people in Venezuela, but we are not Venezuela, we are not Cuba, we are not the Soviet Union and we are not China.  We are and will remain free. The Deep State, that resisted Donald Trump, will absolutely ignore Joe Biden.

If Joe Biden and Democrats in congress at least try to govern responsibly, then they could perhaps pull this off. But they are incapable of doing that. They literally can’t help themselves. They are already doing things that are beyond stupid, like ending a prayer with “amen” and “awoman,” failing to realize that “amen” has nothing to do with gender and “awoman” is not even a word. They are going to botch things up immediately and sooner than you can imagine infuriating Democrats even more than they have infuriated Republicans. All their plans require money they don’t have and can’t get. This country will soon become united, but not in the way Democrats expect. We will unite on a mission to get rid of the people who lied and cheated to make this happen.  The 2022 election will start before Joe Biden takes the oath of office. We will unite in getting rid of the people who could and should have stopped this and failed to do their duty. Then we will look around for the next generation of leaders. That may or may not include Donald Trump, but it won’t include any of the Democrats who participated in this fraud or the RINO Republicans who let it happen on their watch.

COVID 19 is not going away and Democrats have no clue how to handle that either. A lot of people, all over the world, have been lied to about COVID 19. It is not just our economy and our freedom under assault. It is much of the world. For example, the entire country of Scotland was just given a stay-at-home order. It won’t work, just like the previous lockdowns, social distancing and the wearing of masks didn’t work. Soon and very soon the entire world will understand one thing. The irrational fear of COVID 19 is more dangerous and deadly than the disease itself. COVID 19 is a nasty disease, but the odds of surviving this are very high, even for people considered to be high risk. There are exceptions, and some of them are truly tragic, but they are exceptions and there are a lot of other things more likely to kill you. People will no longer accept ridiculous rules from people who insanely propose doing the same things that did not and will not work. This revolt won’t be limited to the United States.

No one can predict the future. But it is easy to see the seething anger. Those who ignore this, are ignoring reality and they will pay a very high price for this mistake. I hope and pray that those who see it now, will gather the courage, strength, and skill to bring us back from the brink, but it is impossible to be optimistic.

There are people, too many people, who are truly delusional believing in fairy tales, conspiracy theories and optical illusions. But they do not include you and they are a minority. Abraham Lincoln said it best: “You can fool some of the people all of the time, all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.” Right now, fewer, and fewer people are being fooled. Ultimately, that is all that matters.

Everything on this planet moves in cycles. Those who believe they have just reached the top are already on the way down. Those who believe they have reached rock bottom are already on the way up. Sometimes defeat is an essential ingredient in victory. It took Pearl Harbor to create the motivation necessary to defeat Germany and Japan.


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